Digital Marketing Techniques For 10X Online Sales

 20 Apr, 2022


Do you know there are 2 billion websites on the world wide web? What is your strategy to stand out?

With over 2.14 billion people worldwide expected to shop online by 2022, how will you ensure reaching out to this massive opportunity before the competitors? 

Companies using digital marketing services have 2.8 times better revenue growth chances than those using traditional marketing practices. So what is the digital marketing strategy that will turn the table for you?

Not having the right digital marketing strategy in place will make you lose out on a significant share of online business, miss out on the target customers likely to buy your product or services, and let competitors eat away at your meal!

Best digital marketing techniques get you better reach, improve lead nurturing rate, buds brand reputation, generate a higher return on investment, get you customer lifetime value, and much more! 

This blog talks about the best digital marketing techniques to achieve unprecedented online business growth. 

Let’s get going!

Best Digital Marketing Techniques For 10X Business Growth

Online business is challenging, with new eCommerce websites being launched on daily basis. Great offers, services, and pricing are available to lure online customers. Thereby, to stand out and ensure you reach the target audience at the right time, engage them and turn them into customers a solid digital marketing technique is inevitable. 

Let's take a look at some of the most popular marketing techniques, digital marketing strategy example that can gain 10x faster business results.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Gets You Better Ranking

93% of all online interactions start with a search engine. 

SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique that involves practices that focus on improving your company's website's rank higher on Google and other search engines. The higher your website ranks on search engines, the more chances it is to grow your brand. Here are types of SEO strategies that every SEO strategist need to focus on to get the actually desired ranking:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO includes everything that you can directly control on your website to improve rankings and overall user experience on your site. It mainly focuses on optimizing your website content to boost the website's ranking for specific keywords. Some important on-page SEO practices include- conducting an SEO audit, defining your site architecture, optimizing URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, internal links, and image alt text maintaining optimum keyword density throughout the page.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes all the SEO activities that are done off the website in an effort to increase the site's search engine rankings. It focuses on building quality backlinks from reputable and relevant sources to help you build trust with search algorithms and improve its domain authority. Common off-page SEO practices include- building backlinks, encouraging branded searches, creating Shareable Content, boosting social media engagement, and so on.

Explore On-Page vs Off-Page SEO: 16 Effective SEO Methods to Boost Rankings!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on a website's backend architecture, like site code and it must be SEO optimized as Google cares about technical set-up as it does for the content of your site. It ensures that your website’s backend is SEO optimized to make sure that it is free of any technical issues that prevent it from being understood and ranked by search engines. It includes practices- creates an XML sitemap, considers enabling AMP, uses SSL, adds structured data markup, eliminates 404s or broken pages, and more.

Mobile SEO

After Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing, mobile SEO becomes an integral part of the overall SEO strategy. Mobile SEO optimization involves ensuring your site and site content are available and efficiently accessible to visitors on mobile devices, so they can have a unified experience and receive the same value as desktop browsers. Practices that come under Mobile SEO are- Make sure to have a mobile responsive design, use structured data, optimize speed for mobile, Don't block CSS, JavaScript, or images, and more.

Bonus point, here is the SEO process for best results:

SEO process

These SEO practices help you rank your company or business website high on search engines and can turn out to be the best digital marketing technique as you have a better chance of building trust with your clientele, to converting them into a customer.

Read more on search engine marketing tools helpful in enhancing visibility on different search engines.

2. Pay-per-click For Higher Traffic

“Brand awareness can be increased  up to 80% through Google PPC ads.”

Paid advertising or PPC is a digital marketing technique that allows businesses to promote a product or service with online ads and draw paid traffic to their business website. The advertiser will pay the publisher every time their ad has been clicked by the visitor. Effective PPC campaigns provide high relevancy with your PPC ads and this enables generating more sales.

Let’s discuss PPC's latest trends continue to adapt as the market and industry are moving towards-

Voice Search For PPC Campaigns

PPC allows you to leverage voice search by running campaigns that are optimized specifically toward voice search to allow customers to make a purchase using their voice command. Voice search campaigns are conversational, mobile-friendly, and allow you to understand your customer behavior and make most of your investment while improving your customer's lifetime value.

It is recommended to use long-tail keywords when running a PPC ad if you want your ad to appear in the most exact voice search results.

Smart  Automated Bidding

Your bid impacts where Google appears your ad in search results and determines how much you have to pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad.

Smart Bidding is a subset of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize bids and strategically raise and lower your keyword bids to maximize your conversions in each and every auction—this feature is known as “auction-time bidding”. You can choose bidding type-Target CPA, Target ROAS, and Maximize conversion value as they all come under Smart Bidding strategies.

If you want to create a successful PPC campaign, start by setting a PPC bid management strategy. You can leverage tools for smart bidding and Location Insertion to broaden your reach and make more profit.

