Should You Build a Website With GoDaddy? Your Reasons Are Here

 8 Jul, 2020


“Behind every successful website lies a great utilization of website builders”. 

We are sure whenever someone has asked you to think of one popular website builder, you would have only thought about “WordPress”, isn't it so? What if someone has said the phrase “GoDaddy website builder”. For someone who has known GoDaddy before for just their main business of domain name and web hosting services,  for them, the phrase “go daddy web builder” could seem unfathomable.

If you already knew you can build a website with GoDaddy, great! If you didn’t, now you know it! GoDaddy is a wondrous web builder known for its two reasons - beginner-friendly nature and mobile-optimized designs, mainly. Since these reasons are not enough to tell whether “Go Daddy Web Sites” are worth it or not, in the following guide, we would weigh down all the benefits and limitations of using this builder from the core - to help you, before you move to the next question of “How to Build a Website with GoDaddy”. Let’s start with our GoDaddy website builder review from our personalized experiences --- to help you analyze whether to build a website with GoDaddy or not. 

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1. GoDaddy Website Builder - Starting With its Benefits

Godaddy website builder benefits

What are all three things you need to develop a website?

  • Domain name - A unique & catchy name to address your website.
  • Hosting - That lets you go onboard over the internet.
  • Website builder/software - That allows you to design, develop, and customize the website as per your requirements.

GoDaddy alone provides these features under one hood. GoDaddy eases your burden of deploying multiple platforms to create a single unified website. Before you dig deep into “how to build a website with GoDaddy”, here are few built-in features this platform provides, let’s hear about them in the form of its benefits below:

Quite easy to get started

Whenever you are introduced to new technology, you often require its manual guide - to lead you in your way. Well, one of the amazing things about “Go Daddy Web Sites builder” is its quick onboarding and ease of use.

  • The product has a really simple onboarding and guiding process right after you sign in.
  • You get full guidance as support & guide to understand how to set it up for use.
  • For the beginners, there are simple fields & options that would guide you really well towards building a website.
  • It will take a few clicks and your website will be done - at least a basic information-based website.
  • If you are looking for nothing but a fancy and extraordinary site with the help of a web designing company, you can manage to build website with GoDaddy alone. But if you need an explicit and professional one, you need web designing professionals.
  • Setting up your base on this builder won’t be much of a problem if your requirements are just basic. The builder has a simple signup process just like social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

Captivating Designs + Custom Edits

  • Go Daddy Web Builder has cool and creative templates with quality imagery and design elements that you can easily select as per the context of your website.
  • Here if you do not feel resonated with the existing design, you get an option to edit and customize it as per your own likings.
  • The builder has a straight “select” and “add’ option instead of a drag and drop feature (which could be much intensive or laborious for many).
  • The layout you get over here is mobile friendly and no matter how much you tweak the design options or elements, you would still have a unified look.
  • There are over 300 themes & templates to choose from. You can easily sort these themes based on the niche of your website - be it restaurant, photography, travel, fashion, education or so.
  • Once you enter the information and select the desired theme, this “Go Daddy Web Sites builder” would automatically cobble together the information with the theme you chose.
  • You can easily edit or modify the text, change the fonts & colors, add your own photos or videos, or simply delete the pages.

It’s an integrated product

If you have purchased your domain name from GoDaddy and are building your website on the same, you won’t have to separately worry about:

  • Buying the SSL certificates
  • Pointing your DNS or mail servers

With GoDaddy domain name and website, you can conveniently & simply put your website online over that domain name, without any additional requirements.

The GoDaddy Website Builder has Step-By-Step Tutorials

When we say GoDaddy is beginner-friendly, we don’t say it just like that. It is because of its intuitive interface that comes with guides and tutorials all around. It doesn’t matter you are just adding a simple button or uploading a pic, the builder has instructions all around every option - so that you are never stuck and know what you need to do ahead.


24/7customer support available 

24/7customer support available

If you are ever stuck while handling the website (Go Daddy Web Sites), you can reach out to GoDaddy’s customer support team round the clock.

And since the websites you created over this builder would be hosted by GoDaddy only, you won’t have much difficulty in treating the malfunctioning. Unlike the self-hosted websites, where you only have to look into the troubleshooting efforts. However, if you have a full-suite web design and development company around to build, deploy & maintain the website, you won’t have to undergo any technical glitches throughout the run of your website.

You get a website whose hosting cost you just $1

Godaddy website hosting

If you plan to build your website using other platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or so, you won’t get many rebates on the website domain and hosting charges. However, if you choose to build a website with GoDaddy, you could be savvy on your budget. With just an annual plan, the hosting is just as minimum as $1, and the domain name is free. You can cut off additional costs by buying their annual plans, which are quite affordable.

2. Limitations of GoDaddy Website Builder

Everything cannot be a godsend, flaws & limitations are everywhere, even in this self-hosted website builder GoDaddy in comparison to its tough competitors like Wix and Weebly.

Here are the few limitations that we have to consider for the honest GoDaddy website builder review:

Features to designs to editing - everything is in the limit

We learned above how convenient or fast this builder is. In a few clicks, you will get a good-looking, basic design, and an informative website ready. 

