All you need to know about Website Maintenance Cost

 25 May, 2021

Introduction on website maintenance cost

Website Maintenance Costs are haunting you? Or are you still wondering whether or not you should know about the cost of website maintenance!

Well, that's the amount of time or rather a fraction of  50 milliseconds which your users are going to take in order to judge you and make a decision for choosing/ leaving your website, after landing on your website. 

Your conversions depend on your website's appearance for more than 47% of the cases. The quality of content or the cost of maintaining a website everything makes sense when you get conversions. Everything needs to be outstanding, fresh and should offer a seamless UI when it comes to online users or online presence of your brand/ business in the form of a website.    

Well, this leads you to understand that is it really important to consider how much does it cost to maintain a website? Of course it is! Believe us or not, these facts do the talking…

  • With Website Maintenance, all the modules and plugins remain up-to-date thus adding to the overall security of the website.

  • Updated content is something which adds to the conversion and overall visibility of your brand when you choose for website maintenance.

  • Website Maintenance also ensures that your website has no bugs or errors, which in turn gives your users the best experience online.

  • Increased the efficiency of the website with better optimisation. When you ask any consultant about how much does it cost to maintain a website and what steps generally you follow. Then this becomes an integral part of  the website maintenance service. 

  • With regular analysis of the competition your business has, website maintenance can also help in beautification of the website for better visual appeal and improve UI for your visitors.

  • If these compelling reasons have made you know more about the cost of maintaining a website; then go on reading as here you will get to know everything about how much does it cost to maintain a website.

We will talk about:

  • Top 9 website maintenance costs and will even cover the hidden ones.  

  • Next, we will help you understand the pricing specific to your business size

  • We will talk about a checklist to help you understand the average cost to maintain a website

  • Details on cost of maintaining a website and its reduction methods

  • And finally our concluding thought on how much does it cost to maintain a website 

Let us get to know about how much does it cost to maintain a website in much details:

Top 10 website maintenance costs you never knew about!

Are you wondering why the cost of maintaining a website is so high? Do you still not understand what all should be offered or covered in cost to maintain a website? Well, a clear breakdown of website maintenance costs can help you have a better insight. Let us have a look at these website maintenance costs:

1. Domain Registration Costs

Your business or start-up needs a domain for a professional website. You can surely go for free domain as well as subdomains for your business website. However, here the options are limited and you might not be able to get something to match your business goals, or make you look professional as you want it to be. This could be a good idea, when you are looking for some hobby or small personal blogging website.  

The price for Domain name annually can be dependent on many factors. These factors could be domain registrar or the ending name which you choose for your domain for a business website. The range is generally $10- $15 per year. However, as stated here it varies depending on some factors and when you choose special domain names, you might end up paying more.  

2. Hosting Charges

Depending on your needs, there are various types and sizes of websites which you can have for your business. There are different types of features and performances which you can choose and make your website personalised as per your requirements. Some of these types of websites for which you pay hosting charges are listed here.

Also, research more about hosting types and charges in case you want to do it on your own. Then you can compare with what is being offered to you. Shared hosting or dedicated hosting plans are also one of the options to be considered depending on your budget for website maintenance costs.

You can also ask your website maintenance service provider to create an email address(es) for your domain free of cost. Otherwise, if you do not get it for free, you might have to spend on the same while you get it done from some other service provider. In case, you are willing to spend your time and efforts you can go ahead and do this part on your own as well.   

3. Content Update

When you talk about conversion, marketing comes into play. And your marketing is incomplete without the “King”. Yes, you guessed it right: Content!

Up-to-date content speaks so much about your brand. Such as it shows your expertise, helps you gain visitors and rank you better on the search engines. This is all included in the website maintenance cost and when you pay for it, you can be sure of getting some results. Creating content and marketing it the right way, both are equally important, and these services too can be outsourced. Hence, you need some strategy to help you create better content and market it even better.

4. Cost to Update the Website

The software which you are using for your professional website is one of the factors which impacts the website maintenance cost. The charges to update the software for the website varies for different types. For instance, the CMS or content management systems like WordPress or Joomla these costs are almost negligible as you can have the plugins or themes on your own. In case you are using paid themes, plugins or templates, you will have to pay for the license, which becomes yet another cost to be considered when you talk about how much does it cost to maintain a website.

5. SSL Certification

The cost of maintaining a website includes SSL certification cost as well. This certification encrypts the data passing through your professional/ personal website and helps it be safe for visitors by keeping their information safe. Irrespective of the website type, security is something that can not be denied. And keeping it trustworthy for your visitors is also important. When the visitors don't feel secure at your website, they might choose not to visit you. And hence it is important to have SSL Certification.

According to a survey, when people don't find your website secure, then 75% of them abandon online transactions. In case, your website is not eCommerce, and you do not deal in transactions, then also SSL certifications add to the security of the website & Google also values such websites, hence it is an important point to consider when you talk about the cost to maintain a website.

Some SSL certificates are free of the cost offered by the web hosting providers, however, you might have to pay some price for stronger and secure SSL Certifications.

6. Cost for Design Update

Overall design of the website might have some glitches from the Users’ point of view or even technical issues. Apart from that, even SEO optimization needs some design changes in the website. All this comes under Website Maintenance costs. The average cost to maintain a website will also depend on this factor. Apart from this, designing also includes images for blog posts, infographic designs, sales banners, banners for headers and footers of the web pages, and many more.

