28 Insanely Useful Blogging Tools For Beginners


5 Mar, 2024



You cannot go underwater diving without diving masks, drysuit, scuba tank, snorkel, and other things (even if you are a water baby or some experienced swimmer). Similar to that, no matter how exceptional a blogger or writer you are, you do need certain blogging tools around to help with the creative block (we all have that) and make your blog reachable to the audience over search engines & social media platforms. With competition shooting through the roof, relying on old-school practices is just like a tadpole swimming in a limited pond. 

Sure, you have to have impeccable writing skills to stay abreast of the needs of readers but you do also need extra hands from the blogging tools --- to inspire the audience to read your blog as well as convince search engines to give you preference in the SERP over others.

If you do not want your blog to sink, as soon as it is “published” over the internet, below you will find the 25 insanely useful blogging tools for beginners -- categorized for writing, SEO services, content optimization, marketing & more. 

Let’s take a dig at them!

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5 Best Blogging Tools to create Magnetic headline for Readers

Your headlines have to be magnetic, they must:

  • Give a heads up of what your entire blog post is all about.
  • Be compelling enough for users to stay, click, and read the entire post.

Though you can write catchy, keyword-optimized headlines by self, having additional headline-generating tools can help you with knowing the additional words users search for over the web, the more powerful phrases that can get click-through. The tool will give you an extra push to write an insanely clickable headline. Let’s check out the bunch of tools you can use.

1. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator - “hundreds of title options to choose from”

You just have to put in your target keyword and choose its category, the tool will give you hundreds of title options to choose from. You can use this tool to either write catchy headlines or to understand what kind of subject you want to cover around the keyword.

SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator - “Get refreshing content ideas & titles”

You just have to enter in your target keywords or keywords phrases, the Portent’s Content Idea Generator tool will give you catchy and user-relatable blog ideas, and titles to choose from. The tool goes beyond giving you a title, it even tells you about how you can improve the content.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

The tool doesn’t just tell, but rather …

  • Gives proper reasoning behind its choices, will explain each word in the suggested title like why you might want to use it.
  • Explains why certain topics can work or what factors convince the user to click on headlines.

Best part is --- On refreshing the tool, each time you will come up with a new title and once you find that idyllic title, you can end your search right there. By doing this, you can get 20+ additional blog titles to choose from along with some expert writing tips to create stellar copy or essays.

3. HubSpot’s blog idea generator - “your inspiration to write engaging titles”

Hubspot created a game-changing blog idea generator tool that’s free (even if you are not a customer of Hubspot). The tool asks you to write the word, topic, keyword, the idea you are pensive about writing, and in turn, gives week's worth of relevant titles for the blog post in a matter of seconds.

HubSpot’s blog To use the tool:

  • Pick your prioritized Keywords that have a lot of searches but less competition, take 20-30 potential keywords & head towards this blog topic generator.
  • Insert any 3 keywords at a time into the given fields asking for “Noun1”, “Noun2”, “Noun3”, and press “give me blog topic”, there you will see results revealing quite a few titles of week’s time.

Pro tip - To find the best match, continue running each suggestion multiple times to get more relevant & interesting titles. If you find any potential title or ideas in process, keep on adding it to any doc or excel to review later on. You can note all the possible suggestions and if needed can modify as per your liking.HubSpot’s blog

The first five title suggestions are free, for further, you will be asked to sign up.

4. Inbound Now - “create, add, and choose the titles that fit your needs the best”

Inbound Now

The tool allows you to enter your keyword into its template, and when you think you have found one, you can “heart” that and add it in the “notebook”, and later on, you can go through the saved titles and choose the one that best fits your needs.

5. HOTH’s Headline Generator --- “Enter keyword, target audience & industry”


The tool allows you to enter the keyword, the industry you are in, target audience & a lot of other things, and then, in turn, gives a handful of effective headline suggestions to choose from.

“Headlines Can Make or Break your Moment”

Never ever doubt the power of a great title/headline. A magnetic headline holds the greatest potential:

10 Content Optimization Blogging Tools --- For Readers & Search Engines

“If Google cannot find it, people won’t find it either (your exceptional but not so optimized blog)”

The chief editor of Mashable answered on Quora that “Mashable editorial staff reproduces around 100 articles a day”.

Mashable’s content generation has become a successive input and has led them to 2 million readers in just 1 year and 6 months. 

The reason behind their success was that they produced optimized content that met Google’s requirements duly as content readability, content quality, and consistency in production. 

With  Google constantly revising its policies on content optimization, it is much needed for content producers or bloggers to think of content optimization as a serious gig to produce search engines and target users with relatable, actionable, helpful & attractive content. 

