How Much Is The Average Cost Of A Small Business Website?

 12 Aug, 2022


Every company needs a website in today's creatively digital economy to ensure marketing success.

About half of all customers look for nearby businesses online. Here is your chance to show potential customers that you can meet their needs by responding to their online inquiries.

Despite this, a lot of small company owners fail to create a quality website for a variety of reasons, such as lack of time, money, or competence. You have the chance to take advantage of these mistakes as an opportunity to create a website with expert design to surpass the competition as a merchant or service provider.

Ever wondered what is small business website cost? An expert from JanBask Digital Design can inform you what is the average cost of a small business website. 

Whether you run an online, offline, or hybrid business, your website serves as your online showroom, therefore it makes sense to spend money on expert web design. But what is a small business web design cost?

Small firms will typically invest $2000 to $10,000 to construct a website. The elements of your website will determine what is the average cost of small business web design.

Due to their complexity, websites with additional features or components that are custom-built typically cost more. You may be aware of the typical price to create a website for a small business, but how does that figure come to be?

You have several pricing elements to consider when it comes to small company web design prices, many of which are crucial.

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Factors affecting Small Business Website Design Cost

As the best website design for small businesses, these factors matter the most:

1. Domain Identity

Your domain name serves as an equivalent of your internet address. For instance, Apple can be found at because that is its domain name. In most cases, like Apple, you'll buy a domain name that's the same as your business name.

A domain name typically ranges in price from $0.95 to $12.

Companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, and Dreamhost let you browse their domain name inventory and buy it. If your domain name is not up for sale, you might have to go with another choice. Although you can get in touch with the domain name's current owner, doing so usually costs extra.

2. Hosting Your Website

Website hosting is similar to your online electricity provider if your domain name is like your online address. If you want to switch on the lights for your online business, you need a website hosting package. 

This is so that web hosting firms can power and make your website accessible via the Internet.

The annual cost of website hosting ranges from $24 to $24,000.

You'll usually pay less for web hosting as a small business.

For instance, the majority of small websites use shared hosting, which ranges in price from $24 to $120 per year. Your business will "share" a server with multiple other websites when you choose shared hosting. Shared hosting is less expensive as a result.

types of Web Hosting

Although shared hosting has more constrained server resources, small sites frequently benefit from it because they use fewer resources overall.

You can always upgrade your plan if you discover that you require additional server resources, such as a result of a slow website.

3. Web Design Services For Small Businesses

Design is a cost component that varies significantly when it comes to small company web design expenses. Your business might want a simple design, whilst another might prefer a high-end layout that takes more designer effort.

Additionally, you'll probably require a variety of designs or templates, such as for the pages listed below:

  • Home page
  • Contact us page
  • Service or the product page

As web design services for small businesses, we can say the price of designing a website can therefore range from $2,000 to $15,000.

Small firms often won't incur design fees of $15,000 or more.

Website design layout

Inquire about the costs of the designs while meeting with web design companies. Ask for examples of both high-end and basic designs, for instance, so you can create a reasonable budget for your company.

4. The Need For SSL Certificate

Your website and the data of its visitors are protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

Although it is optional, the majority of organizations view an SSL certificate as crucial. It acts as a symbol of trust, encouraging consumers to fill out your contact form or buy your product.

Additionally shielding client data from hackers, SSL certificates defend your company's reputation.

Your business may occasionally qualify for a free SSL certificate. For instance, your site hosting provider might include an SSL certificate with your subscription. However, based on your requirements, you can decide to spend up to $1500 annually on an SSL certificate, which will secure your website.

5. Advanced Functionality

Functionality in web design refers to a wide range of functions, with an emphasis on e-commerce features in most cases. When budgeting for your small business's website design, consider functionality costs if your organization plans to accept online payments or purchases.

Offering online payments is beneficial even if you provide services like landscaping, plumbing, or home maintenance. Online payments are convenient for many consumers.

If the website for your company allows for online transactions, this could be a distinctive selling point that attracts more customers.

Costs for functional elements in web design range from $2,000 to $25,000. Your functionality costs will probably fall between the lower and higher ends as a smaller company.

