Top 5 SEO Strategies & Techniques for Startups Business in 2018



 27 Sep, 2018

Top 5 SEO Strategies & Techniques for Startups Business in 2018

I don’t think that the word SEO needs an explanation. It is the most powerful tool that you need for your digital presence. Are you looking for “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results? Then optimizing your SEO is the only way out. Since SEO is the only process that can affect the online visibility of your website or the web page in any of the web search engine’s list of unpaid results. These days all the enterprises around the world are shedding a good load of money on their SEO strategies to gain the maximum online visibility for their brands.

If you’re a start-up, it means that you have constrained assets and you require clients. There is no reason for you to try putting up your resources into your website or agonizing over Google results when you have investors to charm and deals you need to close. This is where an optimized SEO strategy comes in handy. A good SEO strategy can help you land your website higher on the web index results. This can be very advantageous for you as a startup because higher your website results, higher would be the chances for you to drive qualified traffic leads.

SEO Strategies & Techniques

Infographic SEO Strategies & Techniques for startup Business

Today we would discuss the Start-up SEO strategies and techniques that are good for the year 2018. For this purpose, we have divided this blog into the following sections-

SEO Strategies & Techniques for Startups Business in 2018

Why do Start-ups need an SEO strategy?

Here are a few reasons for which you need an SEO strategy in place

  • An effective SEO strategy will expand your sales without proportionately expanding your promoting costs, accordingly developing benefits exponentially and over time. Search engine optimization can promote all your business objectives at a superior ROI than most other practically identical types of web-based marketing on account of closing more deals, getting more sales and that too with no or very less cost involved.
  • Website optimization showers focus on your business heroes, producing the most elevated execution by giving it the correct accentuation and focus in your advertising arsenal.
  • SEO is also necessary because Google needs assistance in understanding your business. Website optimization that is successfully woven into your webpage’s DNA can help exhibit your business on web indexes in the most ideal way
  • Website design enhancement is your digital calling card. It can multiply your effect enormously by getting your site before the target audience.

Being a start-up these are some points that you really cannot miss out on. This is evidently clear that SEO does not involve a lot of investment; it just needs an alignment of the right tricks at the right places. For this, you can choose to engage an SEO expert too, who would streamline your website with the digital world.

Things you need to do before planning an SEO Strategy for your Start-up

Before you submerge yourself into the pool of crafting the SEO strategy here is a checklist that you need to ensure that your start-up has accomplished a few basic building block essentials for the same.

  • You’ve recognized which level your organization is at within the startup lifecycle structure.
  • You’ve recognized your optimal client profile and you comprehend your client issues
  • You’ve thoroughly checked that you’ve become past the item/market fit stage of a start-up
  • You’ve utilized the bulls-eye structure for distinguishing the best traction channels for your start-up.
  • Your start-up is prepared to start testing channel/item fit, and SEO will be an urgent need
  • Your start-up has an in-house candidate who will commit and take responsibility for SEO
  • You’ve set up a development experimentation procedure to help track your experiments.
  • You know where you stand when it comes to concerning great start-up measurements. Things like: CAC, LTV, ARPU, Churn Rate, Burn Rate, and so on.
  • You’ve set up a pattern against your core marketing measurements like traffic, presentation page transformation rates, leads by source, MQL to SQL change rate, and so on.

Ground-Breaking SEO Strategies and Techniques for Start-Ups in 2018

We have collated a list of the top trending strategies that you can use to your advantage in 2018. Being a start-up each and every step is crucial for you and therefore give it a careful read. 

SEO Strategies & Techniques for Startups Business in 2018

Choose Leads Generating Keywords

The way to a solid start-up SEO methodology is to figure out which keywords are most imperative and pertinent to your organization and after that to enhance your site for those keywords and maintaining their density. The objective is to not just rank higher for those keywords (which means to be higher on the rundown of Google results when you scan for that keyword), yet additionally to ensure that the text which the clients find when they arrive on your page really addresses what they were searching for when they began their pursuit.

You will have to get creative with your SEO procedure and will have to focus around more nuanced, long-tail keywords such as “why CRM is vital for an enterprise” in case you are a company providing CRM services, that is still relevant to your intended audience groups and that will get clients to your site. Despite the fact that fewer individuals may look for these more extended keywords, a large number of these really convert more extensively than the head terms. 

Publish PR at High DA Sites

Advertising is indispensable to SEO. When you are highlighted on a powerful site with a high domain authority and your site is connected, it builds your domain authority by making an impression on the web indexes that your site is vital.

PR doesn’t just encourage your SEO. It provides you with the benefits in many different regions also. For instance, all the backlinks that you’ve earned yourself in the famous media outlets get your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages verified. 

Content Marketing Strategy

A standout amongst the most genuine and viable SEO techniques for getting your start-up off the ground is content promoting. Content showcasing, when done the correct way, can include a colossal measure of power and validity to your domain. It can likewise soar your ranking on Google’s terrifically imperative SERPs. Be that as it may, it won’t occur without any forethought and a plan in place.

Content marketing is by far the most outstanding amongst other SEO procedures with regards to the proficiency of your time. Considering that we all have an equivalent measure of time in this world, our achievement throughout everyday life or in business to a great extent comes down to exactly how well we utilize our opportunities in this limited time frame that we all have. Effective time administrators will discover executing SEO techniques such as the one that we just discuss to be very beneficial.

Improve the website loading Speed

As a young entrepreneur, your first goal should be to ensure that your website is well disposed, auto-responsive and loads under three seconds on all devices be it a tablet, mobile or desktop. You can utilize the Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool which is available on the internet for free to discover pages or sections of your website that are not optimized for mobiles. To do this at scale, utilize the API with URL Profiler to audit a huge number of URLs in one go. You can likewise check the Search Console for extra business insights too.

You also need to ensure that your site should be clearly sorted out so clients and web crawlers can rapidly get to where they have to without getting baffled about it. Here are some of the questions that you need to address while doing so. Is your navigation channel super perfect and straight? Is your internal linking structure symmetrical? 

Create High Quality Organic Links

Natural third-party referencing isn’t dead. It simply needs to occur… naturally. Long back, mechanized frameworks led the Web. They could create heaps of connections that looked natural in nature, in a brief period. Obviously, today, those connections would really hurt you as opposed to helping you.

While there are various approaches to fabricate natural connections without having a post to circulate around the web, there are a few techniques that you can utilize at the present time, all alone. Be that as it may, whatever strategy you utilize, the connections need to originate from a value perspective. You need to include an incentive by adding something valuable to the discussion, for instance, particularly in case you’re posting remarks on the Web.


Read the following sentence carefully-

“SEO can be the game-changer for your Start-up” and yes my dear friend I am not joking. What would you do with a website that is not visible to your target audience because it ranks way too low on the search engine list? Are you not defeated in your purpose right there? You are! Therefore gear up and plan an SEO strategy that can yield profitable results for you. If your strategy is not working out change it, but have a strategy spend time on it.

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