It can be a real struggle to find ways to make that blog optimized. Don't worry, we have bought you 10 amazingly best blogging tools for content optimization --- that will help you reach your sweet spot in the top rankings.

Are you ready to optimize your blog for crazy reach? Let’s get started with the content optimization tools for your blog:

1. Text Optimizer --- “Keywords you missed, how rich is your text & more”

The tools help you know what other keywords you can use, how you can create more depth in your content that Google wishes for. On inputting the URL of your blog, the tool:

Text Optimizer

Defines who the blog or its text is for: Here it lists your target readers & their main agenda or goals.

  • Explain what your blog or text is for search engines: Here it lists out the crucial keywords that play the maximum part in reflecting how Google perceives your blog or copy as.
  • Blog format: Here you get insights on how effective your blog’s text is --- the total number of sentences, the length, use of the verb, score to tell how accurate your formatting is.
  • Keywords you should add: The tool even gives you suggestions about probable keywords that you can add to increase your blog’s search engine visibility & ranking.

2. PageSpeed Insights --- “know what to optimize to increase website speed”

This tool is a much-needed one as it tells which content on your page needs to be optimized to increase the blog’s speed. Optimizing a web page for speed is necessary as 53% of mobile users will leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (which you wouldn’t want to happen with your blog right?).PageSpeed InsightsOther than testing your blog’s mobile-friendliness, the tool helps to generate a health report of your website and lists down the factors or content that are slowing the page’s overall speed. The tool even produces a recommendation about how you can fix it.

SEO experts say: If your blog or website scores a higher number or equal to 85, your blog or website is quite optimized for search engine visibility & ranking. However, if it’s lower than 85, you will have to do alterations here & there to improve your website’s ability to load & reach out faster.

3. SEMRush --- “Know what your competitors are up to”

This is the best tool where you have to enter your blog’s URL and in turn, you will get a lot of SEO-related data to explore & optimize for more accurate reach, as: 

  • Worth-targeting keywords
  • Competitor’s strategies
  • Organic keywords
  • Paid & organic search data
  • Top Backlinks
  • Top anchors
  • Traffic analysis
  • Display advertising
  • And a lot more…


The tool can give you some great keyword related analytics; general keyword analysis, long-tail keywords, volume, search difficulty, and more.

The tool can help you explore the best keywords that can make your blog more optimized and reachable to users’ queries.

4. Yoast SEO --- “covers your SEO basics and optimizes each post & page”

Yoast gives you basic optimization for your blog, you just have to install the Yoast plugin, and it will give an optimal analysis of the pages you have. It comes with instructions, so it would be easy for you to use it.

Yoast SEO
You have to fix anything that pops up in red or orange and fix those issues until they turn them as “Google” or as Green “Y” next to the publishing button.

  • The tool’s best part is, it allows you to edit social sharing information as an image & meta description of each page you are publishing, instead of publishing the default ones.

Tip to take - Don’t rely heavily on this tool’s each action or suggestion, the tool is just to give you a fair idea of what works best for search engines. You can simply bypass some of its suggestions if you feel it is not matching to your flair of things.

5. Ahrefs --- “Lets you target the best keywords”

This tool is the best way to source out highly trafficked yet less competitive keywords. Along with that, it also helps with:Ahrefs

  • Getting competitor site’s or blog’s analysis
  • Content explorer to find which topic is getting the most shares
  • Backlink tracking
  • Organic traffic research
  • And a lot more…

Pro tip - Just in case, if you want to quickly & simply find the high volume keywords with low competition, the best way is to plug your top competitor’s site into the site explorer by Ahref:

  • Under the “organic search” section, tap at “organic keywords”.
  • In the filter “Position”, keep the input Max 20, and “Keyword Difficulty or KD” at a max of 10-15, there you will get the best keywords for you.

Some Writing Tools for Optimizing Content Quality & Readability!

As a part of the content optimization process, here are some of the writing tools that you can combine while writing your next blog post --- to generate more: readable, original, carefully styled & structured, value-adding, and grammar & spelling errors proof content for your readers.

6. Hemingway Editor - “get rid of complicated sentences”

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor helps you with simplifying the complicated structured sentences, style edit suggestions, and getting past the passive voice misuse --- which makes your posts approachable, easy to read, and understandable for users.

7. Grammarly --- “the Grammar Nazi you’ll ever need”


Grammarly is one of the best writing tools to spot your grammar mistakes, spelling errors, lapses in sentence construction --- which human eyeballs miss sometimes.

