8 Ways Website Designing & Development Is Crucial to Business Growth


24 Apr, 2024



94% of user's first impressions are related to website design. If the website design is not appealing, the brand will not likely capture the audience’s attention. The importance of website design is undebatable as the website is the face of any online business.

More than 62% of the world's total population is using the internet. It's a massive pool of opportunities that you definitely don't want to miss out on! Having a website is the first step toward making a mark in the digital marketplace. 

42% of web traffic leaves a website due to poor functionality. Also, with the growing menace of cyber threats, consumers are wondering how secure their data is on a company’s website. Web development plays a major role in enhancing the website’s functionality. Also, it keeps your website bug-free and secure from any cyber attacks to offer maximum user experience. 

Here, we have discussed in-depth the importance of website design & development, best practices for web designing and development, and what’s at stake if you are not having a robust website design. 

Now, let’s dive into the topic for an insightful experience ahead!

Why Is Website Design Important?

So, you may be wondering why is website design important. Let’s discuss various points about the importance of web designing here. 

Well, whether you are in the B2B or B2C space, you need to create a website to present and sell your products or services. With more than 1.8 billion active web portals on the internet, your website needs to stand out among the crowd.

However, creating a website using a free platform, with themes and plugins, is not enough. To see concrete outcomes, you should invest in best website design

The website design importance is to the extent that your audience visits your web pages and falls in love with them immediately. This will create a positive impression about your brand in their minds and they will keep coming back. 

Here are some of the points that establish the importance of website design and web development. 

We have also discussed a few website designing practices that will help a business grow. 

4 Reasons Why Website Design is Important

1. Website Design Importance with Respect to Your SEO

SEO is one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. A website design impacts your SEO strategy and its effectiveness. A website that sports a poor design can lead to various broken links, crawling issues, sluggish loading speeds, and a range of technical errors. 

Most users will not visit your website if it loads taking more than 3 seconds! Thus, it impacts your SEO which further diminishes your business footprints on the web. Here lies the importance of web designing!

On the other hand, a user-friendly website design will lead to good SEO which will improve your website rankings. As a result, you will receive more traffic. This will increase the chances of conversions and earn more revenue! Thus, the importance of web design with respect to SEO tops our list. 

2. Importance of Website Design in Connecting with Your Audience & Build Trust

Another reason web design is critical to your business is that it sets the tone for how your customers perceive your brand.

Your customers’ perception is crucial to your business’s growth as it determines whether they trust or like your brand. Based on this connection with your brand, they will decide whether to purchase your products or service or do business with you. 

If your website design is not appealing, your company’s brand will not get your audience’s attention leading to 38% of them not coming back to your website again. 

Poor website design & development will not give your customers a very professional feel about your brand which will keep them away from engaging with the website in the future. Gradually, your audience will turn to your competitors as you are offering poor UX.

On the flip side, a nicely designed website will not only build trust in the brand but will also drive the customers to visit again. They will also share solid feedback about your brand in their circles. 

This is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing generated from a good user or customer experience. Thus, business owners can expand their market base as well and reach more and more customers. So, here lies the importance of web designing.

3. Importance of Website Design to Enhance Value Proposition

The importance of website design also lies in the fact that it helps in enhancing the value proposition for your clients or customers. As per IBM, 81% of consumers worldwide are either purpose-driven or value-driven. 

At the end of the day, all that matters is sales and being able to fulfill a customer’s want. This can be done through a website with a flawless design that conveys your brand message directly to your audience. 

A good website design helps to speak the brand story and convey the unique selling point of using the services effectively to your customers. Such a web design creates a value proposition in these 3 ways:

  1. Relevancy: Explain how a product is relevant to the specific problem of your customers. 
  2. Quantified value: To what extent your product adds value to a specific problem as a solution for the customers.
  3. Differentiation: Clearly conveys the message that why your products are superior to others.

Thus, a website design’s importance lies in the fact that it establishes a value proposition effectively.

4. Website Design Importance to Reduce Advertisement Expenses

Besides all of the above points, your website also reduces a lot of advertisement expenses. Guess how? 

Business owners often end up spending huge by hiring influencers or agencies or salespersons or investing in paid social media to promote their products. Well, spending on promotions is needed at times. However, when your business is young or it's not earning enough revenues, spending so much on paid ads impacts the budget! 

