How to Design SEO-Friendly Websites And Rank Better in Google

 10 Nov, 2022


You have had a website for quite some time but struggle to generate organic traffic among the right audience. 

This is a major concern for several popular and emerging brands worldwide. Your internal SEO company may or may not have the aptitude to understand the fundamental factors involved in a successful SEO optimized website. 

If you happen to be in a similar situation, then it is time to connect your internal time with professional SEO services. These SEO services providers possess theoretical, technical, and practical expertise to enhance your brand’s reach among the audience and gain a digital presence. 

As an entrepreneur, you must consider that both the world and people are changing. They demand flawless goods and services that don't require any work. As a result, the majority of people use online resources to find what they require in their daily lives. 

However, more than 75% of individuals never really look past Google search results' first page when looking for things using search engines like Google. Well, that's a hard reality for the majority of entrepreneurs who depend on an increase in traffic to increase the ROIs and conversions on their websites. 

As a result, if you don't rank among the top results on Google's search engine results pages, you have no online presence at all.

This makes it essential that you concentrate on optimizing website for SEO. As professional SEO services, we recommend you have a thorough understanding of how to SEO optimize your website:

  • Guidelines For SEO Friendly Website Structure
  • Tips For SEO Optimized Website
  • Reasons Why You Need SEO Friendly Websites

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Guidelines For SEO Friendly Website Structure

An SEO company explains a website's structure as a filing cabinet's system of files that classifies related types of papers (content) (on a website). Hierarchical URL structures, which advance from generic sites with optimized URLs to more specific ones, are the most SEO-friendly.

In nature, hierarchical navigation resembles a tree. The home page is on top, followed by category pages that are able to be subdivided into other categories. On every page, there is typically a link directed to the home page through an SEO-friendly URL.


Depending on a company's products and portfolio, your SEO agency will share various structure types (such as linear, webbed, and database) based on your utility. But if you want both users and search engine crawlers to understand the purpose of your web pages right away, we advise employing a hierarchical structure.

You should always keep in mind the following before we dive into the specifics of optimizing website for SEO: 

  • The finest site speed, relevant content, and structure are what Google's algorithms are created to prioritize for users. 
  • Thus, you're already on the proper track if you're designing a website's structure with customers in mind and disseminating content as efficiently as feasible.

As an SEO expert, we propose the following tips for SEO friendly web designs:

Tips For SEO Optimized Website

Responsive And SEO Friendly Web Design

It might be difficult to determine which components are essential to your company's success when trying to construct an SEO friendly website. One of those essential elements that will help your organization succeed is responsive web design. As per SEO services, you must incorporate responsive design within your website if you want to make one that is search engine friendly.

Your website can adjust to whichever device a person is using thanks to responsive design. They will see the innovative version of your website that is most appropriate for their device, whether they view it through a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

What makes responsive design essential to the creation of SEO-friendly websites?

Professional SEO services share that your website must adjust to fit different screen sizes because each device has a unique screen size. These users won't have a good experience on your website if you don't make adjustments for mobile devices.


Consider using a smartphone to access the desktop web version of your website. Your webpage would appear quite small on the gadget and you will constantly contemplate how to SEO optimize your website. Users would have trouble viewing the graphics, reading the content, and clicking on links.

Your audience does not enjoy the experience. Your audience will quickly quit your website and visit a rival with a better SEO optimized website.

In general, SEO-friendly websites are important since they hold on to your visitors to the page for a while, which will raise the rating of your website in the search results. 

Searching for how to SEO optimize your website, integrate responsive design into the layout of your website to improve its optimization. You'll be able to construct a better SEO-friendly website that will retain visitors to your page for a longer period of time.

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Concentrate On Scannability

SEO services define scannability refers to how quickly users can understand navigation and information. Rarely will a typical website visitor look at every aspect of a site? Instead, they skim the page, highlighting particular phrases and pictures.

The following questions may be useful to consider when performing site audits:

  • Does the content of your website match what your target market anticipates from the site and its pages when they first visit it?
  • Can you tell within the first or two minutes what type of content is on a category page?

Professional SEO services, therefore, concentrate on the readability factor for an SEO friendly website. 

To ensure that your visitors can read your information, pay special attention to how readable your website is. If consumers can't read your content, then it won't matter that your website is nicely designed. SEO services highlight that people visit your website in search of information. Your content decides whether the initial impression made by your design is positive or not.

Not a lot of SEO is technical; rather, it's largely humanistic. Google wants to highlight websites that are useful to users and satisfy their demands. Your website won't be user-friendly and won't be an SEO friendly website if your audience can't read your material to establish its relevance.

