Step-by-Step Guide To Build High-Converting Landing Pages


29 Mar, 2024



For any online business, making a good first impression is made easier with landing pages. Said that ask a business owner what’s the foundation of a successful online business and he would be quick enough to say high-converting landing pages. 

In fact, did you know that simply tactfully responding to customers' concerns on landing pages may boost conversions by 80%? Moreover, landing pages are used by 68% of B2B companies to increase lead generation and 48% of the best landing sites had better SERP and Google Maps rankings. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now, if you are someone new to this vocabulary and set of concepts—‘conversions’, ‘landing pages’ and so on—not to worry, we are here to help you. Read through this insightful article to learn the importance of high-converting landing pages, how to design them, their definitions, and some examples of high-converting landing pages to make it easier for you to understand. Further, we will dive deep into the components of effective landing pages and demonstrate how to build a page that converts and adds more leads to your webpage. 

So, let’s get started and begin by understanding what a landing page is and why we need it.

Looking to Create Your Landing Page Design?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Enhance the Overall Experience
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

What is a landing page? And why do you need it?

Landing pages lead a customer to do the following action:

  • Signup for a newsletter
  • Buy a product or service
  • Request a demo
  • Invite users for a webinar or live session
  • Avail an offer of discount
  • Take a survey
  • Check out our latest announcement

A landing page can be defined as a stand-alone web page designed specifically for a marketing or an advertising campaign in a digital marketing world. To be more precise, it is the page that a user "lands" on after clicking on an email link or an advertisement from any of the social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Landing pages are created with the sole purpose of inviting users to take the action of purchasing the product or service after being convinced to buy it. This persuasion is also known as a call to action.

The best choice for improving the conversion rates of a business’ marketing initiatives and reducing the cost per lead or transaction is to use landing pages because of their laser-like focus. In simple words, a landing page should convince your user to take a particular action.

Importance of Landing Page Design

Landing pages convert more traffic solely as they focus on achieving only one goal and that is ‘Call to Action’. If you have noticed, you will see that on a landing page, you will see limited navigation, and this simplicity of the page keeps a user more focused on the goal rather than being distracted by multiple links that take them away from the page.

An interesting survey on landing page effectiveness revealed that 69% of landing pages with more than five call-to-action gave close to 10% conversions. Conversely, landing pages with just one call to action had a conversion rate of 13.5%.

So, how well you design your landing page decides how well you can convert a visitor to a customer. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider building landing pages.

1. Helps Generate Leads

In general, a website is created for three reasons: the first is to share an interesting story with which people can identify. The second goal is to bring in new customers. Finally, turn those visitors into potential customers. A landing page is critical in generating leads that will move them through the sales funnel and convert them into customers. The first is to tell a compelling story that appeals to the audience's emotions. Two, to bring in new customers, and three (most importantly), to convert those customers into leads. High-converting landing pages can help you get the most out of the process, so make sure to have an appealing landing page design.

2. Helps Highlight your Brand’s Personality

An advertisement cannot present the entire brand story or website/product functionality. This is where landing page design can assist you in introducing the visitor to the personality of your brand and providing them with an effective customer journey. Furthermore, the landing page design includes the signup or form fill-out, as well as other conversion activities. The design and content of the landing page must be consistent with the ad/marketing copy that prompted visitors to click in the first place.

3. Helps Collect Demographic Information

Demographic data is important because it provides you with the information you need to understand your new leads and effectively segment them in order to properly understand their needs, wants, and pain points. This information can be gathered from a landing page via a feedback form, Q&A, survey, and so on. Every time a lead fills out a conversion form on a landing page, the marketing and sales team gathers valuable information about them. The marketing team can then use this data to determine which types of users are converting, and the sales team will already have a reference point of information about a lead before reaching out. 

4. Helpful in Segmentation

When a company offers a variety of products and services, its marketing team must segment the audience to achieve the best conversion rate. This segmentation is done on the basis of target personas, either behaviorally or demographically. You will need different user journeys to do the segmentation. Creating a landing page will help link it to the related content, and interact with specific audiences. Moreover, landing pages can be tailored to attract customers based on their location, demographic, price, and quality.

5. Helps Improve PPC Advertising

A landing page, which is dedicated to a specific advertisement ranks higher in search results as Google bases the quality of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on its relevance to the linked page. Always a dedicated landing page with PPC advertising can help highlight a new product or service.  It may also help attract customers who are looking for a product or service that falls within a specific budget..