Grammarly helps with:

  • Grammar and punctuation check - Gives real-time suggestions on how to improve the grammar & punctuation errors.
  • Spell Check - Offers a robust spell check as per native English --- to make your blog posts mistakes-free.
  • Writing Style Support - Gives options to write genre-specific pieces, comments on sentence strengths and even gives readability score to self-edit for a more improved score. 
  • Plagiarism - Ensures original & authentic essays by doing comparison of your writing with other web pages on the internet.

The tool supports customized settings for American English, Canadian English, British English, Australian English & Others. It works wonderfully with all web, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and writing platforms like Google Docs, MS Office. 

8. SEOToolStation Plagiarism Checker --- “write for originality”

 SEOToolStation Plagiarism Checker

The tool helps you trace your content’s originality & authority. On entering your page’s URL or pasting the content, the tool gives you a recommendation on how original or plagiarism-free your content is. 

9. Keyword Density Checker --- “doesn’t let you stuff the keywords”

Keyword Density CheckerSearch engines flag the content which it finds stuffed with keywords. Sometimes the optimal use of keywords seems to be unidentified, in such an event, the keyword density tool is the best way to ensure the appropriate keyword usage in any write-up.

10. Title Tag Optimizer --- “Optimize titles tag, and oh meta descriptions too”

Title Tag Optimizer

Title tags are important, as they give search engines & readers an idea of what further page, blog post, or website is all about. The tool helps in optimizing your meta titles, title tags, meta descriptions in terms of factors like keyword density, value to reader, length, and more.

5 Blogging Tools for Images Optimization --- to Make your Blog Images Load Faster

A visually interesting graphic can add a lot of value to your blog-post, but not when it's full size and takes an eternity to load faster.

Optimizing the blog images in terms of size and loading speed is necessary to let your page rank higher in SERP. Here are the best image optimization tools that work best to compress the excessive size of your stock or real images of a blog.

1.JPEG Optimizer --- “lets you resize, optimize your images but with quality”

JPEG Optimizer helps to compress and resize your any JPEG images for blogs, forums or email with ease. The tool:

JPEG Optimizer

  • Resizes your giant images to save time on loading.
  • Optimizes the image with the quality that you wouldn’t want to let go for readers.
  • Offers you two fields as “compress image” and “resize photo”. In compress image, it gives a choice of opting a compression level between 0-99 (by default it suggests you to go for 65), the resize photo field asks you your preferred photo width in pixels (by default it suggests you to go for 400).

2. Optimizilla --- “Quality images with images with lowest file size”

The tool compresses your JPEG to  PNG image with the lowest file size but with premium quality. 


  • The tool gives you a before and after look to help you see any quality loss before posting. 
  • It is a great tool for batch processing --- as you can upload 20 images at a time, and set different compression levels for each image.

3. Kraken.io --- “optimize your files for lowest file size”


The tool is best to optimize your JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF files.

  • The tools help you with the smallest file size version of any image.
  • The tool can compress every photo file of up to 32 MB and a total of 100MB of photos.

4. ImageRecycle --- “compression with drag-and-drop interface”


The tool helps to compress your JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF images with great quality.

  • The tool gives free analysis about whether certain picture’s optimization would improve the website’s or blog’s performance or not.
  • The tool’s extension is easily available to drag, drop, and optimize the images in a go --- without having to open its website.

5. CompressNow --- “Works well for your PEG, PNG, and GIF images”


The tool easily allows you to drag, drop, and compress 10 images at a single go and works well with PEG, PNG, and GIF images.

If all the selected images require the same compression level, the tool lets you altogether compress every image in a single go --- which makes it quite easier & faster for you.

8 Blogging Tools to Improve Marketability & Social Media Presence of your Blog

No matter if you are doing blogging to make money, get authorship, recognition, or maybe all, your blog needs to have solid marketability & social media reach. Writing SEO-optimized content is not just enough, you have to go the extra mile to make your blog & its post reach out to people to --- convince them, extract value, or buy your propositions.

Here are the 5 Blogging tools that work well to consolidate your blog’s marketability and social media visibility in an instant.

Let’s look at them!

1. Sumo --- “Advanced display rules, integrations, pro insights & more…”


With more than 5 million users globally, Sumo is a great tool for integration & insights to add more versatility and power to your usual static blogs.

Sumo is a tried & tested tool that helps with increasing website traffic to online followers to content readership. The tool supports in improving the signups, gaining more subscribers, convincing users to share the content & lot more.

  • Helps with creating beautiful pop-ups, steragtically configured to appear at desired touchpoints --- to capture potential customers' name & email address.
  • Comes with cool features to amplify content sharing & readership.
  • Lets you know what's hot & what’s not on your blog via its heat map function.
  • Keeps you posted on which pages are shared frequently, how much traffic is coming to your site, how much time users are spending on site, and other insights (Btw, it has good integration with Google Analytics).