The reason for this is that smaller websites don't need the same kind of reliable payment methods that big websites like Amazon have. Speak with a qualified web design company, such as JanBask Digital Design, for the most exact cost estimate for this small business website design.

website designs

As small business website web design experts, we can assist your business in deciding which eCommerce platforms would be most beneficial for your website and operations. Simply reach out to JanBask Digital Design to speak!

6. Number Of Pages

The sizes of websites vary. A service-based business might have fewer than 10 pages whereas an online store may have over 100. Even if the pages share some layouts, designing and developing those pages takes effort from a web design and development standpoint.

An online store might have 50 product pages, for instance. The design template for those product pages is the same.

But in addition to testing the sites, your SMB web development company must submit images, videos, and copies to those pages. Websites with more pages cost more since these operations require longer.

landing page

For sites with 1 to 50 pages, which is the typical number of pages for small business websites, page prices can range from $1000 to $5000.

Website design companies typically charge per page in tiers, such as 1 to 10 pages or 10 to 20 pages. For instance, if your company needed 8 pages, you would fall into the 1- to 10-page group and pay the charge for that tier.

7. Seamless CMS Solution

You may develop, manage, and update the content of your company's website using a CMS without having any coding experience. It resembles working in a word processing tool like Microsoft Word for many users.

Your business can easily change and update your website with a CMS. For instance, you could quickly log into your CMS and adjust if you wanted to alter a service or product price without getting in touch with your developer.

A CMS typically costs between $2,000 and $25,000.

The degree of customization and your choice of CMS will often determine how much you invest in a CMS.

It makes it natural that your CMS will cost more if your design and development team spends more time customizing it.

8. Hiring Small Business Website Experts

Some business owners think that building a DIY website will save them money. This idea makes perfect sense in theory but less in reality. This is so because entrepreneurs may be unaware of the technicalities of a service provider for creating small business websites.

A self-service website can be acquired for nothing or less than $1000. In the meanwhile, the starting price for a professional website starts at $3,000 to $5000.But, you are bound to enjoy seamless web design services for small businesses in a hassle-free way.

Self-service website creation appears to be a cost-effective choice due to a price difference of several thousand dollars. Any amateur website builder will, however, rapidly discover the drawbacks of doing their web creation.

The JanBask Digital Design team is proficient in website building and designing. Additionally, they employ both simple and complex search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. For a website to be found by potential clients, effective SEO techniques and strategies are crucial.

Instead, you exclude all the errors needed to construct a website correctly. Additionally, it saves time because professionals can maintain your website, fix issues with it, and make it searchable online.

Professional web designs

The money that seasoned web designers save on website design expenses is more than made up for in time savings. You don't want to have to pay for a website again as a business owner since the DIY supplier fell short the first time. Additionally, business owners will have to make do with a simple, plain web presence that doesn't demonstrate what they do for clients unless they are already familiar with the complexities of web design.

The creation of websites requires a full-time job. The majority of business owners feel that working with a team of professionals is more profitable and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Price Should You Set For A Website For A Company?

A web designer's typical hourly rate is $75. An entry-level business website in the US typically costs $6,760 to set up, design, develop, and populate with content. However, these prices can fluctuate based on your needs and other considerations.

What Is The Price Of Building A Business Website?

Small business Website Design can cost anywhere from $200 to more than $10,000. The price of a website depends on its size, complexity, and whether it was created by a professional. 

If you want to design your website from scratch, hire experts from JanBask Digital Design as they can help save costs, time, and resources. 

What Is The Cost To Maintain A Small Business Website?

The typical cost of developing a website for a small business is between $2000 and $10,000. You must design and create your website in addition to getting a domain name and hosting package.

What Is The Price Of Creating A Five-Page Website?

A website's price varies widely depending on its features and layout. Our experts can propose a wide range of perspectives and prices based on your business requirements. Typically, a five-page website with bespoke graphics costs between $500 and $1000 or more.

However, its best to connect with JanBask Digital Design’s experts for an estimated cost.


At JanBask Digital Design, we realize how crucial it is for businesses to create relationships with their potential clients or consumers. To assist businesses in creating those connections, we encourage innovation and creativity. More importantly, we assist businesses in setting themselves apart from rivals.

To find out more about creating a strategy to support your company's expansion, get in touch with us online.

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