6 Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Process


15 Mar, 2024



In 2022, with over 5 billion users accessing the internet, content marketing has become the treasure trove for business growth.

Almost 91% of B2B customers use content marketing to reach out to people.

The easiest way to get traffic to your website would be to create some high-quality articles and post them online. Even though writing articles could be a time-consuming process, it is the easiest way to get more traffic as it is free to publish articles online and businesses do not have to invest money when it comes to submitting the articles.

But yes, they will have to pay for the content writer who is working for their digital marketing company. As most of the beginners in digital marketing services might not have sufficient money but have sufficient time, they increasingly prefer the content marketing process as an effective method to drive traffic towards their website.

A successful content marketing strategy can grow your business effectively. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid for a successful content marketing campaign.

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What is Content Marketing All About?

Enter content marketing and bid farewell to the traditional digital marketing strategies. Content marketing is a modern strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable and high-quality content to attract potential customers and drive them into buying action. The content marketing process is to explain to customers about your brand through written text, images or videos and to solve their queries. Effective content marketing strategy should include the ability to satisfy the needs of your customers and align with their search queries.

Content marketing has created quite a lot of buzz over the past few years. Learn how content marketing can drive online traffic to your business from this blog. 

Why is Content Marketing the Future of Marketing?


After understanding about what is the marketing process for content, it’s time to know why content marketing is seen as an effective way to keep customers engaged.

Almost 72% of marketers say that content marketing has increased their number of leads and 725 of companies plan to increase their content marketing budget in 2022.

Content marketing is used by the leading brands in the world like P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems etc. Regardless of what marketing tactics you adopt, the content marketing process is bound to be included in your business strategies.

Don’t you think that writing a compelling article for content marketing is an art? Get to know how to write an article like a pro from this blog to enhance your content marketing strategy.

6 Steps to Follow for an Effective Content Marketing Process

Effective Content Marketing Process

If you are thinking about the content marketing elements, here are the 6 steps to formulate a structured content marketing strategy to maximize success.

Step 1- Set Your Goals

Before you begin working on a project, it is important to define your goals. This is particularly important for estimating a budget that will help you to quantify your results later. You need to build an effective content marketing process with specific goals in mind such as improving your social media presence or future marketing campaigns, etc.

Step 2- Get your Metrics Recorded

Recording metrics is one of the key elements of content marketing, which you need to track and measure your performance after defining your goals. Google Analytics is a great tool to track your performance of the content marketing process. This will allow you to work out on conversion rates, analyze specific areas of content marketing elements and identify areas for future improvements.

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Step 3- Put Together All your Data

A successful content marketing process includes any one of the two-

  • Introducing a brand new concept to the audience
  • Reframing the existing idea into a new format

Whichever path you choose, you need to begin by accumulating detailed data that will add value to your prospective buyers. This data will provide a unique perspective of your brand and could be collected by interviewing customers and finding out the success or satisfaction rates among buyers. 

Step 4- Produce Quality Content

For a basic level author, the content that is published should be of the highest quality if it has to be accepted by the article submission websites. This is because Google and other search engines display these articles whenever a user enters a keyword that is related to your article in the search engines.

If the article content is good and has all the comprehensive information within the article, then readers are more likely going to read till the bottom of the article until they link to your website. But if the article content quality is not good, then they might leave the article web page right away. More the website visitors leave your article content;

Google will understand it and will list your website down from the search results by lowering the rankings. Similarly, Google gives more importance to fresh content and if the content posted by another author is of the highest quality than your article content, then again your article popularity and website rankings will be pushed down.

Is content marketing the same as advertising? Learn the comparison between content marketing vs advertising by reading this blog.

Step 5- Spend Time on Marketing

Your marketing efforts will speak everything about your content elements. You need to pave a clear way to engage your audience by an effective distribution system. Ask yourself “Can I leverage social media for promoting my content?” You need to spend the same amount of time and effort that you did for creating the content. Before marketing, think about who will read your content, what image will it portray, who your audience are, etc. before getting  it published. 

Looking to Promote Your Brand On Social Media?

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  • Create goal-driven Social-Media messaging

Step 6- Chase-up For SEO

If you have written an article on a relevant topic, website visitors might go to Google search and enter the relevant keyword which would take them to your article and once if they really find it interesting, then they would see the link of your website at the bottom of the article and would click it. Thus you would receive a new visitor to your website or blog.

The number of visitors reads your article, the number of visitors you will subsequently get for your website. However, if you want your website to show up in the first page of Google Search Results, then there are specialized techniques also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization which will help your website to rank better in Google search results. Here are some SEO tools for content optimization that you can learn from this blog.


If you want to take your content marketing process to the next level, you need to take certain things into consideration. Hire a digital marketing agency for professional digital marketing services rather than relying on yourself.

Get to know how to choose the right digital marketing agency for your brand and integrate unique, interactive, engaging and strategic content marketing into your organization by collaborating with professional services from  JanBask digital marketing services. The content quality of the article has to be really good and at least two to three articles have to be published in a day so as to receive more traffic towards your website frequently. 


Q1. What do content marketers do?
Ans- The primary task of a content marketer includes planning, creating and distributing content to convert users into prospective buyers. A content marketer is responsible for content optimization, content writing, content marketing and content managing.

Q2. Why is SEO important for content marketing?
Ans- It is important to implement SEO in the initial stage of content marketing. This is needed to ensure that the keywords of your content aligns with search queries of your users. Content that has not been well-optimized won’t rank well on the search engines.

Q3. What are the required skills for a content marketer?
Ans- To become a content marketer, these are the required skills-
i) Strategic planning
ii) Editing skills
iii) Data analysis
iv) Project management
v) Storytelling

Q4. What are the elements of content marketing?
Ans- Here are the 6 essential content marketing elements-
i) Defined targeted audience
ii) Clear goals
iii) Buyer personas
iv) Content marketing platform

Q5. What are the elements of digital marketing services?
Ans- The important elements of digital marketing services are-
i) SEO
ii) Online advertising
iii) SMO
iv) Mobile marketing
v) Web analytics

Q6. What are the 7 P’s of digital marketing services?
Ans- The 7 P’s of digital marketing strategies are- Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging, People and Positioning.

Q7.Why do you need to hire a digital marketing company?
Ans- When you hire a digital marketing company, you get the following benefits-
i) An expert team
ii) Cost-effectiveness
iii) Focus on business priorities
iv) Access to the latest technology

Q8. What do I need to know before hiring a digital marketing agency?
Ans- Before hiring a digital marketing agency, you should take the following things into consideration-

i) Understand your business goals
ii) Traffic analysis
iii) Build online community
iv) Understand targeted audience
v) Increase online presence

Q9. What does a digital marketing agency do?
Ans- A digital marketing agency reaches customers and turns them into prospective buyers through various effective digital marketing strategies through multi-channel or omni-channel marketing channels. It has a team of digital marketing specialists who have the necessary and updated knowledge on marketing trends.

Q10. How does a digital marketing agency provide customer satisfaction?
Ans- A digital marketing agency provides customer satisfaction by reaching out to them and attending their queries. This satisfies customers and builds trust and confidence in your brand which influences them to visit your website.

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