Explore 18 proven lead generation strategies with pro tips & tricks.

API for Campaign Optimization

Ads Data Hub is an API that helps marketers generate insightful reports for effective PPC campaigns. It allows marketers to have access to comprehensive reporting and measurement capabilities to reach potential customers. 

These PPC practices, not only help you reach more potential customers but enable you to deliver a personalized consumer experience that customers love. Hope it answers what is a digital marketing strategy for you!

Looking to explore good search engine marketing tools? Here is the best tool guide.

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3. Social Media Marketing to Boost Brand Reach

“56% of marketers said that social media marketing contributes greatly to ROI.” (Statista)

Social media marketing is a digital marketing technique that refers to the use of social media platforms & networks to build awareness & market a company's products and services in their desired culture, mission, or tone. Let’s see the best social media marketing practices that can help you engage with existing customers and reach new ones.

Choose The Right Platform

Each social media platform serves a different purpose, you should choose the platform where your targeted customers are probably more active. For researching your customers, you can conduct a competitor audit or study their most engaging content to craft a better one for your,

By choosing the right social media platform for your brand and tailoring your brand messages for each, you’ll better be able to reach your target audience more effectively.

Read more: How to use social media for small businesses? 10 tips to sail through.

Establish And Maintain Your Brand\'s Voice

Building and maintaining an authentic brand voice is key for businesses to succeed. To maintain your brand voice follow the basics, start with performing a social media audit across all of your accounts. Secondly, ensure your logos, banners, bios, posting cadences and handles are consistent and aligned with your brand guidelines, and audit regularly.

To develop a brand voice and tone, you can use social media listening to validate some of your writing styles. Secondly, you can audit your own social media posts to analyze customer response and see where you can improve in voice and tone for better engagement. Being a brand you have to ensure that your social team writing new posts following the same voice and tone.

Maintain a Social Calendar to Post Time

Social media content calendar help you visualize your social content strategy over a period of time and stay organized and consistent across all social channels. It helps you plan your social media marketing efforts aligned with your business goal around important opportunities in your industry or company. Make sure you’re posting on a consistent schedule consistently and that your content maintains the right brand voice.

Explore 15 most powerful social media monitoring tools in 2022.

Use Tools to Plan And Automate Tasks

Using social media automation tools you can engage with your audience across several platforms in one place and enable you to monitor brand mentions, replies, and messages. Great social media automation tools come with heaps of features to make your marketing efforts seamless.

Here are some good examples of great social media tools are- ContentStudio, ShareIt, HootSuite, Buzzsumo, and Sprout Social.

All the above-listed digital marketing techniques of social media allow businesses to leverage social platforms to the extent of their reach to potential social audiences and grow their business.

Explore digital marketing strategy examples to multiply your online sale.

4. Content Marketing for Higher Organic Traffic

“73% of marketers said that content marketing can bring excellent ROI.” (Statista)

Content marketing is a digital marketing technique that allows businesses to educate their customers through valuable quality content instead of directly pitching them for sales about their products. 

Content marketing in combination with other digital marketing strategies such as SEO and email marketing builds trust and helps your audience make a smart purchasing decision. 

The content marketing strategy should focus on:

B2B Content Marketing Goals

Let’s unbox digital marketing techniques for effective content marketing-

Social Media Content Marketing

Depending on what you’re offering and the type of and quality of content you post on social media, several social media platforms help you spread more awareness about your brand and make money directly. You can share photos, live videos, pre-recorded videos, and stories to get higher engagement and sell products, book appointments, and collect customer leads through social media marketing.

Blog Content Marketing

Blogs are a powerful type of inbound content and allow for a lot of creativity to enforce great user engagement. Using a blog, you can promote other internal and external content and blog articles via links, add social share buttons, and incorporate product information. Blog content marketing is a great source to drive user engagement with a brand and smartly drive leads to get it to convert.

Video Content Marketing

Videos are a great source of effective messaging, more than 69% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a brand's product or service through video. Additionally, video marketing can boost conversions by 80%, improve ROI, and help you build strong relationships with audience members but all you need to create a persuasive video. You can choose to share your video content on social media platforms, landing pages, or on a co-marketers website to get more spread it and get more conversions.

Podcast Content Marketing

Podcast content marketing has emerged as one of the most lead-driven influencing digital marketing techniques. Apart from effective messaging, podcasts allow for a lot of creativity as they can be about any topic of choice. Additionally, you determine other factors related to your podcast such as cadence of episodes, how advertisers deliver your message, who's on the podcast, where you advertise the podcast, and how long episodes are.

The general approach for content marketing is understanding the audience, doing keyword research, leveraging personalization, and setting effective messaging with a clear brand objective. Whatever kind of content you publish, only relative & quality content can help your business succeed. 

