9 Best WordPress SEO Practices To Implement In 2023


 22 Dec, 2022



For your website to receive more visitors, you must improve your WordPress SEO. Unfortunately, the majority of WordPress SEO tutorials are too complex for beginners to understand.

The WordPress SEO guidelines must be followed if you are serious about boosting the traffic to your website.

Imagine, you serve the best sugar-free cupcakes in California and would like people in your region to visit you when they want to eat cupcakes. In this case, you have to work hard on optimizing WordPress for SEO so that anyone who searches for sugar-free cupcakes can quickly come across your WordPress website. 

WordPress SEO experts have reportedly stated that WordPress is SEO-friendly. This is the real reason why many individuals decide to use WordPress to launch a blog or website.

While WordPress ensures that the code it produces complies with SEO for WordPress best practices, there are still many other things you must do if you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

WordPress SEO raises a website's search engine rankings and increases organic traffic.

WordPress is among the greatest content management systems since it was created with important SEO tips in mind. To assure the highest search engine results and website performance, you can further optimize SEO WordPress.

The WordPress SEO optimization of a website requires numerous procedures, techniques, and resources. These optimization techniques involve building up a WordPress website SEO by optimizing its content and taking activities away from the page to produce better results.

The best practices will be covered in this SEO optimization for WordPress guide, along with helpful implementation advice. We will also go over how a WordPress SEO company can make your journey convenient with the use of effective SEO for WordPress tactics.

To fully enhance your WordPress SEO, you should follow our list of doable measures.

Here’s what we have discussed in this SEO optimization for WordPress guide:

  • Understanding SEO
  • Why Is It Essential To Optimize SEO WordPress?
  • Best Practices: Optimizing WordPress For SEO 

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  • Generate Better Engagement
  • Drive Higher Search Engine Ranking

Understanding SEO

SEO for WordPress is the practice of boosting your WordPress website's visibility and rating on search engines like Google to increase free, organic traffic. When you optimize SEO WordPress and its content for a particular query, it's more likely to show up toward the top of the SERP.

Now that you are familiar with SEO, let's discuss why it is so crucial.

Why Is It Essential To Optimize SEO WordPress?

You have a better chance of connecting with users who are actively looking for information about products and services similar to your own when you optimize your WordPress website for SEO and content. Optimizing WordPress for SEO will help you display your material at the top of the results page, and therefore this is done naturally.

Anyone with a website or a business should look to enhance their WordPress SEO because it is a quick and easy approach to boost visibility, traffic, leads, and conversions, among other things.

But the next question is how to do SEO for WordPress Website.

Best Practices: Optimizing WordPress For SEO

1. Alter Your Permalinks

On your WordPress website SEO, a permalink is a persistent URL or link that points to a certain post, page, or blog. In the URL itself, permalinks make it apparent what your article, page, or blog is so that individuals are aware of what they are clicking on. 

As per WordPress SEO agency, search engines scan permalinks to evaluate how effectively your website offers answers to particular search queries, thus changing them will enhance both user experience and WordPress SEO.

Permalinks Setting

For instance, in the case of your sugar-free cupcakes, your URL might be like this: www.mysite.com/sugar-free-recipes if you had a page devoted to shared sugar-free recipes.

Visit your WordPress dashboard, choose "Settings," and move to "Permalinks," to edit your permalinks so that they accurately describe your content.

2. WordPress Visibility Settings

Check your WordPress SEO visibility settings. You may truly obscure your website from search engines using a feature in the software. When creating or rebuilding your SEO for WordPress website and you don't want visitors to see your work in progress, this can be useful.

The option can be found in "Settings" and "Reading" on your WordPress dashboard, according to your WordPress SEO consultant.

Make sure you didn't leave this feature on after finishing your SEO for WordPress website or switch it on by accident. Your SEO won't work if it's on. Hence, you need an SEO consultant that can recommend you the best practices. 

3. Select SEO Plugin

WordPress plugins provide WordPress SEO optimization capabilities to your website that aren't included by default in the platform, improving its functionality. Many of the dozens of plugins that are available can help you optimize SEO WordPress. You can approach a WordPress SEO specialist to select solutions from the plugin library that suit your needs.

