Social Media for Business- Things you Need to Know in 2020


 13 Mar, 2020

Social Media for Business- Things you Need to Know in 2020

Nearly 81% of the population of the U.S.A has got at least one social media profile and nearly 50% have two or more than that. 

Since you are reading this, I am sure you already know that social media is much more than sharing pictures and memories in 2020. The very fact that you have landed here means you know about the power of social media marketing for businesses.

Now that you have decided to take that leap and push your business in the world of social media, you need to know how to choose the right social media for business, how to promote your business in the social media world, etc. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the best business social media platforms and how to choose the right social media platforms for business.

1.  Why does the business use social media for its benefit?

This is indeed a question worth asking ‘Why does the business use social media for its benefit?’

Here is a list you must-read for its answer-

  • Social media offers several benefits to businesses all over the world as it gives them the ability to reach out to their target customers & to gain consideration of many more potential customers.
  • One of the recent reports on the Social Media Marketing Industry had revealed that social media enables businesses to get better exposure, more traffic and help them to gain market insights.
  • Sherpa Marketing had discovered that it is the brands that people follow more on social media than they follow the celebrities they admire.
  • Believe it or not, on Instagram alone around 80 percent of people follow at least one business on their insta handle.
  • Fun fact: When Absolut Vodka had run an Instagram campaign to market its limited edition- ‘Spark bottle’, the company had achieved a five-point lift in its overall brand awareness.
  • You can humanize your brand. If you want to connect with potential customers & leads you need to show the humane side of your business brand.

2.  Best Social Media platforms for your business and how to do it right

Best-Social Media platforms for your business and how to do it right


Facebook’s easy-going, amicable feeling requires an actively functioning social media marketing plan. Start by making a Facebook Business Fan Page. You will need to give cautious consideration to format, as the visual part is a key part of the Facebook experience.

Facebook is the place where people go to unwind and chat with their friends, so keep your tone light and cordial. What’s more, remember, organic reach on Facebook can be very restricted, so consider a savvy Facebook advertisement system, which can greatly affect your organic Facebook presence too!


Google+ entered the scene as Facebook’s contender, however, it presently serves a more specialty crowd. It won’t work for everyone, except certain networks are exceptionally dynamic on Google+. 

On Google+, you can transfer and offer photographs, accountings, connections, and view all your +1s. Likewise exploit Google+ circles, which permit you to fragment your supporters into littler gatherings, empowering you to impart data to certain adherents while excepting others. For instance, you may take a stab at making a “super-fan” circle, and offer extraordinary limits and selective offers just with that group.


Pinterest is one of the quickest developing social media marketing platforms for businesses. Pinterest’s picture focused stage is perfect for retail, however, anybody can profit by utilizing Pinterest for social media purposes or deals driving ads. 

Pinterest permits organizations to exhibit their product and service offering while likewise creating a brand image with eye-getting, special pinboards. When building up your Pinterest technique, recollect that the informal community’s essential crowd is female. If that is your segment, you need a presence on Pinterest!


Twitter is the online networking promoting instrument that lets you communicate your updates over the web. Follow tweeters in your industry or related fields, and you should increase a constant flow of supporters consequently. 

Stir up your official tweets about specials, offers, limited editions and news with fun, brand-building tweets. Make certain to retweet when a client has something pleasant to state about you and remember to respond to individuals’ inquiries whenever the situation allows. Utilizing Twitter as a web-based social networking advertising instrument rotates around discourse and correspondence, so make certain to cooperate however much as could reasonably be expected to sustain and build your following.


LinkedIn is one of the more professional social life showcasing destinations. LinkedIn Groups is an incredible setting for going into an expert exchange with individuals in comparable enterprises and furnishes a spot to impart content to similarly invested people. It’s additionally incredible for posting occupations and general representative systems administration. 

Urge clients or customers to give your business a suggestion on your LinkedIn profile. Referrals and recommendations cause your business to show up progressively dependable and solid for new clients. Additionally, peruse the Questions segment of LinkedIn; giving answers causes you to get set up as an idea chief and procures trust.


YouTube is the main spot for making and sharing video content, and it can likewise be an unimaginably ground-breaking online networking promoting instrument. Numerous organizations attempt to make video content with the point of having their video “circulate the web,” however actually those odds are truly thin. Rather, focus around making helpful, informative “how-to” accountings. These how-to accountings additionally have the additional advantage of positioning on the video list items of Google, so don’t under-gauge the intensity of video content!

Location-Based Social Media Tools

Location Based Social Media Tools

Social media platforms like Yelp and FourSquare are incredible for construction-related organizations hoping to actualize advertising via social networking media. Register on these locales to guarantee your area spot, and afterward consider additional impetuses, for example, registration prizes or exceptional limits. Keep in mind, these guests will have their telephones close by, so they will have the option to compose and post audits. A ton of good surveys can altogether help influence imminent guests to come in and manufacture your business!