A good SEO agency will make sure the text on your site is simple to read to avoid making this error. To begin, pick the appropriate font size for your page. To ensure that your audience can readily read it without having to zoom in on the page, your site text should generally be 16pt or larger.

Second, most professional SEO services are careful to choose the appropriate font color. Reading lettering that is bright yellow, particularly on a white backdrop, can be challenging. To ensure that your viewers can read your information, pick fonts that shine out against your background for your SEO friendly website.


In addition to the typeface, you should format your information such that it is simple to read for your audience for an SEO optimized website. Utilize headings to separate lengthy pages and bulleted lists to encourage skimming. Both of these are excellent components that will make it simple for readers to read (or scan) your pages.

If your pages have a lot of information, professional SEO services would divide it up into paragraphs. An SEO friendly website with two to three paragraphs and five to seven sentences each paragraph on a page is more likely to be read by your audience. An SEO agency highlights long paragraphs can intimidate readers and make them less likely to read your material.

Be Innovative With Website Header

The purpose of a header is to make it easier for visitors to grasp what's on the page and how it links to other pages. Visitors will feel more at ease exploring if you give them a bird's-eye view of what's available.

When analyzing how to make SEO friendly website, always consider the objectives of your target audience while designing your header. For instance, a huge eCommerce business could require search functionality in its header, whilst a tiny house-cleaning agency might not.


To start optimizing them, incorporate your most important keywords into your headers. Your most important keyword should appear in the page's title.

Professional SEO services incorporate the most crucial keyword into the title in order for Google to recognize the content of your page and for you to rank for this kind of keyword.

You can incorporate other keywords into smaller headings, such as H2s and H4s, to aid in your ranking for those terms as well. The headers on your page are significant. They inform your viewers of what will happen after this and what they may look forward to.

Consider Visual Hierarchy

Professional SEO services define visual hierarchy as the idea of arranging webpage items to demonstrate their hierarchy. The most effective way for humans to perceive content on a website is through size, color, contrast, closeness, negative space, and repetition.

For instance, we know that the content that makes up an article's body is typically in a smaller font than the title. A harmonious scannable structure made visible by the website layout, great visual hierarchy converts images, links, and text into the copy, links, and images.

Additionally, make sure the URL contains keywords and that the post title is optimized for search engines for an SEO friendly web design. This is great practice and will raise the page ranking parameter, thereby making it easier for users to find and visit your website as well as search engine bots.

Optimize Meta Descriptions

You can read the meta description to find out what to anticipate or approach an SEO company. You anticipate receiving a step-by-step manual for repairing a leaking sink. The meta description is true if you click on the listing; you'll find a video and detailed directions regarding how to repair a leaking sink.

As much of the available space should be taken up by your meta description, which should be pertinent for an SEO optimized website. Before three dots emerge and your content is cut off, you have roughly 150 characters left for your meta description. 

Professional SEO services know that this limit means that content above 150 characters won't be visible to readers, and it's possible that an important or awkward element of your explanation may be omitted.


While it may require some effort to craft the ideal meta description that is both descriptive and adheres to the character limit, professional SEO services know the extra work will be well worth it as it will increase your website's traffic and click-through rate.

Boost Search Engine Crawls With Internal Linking

Don't overlook internal linking on your website as you get more knowledge about how to make it an SEO-friendly website. An aspect of SEO that is simple to ignore is internal linking. This technique aids in the discovery and indexing of new pages by search engines on your website.

Google might not be able to find your website's outstanding pages with valuable material but your SEO company can guide you in this process. You must make Google aware of the pages on your website because it won't always find them. Your SEO agency can help Google to find these web pages and index them in the required search results with the help of internal linking.


Use internal links wisely if you wish to use them on your SEO friendly website. To get your pages indexed, you shouldn't just randomly add links to them. The pages must be associated with the subject and anchor text used on the page as per an SEO consultant.

Use strong and pertinent anchor text for internal linking in order to experience results. Your SEO agency may propose to briefly describe the link's context in your anchor text.

Reduce Page Load Time

The load time is significant while optimizing website for SEO. You run the risk of losing leads who leave your site and visit a competitor's if you don't have a website that loads quickly for users to obtain information.

Professional SEO services can examine your website's photos, and try to decrease the time it takes for a page to load. Although pictures are a terrific complement to any website, their enormous file sizes can make your site unresponsive. Reduce image sizes to increase the speed at which your website loads.