Looking to outsource content marketing feel free to reach experienced digital marketing company services like us.

5. Email Marketing For Leads Nurturing

“75% of agency marketers said that email marketing  can bring an excellent boost to leads & ROI.”

Email marketing is one of the highest ROI generating most economical digital marketing techniques of direct marketing to promote any business's products or services. In Email marketing business uses a series of emails to communicate with current and potential customers to accomplish a specific goal for the organization such as nurturing leads or encouraging engagement.

Let's see the steps to make your email marketing campaign more effective-

Understand Your Campaign Goal 

Before starting an email campaign, you need to understand what is your end objective this email campaign? What action do you want your contacts to take after they open your email? Is it intended for brand awareness, website traffic, revenue generation, and lead nurturing? Understanding the goal of your campaign gives your efforts the right direction to achieve tangible results. 

Define Your Target Audience

Clear visibility of the target audience helps you set an effective campaign and gain better conversion. You can do this by segmenting your subscribers for each campaign based on a variety of factors — demographic, interest from age, gender, and location to preferences, engagement levels, and online activity.

Choose Your Email Campaign Type

There are several types of emails that brands send out to achieve specific goals. The type you choose will depend on your goal and target audience.

Based on your campaign goal, type of audience, and level of marketing, you have to choose the right email strategy- welcome email promotional emails, seasonal emails, product update emails, product feedback emails, digital magazine or newsletter emails, event invitation email are the most popular types of email campaigns.

Choose The Perfect Time to Send Your Email

To get maximum engagement and response out of your emails, you need to send them out at the right time — it includes the hour and day of the week when your prospective customer is more active in their inbox.

Here is some email scheduling timing-related stats that you can consider- the best weekdays to send emails are Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday, and the best hours to send an email are 10 am 2 pm, and 8 pm. While scheduling always keep in mind that the right time could vary depending upon location, time zone, and target audience.

Don’t forget to follow basic guidelines like personalization, brand logo, maintaining optimum frequency, cleaning mailing list, using effective CTA, using auto-responders for opt-ins, writing compelling but concise subject lines and email copy, and more.

If you are not that confident, in executing it yourself, it's good to outsource email marketing services from a leading digital marketing agency like JanBask Digital Design.

Read more on what is digital marketing strategy & how to structure digital plan for your business.

6. Influencer Marketing for Real-Time Engagement

Endorsements and product mentions from influencers help your brand engage with the audience. This digital marketing technique involves external content creators, or influencers, who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within the particular niche.

Macro Influencer Marketing 

Micro-Influencer Marketing is the practice of marketing a product or service through micro-influencers, who generally has more than 100,000 followers and at least a 3% engagement rate.

An influencer who comes under this category could be a celebrity, TV personality, athlete, or thought leader in their community. You can leverage macro influencer marketing but they are signed to influencer agencies, and as a result, can command high fees for getting in partnership with any brand. They could be a great source of brand awareness and lead generation to generate higher revenue.

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Micro-Influencers have followers between 10,000 and 100,000 and are considered specialists in a particular niche. Micro influencer marketing helps you gain higher audience engagement which in term generates leads and conversions.

In both types of influence marketing, stick with basics- set clear goals, emphasize authenticity, give influencers an optimum amount of creative control, set effective brand guidelines, and make sure your influencers have disclosed their posts are sponsored by your brand. All these practices will help you start and maintain a successful influencer campaign.

Learn how to maximize your ROI from digital marketing.

7. Affiliate Marketing for Better Performance

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising model in which a company pays one or more affiliates to advertise their products and services and generate sales through the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Affiliates effectively place ads or market your products or services on their website, app, or blog to help you gain potential leads.

Affiliate marketing is an umbrella term covering many digital marketing techniques to employ and generate profit. Here are the most preferred ones.


Coupons are one of the best digital marketing strategy examples being used for affiliate marketing for many years,  coupons let your customers get a discount offer and a great deal on a particular product. Throw coupons, as you help people save some money, they are going to keep coming back. This makes the deal profitable for your business as well as customers.

The best strategy for using coupons is always to share the best deals at your disposal. Even if the commission isn’t going to be as expected but you are going to earn the loyalty &  trust of your audience and it will eventually pay back in long run.


The technique of writing and publishing affiliate reviews has been called involved affiliate marketing. Writing Reviews is also the most effective digital marketing strategy example and the best technique that you can leverage for the product selling as it is the best seal of approval and building trust.


Another popular and most trending affiliate marketing method. They are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to reach your audience, and educate them about an individual product in an interactive and user-friendly way. 

To start a webinar prepare an outline of the most important points you would like to discuss during the online session. You can also create a few sneak peeks videos, upload them to Youtube, promote them on social media and analyze viewer responses.

