Top 10 Financial services website designs to get inspired by

 5 Dec, 2019


With the rise of fintech websites, it’s getting better & easier to access tools that automatedly track, manage & calculate your finances. But for any fintech website to reach the highest market valuation, exploiting these tools won’t be just enough. A strong focus on conditioning UX or web designing as per user terms is crucial too --- to gain a competitive edge over contemporary digital financial services providers.

Thus, it’s essential to compose a user-experience where visitors are compelled to feel valued and think “yes, they have come to the right place”.

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Ideal Financial Services Website Designs are Mainly About Being

  • Visually impactful
  • Intuitive while exploring
  • Transparent to trust
  • Convenient to skim through
  • Innovative to keep coming back
  • Highly accessible while using
  • And many more other unimaginable things…

Money handling in every-way is a sensitive topic, thus, it’s intense to design a fintech website that offers:

  1. Professional yet personalized services to each target audience
  2. Features that are comforting and secure to place trust upon

Key Elements of Successful Financial Services Website Designs

  • A specific page on “About Us”
  • A manageable backend
  • Links directing to social media platforms
  • Tools like rate management calculators
  • An exclusive logo foretelling brand story & USP
  • Visible & rightly-placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Welcoming homepage with well-placed images & video entries
  • An overall design or theme that looks- clean, structured, responsive, intuitive & navigable to use
  • Feature of online account opening with access to standard financial forms
  • And more endless things...

So now we will begin to analyze the top 10 fintech websites that have taken the world of financial handling by storm with their cutting-edge website design and UX. Let’s find what estrange they are doing to boost their website reach…

10 Financial Services Websites with Exemplary Web Designs & UX

1. Betterment - “The Smart Money Manager”

Finance Manager Betterment

Betterment is a modern-day working, smart, virtual money manager that proffers assistance on --- everyday cash management, online retirement advice & investing for personal goals. Jostling ahead with their simple goal of - “making the most of your everyday money”.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The website is infused with a lot of white spaces that look neat. Hues of 3 colors throughout the website “blue, black & white” are giving put-together & positive look & feel.
  • A dedicated “FAQ” section to resolve every possible query.
  • All the sections are well-composed, covering every feature in a detailed yet crisp manner.
  • An elaborative footer with all the key categories.
  • The CTAs are loud and prominently placed.
  • Embedded with a tool that provides investment advice after producing just two variables “age” &” income”. The tool produces different detailed investment plans along with the name of companies that are reliable to invest money in.

2. Credit Karma - “check your score anytime, anywhere, and never pay for it”

creadit karma

Credit Karma offers a free to use tool that gives users smooth access to credit card scores, reports & their monitoring.

Here users can compare their personalized offers for credit scores and loans at ease. And will even receive some insight & proper monitoring to improve scores.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The website is breathing with a lot of white spaces, making the whole experience look simplified & easy. Hues of green, blue, light grey and white are used throughout the website, giving an overall subtle & distinctive look.
  • Massive size links to the App Store & Google play store are designed at the footer of the site - those are hard to miss.
  • The menu list is quite smooth and drops down over a gentle hover.
  • A lot of free to use tools are there for viewer use - simple loan calculator, credit score rating, amortization calculator, and debt repayment calculator.
  • CTAs (call to action) buttons are quite big, highlighted with light green color - that looks compelling to click at.

3. InfoChoice - “Compare & Save”

InfoChoice Homepage

InfoChoice helps in comparing and making the right choices for --- term deposit, credit card, savings account, home loan, easily. Does comprehensive product comparison to save user’s time & money.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The website has this cool tone with shades of light blue, dark blue, and white - which is soothing to the eyes.
  • The button or links get darker whenever a cursor hovers over them gently.
  • A variety of financial calculators are instilled inside the website for calculating- lump sum, principal & interest, and home loan figures.
  • The website gives the facility to schedule a call with competent mortgage brokers.
  • The CTAs are visible and actionable.
  • All the sections, elements are smartly designed. Information is placed in simplified font size, making it easy to skim through.

4. Molo Finance - “Say hello to a fast, simple, fair way to mortgage”

Molo Finance

Molo Finance is a UKs prime digital buy-to-let mortgage lender, that lays its process without the hassles of paperwork and appointments. It lets users make faster decisions without charging hefty fees & hidden charges.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The color theme of the website is relaxed and is mainly circled around black, orange, blue & white colors.
  • The timeline of “how it works” is quite --- visually appealing, information placed is short & direct, subtle use of infographics is making the look even more impactful.
  • The tools on the site are quite accessible and explanatory.
  • The mortgage calculator is functional, quick and by just entering the variables like “annual income” & “monthly rent” it’s easy to get the instant amount that Molo is willing to lend.
  • The website has an explicit section for mortgage rates & the required eligibility criteria.
  • Also, there is a dedicated FAQ section that acts on all possible user queries.

5. AIA - “We’re here to partner with you through life’s ups & downs”

AIA Finance

AIA are insurance specialists offering innovative insurance solutions via valuable financial advisers. Additionally, they assist in a healthy workplace environment & even customizes personal plans based on different stages of life.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The theme of the website is colorful, making the whole user-experience quite lively.
  • On gentle over the menu - a drop-down list appears with sub-categories. The sub-categories are colorful and are infused with small infographics --- making the whole appeal to be visually tempting.
  • The website has a lot of humanly images - which is making the website look quite relatable and authentic.
  • The help and support section is quite compelling as the copy and infographics used there are visually appealing & tempting to click.
  • The key moment section along with its inner pages look assertive & approachable for any target audience.