6. Creates a Link Between Ads and the Brand

Landing pages serve as a link between the advertisement and the brand. How? When a user first clicks on an advertisement, it does not present the brand's entire personality and does not direct the user to the brand's website. The landing page introduces the user to the brand and guides him through the entire customer journey. You can convert a visitor into a potential customer with the best landing page design.

For more information, you can refer to this guide on landing page design.

How To Create A Highly Engaging & Converting Landing Page Design?

Steps for creating a highly engaging & converting landing page:

  • Step1: Conduct Market Research
  • Step2: Identify your potential audience
  • Step3: Define your most-wanted action (MWA)
  • Step 4: Define your message
  • Step 5: Choose the Best Landing Page Builder
  • Step 6: Add all essential design elements
  • Step 7:  A/B Test Your Landing Page
  • Step 8: Remove Navigation Elements

Step1: Conduct Market Research

The marketing research process

Market research is important, it helps you know your competitors, their strategies, what works for them, where they lack and how you can differentiate yourself from them. Moreover, thorough market research helps you gather vital information about your target market and customers in order to create value and provide a desirable customer experience.

Here we have listed some great market research tools that can help you gain hidden market insights to grow your business.

  • Google Keywords Tool
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Soovle
  • Questback
  • KeySurvey
  • free lunch
  • Social Mention

Step2: Identify Your Potential Customers

As the owner of an online business, you must create a landing page that focuses on reorienting your entire company around your customer. To leave a lasting impression on your audience, you must first understand their pain points. To do so, you must first identify your potential audience and know: 

  • What are their demographics?
  • What are their challenges?
  • What do they anticipate?
  • What is their purchasing strategy?

Here are some pointers to assist you in identifying potential customers.

  • Examine your current customer base and determine their demographics.
  • Check out your competition if you are a new venture.
  • Analyze your product/service and determine which segments will benefit the most from it.

Step3: Define your most-wanted action (MWA)

Before creating a landing page design, you must have a defined goal of the landing page. You need to be very clear about your most wanted action, what you want it to accomplish. 

  • Are you looking to grow your email list? 
  • Want to launch a new product? 
  • Want to sell any product or service? 
  • Want more newsletter subscriptions?
  • Or more...

With a defined goal you can create high converting landing pages, including all essential elements that let the customer enter into the conversion funnel.

Step 4: Define your message.

After you've established a goal, consider curating your message. You must define a strong message such that it will persuade users to continue with your call to action and not leave your page. If your landing page message matches your ad copy, it reassures users that they've arrived at the right place, increasing conversions. Moreover, the message you try to convey through your landing pages must be well received by all those who land on your page. Therefore, when writing a brand message, it is critical to consider your goal and who will be landing on this page.

Furthermore, your message should be compelling enough that you can quickly summarize the solution or product you're providing. It should pitch in terms of how it will assist them in overcoming a problem your customers will have.

Step 5: Choose the Best Landing Page Builder

Once you've established a clear goal and message, it's time to create your landing page. A good landing page builder is required for creating the best landing page design. You will be able to customize the page layout, including colors, fonts, header and footer, columns, and other design elements, as well as content and images, with a good Landing Page Builder. Because there are so many landing page builders available online, each claiming to be the best, selecting the best one can be difficult.

Things to look for in a landing page builder:

  1. Offer professional, optimized templates
  2. Design mobile-optimized landing pages
  3. Provide integrated A/B testing feature
  4. Offer great integrations
  5. Allow multiple-user accounts access
  6. Bonus Features to look out for
  7. Drag and drop editor with great design features
  8. Comprehensive analytic platform to optimize page performance
  9. Provide Functionality to publish your landing pages to different subdomains
  10. Countdown timers, 
  11. Color-changing CTA buttons, 
  12. FontAwesome icons and text,
  13. Parallax images
  14. Built-in website popups
  15. Ability to add custom CSS and Javascript
  16. Preview feature

Although these landing page builders make it simple to create a landing page, they do have limitations and necessitate a solid understanding of landing page design. If you're new to digital and don't know the fundamentals of landing page design, we recommend hiring a professional web designer to do the job for you.

Step 6: Add all essential design elements

A landing page that captures the customer's attention and makes a strong first impression typically incorporates several landing pages best practices that have been refined over time. Here, we have listed all the essential landing page design elements that you must consider when creating high-converting landing pages.

