What is Marketing Automation? Top 20 Marketing Automation Software Tools


18 Apr, 2024



As we are headed towards a completely digital world, there are a lot of changes that we have seen made and conducted in our business process workflows. We have come a long way from advertising on radios to billboards to ads and jingles. Most marketing endeavors are now automated. Why? Because every company wants to leverage the thing called “time” the maximum they save it the maximum would be their revenue share. This is where automation comes in.

Automation refers to the technology by which a technique or a procedure is completed with the minutest human assistance. ISA defines automation as "The creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.

Marketing automation is the process of mechanizing the endeavors related to digital marketing services using software or tools. Today we would discuss the nuances related to marketing automation, its tools, benefits, etc. Hold tight, and fasten your seat belts as the journey is a little long, but trust me it’s worth it!

What is Marketing Automation? 

Advertising computerization is a sort of programming that enables organizations to viably target clients with mechanized showcasing messages crosswise over channels including email, sites, social media handles, and instant messages to create prospective customers. This innovation is a part of client relationship administration, or CRM in short, and is ordinarily utilized by advertising offices as an approach to expel tedious assignments from staff work processes and increment the indexes of marketing efficiency.

With marketing automation, organizations can target clients with messages that are sent naturally, as indicated by sets of directions called work processes. Work processes might be characterized by layouts, custom-built from the scratch, or adjusted mid-campaign to accomplish better outcomes.

Marketing and sales departments utilize marketing automation to robotize internet advertising efforts and deals exercises, to both increment income and expand productivity. At the point when computerization is utilized adequately to deal with tedious undertakings, workers are allowed to handle higher-arrange issues, and the scope of human blunder is decreased.

Marketing automation assists with lead generation, lead supporting procedures and scoring, and estimating an overall ROI received on the marketing campaigns. The time-and-cost-sparing impacts of robotization increment as an association develops in size and its multifaceted nature. Great marketing computerization frameworks are intended to scale alongside your business. 

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Top 6 Marketing Automation Benefits 

Before we go on to discuss the topic let us review a few screenshots taken from the website of Salesforce.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Benefits of Marketing Automation

I hope that you already have an idea that how marketing automation can change the entire business field for you. These are the views of some of the pioneers in the business and marketing fields.

1). Reduce your staffing costs

Utilizing marketing automation techniques, one representative can compete with a 50-person marketing and sales office. How? By setting up lead supporting and advertising efforts that are naturally activated dependent on a specific criterion.

Following a couple of months of building these mechanized battles, your business may convey a huge number of customized messages every day on autopilot. 

2). Increased revenue and average deal size

By robotizing your strategic pitches, up-offers, and client subsequent meet-ups you'll likely notice an expansion in your client’s lifetime value. When you join this with better lead administration and prioritization, it's possible that your business movement will create a superior ROI.

3). Less repetition, more creativity

When you supplant manual monotonous work with computerized guidelines and crusades, you normally free up your staff for an ideal opportunity to focus on more imaginative errands.

While this has clear advantages of staff profitability and adequacy, there's a milder and less unmistakable advantage on innovativeness and by and large, happiness that originates from concentrating your staff on shifted imaginative work rather than commonplace redundant undertakings makes your staff more content.

4). Refine your marketing processes

One of the decent reactions to actualizing marketing automation programming is that, in the event that you haven't as of now, it expects you to picture your client's voyage and promote techniques to make customs procedures around them.

While this probably won't sound riveting, developing procedures around the client venture empower you to bit by bit refine how you target and sustain your leads.

5). Take your marketing activity to an ultra-targeted level

The capacity to make targeted advertising efforts at a tremendous scale is one of the greatest open doors accessible to advertisers today. Since, as is instructed in marketing 101, the more pertinent an offer or item is to a potential client, the more probable they are to hand over their cash to you.

At no other time, you would have had the chance or benefit to achieve 1,000 distinct leads with 1,000 unique messages in a completely mechanized manner.

6). Save time spent on managing your social media campaigns

Most of the marketing automation instruments enable you to deal with the majority of your web-based life crusades from inside one dashboard and post to numerous records in one go. While this has been anything but difficult to do with devices like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for quite a long time, it's intense to have it associated with a similar framework that you use to track leads. 