  • But if you are looking for something extraordinary or beyond those websites with basic designs, let us tell you, you won’t get your purpose fulfilled here.
  • To bring more uniqueness, you can only edit the font, color, and size of the text, or you can simply add or remove the required sections, but you cannot place or shift them to your desired areas.
  • You cannot tweak the design and layout by editing the HTML and CSS.
  • You can’t edit the menu without changing the other design features.
  • Though other website builders provide access to HTML codes or functionality via extensions, this builder doesn’t do that.

However, if your website is growing and is in need of some exceptional and exemplary web designs and features, having this builder with few static themes wouldn’t help after a point.

Lags in Technical Performance

The builder has certain technical downsides too. Let’s look into them:

  • If you are thinking of pulling out the integration of your website with social media or online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Analytics, the builder hosts a very limited connection to these platforms, compared to the rest of the other builders.
  • This builder renders differently. This proprietary product does connect well, but afterward, it loads a lot of JS files, which makes its speed quite slow.
  • Since all the data is tied to the GoDaddy itself, it gets tough to export the data as you could export on your own server. 

With its odd functioning, its features are kept unusable in a certain way.

So the builder is apt for minimal websites with basic technical features, but if you are looking for something beyond, unique, and customized web solutions, don’t dream about them over here.

Too much simplified SEO process

GoDaddy provides SEO options that are compatible with its web builder. The builder oversimplifies the SEO tasks in a way that it seems that SEO is easy and there is no background or surface required to optimize a website to the core. With which, people misunderstand what actually the SEO activity or method is implying. The builder’s slim to none explanation could make people take actions that would be hurtful for long term SEO.

For people who are trying to actually set up more than just a static brochureware and are looking for optimizations techniques that could meet or stand equivalent to their offline marketing efforts, this “Go Daddy web builder” for them might not be that ideal.

Doesn’t Support blogging

Blogging is the modern & powerful way to bring leads & become an authority. Sorry to disappoint you, but this builder doesn’t support the blog. However, you will have to do the hard work of integrating the other platforms like Blogger and WordPress blog feed.

Handicaps eCommerce websites

If you have an eCommerce store requirement and are planning to buy this builder’s simple plan with the PayPal button, let us tell you, this plan is quite limited in features. They do have options like Quick Shopping Cart, but this builder would ask you to update you on another plan to access this feature. 

So this was the GoDaddy website builder review in the form of pros and cons, now let’s look into whether GoDaddy stands comparable to other builders or not.

3. Comparisons of GoDaddy website builder with other builders in the market

If you have named out GoDaddy website builder, you would have as well narrowed down other names too. Here are the comparisons of the Godaddy with its key competitors in the market.

GoDaddy v/s the Wix Website Builder

  • Wix has become a huge name in the website builder market and has more features at play than GoDaddy. Wix’s drag and drop attribute is something that lures the users to utilize it. If you want more functionality and features with drag and drop capabilities, WIX is the one.

GoDaddy v/s Weebly Website Builder

  • Weebly has quite cheaper plans than the GoDaddy and comes with quite exquisite features and drag and drop capabilities, that makes it a future proof product. If you think, you just need more than limited features, Weebly is the one.

Hosted GoDaddy Website Builder v/s Self-hosted WordPress

If you are looking to set up a website with:

  • Unlimited features/options/functionalities
  • Savvy pricing
  • Maximized control
  • Ongoing learning curve

Then WordPress is the right choice for you, but if you don’t want websites with that much massive features & designs, then you can go with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy v/s Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular website builders that focuses on building unified and customized eCommerce stores for retail businesses. The builder offers you quite additional features and this is the reason, in between the fight of GoDaddy v/s Shopify, Shopify is the winner.

Final Thoughts on to Build or not to Build Websites with GoDaddy!

We hope the above blog has helped to weigh down all the pros and cons of your searched “Go Daddy Web Builder” before you could jump into the next question on “how to build a website with GoDaddy”. We cannot decide on whether GoDaddy is the clear choice for all or not, because everyone has their custom needs and it is hard to quantify those different needs into just one “Yes or No” answer. So here we have deduced two conditions to decide whether you need GoDaddy’s GoCentral builder or not:

  • If you are just starting and need a website that gives a minimal looking website with information and themes, and little bit ability to interfere with the texts, fonts or so, you can go with GoDaddy website builder.
  • But you are an expanding business looking for much more than a brochureware and has an income source dependent on it, then you need other builders like WordPress or Shopify to have your website built by website designing services.

So this was it our experienced GoDaddy website builder review in the form of pros and cons, hope you have cleared your head on that question of “should I build a website with GoDaddy?” before you actually start digging for “how to build a website with GoDaddy?”. If you feel you need a website that’s much more than basic and would suffice your additional, exquisite and custom needs, reach out to the prolific designers of our web designing+deveopment+marketing company, who would help you architect any generic website or eCommerce store right from scratch to the actual products that amaze visitors and hoard them as customers. 

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