Digital Marketing Trends To 10x Your Revenue

 23 Mar, 2022


Are you failing to convert leads into customers!

Are you unable to Increase Sales, User Engagement & ROI!

Then your business needs to adapt to the latest digital marketing sales trends to achieve a favorable outcome!

According to Google, businesses who incorporate digital marketing sales strategy into their business plans, have a 2.8x higher revenue and are 3.3x more likely to increase their turnover.

With 85% of the American population using the Internet daily, almost 76% of businesses have started incorporating digital marketing strategies to enhance this massive opportunity.

But not all businesses are successful in implementing the strategy the right way!

In this blog, we will identify the challenges with data-backed resolutions to “Digitally increase your sales, leads & engagement” along with “Boosting your ROI”. 

Key takeaways:

  • Reasons, why are you not able to generate quality leads?
  • Insight into best 2022 Digital Marketing sales Trends to 10x Your Revenue & leads.

Let's get you a head start by telling you the top reasons why your business isn't generating qualified leads!

4 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Sales Strategy is Failing To Generate Leads

Given the fact that lead generation is an integral part of an organization's success, it's not surprising that 61% of marketers say it's their number one challenge. 

So, if you are having trouble consistently generating marketable leads, here are five reasons why you may be behind.

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

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  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • 10X Your Conversion Rate

Not Nurturing The Leads You’ve Already Generated

More than 79% of the leads generated never convert into sales (Source: MarketingSherpa) 

Although some leads may be completely illegitimate, or of poor quality, the most common reason for the high drop-off rate is lack of lead nurturing.

Lead Nurturing is a long process to improve your relationship with your leads throughout their purchase journey, providing them with value and information at every stage of the process.

But, many businesses lose out on the benefit that leads nurturing can generate, that is 50% digital marketing sales leads at just 33% of the cost.  Essentially because they aren't able to implement digital marketing sales strategies that can optimize the future lead nurturing campaigns and improve ROI.

Leads Funnel is Not Well-Optimized

Leads Funnel is Not Well-Optimized

The above image is how your standard buyer journey is: it starts with awareness & ends with decision making where the buyer is “ready to buy/ not.”

Are we getting your target audience's attention? Is your brand able to pique their interest? And finally, is your brand able to help them make a purchasing decision? 

A well-strategized digital marketing plan will enable you to target the audience by taking demographics, psychographics, online behavior, purchase history, repeat purchases, and loyalty of a consumer into account.

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Prioritizing Lead volume over Lead quality

lead quality

Marketing trends have changed! Nearly 70% of entrepreneurs choose to generate quality prospects rather than quantity (Source: Ascend2).

The quality of lead, regardless of business objectives, is the intent of the lead, or how likely it is to engage with your company and become a customer. 

So when you prioritize lead volume over lead quality you miss focusing on the right target audience. Further, this results in losing your share of the business to your competitors, and ultimately losing on higher lifetime value and a better ROI.

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Not measuring the ROI of your prospects

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is that results can be measured in real-time, providing marketers with the opportunity to adapt quickly.

Consider this example: If you spend $7,000 and generate 1,000 prospects, but these leads only give a 1% ROI. Do you think it's worth investing so much in such leads! And this is where most companies fail when marketing budget and ROI are not well-measured. Measuring the profitability metrics will help you plan better and keep the budget in control thereby ensuring maximum efficiency. 

Check out the next section which speaks at length about digital marketing and sales trends of 2022 to increase your business online presence & Boost Revenue!

Grow Your Digital Marketing Sales & Leads by 10x Using these Trends

In 2022, Digital marketing strategy is changing & to make you surge ahead of your competition. 

We have listed 7 top trends that will help your brand emerge as a well-oiled digital marketing & lead-generating machine.

Leverage Big on Social Media Shoppable Posts 

Social Media Shoppable Posts

(Source: Sole Society, shop bando, Antropologieeu)

The number of social commerce buyers in the US rose to 80.1 million in 2020 and is expected to rise to 96.1 million in 2022.

So, which digital marketing sales strategy is trending high among social commerce buyers in 2022?

Its shoppable Posts! 

Whether it's Instagram with story marketing or YouTube with short video marketing. With shoppable posts, you can commercialize your products through your organic content. 

But, Shoppable posts aren't just convenient for consumers. 

They are of great advantage to businesses as well: 

  • Digital Marketing services can enthrall and engage audiences through story-based & video-based environments, by linking their products and services to a story & video.
  • Using Shoppable-post digital marketing strategy your business can reduce the steps involved in a conversion.
  • With Shoppable posts, a Digital marketing agency will allow businesses to collect more data thus helping in developing a personalized journey for the buyer.

(Protip: Include Augmented Reality Feature, so your buyer can have a 3d trial of the product.)

Utilize User-Generated Content Strategy(UGC)

Utilize User-Generated Content Strategy

(Source: Target)

92% of users rely on the advice of other people rather than a brand.

So essentially User-Generated Content today can be said as the modern word of mouth.

UGC comes in many forms: Pictures, videos, reviews, testimonials, or even podcasts & from anyone including your customers, employees, or even brand loyalists, thus bringing a humanistic side to your brand.

But this strategy in Digital Marketing Sales has a much bigger impact as:

  • Digital marketing services can use UGC to take your brand authenticity to the next level as your consumers are likely to view content 2.2x times higher if it's authentic.
  • This unique digital marketing strategy offers clients an opportunity to contribute to the growth of a brand instead of being a spectator.
  • UGC is more Cost-effective than any kind of influencer marketing to increase sales
  • A good digital marketing agency can increase conversions and influence purchasing decisions, especially at the end of the buyer’s journey using UGC.