1. Headlines & Sub-Headlines

Use powerful, killer headlines and sub-headlines that spark our readers’ interest and catch their attention. 

  • It should be compelling
  • It should convey your message strongly
  • It should resonate with the audience
  • It needs to be clear and concise
  • It should solve the audience’s problem

2. Images & Visuals

Visuals play a crucial role in your landing page design. Provoke emotion by adding real pictures, great visuals, motion graphics, and relevant videos.

3. Hierarchy of Order

Copy is the most important thing on any landing page design, it should convey your message clearly. Use standard copywriting formulas, for creating compelling sales copy such as:

  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA)
  • Picture, Promise, Prove, Push (PPPP)
  • Problem, Agitate, Solve

4. Color Theory

The colors in combination with the design elements on your landing page play an important role in making an unforgettable experience. You can use contrast colors that can help you draw attention. You can take help from this color wheel to understand complementary colors.

5. Call-to-Action

Having a clear and compelling call-to-action that instantly persuades visitors to click on it is an essential part of a high-converting landing page design.

  • It should be clear and compelling
  • It should be Dominant and distinct
  • It should be Persuasive enough
  • It should create an urgency

Apart from the CTA type,  its placement should be right. The CTA buttons like ‘Download Now,’ ‘Sign Up,’ and ‘Join Now’ should be next to your offering, and CTA  like ‘Buy Now, ’Order Now’ should be next to the product you are selling.

6. Trust Badges and Logos

An important pain point you need to overcome when dealing with new visitors is to gain their trust, by representing your brand as a trustable one. Certification logos and trust badges can help you generate that trust.

For example, 

  • If your company is ISO certified you can use their logo in your landing page design. 
  • Or you can add your existing client logos to your landing page design, for gaining trust.

7. Social Proof

Social proof in the form of testimonials plays an important role in improving conversion rates. Your client testimonials help you gain the trust of prospective customers and motivate them to lend your services.

You can leverage the power of social proof on a landing page design in a number of ways.

  • Display Facebook likes or shares
  • Display client reviews
  • Number of  brands, you had worked

8. Lead Form Design

Your lead form must be short, simple, and to-the-point,  ideally with just 1–3 fields (usually just name and email, and contact number). As a thumb rule, a form with fewer fields has a  higher conversion rate. 

We recommend you to place the form as high on the page as possible to maximize visibility and conversions and only ask for the necessary information.

9. Live Chat Option

When a person finally reaches your form, they might have unresolved questions about your offering. Incorporating Live chat software or chatbot in your landing page can help you answer customer queries. Moreover, the presence of a live chat option on your landing page creates a sense of added reassurance. 

=> Live chat option can help you

  • Capture more leads
  • Establish better connections with customer
  • Answer customer queries promptly

10. Highly Visible Contact Details

Contact detail visibility generates a sense of great reachability. Other than your lead form, for creating high-converting landing pages, make sure to have highly visible contact details like phone number, and physical address (if exists).

Step7: A/B Test Your Landing Page

A/B testing enables you to create a perfect creative copy for your landing page with the right message that resonates better with your audience, leading them to make purchasing decisions more quickly. A/B tests on landing pages can help you not only increase conversions but also provide a better user experience.

Here's an example from White Card Courses. They conducted an A/B test on their homepage in order to increase conversion rates.

Test Your Landing Page

In the above image, you can see two versions of their landing page, each with a different CTA, background color behind the headline, and highlighted services in a block.

The variant version increased conversions by 28.76% over the control version. This is also how you can A/B test your landing page design and experiment with different call-to-action buttons to see which one works best for your page and ultimately create a high-converting landing page.

Step8: Remove All Unnecessary Navigation Elements

So far, we've discussed the various elements that should be included in your landing page design in order for it to be highly converting. Now, here are some tips for removing any unnecessary navigation elements that might distract your customer.

  • Remove all navigation elements and concentrate solely on your offer.
  • Don't direct visitors to other sections of your website, such as "About Us."
  • Avoid clogging the page with unnecessary content. Avoid using irrelevant pictures or images, as they can be a source of distraction.
  • Avoid text formats and sizes that are difficult to read.
  • Never use long, frightening lead forms with unnecessary fields.

How to Optimize your Landing Pages?

When creating a landing page, just as important as the design elements are, it is also important to optimize your page with some essential components to succeed in lead generation. Here are a few landing page components you must consider adding to your webpage in order to help optimize your landing page.

