Call to Action Examples Guide: Learn How to Create Compelling CTAs

 31 Dec, 2021


When it comes to marketing, your main goal should be generating and converting leads if you want to boost the growth and increase the revenue. In the present era, the average attention period is about 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds back in the year 2000. So, what can help us grab the attention of the potential audience and convert them into actual leads?

The answer is just to add a compelling CTA. CTA is a key element on a webpage, that lets the user know what to do next. Best CTA phrases can help you attract and convert the ideal audience.

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What is a Call to action (CTA)?

Call to action buttons are the tabs that you use on your online marketing pages such as landing page, advertisement page, web page, etc, to achieve your end goal that is concerting a visitor to a prospective lead and then a customer. There are two main functions of a good CTA and that is they inform their readers as to what to do to join or subscribe and they inform their readers why they should hit that CTA button. CTA is the first thing that catches the attention of any visitor and therefore you need to be very careful with what kind of CTA you want to have.
Here are some types of CTAs that you can consider for your website such as:

  • Lead Generation
  • Form Submission
  • "Read More" Button
  • Product or Service Discovery
  • Social Sharing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Closing the Sale
  • Event Promotion

Call to Action Examples

4 Ways to Use a Call to Action

A call to action is a marketing tool that boosts web traffic to an organization’s site. Moreover, a CTA is meant to:

  1. Build up a customer base: By redirecting traffic to the website, organizations build brand awareness and get more people to learn more about their company and products.
  2. Increase sales: A CTA is part of a sales funnel, a digital marketing strategy that starts by creating awareness and interest in an organization and eventually leading to huge sales. Enabling effective CTAs enhances the chances of having a high conversion rate at your website.
  3. Generate more leads: Multiple renowned organizations use CTAs to identify their target audience and generate huge leads. Moreover, people who have a general interest in what an organization is offering are likely to become their future customers.

Help you generate a direct path to the product: A compelling CTA makes it easy for a visitor to get to your website. With the click of a link at your fingertips, a customer can be at your virtual doorstep, where they can easily make a purchase without any hassle.

Where to Include a Call to Action?

You can use compelling CTAs across your business websites that target potential audiences who visit your websites. Whereas you can use CTAs in the below-mentioned places:

  • Your business website: When people visit your website, you should ensure that there are compelling CTAs in multiple sections of your webpage such as your homepage, giving people ample opportunity to click through and make a purchase hassle-free. You can also include CTAs in the blog posts that you write and post on your company's website. In case you don’t have one, start blogging to drive more traffic to your site as it will simultaneously increase your ROI.
  • Email campaign: Using your email list, send out an email blast to all your subscribers including strong CTAs in the body of that email. So, that the receiver may click on your CTA and get redirected to your website.
  • Social media: Place sponsored ads on your social media accounts, like Facebook, which includes a “Learn more” button for organizations to compromise with their CTAs.

Google: Start Google ads campaigns that show up when people seek your type of product or service. You should ensure to include your phone number or website link. Google will have a click-to-call button on mobile advertisements so that a visitor can simply tap the link to make a connection with you or your professionals. This will make it easier for them to reach you. 

How Do You Write a Call to Action?

Before you try to write your call to action (CTA) for your website, you should first determine the goal you’re trying to achieve:

  • Do you want to increase subscriptions?
  • Enhance sales?
  • Move readers to another content piece?

Once you know what you desire to do, you can prepare a strategy about how best to do it. Moreover, the best call-to-action phrases are brief and we would recommend using strong verbs.
CTAs are used as they are used to speak directly to the user. Instead of creating a weaker call to action words like click here may not serve you great outcomes.

To create an effective CTA phrase example you have to try to use more particular words that speak directly to the desired outcomes.

  • Discover your best life
  • Join our community
  • Book your next adventure.

Here’s a look at a few different and best Call to action button examples that you can refer for better results:

Learn More- call to action

In fact, for better understanding, you can prefer a few renowned companies like NPR as it uses some great best cta button examples all over their webpage. In the above picture, you can see a bright red button that invites you to learn more about their car donation program. Just below that, a red heart  that clearly implies you have one if you click appears over the word “donate.”

In the white space below, NPR tells you that they are supported by multiple listeners, and comprises yet another link to make a donation further.

NOTE: All of these CTAs serve one purpose that is to get people to donate money to them.

31 Call to Action Examples

1). Compelling yet sweet

Here is a screenshot that was taken from the website of the DBS website that explains the Call-to-action button of Big Ass Fans. It’s an amazing call to action example of how you can use compelling action verbs in a very sweet way to entice your audience—

Compelling yet sweet

2). Creative Words

Here is another wonderful call to action example used by JanBask Digital Design as it is using something out of the box to tantalize the curiosity of the visitor. It is not using words like sign-up, follow us etc. “Let us Build your brand” does it not sound tempting to hit this button? Surely it does. 