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Top 20 Marketing Automation Software Tools

Here is a list of the twenty most amazing marketing automation software tools that provide you with different functionalities. You have to see which one you are looking for. 

1). Marketo

Marketo is maybe the best-known marketing automation instrument in the market currently. It's a standout amongst the most developed devices, with a full suite of highlights that assist the advertisers to oversee email crusades, as well as give astounding instruments to sales groups. Marketo likewise has a commercial center, called LaunchPoint, with many integration options available.

2). Eloqua

You can consider Eloqua the Ferrari of marketing automation. It's completely stacked, gives an outstanding level of administration, and accompanies a coordinating sticker price. One of Eloqua's key differentiators is the measure of time they spend educating and helping their clients to take advantage of a particular product. Like Marketo, Eloqua likewise has an incredible commercial center with a lot of integration options available with outsider administrations.

3). Customer.io

The primary reason why we cherish Customer.io is its adaptability. This is an instrument that will truly give you a chance to receive what you need in return. While it's not really an out-of-the-box functionality, in case you're willing to invest some designer time, you can truly redo your Customer.io encounter. Another incredible thing about this device is its lightweight UI and quick, individual client bolster. Customer.io is one of the more current players; they're developing rapidly and are certainly an organization to watch out for. In contrast to the vast majority of the more established devices, Customer.io is worked to trigger messages dependent on events, instead of just site visits.

4). Hubspot

The favorable position and hindrance of utilizing HubSpot are one and the same: the framework completes a little bit of everything, except doesn't do any one thing at a profound level. HubSpot portrays itself as "inbound promoting programming", which implies it offers an assortment of instruments, one of which is advertising computerization. This across-the-board approach can be extremely advantageous.

5). ExactTarget

We were extremely awed by the ExactTarget demo at Dreamforce (the organization was as of late gained by salesforce.com). One thing that emerged to us about ExactTarget is the framework's capacity to target correspondences over numerous channels. Most promoting mechanization devices focus on email, yet ExactTarget goes past that and gives you a chance to target portable application warnings, or even messages to the dashboard of a client's car (if, for instance, you were a car producer).

6). Userfox

Userfox is another new player in the marketing automation space, and they were actually just acquired by AdRoll. We're hoping the combined power of the AdRoll and Userfox teams mean exciting things for the future of their product. And we know the Userfox team has some amazing talent because one of their co-founders previously worked with us here at Woopra.

Userfox is another new player in the marketing automation space, and they were in reality simply procured by AdRoll. We trust the joined intensity of the AdRoll and Userfox groups and it implies energizing things for the future of their product. What's more, we know the Userfox group has got some amazing talent with them, since one of their prime supporters already worked with Woopra.

7). Constant Contact

Consistent Contact is an outstanding automated email marketing apparatus for independent companies. It works superbly of giving fundamental usefulness in a way that is simple for even non-technical clients to exploit. The usability and reasonable expense are its greatest differentiators. Constant Contact is for the entrepreneur who needs to rapidly begin with sorting out email advertising and doesn't foresee requiring any much-advanced functionality down the line.

8). Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft used to be called the 'Rolls Royce' of marketing automation platforms; Expensive, yet worth the high sticker price. The CRM framework on Infusionsoft is intense. Like most CRM, you can hope to see lead scoring, boundless labels, mechanized statements, pipeline announcing, and considerably much more.

In the event that you have the eCommerce package, you can likewise utilize Infusionsoft to deal with your site's eCommerce framework, which clearly and naturally includes clients into your CRM, empowering up-offering, client life-cycle promoting, and so on.

9). ActiveCampaign Enterprise

In case you're an undertaking brand with demanding automation needs, ActiveCampaign Enterprise is presumably the primary instrument you should take a gander at. You get all the best CRM, computerization and email highlights of ActiveCampaign packaged into a more adaptable and great framework for huge organizations.

As a matter of first importance, you get boundless client accounts with custom client consent. You can likewise send a boundless number of messages and you get your own custom mail server space as a major aspect of the package. Another intriguing component is ActiveCampaign's computerized social information gathering, which gathers social points of interest from the majority of your contacts and enables you to utilize this for the rundown division – so you can contact all LinkedIn clients under 30 in your general vicinity, for instance. 