1. Mobile Responsiveness

With more people than ever using their smartphones to find information, there's no reason to use a design that only looks good on a web browser. Your page should also be fully mobile responsive, which means, you need to invest in a responsive design that can be viewed on any device be it a mobile phone, tablet, or iPad. Moreover, you will significantly increase your chances of sign-ups and subscribers.

2. A Lead-Gen Form

Any form used to collect data and email addresses from website visitors is referred to as a lead generation form. Forms are one of the most important components in lead generation. You can begin to build your email list through your lead generation form. Your forms can be enhanced with a variety of integrations and features. However, in order to generate more leads, your lead generation form must be exceptional and optimized.

3. Customer Feedbacks and Testimonials

If you had to choose between a company that has a lot of positive reviews to a company that has none, which one would you opt for? We believe you would go for the one that has reviews and testimonials. Reputation is everything for a brand. A satisfied customer is proof of the credibility of your brand. Hence, ensure that your landing pages have testimonials and feedback that assure your users that your brand is a trustworthy brand.

4. Creative Images and Videos

Who doesn’t like a dash of creativity on a plain content page? Adding a few creative and engaging images and videos to your landing pages will help break the monotonous content. It also helps strengthen the ties you have with your users assuring them that you will keep up with the promise. Images and videos also give your users some sense of connection with your brand. So, when you create an image of a video for your landing page, ensure to create content that connects with your users. Say, adding a logo, addressing directly to your audience, and having a tone that relates to them.

5. Create a Compelling Description

The content that you put on the landing page should be driven and inspiring. Ensure to use words such as “you” and “your” that will reach your audience on a deeper level. Also, ensure that while you curate content, you keep it short, sweet, and crisp. This will help your users to scan through the information provided by you on the landing page quickly and easily. 

6. Call-To-Action (CTA)

When a user finds your content, you'll most likely want them to take action, such as purchasing something on your website, or avail a discount or try a free demo. You must include a call to action to persuade them to take an action. A call to action is an important element on a webpage as it serves as a guidepost for the user to follow.

More the Landing Pages, the Better the Conversions!

The first impression a visitor has of your company will always determine whether or not they sign up and become leads. So, creating an impressive landing page is a necessity. An unorganized and poorly designed landing page can only increase the bounce rate. Your landing page is the first impression users have of what you have to offer. They will either be interested enough to click on the CTA, or they will leave without a second thought in a matter of seconds. 

If you are looking for some help creating a compelling landing page, our team of experts at JanBask can help. You can also get in touch with our skilled and professional website design experts at JanBask Digital Design for a visually appealing and compelling landing page design solution. Our experts know what you need to create a landing page and optimize it for conversion. Our unrivaled results can be attributed to our all-encompassing approach that considers everything.

FAQs on Landing Page Design

1. What is a landing page?

 Landing page is a specific page on the site that collects visitors’ contact information and in exchange provides resources like an ebook. This info is generally collected using a lead-capture form where visitors provide their general details including their name, email address, and country code. 

2. What Is The Purpose Of A Landing Page?

A landing page is intended to convert and build a database of leads that will be nurtured with personalised marketing campaigns via email and paid ads before they reach the sales team to make the final purchase.

3. Who Can Set-up A Landing Page?

A landing page can be created by anyone, whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or a large corporation. You simply need access to the back end of a website and use it to achieve your goal. Moreover, you can create one of the most engaging landing pages that convert by including high-quality images, CTA buttons, and catchy content.

4. Why Is An Interactive Landing Page Design Necessary?

While an appealing design captures the attention of your visitors and converts them into potential customers, a boring and cluttered landing page design can turn users off, regardless of how profitable the deal is. Therefore, when creating a landing page, ensure to create an interactive landing page.

5. Does SEO In Landing Pages Play A Major Role?

SEO is essential for increasing your site's visibility on Google. When you optimize a landing page for SEO, Google indexes it. If your landing page is well-optimized for Google Search, you may receive traffic from people looking for your product or service.

6. How To Check Landing Pages In Google Analytics?

Go to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages. This report presents the statistics for the first page visitors see when visiting your site . You can easily apply filters if you want to check individual pages and other metrics such as bounce rate, average time on page, and more.

  • Landing Page Design Takeaways
  • What is a landing page?
  • Why do you need a landing page?
  • Importance of having an interactive landing page design
  • How to create a landing page that converts 

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization

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