Result driven digital agency

3). Tickle their pockets

This is one thing that never lets you down. The moment you offer something free to anyone it is very likely that people will definitely sign up for it. Here is CTA example taken from Netflix wherein it is tempting the users to sign up by offering a free one-month subscription. 

See what's next

4). Make Use Of First Person Pronoun

Users cherish seeing CTAs that welcome them to buttons like to “Show Me More” and “Show Me How.” It reminds the client that they are receiving an advantage as well. Numerous Non-profit and cause-based associations have seen awesome outcomes from CTAs like “I agree,” in light of the fact that they urge the client to adjust their qualities or objectives to the association.

Here is a screenshot taken from wishpond explaining the above philosophy – the button says “Build My Page” which gives a good personalized approach.

Landing Page builder

5). Include words like finding out first

Many of your customers or users wish to know about anything new at the earliest opportunity to stay up to date and that is the bait you can use to lure them. Here is an  example of Rothy’s website 

ROTY's Dashboard

6). Align the color of CTA with that of Headline

Here is an cta examples of Evernote that is using  a very simple CTA ie Sign up but it is attractive due to its good color combination and matching with the headline 

Align the color of CTA

7). Personalization

This is one technique that always works, add your client’s name to your CTA and make him feel valued. This is an age-old practice in marketing and has seen great success. Let us review the CTA examples screenshot taken from DropBox-

CTA examples screenshot

8). Work on the Complete View

Providing a good CTA is not enough, you need to be very careful about its entire view i.e. surrounding graphics; text font etc. Here are some really good CTA examples taken from the website of Square.

Work on the Complete View

9). Be Short And Precise

Salesforce has definitely set a very good example for this. Their call to action button and the sign-up page are to the point no extra things required which in turn makes the user very happy by not typing or going through hassles.

Salesforce Call to action

10). Place the CTA at highest visible point

The intention behind the CTA is to draw in visitors and transform them into leads; hence, you’ll need to put a CTA in an area on your site that sees a lot of new guests, such as your blog. The best places you could put a CTA are towards the end of a post, in the sidebar, and as a gliding pennant in the corner. Here is a screenshot that was taken from the website of Hubspot explaining the same-

JanBask visible point

11). Power of Social Media

You can use social media sharing buttons as they are a very good way of lead generation. It is an easy way for the visitors to be in touch with your company and you can even put up buttons to log in via Facebook, Instagram etc.  Here is a screenshot explaining the same

Power of social media

12). Add figures

Many visitors think in terms of numbers. They love to see how much time they are saving or money which they would save. They are driven by stats. Try to include that. Here is a screenshot was taken from a website called edubirdie- 

Website called edubirdie

13). Use Words Related To Your Website

Here is an example of a website that works in the area of saving cats around the world. To target the like-minded people see what they have used in their CTA, they have used the term “Join the pride today” 

Get Closer to Big Cats

14). Give A Jibe To The Creative Mind

Here is another good example that seems very compelling for a visitor to definitely hit your CTA. This is the CTA OF Huemor and it looks really cool! 

Give A Jibe To The Creative Mind

15). Highlight the benefits that customer gets

Lure your customer by placing the best points about your organization. This will definitely provoke him to hit your CTA, here is an call to action example of Thrive Market’s -

Never pay retail again

16). Harness The Psychological Tactic Of Scarcity

People love exclusiveness. And in this example that we will see of the CTA of Aquaspresso we will see how they have smartly bartered the email address of their customer with giving them info on specials.


17). Be a little less committal

Here is an example of Dollar Shave Club and in their CTA they use the word try instead of join which is a little less committal as you can leave if not satisfied with the trial.

Dollar Shave Club

18). Put your visitor in a dilemma

At times it is good for your business to fill the mind of the visitor with doubt. Trust me no one wants to be wrong. Give them a CTA that then helps them clear that doubt. Here is a great call to action example of QuickSprout.

call to action example of QuickSprout

19). Loud and Clear Message

One another great way is to have your entire message condensed in two or three pointers wherein your visitor knows what he will get in just a few seconds. Here is an cta examples of Shakr-

Best Video maker ad campaign

20). Keep it Short and Casual

Let’s see the CTA of OKCupid which is extremely short and casual and gives you a sense of ease-

Okcupid dashboard

21). Promote an Event

You can also use CTA that promotes an event so that you can spread more awareness about that event. Here is a screenshot of an example of one such CTA taken from the website of Hubspot-

Register for inbound

22). Substitute Boring Words with Action Words

Instead of using the cliché words such as ‘sign up’ ‘take your trial’ etc use action words such as grab, take, claim etc. They give a sense of freshness to your visitor. Here is an example of Udemy explaining the same-

Udemy dashboard

23). Make it Prominent

Here is an example of a good and prominent CTA on the page of Bombfell, the CTA tab is large, outstandingly displayed, and is not contrary to anything else on the page.