Compressing your images will decrease their file size, which helps speed up how quickly they load on your website. An SEO company can reduce the image size and it won't take as long for your website to load because the files won't be as big. 

Include A CTA

A call to action, frequently a button, is included on every web page and encourages visitors to take a certain action, like obtaining a quote or completing a purchase. Visitors should see calls to action when they arrive on a page, ideally within a few seconds. If you don't have any or if they aren't clear on how to optimize website for SEO, you should think about improving your web page design.

SEO friendly web design with a catchy CTA is an impeccable combination to grab the attention of your audience.  

Reasons Why You Need SEO Friendly Websites

Boost Organic Traffic

When you concentrate on the content for a SEO friendly website while considering the tactics employed by the rivals, you are capable of achieving a higher rating, which raises your chances of making a sale. A major element that your SEO company considers is the high-ranking organic traffic to your website.

How can we increase organic traffic?

Businesses can increase their organic traffic in a number of methods, including:

  • By producing informative material that is tailored to each persona and depending on their market niche.
  • Using long-tail keywords
  • By producing consistently high-quality content

Enhances Your Reputation

Looking at a statistic from 2020, you might not be surprised to learn that 89% of shoppers read product reviews before making a purchase. Since so many customers read online reviews before making a purchase, your website must leave a positive first impression on users. You can do this with the help of an SEO-friendly website.

Such a website stands out for its attractive appearance and simple navigation, which make it easier for users to discover the data they need. Your SEO company will create the website as per your target audience's demands in mind. The objective is to maintain visitors' interest and encourage their return.

Enriched Customer Experience

The consumer experience is improved by an SEO-friendly web design, as you can now see. Your SEO agency will give your clients this kind of service, you'll win their loyalty and get more of them back.

A positive customer experience is similar to a recommendation as per an SEO expert. Your rating will undoubtedly increase if search engines discover that users are visiting more pages or staying on your website longer. With this, you will never have to question how to make a website SEO friendly.


Insider advice: Avoid overusing flash components because they don't improve your website's SEO. Additionally, an SEO consultant shares that these components extend the page load time, which may irritate your clients. 

With diverse SEO techniques, such as enhancing the site performance and interlinking for better content discoverability, concentrate on providing a much more refined user experience.

Better Engagement

We all understand that the goal of an SEO friendly website is to share information and engage your audience. This interaction results in increased revenue or brand visibility. 

Therefore, it's crucial to create a strategy under an SEO company’s guidance that increases your audience, encourages visitors to stay on your website longer, and encourages them to promote your content. 

Keep in mind that as you engage more, your rankings will rise, giving you the chance to get closer to the outcomes you want. 


How frequently have you looked for information and items on your phone? When using a mobile device to find a nearby business, 88% of customers visit or call the establishment. This means that if you want to keep your consumers, you must rank highly in mobile search results and need an SEO friendly website.


As previously noted, a responsive design for your SEO friendly website will help you engage with mobile users. When a lead conducts a mobile search, such a design delivers a better user experience and encourages them to stay on your website longer. Because of this, Google gives your SEO friendly website a higher position in the search results, which helps you increase your consumer base.

Draw Conversions

It's remarkable to receive quality traffic to your SEO-friendly website, but you also need to consider your ability to "close the sale." A conversion rate-optimized website design is SEO-friendly. 

Professional SEO services consider the process of adjusting, testing, and improving your website and content in order to boost conversions as conversion rate optimization (CRO). You can increase the value of your website traffic through CRO. You can try a variety of CRO marketing techniques, some of which involve:

  • Use live chatbots on your websites that perform well.
  • Employ lead flows 
  • Track visitors who have left your website and re-engage them by displaying online adverts to them when they visit other websites on the web.


It's crucial to realize that, unlike paid advertising or any other promotional campaigns, getting a high ranking in search results doesn't require you to spend money on it. Expert consultation from your SEO company and consistent efforts can be effective. 

Listings on search engines are cost-free and simple to obtain. You are helped in this regard by a website that uses SEO techniques.


For a better understanding, consider the following scenario: When funding for an advertisement is terminated, it is taken down from the web, and traffic to that particular website decreases. However, when you use SEO, your website traffic and rating are constant without costing you any money.

Take Away

SEO services provide essence to the digital experience of the search engine-friendly website, improving the user experience, and significantly assisting businesses in achieving their online marketing objectives when done correctly and integrated into the web design process. You no longer need to think about how to optimize a website for search engines.

You can get in touch with JanBask Digital Design, the best SEO company, if you require assistance with designing, redesigning, or completely overhauling a professional SEO-friendly website.

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