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29 Mar, 2024



Instagram stands out among all the current social media platforms and is considered one of the largest platforms. But why are you required to create an Instagram business account and begin posting to "the grid" as a company, and how to get noticed on Instagram?

To begin with, it's one of the most private social media platforms, and getting noticed on Instagram is the most challenging. Those tiny square photos may say a lot about your company and give you a genuine, trustworthy way of getting noticed on Instagram.

Instagram is also constantly expanding which brings new opportunities to how to get noticed on Instagram. According to Social Networking Today, they are growing five times as quickly as any other social media platform. More than 400 million individuals use Instagram every day, and more than 600 million do so every month.

Reach out to JanBask Digital Design experts to grow your Instagram reach. Here are some suggestions on how to get attention on Instagram:

  • Figure Out Your Niche
  • Pick Eye-Pleasing Aesthetics
  • Use Interactive Captions
  • Use Smart Hashtags
  • Be Engaging
  • Select Post Timings Effectively
  • Share Instagram Stories
  • Checkout Your Competition

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Figure Out Your Niche

You need to know your target market if you want to grow your following and get noticed on Instagram. Determine the characteristics of your ideal audience and what are the best ways to increase your social media engagement.

While having a variety of interests is a wonderful thing, if you run a travel blog, your content should be tailored to appeal to other travelers. If your primary goal is fitness, you'll target athletes and exercise aficionados with your food advice and fitness tutorials to get noticed on Instagram. 

figure out your niche

When they see stuff that doesn't interest them or when they notice a lack of consistency in your emphasis, they will unfollow you. Before you begin posting anything, bear these factors in mind if you want to know how to get more attention on Instagram.

Additionally, keep your work page professional and reserve your private, non-business account for your weird or personal images.

Pick Eye-Pleasing Aesthetics

Wondering how to be noticed on Instagram, this is one platform with a high value on aesthetics. You can get noticed on Instagram as the website's primary function is the sharing of images and videos, appearance is crucial.

You must first establish and maintain an overall brand look on your account. You want slick and clear graphics if you are in charge of a fashion business. Use more colorful, arresting images if you're promoting a lifestyle brand and you will never have to ask again about how to be seen on Instagram.

Pick Eye Pleasing Aesthetics

If you follow someone on Instagram, it's probably because they take beautiful photos and post engaging content. Make a strong first impression on visitors to your website by uploading your best images to your public profile. 

Make certain that the aesthetics you select are genuinely and directly related to your brand to get discovered on Instagram. Try not to switch up your filters too frequently so that you can develop a recognizable style and theme.

Use Interactive Captions

When browsing Instagram, looking at photographs without knowing what you're looking at can be difficult, especially when you notice something intriguing and want to learn more. Why then would you hide information from your supporters?

Keep your followers interested with clever, incisive captions that nevertheless clearly describe what they are seeing. People prefer to feel like they can relate to the brands they follow, so captions are a wonderful way to showcase your brand's personality. Interact with them via captions. 

instagram caption hacks

Keep your captions succinct and descriptive without going overboard. Instagram captions should reflect the basic, concise, and interesting prose that people enjoy getting noticed on Instagram or reading on social media.

Use Smart Hashtags

Use Instagram hashtags in your posts to increase the number of likes, views, and shares. You are only allowed to use 30 hashtags in a single Instagram post, but you are free to use as many as are pertinent to the post.

The extremely well-liked ones, like #instadaily and #instagood, aren't necessarily to be avoided altogether, but you should be aware that it's extremely difficult to rank them given their enormous popularity. It is more difficult to get seen by the users you want to interact with your posts the more broad and popular a hashtag is.

types of hashtag

Pick hashtags that are pertinent to your field and interests. Additionally, you can create your hashtags or reinvent a hot issue. If you enter a hashtag in your caption or below it, Instagram will suggest additional hashtags for you to use and eliminate the dilemma of how to get seen on Instagram.

Use hashtags that are specific to the content of each post to increase the number of times your posts are seen by the correct Instagram users.

Be Engaging

If your followers know you're interested in interacting with them in the comments, via direct messages, or even during a live broadcast, they'll want to check out your profile more frequently. 

As long as the tags you use are pertinent to the image, video, or Instagram reel you're publishing, respond to comments others leave on your postings and include names and locations in your tags.

A conversation and an exchange of ideas could start if you engage with some of your followers who post comparable information by leaving comments on their posts. 

increase instagram exposure

Additionally, you can follow Instagram hashtags that are pertinent to your industry. You can filter, like, and comment on posts that are relevant to you using this tool. You could even pick up a few new followers. The right use of hashtags is one of the effective ways to get attention on Instagram. 

Select Post Timings Effectively

The greatest approach to gaining followers on Instagram is to post frequently and during times when you'll get the most impressions and interactions. Even though Instagram uses an artificial timeline, the algorithm still considers the best times to post on Instagram.

When the majority of your followers are online, you may find out by looking at your Instagram insights. 

best time to post on instagram

To view such insights, click the bar chart icon after selecting the profile tab. If you are aware that your followers are online more frequently in the morning, write something encouraging. You can postpone networking if they scroll at night by scrolling yourself.

Additionally, you ought to space out your posts as far as you can. Even if you have a large following, posting numerous items at once won't make you stand out more, and you don't want to overwhelm them with updates.

Use the slideshow tool to merge many photographs into one post if you have plenty to offer. If you have an Android and are eager to share, you can save posts in Instagram's drafts section that is ready to publish. With the description, hashtags, and any adjustments you had in mind, you can upload whenever you're ready in this way.

Share Instagram Stories

Utilizing Instagram Stories is another method to be interactive. Similar to Snapchat, you can share video and photo statuses with your followers, who may then message you if they like them. 

It's unplanned, unpolished material that reveals your brand's personality and the message you're trying to spread. You can also include links to your website in your stories, where they seem less awkward than in individual posts or your bio.

Share Instagram Stories

The best way to use this feature is to activate it. Instagram Live enables viewers to interact and contribute in real time. Don't utilize your Live sessions to solely market your products or services.

It's a terrific approach to introduce a product or conduct an interview because people can submit questions for you. It is also possible for someone to request to join your live video, which would result in a split-screen live dialogue.

Checkout Your Competition

The social media industry is fiercely competitive, just like many other industries. It's a good idea to research other Instagram users who are experts in the topics you care about. Examine their engagement stats, the hashtags they employ, the timing of their posts, and the content of their posts.

competitor analysis

Examine the content they produce to draw followers and foster the most engaging interactions. Even observing which posts fail to leave an impression is beneficial. 

You may use these insights to improve your content and maintain an advantage over your main competitors. Curating your articles and videos in the most logical order is another advantage.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has developed into a global social media behemoth, and if you use it as a true promotional hub, you may do so by adhering to the greatest social media tactics.

You need to be well-rounded on Instagram to be a good social media marketer. To do this, enroll in a social media marketing school, observe the top companies in your field, and discover the best ways to advertise yourself and build a strong following.

Reach out to JanBask Digital Design experts to grow your Instagram reach. 

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