Use Automation To Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Use Automation To Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Can digital marketing sales be boosted to the next level in 2022? Yes, if you choose to use Automation effectively.

On average, 51% of companies currently use marketing automation. And, more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to adopt this technology in the near future. ( Source: Demand Spring)

With automation, you're giving your team more time to work on business-related queries by taking time-consuming activities out of their hands. 

Hence, with automation in digital marketing, you can work on things like:

  • Posting & Advertising on social media 
  • Nurturing leads through Drip email campaigns
  • Developing Personalized Content using demographic and firmographic data. 
  • With lead allocation, you can display ads and content depending on where your prospects come from.

(Pro tip: You can take the help of leading Digital Marketing services who can implement Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to create standout attribution models & adapt your automation strategy accordingly

Implement Right SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Site 

Did you know 80% of Local SEO results Convert!

With features like Google My Business listing, Your ad appears at the top of the search results beside two other ads in a feature called local SEO 3-pack when people search for a business in specific areas. 

And, With so many prospects converting from local SEO, you wouldn't want to miss out on this high digital sales marketing trend in 2022.

As the Right SEO strategy in Digital Marketing Can result in: 

  • Assisting your company to appear in local search results using local keywords and drive more people to your site.
  • On-page & Off-page optimization will help in targeting the right user base.
  • Image compression, structured data, and CSS file optimization SEO techniques can increase the loading speed of your website.

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Use Online PR to Boost Sales & leads 

60% of marketers believe that public relations and digital marketing will work even closer together in the near future.

Online public relations is the practice of obtaining online coverage through digital posts, blogs, and other content-driven websites. 

With the internet becoming a hub of endless opportunities companies need to look beyond printing possibilities and engage with their target audience online.

This is where a Responsive Digital Marketing Service Can Boost Your Sales by

  • Establishing relations with journalists and bloggers online to generate bigger online media coverage.
  • Organizing corporate profiling & arranging online reviews and interviews.
  • Ensure that press releases are optimized with appropriate backlinks to your website. 
  • Influence marketing and blogger outreach for social media accounts and influential blogs.

Generate Better leads & ROI using Paid advertising

68% of advertisers said that paid advertisement is "very important" or "extremely important" for their overall marketing strategy.

So, If you are tired of feeling in the dark about the effectiveness of your campaigns? 

It's time you invest in paid advertising. 

Paid advertisements allow you to reach the most interested prospects, which helps boost your sales. Examples of paid advertising include pay-per-click, online partnerships, web takeovers, and so on. 

But here’s Why Paid Advertisement can digitally empower your business:

  • Very specific & granular targeting is available using paid advertising.
  • Retargeted ads will display highly relevant ads to continually engage your potential customers.
  • A responsive Digital Marketing Agency will incorporate long-tail & short-tail keywords into your PPC campaign reaching your target audience.
  • With Google responsive ads, Twitter Ads campaigns & other social media ads a digital marketing company can make you rank better on the search result pages.

Use Inbound Marketing For Better Brand Outreach 

inbound marketing

In 2022 this Digital marketing sales strategy is pacing up!

According to Oracle, Inbound Marketing generates 3x more leads per dollar compared to other traditional marketing techniques. 

Inbound marketing refers to a digital marketing methodology that attracts, engages, and enchants customers at every step of the buyer's journey. 

To make it more clear here are a few classic examples of inbound versus traditional marketing:

  • Video marketing vs. commercial ads
  • Blogging vs. pop-up ads
  • Email contact lists vs. email spam

Here are the top reasons why Inbound Marketing is Must for your business:

  • Inbound marketing is a cost-effective strategy compared to traditional marketing.
  • A good Digital marketing company can also attract customers using MOFU (Middle-of-the-Funnel) and BOFU (Bottom-of-the-Funnel) strategies.
  • Using inbound marketing you can further create Create “Power Posts” which lead to higher engagement.

2022 will see significant progress in Digital Marketing. Hence, with the right strategy & coordination with a genuine Digital Marketing Agency, your visitor could end up becoming a loyal buyer of your brand. 

How JanBask can help!

Do you want your competitors to eat away your share of the Online Presence! 

Definitely Not! That's why it's critical to have professional Digital Marketing services that can get you more customers & make your business stand apart.

Our goal is to make your business an everlasting one by:

  • Leveraging digital marketing to transform corporate efficiency.
  • Improve your online Presence Across Social Media Platforms
  • Convey your products, services & messaging seamlessly to your target audience.
  • Develop and assist with the implementation of new growth models.

Let's get you a better reach and a higher conversion rate within your budgets. Reach Out To Us!

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • 10X Your Conversion Rate

Can digital marketing sales Grow in 2022? Yes! With right help

67% of businesses use lead generation as their sole metric for determining content & digital marketing sales success.

From social media commerce to Inbound Marketing, Local SEO to Online PR, we have listed the best digital marketing for sales trends that can promote your business, service, or product in invaluable ways.

But, falling sales volume is an indicator that something's not right! 

That's why it is equally crucial to choose a responsive Digital Marketing agency that can bring your vision alive.

Hence, we're here to help you create a digital marketing strategy that drives your sales. And, If you're interested in seeing how we can help you build a digital marketing plan that makes a difference, contact us today.

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