You can minimize such expenditures during such situations by focusing more on having a modern and performance-driven website. Website designing may not be a child’s play but it will definitely cost you far less than depending heavily on advertisements. You can easily signup on to WordPress CMS for free and use any free but minimalistic and responsive website themes. 

A properly designed and SEO-optimized website will effectively promote your services by being the face of your brand. It will help bridge the gap between your business & audience more audience. Such a website will regularly appear in SERP leading to more traffic footfall. 

Website visitors will receive the latest information updates and offers about the products on your website itself. Hence, you will not need to burden yourself with extra spending on promotions. This is the importance of website design!

So, by having a quality website designed for better conversions, your cost to sell a product will get reduced to a great extent. The end result is a higher ROI by spending less on product promotions.

If you are still thinking about why is website design important & worth investing in, then these best practices of website designing and their benefits will clear all doubts. 

6 Best Practices of Website Designing For Online Business Growth

Now, that you know the website design importance, it’s time to look at the best practices of website designing!

Read the blog till the end and bookmark our ideas about website designing & development to implement the same in your business. Else, you can hire the best web design services to get a website that can 10X your revenues!

To start with, we shared a few factors on which your web designer or web design services agency must focus while designing a website.

6 Best Website Designing Practices

Your Focus Must Always be on UX While Website Designing!

In this section, we will share the factors that you must consider while hiring web design services. You should no these pointers as most web design services providers will not guide you like this!

  • Usability: Plan a web design that is quite easy to access and use on all device types
  • Aesthetics: Work on the way your web pages look in front of your audience. Ensure to build a visually aesthetic website that builds trust and develops confidence among your audience about your brand.
  • IA or Information Architecture: Using sitemaps can help your content to keep it organized and easy to navigate. 

Here are some of the website designing practices that you can follow keeping in mind the UX factors.

1. Lay Emphasis on Website Structure

What is a website structure? It is simply the way your website is designed and how one web page connects to another. 

One of the top reasons that your audience leaves is website is because of poor website and content structure. Nearly 34.6% of website traffic bounces from a website due to bad content structure.

Why is a website structure important?

  • Firstly, a well-planned website structure is best for UX. A whopping 70% of online shoppers abandon the cart due to poor UX. A whopping $1.4 trillion worth of revenue was lost by the eCommerce industry in 2020 as per Amazon’s study!
  • A well-laid-out website structure is always easy to crawl for search engines. It helps your content to get indexed easily. Google’s Core Web Vitals update lays importance on a structured website with minimal design and fast loading speed.
  • Lastly, an intentional website structure prevents keyword cannibalization Suppose if you are covering similar topics in your web content, it will get distinguished and organized from one another. Thus, your users and Google’s crawl bots can ideate the intention behind each topic. 

This is the importance of website design with respect to having a perfect website structure.

2. Follow a Simple & Minimal Website Designing Approach

Is a simple and minimal website designing approach the way forward? This is a question that comes to every entrepreneur's mind these days while planning a new website or revamping an existing one. 

As per a Stanford University study, 46.1% of users decide on a company’s credibility based on the website design. As per WeBFx, 83% of users expect your website to load in less than 3 seconds

Well, the hallmark of great website designing is a minimal design. Simply adding various elements does not help. Creating a lengthy web page will not motivate your audience to take any action on your website. 

  • A minimal web design is crisp and to the point and minus unnecessary plugins and other elements that are not required. Hence, such websites are light and fast!
  • With a minimal website, you can stay relaxed most of the time as such a website is not prone to bugs, crashes, or other complex issues. 
  • Finally, minimalist website designs offer excellent UX which builds your brand equity, increases traffic footfall, and maximizes your revenue. 

Check out the data by Goodfirms about the most common mistakes in website designing.

Simple & Minimal Website Designing Approach

3. Implement PWAs

What are PWAs? The term stands for Progressive Web Apps

Well, Progressive Web Apps technology delivers an app-like user experience using modern web development capabilities. According to Gartner, PWAs will disrupt the website design market in the next decade or so. 

  • PWAs are beneficial for every user, irrespective of their browser choice. They are built with progressive enhancement as their core principle. 
  • They fit any form or factor on a range of devices like tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops, etc. 
  • Thus, such a technology solves the problem of mobile-friendliness of your website. 
  • Also, your website stays fresh and updated all the time. Also, such websites are completely secure as they use TLS or Transport Layer Security.

