Effective Email Marketing Strategies with Example


 2 Jan, 2017

Effective Email Marketing Strategies with Example

Marketing is the boon for every business as it enhances business profitability and ROI (Return on Investment). Marketing is the medium of connecting with the targeted audience and indirectly force them to avail our services. As per today’s trend, marketing gets more advanced by using the latest technology. Marketing becomes digitized because of the use of digital channels namely Internet. The reason for the advancement of marketing technology is the invention of e-commerce business. E-commerce business is also known as an online business which means selling products or services online using the Internet.

Email Marketing Strategies with Example

Online business offers several opportunities in the marketing for selling and purchasing products or services. Additionally, several terminologies are used in online business namely e-commerce business, online shopping, digital marketing, and more. In all these terms, the most powerful term is the Digital Marketing, a process of promoting a brand or business using the digital channel mainly Internet. Digital Marketing offers several techniques for promoting a business over the web namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and lots more.

Email marketing strategy

Benefits of Digital Promotional Activities

In this blog, we are going to discuss email marketing and tips to build powerful email to gain the attention of targeted audience.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing that enables brand owners to directly interact with the targeted audience. In Email Marketing, an email is sent to the list of customers to educate them about our products and services. The promotional email is also called as “Short in All” which means that small amount of content with at least one image and button controls. The whole business and its offer are effectively described in a small mail.

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Effective Email Marketing Strategies with Example

Maximum one call-to-action event

If you want to draw highly effective email for marketing, then the mail should consist only one call-to-action which can ensure higher conversion rate.

Design for thumbs or small screens

As per current trend, people prefer to open websites and other marketing materials in mobile thus we should use things like small buttons to fit on this screen.

Create urgency by setting a deadline

In an email, we should effectively describe a sense of urgency by explaining deals or offers and indirectly force customers to avail our services.

Emails should contain only one image

The size of an email should be less so that it can easily be opened in any device. Thus, it is a tip that email should contain one image which can easily get the clicks.

Use email templates

Email templates are those which are inbuilt in nature or we can say that they are ready to use.

Try to avoid spam trigger words from the email

For a security, people avoid direct receiving of all emails in their account. They enable filter in their mailing account and if the mail is suspected then it directly sent to the spam folder. Thus, we should avoid spam trigger words in our email promotion.

Add 1 or 2 subject lines by leveraging pre-header content

Pre-header content or text is the information which appears just after the subject line of the email. Thus, it should be more enticing and attractive.

Don’t use automate greeting

We should use warm wishes, best regards, or greetings in our email which connect the audience rather than present us as a robotic.

Add P.S. (Post Script) at the end of an email

P.S. is one of the most powerful elements which render by almost all customers. Thus, it should be presented in an email to attract a brand audience.

Use Numerals in the subject line

We should use numeral instead of textual data. This is the best way to stop skimmers of emails.

Friendly email format

We should write an email in a friendly way so that people don’t ignore the mail and connect with the business to avail our services.

Use quality keywords in an email

In email marketing, if we want everyone to open our email and avail our services, then we should use quality keywords to attract them. Some of the quality keywords are as follow:

  • Top keywords for subject lines: Best, Cheapest, Easiest, Fastest, Prettiest, Quickest
  • Top keywords for click bait subject lines: Get rid of, Secret of, Shocking, What you need to know, Won’t believe
  • News: Announcing, Discover, Find, Introducing, Learn, New, Read, See
  • How-to: How to…[do something really cool]
  • Discount: 2 for 1, Clearance, Discount, Half off, Offer, Sale, Save
  • Command: Add, Aim, Buy, Call, Click, Download, Get, Open, Put, Register, Try
  • Personal: He, I, It, Me, Mine, Our, You
  • Price: %, $, Free
  • Urgency: Expire, Expiring, Extended, Hurry, Last chance, Limited time, Now, Running out, Still time

Use consistent or same layout in every email

We should use the same layout in our every mail so that people can easily remember and identify us.

Include company name in the Signature of the email

While sending an email, it is a good practice to add company name rather than individual as if we add company name then targeted audience can easily recognize us. Otherwise, they can ignore our mail.

Clarity in Subject Lines

The subject line of an email should be clearer so that people can easily understand what we want to convey them.

Properly check the grammar and spelling in an email

If there are grammar and spelling mistakes in our promotional email then it can have a bad impact on our audience and they can ignore our mail. Thus, we should check these mistakes using the software as well as manually. We can use the Grammar to check your grammar and spelling mistakes in our email.

Use active voice

We should use active voice sentence in our email to attract people in large amount.

Don’t use the personal name

We should avoid using a personal name in the email as it may happen that people can ignore the mail due to an unknown source.

Make customers feel like special

We should draw the email in such a way that people will think that they are special for us and easily connect with the business.

Use CTA URL parameters

We should use the CTA URL parameters which reduce the work of people to fill form fields and also enhances conversion rates on websites landing pages.

Use auto-submit URLs

This will enable users to auto-register for webinars or other business events directly from the email.

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