10). GetResponse

In case you're similar to a great many people, your email bulletins are sent on foreordained occasions. Shouldn't they be incorporated into your schedule at that point? GetResponse's autoresponder apparatus utilizes intuitive highlights to make date-book administration a very easy task for you.

You can likewise send profoundly focused autoresponders to endorsers dependent on how they got on your email list utilizing GetResponse Campaigns + OptinMonster.

11). ConvertKit

Need a portion of the more developed highlights of a CRM without the sticker price? ConvertKit enables you to send focused autoresponders to subscribers dependent on their collaboration with your messages with Automation Rules. They even have plans that you can use to rapidly make autoresponder successions for any circumstances.

12). GetNotify

GetNotify is a free apparatus that advises you the moment your email gets perused by the beneficiary. You simply send your messages like you typically would, yet include ".getnotify.com" to the beneficiary's email address. Your beneficiary won't see this, and they won't realize that you are following their opens.

13). OptinMonster

All together for any email showcasing trickle battle or pamphlet to be effective, you require endorsers. With OptinMonster, you can construct high converting forms for your sites and points of arrival in simply a question of minutes. Besides, you can fragment leads and clients with conduct personalization and piping them directly into your computerized campaigns to lure them further.

14). SharpSpring

SharpSpring is best known as "the marketing automation tool for offices." Like most other advertising computerization instruments, its architecture incorporates email mechanization, an implicit CRM framework, and the capacity to coordinate in excess of 700 third-party devices, so you don't need to have a craving for all that you do must be housed in one place.

15). Dialog Tech

Dialog Tech is extraordinary for voice-based marketing automation, so you can boost your ROI with call automation and examination. You can upgrade voice collaborations with Dialog Tech's apparatuses by estimating your profits and changing likewise. Highlights incorporate catchphrase call-following, telephone reviews, guest profile information, switch query, discussion investigation, in-call scoring, geolocation steering, voice communicates, SMS, and that's just the beginning there’s a lot more.

16). Pardot

Pardot, a Salesforce organization, is a marketing automation suite ideal for boosting your revenue. Amp up your commitment with CRM incorporation, email advertising, lead sustaining, lead scoring, and ROI reporting. This apparatus is ideal for helping the sales groups to shorten the deal cycles.

17). Drip

A visual email showcasing effort building and automation tool, Drip enables organizations to modify and computerize email campaigns’ work processes. It bolsters various types of email campaigns for organizations, groups, and even people. This gives clients the capacity to send targeted messages and messages to subscribers.

With the device, you can incorporate existing frameworks as it accompanies an API besides outsider integrations. This adequately grows the program's abilities enabling organizations to increase significant bits of knowledge.

18). Daily Story

DailyStory is intended for private ventures, giving them the capacity to distinguish and connect with the best clients. It gives clients a reasonable perspective of guests and causes them to think of successful methods for commitment. The arrangement covers the entire client venture, giving devices by which to track, convert and oversee customers and in the long run make faithful clients out of them.

DailyStory helps in manufacturing significant client connections by conveying a phenomenal experience. In contrast to different instruments, it achieves this not with the utilization of following, bits of knowledge, and examination, it goes past numbers, giving clients a superior comprehension of site guests.

19). Music

Open source marketing automation tool Mautic can be utilized through its facilitated form downloaded from its official site. The framework utilizes its contacts highlight to enable clients to fabricate and oversee drives, watching what sites prospects visit and their exercises, which are altogether put away in a single area.

20). AeroLeads

AeroLeads enables you to build a real-time email list for marketing and sales purpose. With AeroLeads, you can search, and add prospects, and leads at AeroLeads to get their verified email addresses and business contact numbers.
An unrivaled lead generation tool has the inbuilt feature of bounce analysis, and additional features such as detecting abuse accounts, fake domains, spam trapping, and disposable emails. AeroLeads is one of the best CRM software which allows appending personal data and IP related information for better cleaning purposes. It uses an SMTP verification system that comes along with an email address syntax checker.


Selling anything is a craft and not everyone has got that craft. If you have it and you need some support from the technology to make it even better then marketing automation tools are your best bet. Most of these tools come up with free trials and free versions for a limited number of users. All you have to do is to make their best use. Assess the demands of your business and then select the tool that can satisfy most of the demands.

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