So, it's time to ask your web designer or web design service agency to implement PWAs.

4. Using White Space

This is an aspect of most web design services providers' skips implementing. Being also termed as negative space, it’s a vacant area between various elements on a website. 

These could be various elements like - typography, visuals, icons, and more.

As per Research, one of the most critical and must must-avoid website design mistakes is cluttering the web pages. Avoiding poor usage of white space is a problem that most website design services firms forget.

White space comes with a range of benefits:

  • It balances various elements on a web page and helps your audience navigate your content better. 
  • One of the most significant benefits of white space in website designing is that your website looks clean, fresh, and minimal. It’s aesthetically pleasing to your audience. 
  • Another strategic benefit of white space is that it helps to direct your content flow. It is an active element that you must consider using during designing your website.

However, you must check with your web design services provider or internal team not to use white space excessively. This can confuse your readers and help them to bounce from your website.

5. Simplify Your Navigation

One of the most critical website designing elements is of your website is your website’s navigation. A navigation bar helps your visitors to find the desired information or product. So, it is important to keep this bar as simple as possible. 

You can instruct your designer to create simple navigation if you don’t have one.

Simple navigation comes with a range of benefits -

  • Your website audience explores your website by moving from one page to another on the website without having to struggle. 
  • Thus, they find every minute of information they are looking for without getting irritated. 
  • Even if, your audience is unable to find the exact product or information, they get something that satisfies their want by visiting any other related page using simple navigation.
  • Simple navigation ensures that your visitors can access their desired information within 3 clicks. This gives a good user experience to your audience.
  • Thus, simple navigation ultimately lowers your website bounce rate and encourages your visitors to come back again.

This is the importance of website design with respect to having simple navigation.

6. Consider Incorporating a Gender-Neutral Design 

A gender-neutral web design is the latest trend these days. This approach helps to enhance your brand value to a great extent. Here we will discuss why such a design is beneficial.

In the US, nearly 42% of online buyers believe that websites must have options for multiple genders. It will be much better if you do not include any gender options at all. For example - You can check out the website of Snapchat as a reference. This is the importance of website design nowadays to create gender-neutral web designs.

Also, in your website content, it is nice practice to use “they” rather than using “he or she” for ensuring gender neutrality. More and more eCommerce companies are following a gender-neutral website designing approach these days. 

  • Gender-neutrality promotes equality in an age of empowerment for people of varied genders. A gender-neutral design promotes the right to access information or purchase products for all irrespective of gender.
  • Visitors of various genders will show interest in your company.
  • Gender-neutral website design creates a positive impression among your audience. 
  • This impression will get translated into increased traffic and sales.

This is why is website design important these days. If your website design & development team misses incorporating the above practices, you will not be able to grow your business going forward.

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Importance of Web Development For A Robust Website

Web development is important because it involves building, creating & maintaining websites and keeping them up and running all the time. It keeps your website functioning smoothly without crashing on every device and browser. Why web development is important for businesses? Let’s find out!


1. Maintain Ownership

A secure and robust web development protects your brand’s identity by owning your website and its URL. Powerful security measures like SSL encryption in your login pages and others can avoid your website ownership get transferred to any third party. Owning your website’s domain name is extremely vital to your company’s brand and online presence. Websites these days are prone to various cyber-attacks. 

So, the more powerful and robust is your web development with regards to top online security, the more trust your client will have in your business as they will know that all their transactions and data will stay safely secured while transacting with your company. This is one of the reasons why web development is important.

2. You Can Control Your Content With Good Web Development

The same old saying that “Content is King” is still true these days, possibly even more than before. How you present your content is just as important to your business’s growth. Make sure that your content is unique, visually compelling, and is presented in a way that creates interest and desire among your audience to further explore your website. 

Only quality web development can ensure that your content conveys the right message to your audience. Web development will help you to control the user experience, and manage your web content relevancy and your conversion process. This is why web development is important along with the importance of website design.

3. Creating a Content Hub

High-quality and detailed content on a particular topic helps Google recognize your authority on that topic. Content covering every aspect of the topic has more chances of getting backlinks and being shared on social media. This will boost the domain authority

As a result of this cycle, your business website will acquire more propensity to rank higher for the keywords used. The higher the ranking, the better will be the reach of your brand across all mediums on the web. Thus, there is a lot of importance of Google page rankings that determine the success of a business in the long run. 

