Ultimate Guide On Benefits Of A Website Redesign And How To Start One?


10 May, 2024



Why website redesign is important for businesses? Willing to know what are the benefits of website redesign ? In this post, we are going to understand how website redesign is one of the most critical decisions for any organization as most of their “conversations” and “conversions” happen on their website. Businesses across the world struggle to decide the right time for taking a dig at their website redesign goals. And that is why I am writing this blog to help businesses like you understand what benefits you will gain after redesigning your website.

In our previous blog, we discussed how to build a website redesign strategy to increase your organization’s performance in providing you with a new and repeat business, where we discussed why website redesign is important. But today our focus agenda is to highlight the benefits of a website redesign. You can consider this blog as an extension to the previous one as I will relate how that website redesign strategy can help you reap website redesign benefits.

First of all, you have to start by auditing existing website performance, does your website meet all your business needs? Being one of the important elements of your brand identity, a website should really offer a user experience that makes it stand out from the competition. And, if this experience is getting outdated, it is time to redesign your website, my dear friend, by digging deeper into the benefits of a website redesign & steps to create one.

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Benefits of a Website Redesign for Businesses

Below I have mentioned a few major advantages of website redesigning that will help you to relate your concerns or pain points with these. Make sure you read each one of these website redesign benefits and try to find answers to the questions I have asked in each of these benefits. These questions at the bottom of each point of advantages of website redesigning will assist you in diving deep to solve your website’s poor performance.

1. Ensure visitors take a peek at your brand’s identity: Benefits of Website Redesign

Many visitors who get to learn about your brand through some online or offline campaigns, immediately want to see your website. Your website is one of those places that you cannot afford to go wrong because otherwise, you won’t be able to pitch these visitors about your good work. Simply the answer is you cannot lose such potential customers. And your latest advancements and achievements should be reflected on your website too. Thus, it is important to redesign your website whenever the brand identity on your website needs to be in sync with your general brand guidelines.

  • Is your website able to communicate what your latest ad campaign is saying?
  • Are your landing pages meeting the demand of your existing as well as new customers?

If not, there is a need to redesign your website!

2. Help search engines to identify and rank your content: Benefits of Website Redesign

A search engine job is easy - just direct users to the best and relevant content. But to be among those websites which are preferred by these search engines, there is a lot of work that has to be done and needs a constant update. If the new keywords, new algorithms, and new technologies are not incorporated well in time, your website can see a dip in its ranking in no time. And, you don’t want that. Right?

  •  Are you able to rank for your targeted keywords?
  • Are your visitors staying less but dropping more from your website (high bounce rate)?

    Facing these issues? - let’s redesign your website!

3. Manages to provide your customers a seamless experience across devices: Benefits of Website Redesign

If your website is becoming that static source of information available all across the internet, the news is not good for you - Your website needs a redesign :)

The bigger concern can be when they are reading a static information piece on the desktop but unable to locate that on a mobile, that experience will be compromised and no business wants that. With a proper website redesign for businesses, you can solve all these challenges and even facilitate visitors with a seamless user experience when they move from one device to another.

  • Is your website’s mobile as well as tablet experience as good as your website’s desktop experience?
  • Are your visitors able to navigate from one page to the other easily?

If not, hurray it’s time to redesign your website!

4. Makes your website compatible with different browsers & screen resolutions: Benefits of Website Redesign

Many times I have been on such websites that are performing good on most browsers but struggling on a few. This is not a very serious concern but can become if the majority of your customers are viewing your website on the browser that is not appropriate in terms of user experience. Thus, you have to thoroughly check the features, fonts, functionalities, and screen resolutions in terms of being compatible on your website.

  • Is your website coming out well on Google Chrome but not on IE or Firefox?
  • Are you not happy with your website view on high or low-resolution laptops/desktops?

Facing these issues? - let’s redesign your website!

5. Integrates with latest APIs, software, and marketing automation: Benefits of Website Redesign

website redesign strategy

Businesses upgrade all the time. Either they update current versions of their existing software or simply integrate with new functionalities that are trending in the market. Another major change a business requires is when they are willing to automate their marketing processes and combat the lead churning issues. 

To track those customer journeys, identify user touchpoints, install pop-ups here and there and set up email and SMS triggers - all this cannot be easily supported with your existing website. 

Times like these really need a major website redesign for businesses to accommodate changes that may hinder their website’s performance. Thus, I request you not to overlook your website performance in such cases. Marketing automation is one achievement and upgrading your website for better performance should be the other.

  • Struggling with tracking customer journeys on your website?
  • Worried about how to capture user touch-points and reply to them on their preferred channel?

If yes, hurray it’s time to redesign your website!

I just explained to you the core advantages of website redesigning, hope this helps you understand how & why redesign website benefits you. Now let me help you identify a quick 9 weeks roadmap to carry on with the redesign process.

How to Redesign Websites for Businesses?

Now, after knowing why website redesign is important and what are the major advantages of website redesigning, you must be looking for “how to redesign websites for businesses”, here is how you should start and plan your weeks/months.

Website Redesign Week 1: Do the website audit, make note of the important metrics that we’ve discussed in our blog: website redesign strategy

Website Redesign Week 2: Start capturing all the current content pieces, current user journeys, brand personas, content rulebook, brand guidelines, and all that related to content.

Website Redesign Week 3: Start capturing the design pieces, images, videos, graphics, campaigns, and landing pages.

Website Redesign Week 4 and 5 onwards: Now, here your customized plan will work based on the website redesign goals that you have set up. Ideally, start working on the “Action sheet” and “Navigation Layout”.

Website Redesign Week 6,7 and 8: These weeks are crucial for working on the “designer sheet”, “page mockups”, and “wireframes”.

Website Redesign Week 9 onwards: From here you can start working on “SEO work”, “Content Work”, and “End to end development”. And this may take a while depending on your website redesign goals.

The above 9 weeks explains the exact ways to redesign websites for businesses and reap its real benefits. Try them, follow them, and share them!!!

Final Thoughts

Yes although, completing a website redesign is not an easy undertaking, It consumes both costs as well as time. But successfully redesigned website can grab more potential market opportunity & make your brand online presence stronger in a long run and reap all benefits of a website redesign such as-

  • Gain potential leads
  • Higher Conversion
  • Higher customer retention rate
  • Improved ROI
  • Build brand Credibility

This is exactly what we all want.

This was your complete guide on benefits of a website redesign helping you answer why you need website revamp at frequent intervals, followed by your quick roadmap on how to get started. If you are a business stuck with an untouched website or someone with dying lead generation & conversion opportunities, go for it, meet our Professional Website Redesign Company and have us onboard for your any custom Website Redesign Requirements!

Hope we answer well, why website redesign is important and how to Redesign Websites for Businesses? Want to add something relevant to the benefits of website redesign, feel free to comment below.

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