When you wish to cut on this part for the cost of website maintenance, then you can surely go about learning to design and doing it on your own, you can hire a designer/ freelancer or even outsource the website designing services, or only designing services from some website designing agency.

7. Technical Support Cost

Technical issues might occur without any prior notice and hence you need someone who can handle these on the go such that it doesn't have any impact on your business core processes.

Some of the technical issues need immeditable resolutions, while some can wait; nonetheless, it is better to have these services and they are covered under the average cost to maintain a website. Some of the common technical issues can be broken contact forms or issues with payment gateway for eCommerce websites.

8. Analytics and Tracking Costs

Well, you can get an easy-to-go solution for this! In order to get the monthly summary of your website’s performance, you can use software (free and paid both) to get analytics. You will get to know the performance based on various parameters such as search engine optimization, number of website visitors, average time which users spend on your website, the average bounce rate of your website and many more.

You can even understand Users' Selling Point (USP) for your business in case you have not thought over it yet. This needs to be considered in the cost to maintain a website.

9. Marketing and SEO

Your profitability depends on how well you market your website or how good your marketing strategy is. These do not work on a one-time basis, you need to spend time and effort forever on your plans. Also, the plans that you make needs to be updated as per the market trends of that time. Hence, you need professionals who can work on it in a determined way to bring timely changes or updates.

With a marketing strategy, you need to build an audience base, generate website traffic, increase your sales, and much more. Apart from that, SEO, email marketing, Facebook ads management, Google ad management, social media marketing, and many more.

10. Ecommerce support system

In case you have an eCommerce website, the payment system plays an important role in your website. Accept payment, fulfill orders, and many more tasks are coordinated using the eCommerce support system. Your system remains secure, live as well as updated with such systems, and you need to make sure it is included in your website maintenance plan.

Additionally, it works as technical support, here as well, in case of issues, you can raise a ticket and get the issue resolved, as some of them are so important that it needs a quick solution. In case you are a medium or big size business website you need a quicker or faster turnaround time for resolving issues, and hence you need a website maintenance service which is expensive.

Do you think there need to be some more factors to consider when it comes to the cost of website maintenance or how much to maintain a website? If yes, then please let us know in the comment section.

Website maintenance Costs: Approximate values based on your business size

How big or small your business impacts on the complication or features of your website, which in turn decides how much to maintain a website is needed to be paid. Let us help you with some approximate data to help you understand your requirement for website maintenance costs based on the size of your business:

Checklist for Website Maintenance Cost

Website Maintenance Checklist

Another checklist that we have mentioned here is for website maintenance. This will help you, in case you decide to check the SLA for your service provider, or in case you want to do it yourself for your website. 

How to reduce website maintenance cost?

Do you think you might end up paying too much for website maintenance costs, but you know that you still need the services? Well, in that case, let us suggest some ways so that you can reduce the cost to maintain a website.     

  • List down all your expenses for website maintenance and try to sort them out based on different categories. 

  • And then you can list down the options which you have for each category to compare what you are paying or have planned to pay. You can even list out some of the costs for the services which you can do on your own, this will help you reduce the website maintenance cost. You can even list out some vital and non-vital factors.

  • From the list you have prepared, look out for better and cheaper alternatives for the non-vital items on your list. In case, you have a smaller business and less complicated website, you might not need premium paid tools and hence you can look for unpaid or free versions.    

  • Look out for cheaper web hosting options with better features for your website.

  • You are advised to find out ways that can help to upkeep your website process and make it efficient than before. This will in turn help in saving money, time as well as efforts. 

Conclusion on website maintenance cost

You as a business owner can either understand these website maintenance costs for your business and list out the ways to reduce them. In case you find it cumbersome, and think that you have resources only to help in the core business process. Then it is advisable to hire some professionals to help you with website maintenance. This might help you channelize your efforts in the needed direction adding to the profitability of your business.

On the other hand, if you are someone who offers website maintenance services, and is keen to know how much I should charge to maintain a website; then these charges should be considered while you quote. Also, make sure you do not miss out on the hidden website maintenance costs. You can also get some value added to your work by following the trends in website maintenance.

Do you think your website maintenance costs include something else as well from what we have mentioned? If yes, then please help us know more about it in the comments.  

Also, can you give an estimate of the website maintenance cost for your domain, so that others have an idea and can compare what they need to pay or are they paying the right amount, in case they already have website maintenance service. 


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Hayes Bell
Hayes Bell

I am a small business owner, and I contacted a digital agency for my business website. They are charging extra fees for website maintenance, I thought they should provide maintenance service at least for a few initial months.

Caden Thomas
Caden Thomas

Is it necessary to hire an SEO team for website maintenance?

Kayson Powell
Kayson Powell

My older business website is getting too slow, I want to redesign the same website. What will be the approx? expenditure to get it renewed.

SEO Services Castle Rock, CO
SEO Services Castle Rock, CO

Thanks for delivering such an exciting post. I hope to see more great posts like this in the future and keep the good work going on.

Emilio Davis
Emilio Davis

Nice written blog, highlighted a few very good points for website maintenance. Must read!

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