Web development helps in creating such a content hub that will be useful to your digital & content marketing strategies by boosting a company’s online presence leading to greater revenue earning potential. Thus, web development is as crucial to a business as the importance of website design.

4. Helps to Tweak & Improve Performance

Besides website design importance, website development is as crucial. Through robust website development, you can tweak and improve your current website’s performance based on results after monitoring its performance. 

Monitoring website performance includes - how the website is performing on various browsers, how responsive it is, tracking conversion rates, and analyzing traffic engagement. Based on the results and findings, your web developer can work on front-end or back-end sectors to take necessary actions to improve upon the existing performance. 

So, this is why web development is important for businesses these days along with website designing. 

Now, we will talk about some of the best web development practices to follow these days. 

5 Best Web Development Practices for Your Website

Here are the best web development practices that you should follow in 2022 and beyond!

5 Best Web Development Practices

1. Incorporate Strong Security Measures

You own a website with fabulous brand messaging. Now, would you want any hacker or third party to rob your business's ideas and online assets to damage your business and its reputation? We are sure that you will not want that! Keeping in mind the importance of website design practices, it is also extremely important to follow best security practices.

Hence, web security is one of the meat essential practices that your web design services provider or your internal web developer should follow. 

You must ask your development team to ensure the following:

  • Use a secure hosting service
  • Usage of strong passwords
  • Update your software & plugins
  • Backup your data
  • Encrypt login pages with SSL encryption

Securing your website has a range of benefits:

  • With an updated software or plugin, hackers will not be able to inflict any monetary damage or steal intellectual property rights via any security vulnerabilities in them.
  • Using strong passwords will not enable cybercriminals to crack your password code. Thus, all sensitive information stays safely stored in your website’s database.
  • A responsible hosting provider is aware of all security threats that your business may face. 
  • Backing up important data helps to retrieve them back even if any hacker transgresses into your domain.
  • SSL encryption encrypts information like social security numbers, credit card information, and other sensitive details of both business owners and their audience.

2. Avoid Using @import 

Using the @import directive, CSS files can get included. This is beneficial if your developer wants to include one stylesheet in another. However, using @import comes with a couple of disadvantages:

  • By using @import within a stylesheet adds one more additional roundtrip to the overall time taken to download a page. 
  • If you use @import in IE, the command alters the download order. As a result, the stylesheets will take a much longer time to download. The end result is a slow-loading web page. Can you afford a slow loading page when your audience expects your website to load within 3 seconds?
  • For online shopping sites where website speed is very essential, @import can have damaging effects.

We suggest you take a look at this journal on why not to use @import!

3. Using HTML Semantically

HTML is a markup language that helps in creating various structured documents by designating various structural semantics for texts like headers, paras, lists, and much more.  

In simpler terms, HTML enables your website’s architecture to separate presentation from the content. Semantics and accessibility form the part of HTML by design. 

However, your developer or website design & development services agency often fails to implement HTML correctly in a semantic manner. 

Semantic Markups has a Range of Benefits:

  • By using HTML semantically it becomes easier for web browsers, crawlers, and browsers to differentiate between different types of data. Semantic tags give clear information to search engines and crawlers on what your specific web page is all about and which parts are more important.
  • Thus, HTML markup is essential from the perspective of SEO. The web browsers lay importance on keywords through their placement in the HTML hierarchy. You can use semantic HTML to help browsers rank your web pages via the most relevant and meaningful content on those web pages.
  • Using Semantic HTML is beneficial from an accessibility point of view as well. Nearly 1 billion people are disabled these days. As Semantic HTML uses elements for their specific purpose, your website is accessible to a large range of audiences and browsers without stylesheets, text browsers, PDAs, etc.
  • Semantic HTML results in a very clean, clear, and standard code that offers easy maintenance and saves time subsequently.

You can take look at some of the principles of web design if you still have any doubts. 

4. Smushing Your Images

This is an area where often your developer or web design & development company misses taking action. 

You may have a responsive web design and fast hosting service provider, so, you may think that what’s the use of spending time in optimizing image sizes! Well, that's not a good practice.

