How to Design and Optimizing School Website Landing Pages

 16 Nov, 2022


A decent advanced education landing page is the way to any efficacious advanced education promoting and marketing effort. Tragically, most schools battle to assemble well-advanced landing pages design for educational institutes. All things considered, individuals tap on your advertisements only when they're tantalized enough to draw in more out of your campaign. On the off chance that the page they arrive on doesn't persuade them that they should call you (or leave their contact detail), they'll clear out simply and go to some other website.

In this way, if your landing page (the page they wind up on after they tap on your promotion) isn't set up for progress, you wind up paying for a lot of taps that never transform into advanced education leads. That is not a good sign for your educational business essentially; your advanced education advertising efforts are just on par with the landing pages they send individuals to, so you require an advanced education landing page that is intended to motivate individuals to convert to leads.

All this must be sounding too much to digest for now but trust me once you are done reading this blog you will be well aware of what to do and what not to do with your landing pages designed for Educational Institutes.

The blog covers the following two topics-

  • What is an Education landing page?
  • How To Create an Attractive Education Landing Page?
  • Tips for Optimizing Your school website Landing Pages for Conversions
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What is an Education Landing Page?

An educational institute’s landing page (otherwise known as institute landing page) is an independent website page that is intended to motivate understudies to make a coveted move. The activity can go from asking for general data to class enlistment to understudy credit applications etc.

There is no lack of instructive institutes and all of them have objectives to expand their brand awareness, participation rate and create new accounts. To meet those objectives, numerous organizations make or get designed attractive landing pages with the help of web designing companies with education landing page components to convert prospects into leads.

How to Create an Attractive Education Landing Page?

There are a plethora of options available to you if you want to optimize landing page for SEO. All of these tips that are given here are amazing if you are able to implement them properly.


Keep it Short and Sweet

Your institute’s landing pages aren't the place to broadly expound or to express every detail about your school or its program. It's best to keep the content minimal and split it up smartly with visual cues or relevant statistics. You ought to have the capacity to clarify why a guest should leave their contact details or sign up to your form on the page in around five sentences, so it's imperative to make the most of those sentences. Ensure that your copy persuades the visitor enough that they have to ask for more data about your school or that they can't survive without your eBook on the monetary guide.

Looks Matter

With a specific end goal to genuinely have an effective landing page, it should be flawlessly designed and outlined. You would prefer not to drive off the potential understudies in light of the fact that your landing page looks terrible or is not designed properly enough to gain attention. Consider what visuals will attract your potential understudies, like you can consider adding pictures of the current learners at your school or college, alongside little symbols or illustrations or graphics to enable break up your content. Also, obviously, your landing page ought to be steady with your school's branding, hues, and theme.

Don’t Forget Mobile Users

I believe that it should go without saying but still, I am going to shed light on this aspect too. Just the same as your website, your mobile landing pages ought to be responsive so they can be seen on a cell phone or tablet by still looking great and working effectively. 56 percent of Internet clients will utilize their cell phones for online research when a work area or PC isn't promptly accessible, so don't lose profitable leads with a non-responsive landing page. Optimize your landing page today.

Consider a Multi-Step Form

Is it accurate to say that you want to expand your transformation rate? Consider utilizing a multi-step sign-up form. The multi-step sign-up form will enable you to make more inquiries and accumulate more data without overwhelming your visitors – this is particularly imperative to contemplate when managing secondary school students who are likely as of now already overwhelmed with the school applications and admissions process. This kind of structures additionally enables you to space out the inquiries without influencing it to resemble a considerable measure of work to fill out. These prequalifying inquiries inside each progression of the sign-up form will enable you to accumulate more data about your potential understudies, empowering you to give them a more customized involvement.

Create a Compelling Call-to-Action

The objective of any advanced education promoting effort is to inspire individuals to make a move. Contingent upon your battle, you may need them to fill up a sign-up form, get them to agree to accept a time for trial or tour, buy into your email list because your goal is to motivate them to do something at least

A standout mistake amongst the most well-known errors that training foundations make while making their landing pages is that they are not utilizing a reasonable call to action button. Regardless of how you've motivated individuals to visit your landing page, if it's not clear what your client should do straight away, they'll basically leave and look somewhere else.

Use Social Proof

At last, individuals put significantly more stock on what other individuals say in regards to your school than what you say in regards to your school. All things considered, you get paid to say great things in regards to your school. Along these lines, in the event that you truly need to persuade your potential understudies that you are the school for them, it's regularly the best way to give your present understudies a chance to do the talking.

Testimonials are a standout amongst the most convincing components of an advanced education landing page. They give individuals a chance to truly get a sense of what it would feel like to go to your school. The social evidence is the thing that influences your promoting message to become important. Without it, your landing page just feels like someone is simply boasting.

Offer Incentives

Every now and then, in spite of the client advancing over to your landing page, there's still no sufficient purpose behind them to fall into your business pipe. A pleasant incentive driven force on your institute’s landing page is some of the time the most ideal approach to catch their eye.

This strategy is to a great degree viable as it works on the principles of proven psychology. Let's assume you stroll past two commercials for a couple of earphones. In the event that the first is simply enumerating the item and alternate expresses, there's an instant 50% off of you place your order now which one will probably influence you to purchase? Probably, the one with the rebate. Utilize a similar rationale with your landing pages also.

