11 Winning Add To Cart Button Examples To Boost Your Conversions

 28 Feb, 2022


The average Add to Cart conversion rate is whooping 10.9%. Motivating, isn't it! 

Well, truth be told! You may have thousands of visitors coming to your website. But if they don't buy products, no matter the number of leads pouring in, it’s futile!

That's where the Add to Cart button becomes critical for your online business. This one simple design can turn 100’s of your visitors into purchasing customers. Boosting your Conversion Rate & enthralling your customer with a superior shopping experience. 

Wondering how this is possible with just a simple Add to Cart Button? 

Let's talk about how your product pages can drive up your conversion rates using the Add to Cart button.

Add-to-cart Button & Its Significance to Conversion Optimization?

Add-to-cart Button

The primary objective of any online business is to turn visitors into paying customers.

Isn't it!

User experience is what motivates a visitor to spend quality time on the website and take the next desired action. To move your visitors down the funnel some dose of extra motivation is required and a lucrative Add to Cart button may just make that happen. 

“Add to Cart button accelerate your customer reaction towards the product”

Imagine your customer just had a glance at those stunning Nike shoes, has got the right feet, features, price, all that he wished for. Just at the right place you have positioned the magic want that says “Add to Bag”. Definitely the customer will be motivated to add those stunning pairs of shoes to the cart. Their half battle is won by you!

Now you have to pamper them with some cool offers and there you have a new customer added..sounds dreamy right!

Having said that, if you are thinking about what would happen if the "Add to Cart" concept was non-existent.

Let's show you the world without it!

  • Your Customers would repeatedly come and go from the products page to the payout page.
  • The process might confuse your customers and your customers may forget to add something important to their cart.
  • The process will become time taking, cumbersome for customers.
  • It will upset the balance of your online business with a higher bounce rate & poor navigation by the user will further degrade your business.

Found it a bit scary right! Well, now you know why the “Add to Cart” feature is so important to your customers. But, it's even more valuable for your business. Wondering how! Let's take a look.

Keeping your customers happy and improving their purchasing experience is the key to success for any business.

Moreover, building a foundation for your own business and monitoring inconsistencies can help you identify various anomalies & growth sectors. After all, a happy customer is a profitable customer for the business. 

Here’s how the ‘Add to Cart’ feature assists your business bloom:

  • It enhances and improves the SEO of the site and search rankings by more than 8% as well as support the vendor by maintaining an appropriate record of all transactions that occur on the platform.
  • It makes it look like the owner of the online store is a thoughtful online seller, one who is trustable and this makes them approach their business more.
  • This lowers the bounce rate and the number of empty baskets on the online store as well as increases average page views and dwell time by almost 20%
  • It enhances the general functionality of the online shop & allows the owner to build and maintain an organized portfolio of clients.
  • The prompts for customers regarding special offers and discounts become handy at the checkout. This tactic is said to increase the efficiency of purchase by almost 12% more. 
  • Helps in presenting the prices, taxes, and extra costs without ambiguity as well as efficiently integrates third-party shopping solutions. 

At the end of the day, the ‘Add to Cart’ feature boosts sales, which is the end goal of every enterprise. Wondering what's next! Let’s boost your conversions with these 11 temptings Add to Cart button examples.

11 Exquisite Add to Cart Examples

Well, let's turn our heads to the most amazing part of this topic. Even the Add to Cart button is a very minor part but just like and it can lift 3-folds of your brand’s weight easily.  In this part, we will tell you about this exquisite Add to Cart examples, which have boosted their brand to the next level. 

So, let's dive in!




Why we liked it: 

  • Elegant & to the point ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Seamless User Experience.

2. Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Why we liked it: 

  • Inspiring ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Products are arranged categorically..

3. Adidas


Why we liked it: 

  • Effortless and engaging ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Well displayed & concise texts.

4. Forever 21

Forever 21

Why we liked it: 

  • Well-arranged & bold ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Engaging User Experience.

5. Amazon


Why we liked it: 

  • Well informative ‘Add to cart button’.
  • The pricing is categorically displayed.

6. Golde


Why we liked it: 

  • Minimalistic ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Simple and easy to use.