Make it prominant

24). Go for different Button Shapes

Anything that puts you apart helps even a different shape of the button. This is because your visitor craves for novelty. Here is an example of ContentVerve wherein they have used a rounded box instead of the normal rectangle.

Button Shapes

25). Emphasise on no risk

Here is a wonderful example of Purple which inculcates a scenario wherein the user feels at a no-risk/high-reward situation for new subscriptions-

Purple Dashboard

26). Insert CTA in Your Blogs

Another good way of generating leads is through placing the CTA in your blogs section. Here is a good example of that-

Insert CTA

27). Put Count-down Clock

Nothing gives you a chance to have more leads than creating a sense of urgency by placing a timer on the CTA button. Here is a good example of that, a screenshot taken from the website of WordPress-

Limited Time Offer

28). Friendly Language

Here is an example of the CTA of the EPIC website of EPIC,, they display their work through videos and their CTA is very friendly as it says “Let’s start a new project together” this gives a sense of friendliness. Here is a screenshot-

The Crop Trust

29). Make Your CTA Opportunistic

An opportunistic CTA holds more chances of getting clicked because it is human nature that they do not want to miss an opportunity. Here is a good example of Brooks Running wherein they use this CTA-

CTA Opportunistic

30). Try the Magic of Fantasy

People love fiction and fantasy, use a CTA that can totally arouse that part of their brain and give you a good lead. Here is a wonderful example of Humboldt County wherein their CTA says- “Follow the Magic” isn’t it fantastic?

Humboldt county

31). Place and Balance Multiple CTAs

You can also garner the power of multiple CTAs on one page but the challenge here is that you need to be extra cautious to balance it properly. Uber is doing a wonderful job with that take a look-

Uber dashboard

5 Quick Tips to create best Call to Action (CTA) Phrases

As we have taken a look at some amazing cta examples, here are 5 quick tips to create best call to action phrases. 

  •  Start your website with Strong Action Verb

Quickly tell your targeted audience exactly what you want them to do. Let’s suppose for example, if you are having an eCommerce website, you can start your CTA with words like “order”, “shop” or “buy”.

  •   Use Strong Words

To induce a strong response from your targeted audience, try to create excitement-producing cta phrases like “ Flat 50% off” or “Join to get Cashback Instantly”.

  • Generate a Reason to Take Action

Tell your targeted audience exactly what’s in it for them. Bind your value proposition, giving your targeted audience incentive that inspire them

  • Pick a Good Color for your CTA

There has been a lot of talk about the psychology of color in the CTA. The fact is that you should choose your call to action button color that stands out from your competitor so that the audience knows exactly where they need to click to take action.

  • Test your Call to Action buttons

It is very important to keep your call to action (CTA) fresh to be effective. Continuously run A/B tests to check which call to action buttons are getting clicks and which don’t.

How Do You Know If Your CTA Is Working Well?

Once you’ve created your strong calls to action, whether they be in email, pop-ups or sprinkled throughout your blog posts on your business website, you’ll be required to make sure they’re performing for you. efficiently.

Moreover, you can double check using website visitor analysis tools or by connecting with our professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the call to action in an essay?

Answer: A call to action is an invitation for a visitor to take some desired action. You may often see CTA examples in persuasive writing. Also, using strong CTA in an essay will help you get the reader to do what you wanted him to do from the start.

Question: what is cta in digital marketing?

Answer: A call to action (CTA) is used as a prompt on a business website that tells the user to take some particular actions. Having a call to action on your website is usually written as a command or action phrase, such as 'Sign Up' or 'Buy Now'. However, it generally takes the form of a button or hyperlink.

Question: What are some effective calls to action on an ecommerce site?

Answer: Here are some effective CTA that you can use on an ecommerce website such as:

  • Buy now
  • Complete my purchase
  • Treat yourself today
  • Grab it today
  • Try out today
  • Get the look
  • Buy now to avoid disappointment
  • Buy now and enjoy

Question: What are a creative call-to-action phrases?

Answer: Here are some creative call to action phrases that you can use to get huge traffic:

  • Yes, I Want Xyz product
  • Snag/Grab/Seize/Score/Gain Xyz product Now!
  • Start Your Journey Toward X.
  • Do You Want to Learn more?
  • Activate your subscription Today! ...
  • You're Running Out of Time! Hurry up
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist

Question: How to write a call to action in an essay?

Answer: Here are some points you should consider while writing a strong call to action in an essay such as:

  1. Start with an imperative statement
  2. Make it low risk
  3. Use persuasive writing skills
  4. Create a sense of urgency
  5. Make it pop off the page


These call-to-action examples show that having a powerful and well-crafted call to action can give your website a new life.

Call to action is a huge tool available to you. If you use it correctly you can reach unfathomable heights as these are the primary steps towards your lead generation as well as the conversion rate optimization. A good CTA can take you and your business a long way as it is the first instance wherein the customer is willing to give you his information. It is the first step towards his faith in you. Be careful with what you put as your CTA.

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