You may create XML sitemaps, optimize your titles, and use tags and categories, and content with the use of key phrases and keywords. Optimizing WordPress for SEO can help manage your site's breadcrumbs and make use of Google Analytics support with the help of SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, and others.

4. Tags And Categories

Your website's pages and blog articles can be divided into narrow and broad groupings using tags and categories, respectively. This boosts your WordPress SEO because it enables search engines to comprehend the structure and actual content of your website.

Similar to keywords, tags can be used to specify the subject matter of a page or post for WordPress SEO optimization. For instance, if we consider the website for your sugar-free cupcake, one of your pages might have tags like "cupcake," "sugar-free," or "muffin."

Visit your WordPress dashboard to select "Posts" and "Tags" to view or add a new tag.

Your posts and pages can be broadly categorized using WordPress SEO services-recommended categories. Your categories may include "sugar-free," "cafe," and "allergy" in the case of the sugar-free cafe.

Tags And Categories

Go to your WordPress "Settings" and select "Writing" to create a category. Your current categories are listed below, along with a button that says "Add New Category."

5. Link Website Internally

You must optimize WordPress SEO website's authority if you want to improve SEO. The quantity of internal links you have to your pages, blogs, posts, and other content is one of the key factors search engines use to optimize SEO WordPress website.

When you wish to link to another piece of content, you can highlight the text on your page where the link should go, and your WordPress SEO services can perform this process on your behalf. When you do this, you'll notice that the URL you want to refer your visitors to appears in blue next to your connected text.

6. Effective Use Of SSL

If a customer fills out your order form and includes all of their card payment details, SSL helps businesses make sure that information won't be hacked in the process.

Because search engines like Google prioritize "secure and encrypted" connections when deciding how to rank a website, SSL boosts WordPress SEO. Therefore, your WordPress SEO company can guide the search engine to rank the site with SSL if there were two similar sites but only one had SSL and the other did not.

Your WordPress SEO specialist no longer needs to manually apply SSL to your website because WordPress.com now does it for you.

7. Optimize Your WordPress SEO Images

Utilizing SEO optimization for WordPress plugins such as SEO Optimized Photographs is the simplest approach to inserting Image-Alt-Text into your images. Your WordPress SEO services may always check the list of features in your installed plugins to make sure you can add Image-Alt-Text.

WordPress SEO Images

Use dashes to separate the terms when you are inserting Image-Alt-Text and your description is longer than one word. This SEO for WordPress indicates to search engines that you are writing using a variety of words.

8. Nofollow External Links

You give yourself authority by using internal links to your WordPress website SEO. External links to sources or other content that you think your readers should read or view also assist those websites to establish authority or provide them "link juice." 

You could therefore conclude that external links are advantageous for both your website's SEO role in marketing and the SEO of the websites you link to on it.

Your WordPress SEO expert can propose the appropriate use of external links on your website. 

9. Prioritize Security

Your WordPress plan will determine whether or not security is handled for you. No matter what, you can always upgrade your site's security by using plugins recommended by your WordPress SEO services.

Prioritize Security

Search engines adore secure websites, as we discussed SSL certificates, so if your website is secure, you are optimizing WordPress for SEO.


What Does WordPress For SEO Help?

Utilizing WordPress, managing, structuring, and publishing material in an SEO-friendly manner is simple. This is one of the reasons why it's considered a niche CMS for SEO. But just having a WordPress website won't make you appear on Google's top page of search results.

Does WordPress Permit SEO?

Without a doubt, WordPress is better than other CMS available. It is SEO-friendly and user-friendly and it makes a variety of SEO strategies simple to apply with only a few excellent plugins.

Which Is The Most Popular WordPress Plugin?

YOAST SEO plugin is the most well-known WordPress plugin. However, there are several other options such as All one SEO pack, SEOPress, SEOquake, broken link checker, and others that can help improve WordPress SEO. 

Final Thoughts

Anyone can optimize SEO WordPress under the guidance of a good WordPress SEO specialist. Hence, it is advised to hire a good company that encourages you to maintain your website, stay SEO-friendly, and draw conversions. 

If you are looking for a good WordPress SEO consultant, then JanBask Digital Design is just a call away!

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