7. Apple 


Why we liked it: 

  • Curvy edged ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Well placed text before and after ‘Add to cart button’.

8. Target


Why we liked it: 

  • Bold use of red color in ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Use of a mini cart to showcase items.

9. Tap Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap

Why we liked it: 

  • Attractive use of ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Use of square and oval shape engages users..

10.  Sony


Why we liked it: 

  • Precise use of call to action before ‘Add to cart button’.
  • Bold use of add to button texts.

11. RADO


Why we liked it: 

  • Use of the bigger font in the ‘Add to cart button’.
  • An exquisite display of the brand with price makes the add to cart button more engaging. 

Well, with these brilliant shopping cart examples above you can obtain excellent results and increase your conversion rate simply by executing the above details. But wait there more! Tips that can generate high traffic. 

So, Let's dive in straight!

11 Add-to-Cart Button Design Tips To Boost Your Conversions

11 Add-to-Cart Button Design That adds glamor to your business

While it may appear as a minor detail, your ‘Add to Cart buttons’ are essential to your success in making an emotional connection with your users. However, this connection is affected by your choice of shape, color, font, and button text.

Then how to construct the best add-to-cart buttons that the world has ever seen?

Here are the best 11 Add to Cart design tips to add glamor to your brand:

1. Stand Out with Color & Contrast

The Add to Cart button can be your online stores standout feature with right color and contrast.

The color of your add to cart button should correspond to the colors of your brand. Consider selecting the color of your button for visual contrast as it will attract more traffic and lead to high click through rates.

Usually, the color that converts the best is generally the color that stands out most from the background and color palette of your website. For instance, the color that contrasts the most with blue is orange, which is another reason why the orange button is used so widely.

For further insight, read our exclusive blog on the importance of website visual effects.

2. Make Your Button Large & Spacious

Make Your Button Large & Spacious

A great Add to Cart button size can certainly make the button stunning, but it will look even more attractive if you design fonts & images keeping in mind what your website wants to convey. 

Suppose, If your product pages use big fonts and images, your add to cart button may need to be bigger than a site that uses smaller fonts. Generally speaking, the bigger a button, the more your users will notice and be forced to click. 

3. Use the Style Items to Pop Up Your Button

Style Items to Pop Up Your Button

After selecting the color and size, you can customize your Add to Cart button more carefully with irresistible & bold design elements.

You can make your Add to Cart button look more 3-D with a thin border and light shadow elements. You may also add an arrow after the text on the button. This will simplify the confusion of buyers that once clicked, they will go ahead in the process of closeout. 

4. Provide Automatic Button Changes for Out-Of-Stock Items

“Add to Cart” on your product page

To improve the user experience on your webshop, consider automatically changing the text from your button to "Out-of-stock" or “Sold out” as well as fade/change the color of your add a cart button.

If you don't do that, it will be an unpleasant experience for the user who has gone through the product details only to find it out of stock later. Although this customization will not impact your immediate conversion rate, it will prevent a bad shopping experience that prevents buyers from returning. 

5. Clear The Clutter to Make it Appealing

A good add to cart button can certainly bring some attention, but it will only be attractive if there is enough white space around it. It's only wise to give your add to cart button a little space to breathe. I.e suppose if your page has too much text and remains unorganized it will turn your visitors away. Thats why to make it appealing the add the cart button must be organized & should be clutter free. 

6. Switch to Rounded Corners

Switch to Rounded Corners

It has been proven that user interface (UI) components with rounded corners attract consumers more than those with sharp corners. Well, psychologically speaking it’s contours bias. This is essentially why we tend to avoid sharp edges.

If you also notice the top e-commerce giants like amazon & Walmart always have a slightly curved Add to Cart button. That's because Selecting rounded corners to your Add to Cart button makes product or service pages more user-friendly.

7. Provide a Button Hover Effect

One way to make the Add to Cart buttons more engaging is by providing them with hover effects. Which is essentially turning them into responsive buttons, so if you hoover them around, they slightly change their color. I.e red to blue. 

This subtle change can make shoppers feel more engaged and take them to the next buying step. You can find many examples of button hover effects, including CSS and HTML code to inspire your web team, at sites such as CodePen.