These methods will boost traffic and generate more leads & ROI From the Digital Marketing campaign.

8. Video Marketing is Critical For Higher Reach

Video marketing is the use of video content to promote and market your product or service, increase user engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience via informative or interesting video content. It encourages user engagement by sharing interesting content like sharing behind the scenes of your business, brand stories, and interesting facts.

Video Marketing Process:

Video Marketing Process

Here is a list of four different types of video marketing methods that you can do on your own:

Educational videos

Educational videos help you show yourself as a subject matter expert and are intended to teach people or make them learn about the subject- how to use any product or service, and related information.

Company culture videos

Show your company’s culture and personality for building an image among your audience. This type of video marketing is used to establish trust between your business and the public by showing your brand values.

Product videos

Help you showcase your products and their features in the way they get people interested in making purchases.  This is the most trending video marketing method followed by product-based companies.

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos help you show that people love any product, service, or company.  This is again a great marketing method to help establish trust.

In all the above-listed video marketing methods, you must be clear with the marketing goal, should use effective targeting, and the video should focus on effective messaging. With these basic guidelines, you can make your video marketing more effective and result-driven.

So till now, we have discussed why businesses need digital marketing services and what is  digital marketing strategy or best techniques that you can leverage for your business growth. 

Need digital marketing strategy template or want to outsource a support team, feel free to reach JanBask Digital Design support team.

Let’s move on to the next section to understand why planning and implementing these digital marketing techniques is critical for online business growth. 

What Makes Digital Marketing Techniques Imperative For Business Growth

Business Growth

Globalizing Brand Reach

“86% of marketers have boosted brand awareness and customer reach by using one or more digital marketing channels.” 

No business can survive today without having an active digital presence. If you don’t go digital your business would probably struggle to stand or be left behind. 

Digital marketing techniques like allow businesses to get visible in any part of the world via- digital ad campaigns, and a solid digital presence across various digital platforms.  This gives small start-ups the rare opportunity to go global and transform into international companies without the need for any physical locations.

Improve Lead Nurturing Rate 

“80% of new leads to a website never translate into sales.”

Even after getting ample traffic, more than 70% of businesses are failing to nurture those leads. So, It is important to focus on leads before and after you have them so you can turn them into paying customers. Digital marketing techniques help maintain relationships with customers while building brand loyalty and trust.

Smart digital marketers like us, know that our job doesn’t end at lead generation, we know how to leverage digital marketing techniques to get good conversion and customer retention.

Build Brand Reputation

“75% of active marketers increased their company’s credibility and trust using digital marketing techniques.” 

Brand credibility is one of the key measures a business needs to acquire and penetrate the market. Digital marketing services set effective communication, allow you to proactively share customer accolades, respond to complaints, solve problems, answer questions, and manage crises. This makes customers feel their issues are being heard, and their problems are being addressed. All this helps in building a long-term relationship and brand reputation.

Greater Return on Investment

“40% of the businesses reported increased  ROI after implementing digital marketing techniques to promote their products or services”

Greater ROI is exactly what every business strives to earn, for survival and brand expansion. Lack of effective digital marketing and advertising techniques keeps you away from getting profitable leads and enjoying higher revenue.

A Professional digital marketing service helps you refine your digital marketing campaigns for better business performance and improved ROI.

Gain Competitive Edge

“86% of consumers prefer to check out your competition for at least half of their purchases.”

Digital marketing techniques are the real key to gaining a competitive edge. As the marketplace has consistently become more and more competitive, it’s become more common for customers to expect all brands, products, and services. Probably your competitors would leverage digital marketing techniques for continuous engagement with your audience. But if you don’t, it will make your competitor, even more, stronger to grab the potential market.

Looking for effective digital marketing services to help your businesses stay competitive and engage customers across different digital media channels with best fit digital marketing techniques.

Win Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is an important metric that every business needs to work upon for long-term success. Marketers spend most of their time trying to acquire new customers, which means loyal customers most times get overlooked. Maintaining relationships with those who are already your customer and have already purchased something from your business is crucial for small businesses that are in the growing stage. 

The most important part is planning and implementing these digital marketing techniques. It requires extensive research of persona, keywords, competitors, market, and much more. The best way to achieve promising results out of these digital marketing strategy examples is to work with a digital marketing agency that can turn your vision into reality. 

Explore more digital marketing funnel to understand modern-day digital marketing.

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  • Building brand awareness
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Now your know what is digital marketing strategy and how its services are crucial for your business's growth. With 5,168,780, 607 internet users Internet World Stats we are sure you don't want to miss out on this massive opportunity to connect with the right audience and turn them into your loyal customers. 

Digital marketing techniques are the way to make it happen, the right strategy will enhance your visibility, and get you a higher ranking and better organic traffic. 

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