6. Mint - “Budget tracker & planner”

MINT Homepage

Mint hail as a financial management service that relieves users with the tasks that are related to money. The platform simply helps users make the most of their finances. And even gives top-notch recommendations on saving banks, credits, and insurance.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • Mint gives stellar UX as its design is bright & minimal.
  • The site is layered with mint green design features & the use of statistical images is provoking to place great trust on the website.
  • The friendly copy used throughout the website is quite concise & catchy - which is prompting users to sign up.
  • Every image or infographic on the website is in 3D which is making the whole website appeal to be outstanding.
  • Another appealing aspect of the site’s design is its support section. Which is infused with plenty of questions that are relevant to common user’s query.

7. Albert - “Stretch savings. Cut costs. Reach goals.”

ALBERT Company page

Albert proffers human advisors & access to automated tools that could help aid the financial condition of consumers.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The website’s main selling point is its one feature where users can communicate with the sound financial advisors at any point in time via text.
  • The button “text me the app” is a great way to invite users to download the app - without letting them struggle inside the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • The big black security tag at the bottom of the page is effective at meeting the security concerns of the users.
  • The infographics used are visually appealing and a lot of white space is making the website look breathable.
  • The sections with website copy are concise and to the point, making it easier for the user to skim through.
  • The best part is, by just clicking on “get the app” and on further entering the phone number, the user will get the app’s link straight to their smartphones.
  • The website is giving an overall experience that’s minimal, convenient & to the point.

8. AXA - “Empowering people to live better lives”

AXA Finance

It’s been long since AXA has been providing financial security to its variety of clients. This brand name extends services in the realm of retirement planning, life insurance, employee benefits, and financial advice.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The website is infused with real-time figures of - retirement benefits amount, number of clients they have nationwide, scholarships, and service duration. Which is making the website look authentic and positive in public viewpoint.
  • A lot of empathetic images are used throughout the website which is useful to connect to the audience on a greater level. Especially in the scenarios where human-oriented services are involved.
  • The drop-down menu list is smooth and has well-explained selective headings.
  • The whole website has a minimum look & feel with balanced strokes of colors like black, blue & white.
  • The whole vibe of the website is emotionally connecting and gives great precedence to human values & life.

9. ANZ International Banking - “International payments fast, easy & secure”

ANZ International Banking

ANZ international banking is a sought-after platform that lets users (who are planning to live or holiday abroad) create their bank account overseas.

Users will find all the services implemented even before they arrive at their foreign destination.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • The website lets users prepare their overseas bank account and transfer funds overseas in an instant.
  • The footer of the page has elaborative sections, social media links and links for downloading the app.
  • The website is infused with interesting features like currency and foreign exchange rate converters.
  • The website has a minimalistic look with strokes of white & blue color.
  • The segments with copy are well-conceptualized and concise to read.
  • The website has a lot of elements but every element is designed in a way that the entire website is looking neat & manageable.

10. CANSTAR- “financial comparison site”

CANSTAR Financial

Canstar is a premier financial comparison site that’s based out of Australia. And serves more than 4000 home loan options for users to compare as per their affordability & interests.

So why their website design is exemplary?

  • A lot of white spaces with a splash of blue color are making the website look spot-on for users’ experience.
  • The menu bar is easily dropping down whenever a gentle hover is done.
  • The additional line beneath the compare home loan widget that says “no phone number required” is successfully seeking the interest of security cautious users.
  • On successfully filling in the “compare home loan” widget, users get the exact current rates and the monthly repayment amounts.
  • The finance calculators are accessible & easy to use.
  • The website copy is well-conceptualized and concize, giving users an easy time to skim through it.
  • The website has even worked on APIs to integrate animated Youtube videos. Which is adding a lot to the engagement factor of the website.

With the above, you have just learned how these famous financial services websites are making a strong presence in the virtual market. Now, let's quickly go through the “don’ts” while sketching the financial services website designs.

Don’ts for the fintech website designing!

  • Don’t choose a distracting background. Either keep it white or add a subtle or light color that inspires users to explore your visitors to the fullest.
  • Don’t forget to design a website that’s adaptable to mobile platforms. As financial services seeking users are all around the mobile platforms. Optimizing the images, text or other elements of the website as per the mobile compatibility should be the preference.
  • Don’t clutter the website with unwanted elements. Pre-decide the hierarchy of web elements. And leave a lot of white space to make it look breathable than congested.
  • Don’t overhaul your website with every color in the palette. Pre-decide the color theme resonating with your brand image.
  • Don’t make visitors wait for the elements to load. Optimize to a limit where their quality isn’t degraded and heavy file is downsized.
  • Don’t forget to integrate financial instruments, tools, calculators that are automated & relatable to your financial services websites.
  • Don’t forget to add empathetic images, concise copy & real-time statistical data to support your business authenticity.


With the above article, we are clear with what financial services website designs should be mindful of. Along with this, we analyzed 10 top-notch fintech websites that are making a way in the crowd with their powerful website designs. And noted what exceptional elements they are covering to stand out in the marketplace.

Every website was found marinated with different key features. Some websites were all about embracing their white space, compelling copy, highlighted CTA’s --- while others were about a soothing color theme, non-crowded elements & empathetic features.

At the closing, we added a bonus section, highlighting what don’ts a website needs to be considerate about - during their fintech website designing journey.

An effective website is unified, simplified, intuitive, and speaks volumes about its customers’ interests. Want to design a website that’s simple yet unique? Hire JanBask digital designs as your website solutions partner to put a harness on --- great looking and value-generating website.

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