8. Periodically Test the User-Friendliness

Every time you make changes to your Add to Cart button, make sure to fully test it for its user-friendliness. Even though you do not make any changes, keep an eye out for bugs & security details of your Add to Cart button. 

Also, do not forget to get feedback from end-users about the Add to Cart button and how seamless it makes their checkout journey.

For further insight, read our exclusive blog on how to generate leads quickly. 

9. Include CTAs Above the Fold 

If your customer doesn't find the right call to action buttons at the right time. The user will feel frustrated and leave the site. To avoid this kind of scenario it's advisable to include CTAs at the top of the fold for user usability. This adds a better viewpoint for the customer making your CTAs always visible. 

For further insight, read our exclusive blog on the importance of the call to action.

10. Experiment with your Add-to-Cart Button Text

Experiment with your Add-to-Cart Button Text

Remember the rate of abandonment of shopping carts is 88%. Various Calls to Action can be successful for various companies. In addition to testing unique button styles conversion rates, try experimenting with texts as well. 

Sometimes “Add to Cart '' works, sometimes “Buy now” works. But it's important to experiment and get a deeper understanding with the help of analytics and finally implement the right text. 

For further insight, read our exclusive blog on how to make high conversion landing pages.

11. Add an Extra Shopping Cart Button at the Bottom of Your Product Page

You can significantly improve your e-commerce store value by also providing additional shopping cart buttons at the bottom of the page. 

In this way, you will also stand apart from your competitors making your page highly user-friendly and highly recommended for the business. Of Course, having said that, there are few professional ecommerce designing companies that can make your business successful. 

Interesting isn't it! So, we have updated you with the best insider tips that provide great Add to Cart buttons and can turn your visitors into buyers. 

So, let's dive into our next precious detail on the Add to Cart button.

How to Create an Add to Cart Button?

The "Add to Cart" option allows the customer to buy multiple items at the same time. It literally operates as the physical shopping baskets that we see in retail stores. 

So if you are confused about how to create an Add to Cart Button for your website. Don't worry! Let's simplify your headache with these simple steps below.

Step 1: Add an “Add to Cart” element

Visit any of the Add to Cart template providing sites or even any value providing e-commerce agency. Now add an Add to Cart item to this collection list from the Add panel.

Step 2: Style and customize the different elements of “Add to Cart”

You can customize the appearance of items such as the "submit" button, the "out of stock" message, and the state "error" message.

Step 3: Paste the exclusively personalized “Add to Cart” on your product page

Now, Select the main Add to Cart wrapper and copy it, then add it to the product collection list. Then go to the product template page and connect to the “products” category and paste your exclusive Add to Cart component.

Add to Cart” on your product page

Exclusive Stats: Which Add to Cart Button Texts & Graphics are trending?

Well, if you are still wondering! What kind of Add to Cart button texts & graphics are making an impact in today's market. We have accumulated all the best add to cart service market data to bring you the best options.

So let's have a look at them!

Add to Cart Button Text

          Used by E-commerce Stores(Percentage )

Add to Cart


Add to Bag


Add to Shopping Bag


Add to Basket


Add to Shopping Cart




Buy Now


Add Item(s) to Cart


Add Item(s) to Bag


Add to My Bag  


Add to My Brown Bag


Add to My Shopping Cart


Order Now


Add to Cart Button Graphics

          Used by E-commerce Stores(Percentage )







Shopping Bag


Plus Sign






(Source: elasticpath)

What now! Well, these are some of the trendiest Add to Cart texts used nowadays. But what's better than to observe them utilized in exquisite ways by digital market players. 

Final Thoughts!

Well! If you are looking to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales then this blog is for you! Your Add to Cart button is a key design element that should be action-driven. From embracing bold fonts to curved designs, from experimenting with contrasting colors to changing graphic texts you can identify what increases conversion rate for you. 

The possibilities are unlimited! 

After all, what does each customer need to do to purchase your products?

It's simply a click on your Add to Cart button linking them to smooth checkout. 

There you have it!. What are you waiting for now! Create larger, better, bolder & striking buttons that take your business to digital stardom.

Looking for a high-converting Add to Cart Button for your home page and products pages? Search nowhere! Share the specific with us, and we will guide you through.

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