The tool helps to add social media sharing buttons, analytics, email capture forms, A/B split testing, intricate templates, and a lot more.

In real life: People have experienced a 1000% increase in email lists with this tool, overnight!

2. Sendinblue --- ”email options, SMS marketing, live chat…”

. Sendinblue

The tool is the best option to increase your online presence as it has advanced email options, personalized email templates, and other features like: Custom SMS market & Live chat A/B testing, heat maps & real-time statistics to create a converting email marketing copy Re-targeting Landing page creation Facebook ads module The tool is an easy way to get the most from your marketing campaigns. With it, you can send in personalized emails to existing customers & keep them retained and catered.

3. Revive old post --- “updates your social media feed, even if you don’t have time”

Revive old post

The tool helps in automatically sharing your blog posts to social media feeds --- at the intervals decided by you. 

  • The tool integrates well with your WordPress blog and randomly makes a selection of the blog post to be shared over your social media feeds. 
  • This tool is best for bloggers who don’t have time to promote their blogs, who forget about their old posts or don’t even think about the social media presence much.
  • You can include/exclude certain pages from sharing, and it works best for two popular social media platforms --- Facebook & Twitter.

4. Mashshare --- “add eye-catching social media buttons to your blog”


Mashshare is used by 70,000 websites & has great reviews from people who tuned in with it.

The tool helps to add eye-catchy, triggering social share buttons that are large enough for people to ignore. The tool has n number of features to offer for the bloggers looking for maximizing their reach:

  • Twitter cards & open graph support
  • Widgets showing most-shared posts
  • Options to conceal share counts -- when it is below a certain number
  • Mobile responsive feature in add-on
  • Supports Twitter & Facebook, additional social media channels are available on add-ons

If you have impeccable essays or content and social media share buttons, people will get tempted to share it!

5. HootSuite --- “Lets you manage every social media you own”

How would you like a tool that lets you automatically share on over 35 social media feeds… oh, even including Pinterest? Crazy right?

 HootSuiteHootsuite tool lets you manage your blog posts & other content sharing for social media via just one platform. You just have to draft posts for social media channels where your blogging site is active, schedule the posts as per the time you feel is right, and voila, without missing the beat, your posts will be up online (despite the time zones differences between you & your readers).

And oh… - Even if you are hurriedly typing posts, the tool has an in-built spell checker -- the tool always keeps you up with perfect posts.

6. Loomly

Loomly is one of the best social media management tools that can encourage a large team collaboration. It can have compressive plans for a team as large as  26 people. The Core features such as automated publishing, post previewing, and targeting the audience makes it stand out of all. 

It has a 15 days of free trial option. Above all it allows real time optimisation of post. Hence, if you have a large team and want all the members of the team to collaborate on the social media strategy then only can be an excellent option.

7. Meet Edgar

The automation and scheduling feature of this tool stands out of all the others. It can be used to automate the process of sharing relevant posts on social media accounts. It automatically curates appropriate posts and shares them. 

You can set your social media on the track and forget about it. The unmatchable automation and scheduling feature of this tool can help you make social media marketing here.

The store also allows you to check the engagement and response for each post. You have a free trial for 7 days. If you are a time-strapped business person then here is your tool. 

8. Sprout Social

The platform usability publishing feature and Analytics features of Sprout Social makes it one of the best social media management tools. You have an excellent dashboard to manage your social networks at a single glance. You can also optimize your social media with amazing tools.

Analytics and reports can help you manage the engagement and return on investment. Above all, you can also schedule posts to automate it.  

If you are unsure of the value you will get by choosing this platform, go for a 30 days trial. You can use the software to manage social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram , LinkedIn , Pinterest, Google+, etc. You can use the professional plan to manage 10 social media accounts at once. The standard plan allows you to manage 5 social media accounts.

Your Take on Top Blogging Tools for Beginners?

Whether you are starting out as a blogger or have been around for quite long years, the above 20+ top blogging tools for beginners divided for --- Headline, content ideas, optimization, SEO, marketing are the easiest way to meet your purpose of:

  • Increasing engagement with blog audiences.
  • Driving potential traffic.
  • Maximizing readership or buying prospects.

Just pick up the best blogging tools as per your needs to grow that email list, generate that stellar headline, concise that lengthy image, write that crisp essay, find those competitive keywords, and you will be good to go.

If you are not sure about which blogging tool to go about & how --- consulting a full-suite Digital Marketing Company would be a much-needed help.

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  • Drive Customer Engagement
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