According to HTTP Archive, nearly 65% of the website’s weight consists of images. If you skip optimizing the images or infographics, then the weight of your website will increase which eventually slows your website down on the browser. Most visitors will lose interest in your company if the website loads slowly. What’s more damaging is that they may not return to your website any soon.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Image size optimization will save server memory and will put less load on it. Hence, your website will be light and fast. 
  • As your business website loads faster, the user experience with your website will be good. More people will feel like visiting your website.
  • As per Google’s Page Experience Update, fast-loading websites will be given preference in SERP rankings. Hence, your rankings may improve!
  • In the end, the chances of conversions and sales will also increase.

Along with the importance of website design practices thus it is also necessary to optimize images.

5. Using CSS Resets

CSS Resets clears out the settings used by your default browser settings so that each one of the projects will get rendered with a similar baseline interface. Some of the benefits of using CSS Resets are:

  • By resetting the elements in a default browser, one can avoid the discrepancies between various web browsers. 
  • Line heights and font sizes are the best examples of elements that tend to differ from one browser to another. Thus, CSS Resets helps in saving time while debugging and provides a developer more control for manipulating the standard HTML elements. 
  • Basically, by using Reset you can rest assured that whatever tags your developer has used will have a margin & padding of 0px on web browsers.

These are the best web design & development practices that we have shared for you. 

So, both website designing & development are important for businesses!

If your web design services agency or your internal team implements these practices, it can place your website among the best in your competition!

Are you still wondering why web development is so important along with website designing? 

Well, here’s what is at stake if you have not understood the importance of website design & development.

What Is At Stake without Proper Website Designing & Development?

If You Don’t Realize the Importance of Website Design, these things can happen to you!

1. Hamper Google Search Ranking: According to Google’s page experience update in 2021, the overall design aesthetics of your website will be taken into account while ranking. Only SEO will not work to rank consistently from now on! Hence, the importance of website design & development has grown in recent times. Only a fast and responsive website offering the best UX & content will rank at the top.

2. Lower Traffic and Sales: Poor rankings in SERP will diminish your traffic potential as well.  Your website will fail to reach a large part of the online audience. This will lead to lower traffic and subsequently, your revenues will fall. Thus, your business will stagnate. 

3. Losing Brand Credibility: Not appearing in SERP will lower the website’s reach. Even though visitors still find out the website in search engines, they will not form a good opinion about it if it is not well-designed. 

Nearly 75% of people forms opinions about a website’s credibility based on its overall aesthetics. So, poor website design will not only trample your traffic and sales but also tarnish your brand’s image.

4. Lose Returning Customers: One way to build on website traffic is to retain existing customers who will return to your website in the future. But with a loss of brand credibility, your existing visitors may not like to visit again and will not even recommend your business to their friends and family. 

5. Your Competitors Will Win: If you don’t understand the website design importance. Well, your competitors will understand and take the necessary actions. ESPN has increased its revenue by 35% after it redesigned the website homepage. So, it's time to go for a website makeover and you can increase your revenues by 10X times! 

In case you are all alone and managing everything on your own, we will suggest looking for professional web design services provided by an experienced website design & development company.

How JanBask Digital Design Can Help!

As a web design company, we create real-world digital experiences that speak your brand story!!! 

Your customer’s first impression is their last impression. At JanBask Digital Design, we follow the best website designing practices through our cutting-edge website design & development services for small businesses to established ones for an ever-lasting digital experience for your customer. 

So, they keep visiting you again & again!! 

Whether it's a startup or a well-recognized brand, our professional website designs services are tailor-made for every industry as we aim to:

  • Boost your brand value and identity.
  • Create a visually stunning digital transformation of your business. 
  • Enable you to exercise authority in your line of work.
  • Enable you to get qualified leads that convert.


To stand out among your competitors, it is important to do something extra in this digital age. Hence, both the design and performance aspect of your website is important. Your website is the connecting point between your company and your target audience. So, it's imperative that both website design & development is important to create a business website that resonates instantly with your audience. 

If you are able to achieve this connection with your audience, half of the battle is won. You will eventually witness a consistent flow of traffic and revenue generation. But, how often does your internal team of designers and developers or any web design services agency hired by you skip focussing on such minor points? 

We are sure that this blog is a perfect guide for you and your team to revamp your website. In case you are searching for a professional website design services provider who can get you a website that can kill your competition, get a no-money charged consultation from experienced website design & development experts at JanBask Digital Design!

Till then, stay connected with us to enlighten yourself about such topics on the importance of website design & development to help you strategize for enhancing your brand image and boost your revenues! 

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