Top 10 Techniques to Improve Website Visibility in SERP


 14 Jul, 2016

Once the website is designed the top priority task for any web designer is to get top ranking in search result pages of popular search engines as this enables them to attract a larger volume of traffic. You should optimize your site in such a way that your ranking gets better and this will provide a good platform for your brand. As a web designer one should always comply with rules of search engines, comply with their requirements and never adapt to so-called “black-hat” or any non-ethical practices, this will enable them to stay ahead in terms of rankings as compared to their competitions.

Top 10 Techniques to Improve Website Visibility in SERP

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the group of methods used to enhance the visibility of the website when any relevant keywords are searched on search engines.  This group of methods includes tweaking of website structure, contents to off-page approaches like social media marketing, link building etc. A good SEO ensures that website ranks are high in organic searches which are performed by users of search engines. This is still an important factor because even today more than half of traffic generated by websites is due to organic searches and other methods such as paid search, social media, direct and other referrals rankings are far lower.

Website Visibility Techniques in SERP

As Google is these days leader in search engines and accounts for a big share in organic searches it is essential for any website to be optimized for Google searches. To be a high-class SEO you need to understand what search engines are really looking for. Below we let you know top 10 SEO essentials:

1). Relevancy

Google is very focused on providing the most relevant results to any query posted by the user. It has its search algorithms which are a secret to the outer world and that decides the relevancy of the results. It includes many factors such as searcher’s location, time, user’s search history and past searches.

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2). Content Quality

Google always encourages quality content and it is seen that Google prefers content that has substance and length over entries that gives a sense that they have correct keyword inserted. Articles that are based on practical advice and are thoughtful drive better traffic as these are intercepted by Google positively.

3). User Experience

Google’s search algorithms give high importance to User Experience(UX) and pages which are easily navigable and searched with content that is relevant and appropriate internal links always get high rankings.

4). Site Speed

Google in its ranking considers site speed too and even tag results that employ Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) hosting.

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5). Device Compatibility

As these days’ numbers of Web Searches are performed from mobile devices it is important for a website to be compatible with all screen sizes. Google has already announced that it prefers responsive page designs and thus making this point even more vital.

6). Internal Linking

With the internal linking site, the visitor gets the option to view additional information and helps in ranking performance for certain keywords. But one should make sure that links inserted are appropriate and anchor text is clear. It is advisable that anchor text pointing to the same page should be varied as Google views identical use as a suspicious activity. The bots employed by search engines tends to discover more about your site if internal links are inserted.

7). Authority

If your site is able to obtain a link to the site having the high authority it is seen as a mark of trust. The more original and good quality of your content there more chances that you will get more inbound links from high authority sites. On the contrary, experts have found that direct correlation between ranking and inbound links is reducing and it is possible that this factor is not as critical to SEO as perceived.

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8). Local SEO

Google has now adopted a strategy to provide a high ranking to a local business than other factors as the local user can be benefited and its immediate requirements can be met easily as a local business are available close by. To be benefited from the same one should make sure that you are registered in the “My business” in Google and you provide accurate information.

9). Properly tagged images

It is important to add images of proper size and add the alt tag to them as it makes it easy to understand by Google. If you ignore this part and simply add images to your text without adding the alt attributes to the images, Google might not be able to understand it well. Using high-quality images improves the content quality as well and helps Google to give higher ranking to the page.

10). Social Media Platforms

Being present and active on the social media platforms helps in enhancing the ranking of the site. It is one of the most effective and practical ways to get yourself recognized well by Google. By publishing good quality content in blogs and posts you can call for the user response and utilize this opportunity to publicize your website address. Various social media sites are being trolled by Google and if it encounters your site URL, it will surely add to your page allocation ranks. But the most important part is to have good quality content on social media posts.

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