Reddit, or comparative web-based life stages, for example, Stumble Upon or Digg, are perfect for sharing convincing substance. With more than 2 billion site hits a month, Reddit has staggering internet based life showcasing potential, however, advertisers ought to be cautioned that solitary genuinely one of a kind, the intriguing substance will be invited. Posting on Reddit is behaving recklessly—submit maliciously or deals centered substance and your business could get chided by this amazingly technically knowledgeable network. 

In case you have content you accept the Reddit people group (greater part is youthful, nerdy, liberal, and web fixated) would appreciate, you could receive enormous rewards and acquire important traffic.

3. How to choose the right platform for social media for business?

1. Understand the purpose of the platform


Before you begin opening an account on each social platform, it is fundamental to comprehend what every stage does. On the off chance that your intended interest group is recent college grads, being on Instagram and Snapchat may appear the correct choice. You may be correct, however, it is fundamental to comprehend your crowd’s conduct and how they will find your image and business on social. Facebook’s strategy to “Enable individuals to construct the network and unite the world.” If you are a neighborhood business, Facebook is an extraordinary stage that permits you to interface with your nearby network and assemble mindfulness around your image. 

Furthermore, as indicated by Pew Research, Facebook is the most broadly utilized social platform. Instagram is visual; YouTube is video-based; Facebook is network building; Yelp is surveys of cafés, and Pinterest is visual motivation. When you comprehend the motivation behind every social platform, it will permit you to limit which stage will be best for your business. The following part of understanding the significance of every stage is client utilization.

2. Focus on the numbers 

Contingent upon your business objectives, it is basic to comprehend where your crowd is and pick likewise. For instance, on the off chance that you are in the style of business, Pinterest and Instagram would be the most favored stage. “93% of dynamic [Pinterest] pinners said they use Pinterest to get ready for buys,” and it is essentially visual, where 81% of Pinterest clients are females. As indicated by the 2016 Pew overview, “95 percent of all Instagram clients in the U.S. likewise use Facebook, trailed by Pinterest (54 percent), and Twitter (49 percent).” 

Notwithstanding understanding the motivation behind every social stage, realizing the client’s presentation will put you on top of things. You need to be the place your devotees are. Investigate your present site traffic. On the off chance that most of them are females that incline toward the visuals on each presentation page, at that point, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are incredible stages for your business. On the off chance that you are a hardware organization, clients will depend on recordings to see how to utilize your apparatus. YouTube how-to recordings may make an extraordinary, absorbable substance that clients will discover important. 

3. Follow your Competition

What is your industry’s serious scene? Is there a specific social influencer or brand that stands apart from you? Who’s tailing them? Whom would they say they are supporting? 

While looking for an internet-based life master, you have to ensure that they do a careful serious examination to address those inquiries. The report will help check where your rivals are and which stage would be best for your business dependent on the industry. Understanding your serious scene will help you in building a technique for focusing on influencers, brand ministers, and the crowd to buy your item and recollect your image on social media. 

4. Be consistent

You have gotten your serious investigation report, checked the numbers, and you have picked the internet based life stages that are best for your business. Before you promptly begin making your records, ensure that your substance is reliable and the handle you guarantee is the equivalent over all channels. A handle is your social username. It’s mistaking for your crowd and devotees if your social handles are for the most part unique, so ensure that they are predictable over all platforms. 

Next, ensure you have a business logo picture that you can transfer as your profile picture overall stages (Remember, consistency is so significant!), particularly if you need individuals to recollect what your identity is. While transferring a profile and header picture, ensure the photographs are the correct social measurements. You would not need a potential client to go to your Facebook page and see a pixelated header picture.

5. Be Creative, Play with the power of different content 

One of the greatest no-no’s in online life showcasing is cross-posting, which is pushing a similar substance on the entirety of your foundation. It looks repetitive and lethargic. The test with this is it requires a lot of time and wanting to set up which substance ought to go on which stage, yet that drives me back to tip #1. Every stage can be used unexpectedly. Ensure that your online life master strolls you through stages, booking recurrence, and substance system that will be best for meeting your business goals. 

Keep in mind, more isn’t in every case better. You need to be keen and key while picking which social stage is best for your business. Your clients and devotees are coming to you to discover applicable and one of a kind substance.

4. Key Takeaway(s) Strategies on how to do Social media business right 

  • Modify your social media campaign’s tone to be more positive & uplifting
  • Turn the boring content into something humorous and entertaining
  • Try to connect with your audience on an emotional basis.
  • Never shy away from the taboo topics that relate to your brand
  • Show your human side and be more entertaining
  • Utilize social media to engage more with the customers instead of trying to just sell to them
  • Spark a word-of-mouth fire type of marketing by giving out interesting incentives for talking about your business brand

5. Conclusion

Social media is a great tool to capture more revenue. If you do the right math and perform the right techniques you can reap many benefits from using social media for business purposes.

I hope we were able to give you a good idea about the best business social media platforms. A great deal of a brand’s image depends on how a business uses social media.

As a business owner it is very important to know about this topic- ‘Social media for business.’ As per our analytics how to run a business in social media and social media on business is one of the most searched items of the internet on this topic.

We at JanBask Digital Design have been advising many clients on their social media strategies. Connect with us soon and let us discuss your future over the aroma and taste of a good cup of coffee.

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