Ensure your Education Landing Page Copy is Perfect

In the wake of investing so much energy and exertion on your landing page, you can't just let it squander away in light of unworthy or bad content. It will stand out like a sore thumb, even to a languid web client.

This implies you'll have to edit and alter your substance to flawlessness. Right off the bat, guarantee you're not overwhelming your per user with content. You can utilize Easy Word Counter to track this progressively. While editing, you can utilize apparatuses, for example, Essay Services or Paper Fellows to encourage you how to edit appropriately so you don't miss any senseless errors. Furthermore, check your spelling, language, and accentuation to ensure that they're great. You can spare time utilizing on the web instruments, for example, Via Writing, State of Writing and Academy advisor, individually.

Localize Your Education Landing Page

Every now and then, web clients like a personal touch with regards to their landing pages. Having branded domains or space URLs can influence your visitor to see you as a distant institute. Be that as it may, even by adding the city to your URL, you can improve things greatly with regards to your conversion rates.

This is on account of the fact that the individuals love to feel like they are shopping on the web yet at the same time have an individual and homely touch too. It's a similar motivation behind why local grocery or fruits or vegetables are so effective in grocery stores. Notwithstanding including a '', a '.de' or an '.aus' can influence your conversion rates like crazy. Moreover, with regards to implementing this technique, attempt to style them in and use nearby dialect, perhaps even slang, to make it a considerably more personal experience.

Tips for Optimizing Your school website Landing Pages for Conversions

Planning and Strategies

Before you even consider beginning your website, you must have a plan in place if you want to be effective at optimizing landing pages for conversions. Don't just hope to build something attractive by leaving everything to chance. You'll be successful if you make a list of your page's objectives and try to design the page around them. 

So, wait to start building the page until you've established goals, identified your target market, and described how you want the page to look. Always remember, if you are a student, what kind of landing pages will help you out the most? Placing yourself in the shoes of others helps in better understanding their requirement.

A standalone Landing Page

You don’t want your potential student to get distracted by less important information and leave your website. So, never direct visitors to your website's home page or another internal subpage. There are way too many distractions, such as navigation menus, and the content is unrelated to the advertisements, thus there is no obvious call to action for that person. 

It is highly advised that schools build a stand-alone, dedicated landing page that is designed for an improved user experience and conversions and is built on a platform that enables simple modifications to the content, layout, and page load time. You can use WordPress for this purpose.

Clear & Loud Proposition

Your first impression matters. Likewise, the first thing that the visitor also matters. This will determine whether to move further or not. So, your value proposition should be prominently displayed at the top of your page. A value proposition means it's a crystal-clear declaration of what your school has to offer. 

Let's assume that enrolling students for webinars is your landing page's main objective. You could write something like, "Donate now to shape the future of our students" at the top of your page instead of just "Donate." Play with the words. In a list with bullets or an infographic, outline the advantages of attending your events, etc. Aim for 3-5 distinctive advantages that different schools don't offer.

Add Visual Elements

Images and videos are extremely important in enhancing the visual appeal of your page. The visitor should feel something when they read your content. Your header image needs to be appealing to draw in visitors. On the other hand, videos can be used to raise page engagement. Any landing page's performance can be dramatically improved by them. You can post a small video about the webinar near the form. This will encourage the students to fill out the forms and attend these sessions.

Play Safe with the Colors

The best thing is to use calming colors. Don't dress garishly. The background of call-to-action buttons needs to be a different color from the rest of the landing page's elements so they stand out. It is strongly advised to use color in a way that complements your school’s image. The use of your brand colors must be consistent at all times. Give your landing pages the same attention you would your website.

SEO-optimized Page

The landing page must be SEO-optimized just like any other page on your website. Constantly adding significant keywords that you are also bidding on in your Google Ads campaign when creating content for your landing page. When users click on a Google Ad and visit a landing page, there shouldn't be any shocks; the messaging and content should be constant. Including keywords will also improve your Google Advertising quality score, resulting in the more frequent and cost-effective display of your ads in front of the appropriate demographic.

Include Information for Newbies

You should also presume that anyone who visits your landing page has never heard of your university. Include the location, grade levels, programs, special selling points, and future admissions events of your school along with images or videos of kids engaged in a range of activities. These portions are all excellent opportunities to layer. Keep the content simple and compelling to o persuade individuals to fill up the form and enter their information into your database.

Include a Short Form

You don't want the visitor to leave them without giving any information about them for future contacts or emails. So, include a short form. We advise merely requesting the essential details required for a follow-up when constructing a form for your landing page. Users are more likely to leave a page if the form is too long, which will prevent you from getting their contact information. A clear call-to-action placed directly on the form will also help in increasing conversions.


Landing page plays an important role in your education business funnel. It needs to be very attractive and built in a way that it acts as a lead’s magnet. Also since you are in the education business, it needs to be true and clear about its mission, courses etc. Futures depend on this landing page of yours; don’t write anything that you don’t stand for. You have a list of some wonderful techniques for landing page design for educational institutes. I hope it helps.

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