Upgrade Your Email Signature With Five Simple Ways For Better Sales



15 Feb, 2024



Most of us never tend to think seriously about how our Email signatures can affect our overall business growth. Many companies must be having a professional statement or a stamp that they use at the bottom of every email they send, but not many of the marketers know about email signature and it's crucial for marketing. According to digital marketing experts, having a creative, unique and informative email signature can actually increase sales to a great extent. So, it is the high time to take your business to a new height through a classy email signature.

Let’s discuss three essential points mentioned below to let you understand in and out about email signatures and its importance for increasing sales.

  1. What is an email signature?
  2. Why is it so important?
  3. Five ways to upgrade email signature for getting maximum sales.

Finding a suitable approach for a company to get maximum sales is a time-consuming task. It is a crucial task, but if done properly, gives great results. Every business is required to produce eloquent conversations with potential consumers for enhancing their sales. Sales team in every firm spends a lot of time as well as hard work in the search for the correct prospects. This team involves themselves in calls, emails, direct mail, etc., but the most common touch point is the email.

Research shows that an average employee sends 9000-10000 emails in a year.

But for getting more returns from every email, it should contain all relevant marketing content. In addition to the content, an email signature plays also the role of the incredibly influential medium. You might believe it or not, but a business email signature plays a major role in enhancing the sales. We will now address above mentioned points for more details.

What Is an Email Signature?

An email signature is a set of text appended to the end of an email message that contains the sender's name and all contact information.

What is email signature

An Email Signature Of A Business Email Consists Of Following Things:

  • Your name
  • The brand you represent
  • Your job titles
  • Your contact information like phone, email, postal address.
  • Your website URL where the reader will get more information about you and your company
  • A tagline

Sometimes some of the users use these signatures to finish off the mail by offering some hilarious quotes or some attractive messages. Email signatures are not a rocket science, it’s just that you should know the right approach towards it. You must not be aware that most of the commonly used email platforms have this option and of the most widely used email platforms throughout the world is Gmail.

Why Is A Good Email Signature Important?

As we all know that email marketing is an effective tool for digital marketing. So, for getting maximum returns from an email marketing you need to impress the recipient with high-quality email content as well as the overall look of the email. The email signature also plays a major part in impressing the receiver.

In email marketing clienteles are more likely to contact you through email, therefore email signature is highly important.

  • It offers a higher level of acceptability and professionalism
  • It helps in giving immediate brand recognition
  • It validates the email
  • It gives information about you and your company
  • Increases the writer's personality
  • Enhances the email strategy
  • Assists the sender to look more well-behaved.

So, now when you have known how important your email signature for is a doing an effective email marketing, you must be wondering how you can upgrade your email signature for enhancing the sales

Five Ways To Upgrade Email Signature For Getting Maximum Sales

Make It Eye-Catching

Gone are the days when you were using only plain text for your signature. Nowadays, HTML email signature gives you the opportunity to make your signature colorful. You can use colors for highlighting the important text and you can choose the color that will match your brand.

Add Your Website Link

The Internet is a vast area of marketing and advertising for which it becomes very difficult for peoples to find out about your information. Therefore, adding a link to your website in the email signature will be a wise decision. It will both enhance your brand awareness as well as bring more traffic to your website.

Add Information To Prove Your Genuineness

Building trust in the customer is very important for business growth. Therefore, when you add any information in your email signature that will prove your genuine identity will help in developing trust with your consumer. For this, you can add the logo of your company, which will give them instant identity about your company. In addition, you can also add a photo of yourself that will show your genuine and will help in building a robust customer relationship and in enhancing sales. Moreover, photos and logos help in enhancing the brand consistency as well.

Including A Call To Action

The inclusion of call to action in email signature may look meaningless at first but it is a strong feature that can help in taking customers to the nest sales cycle. Like adding information about upcoming events, advertise your blog post, endorsing sales, link to client reviews etc.

Gives Links To Social Media Pages

Now more than 80% of the population is engaged in social media. So, giving your brand a social media presence is highly important. Including a link to your social media page in the email, the signature will help in enhancing your brand awareness.


So, now since you have realized the importance of the email signature, if you don't have one, you must create one as soon as possible. And if you have a standard email signature like a stamp of your company, you can make it more impressive with several ways discussed in this blog.

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