Why Should You Hire A Web Design Agency In 2023?


22 May, 2024


Do I order my website from a Web Design Agency? Do I try doing this myself? Or Do I let an amateur do that because he claims to know how to design a professional website for my company in less than an hour?

Suppose you have ever considered creating a website for your business. In that case, consider the above questions. 

According to siteefy, there are around 1.17 billion websites in the World. However, less than 1 million Web sites, or 0.1 percent, account for more than 50% of Web traffic.

Yes, you can understand most of it by yourself. But then the outcome may be better. 97% of amateur-developed websites fail. So, doesn’t your brand deserve better than that?

To help you overcome this challenge, we will help you understand why a professional web design agency is crucial for your organization in the following blog. 

Now that you have been familiar with the facts. Below are the top 10 reasons to consider hiring a web design agency to create your business website.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Web Design Agency?

1. Enhances Visibility on Search Engines

75% of consumers never progress to the second page of search results(source: Hubspot).

Enhance Website Visibility

A professional web design agency knows how to create a mobile-friendly and fast-loading website that ranks at the top of the page and provides your business quality SEO support. 

Here’s how Top Website Design Agencies enhance your visibility on Search Engines:

  • Unlike an independent web designer, Web design companies have SEO experts who are well aware of SEO factors, web design, and content marketing.
  • They perform On-page & Off-page optimization and perform an SEO audit that helps you determine your website's performance.
  • They assist you by creating a sitemap and submitting your site to search engines. They make relevant content and increase social media engagement, doing it all under one roof. 

2. Extensive Research & Creativity

It only takes 2.66 seconds for your visitors to focus on a critical website area, but it takes several hours to create that impression on your visitor.  

So, if you have ever tried, you know that building a professional-looking website, particularly something as complex as an online store, is not easy. A professional web design agency is equipped with a team who extensively researches each element to make your online presence remarkable. 

This is what a web design agency brings to your table:

  • They will use the following languages: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), and JavaScript (JS) to code your pages & improve loading speed.
  • If you hire a web developer from a professional agency. Your business can benefit from their experience in the form of an aesthetic website layout and real-time technical support.
  • They will incorporate top UI/UX trends in your website with the utmost professionalism and provide a dedicated team to keep you updated.

3. Less Turnaround Time

It takes time to finalize the workflow-based design that you want on your website. If developing a new website takes too long, you will lose visitors and conversions.

As a result, a professional web design agency typically works in a fixed-time-bound manner, so it is in their interest to get your website built as fast as possible.

What does a web design agency offer here:

  • They will focus on your website uptime & site speed by providing you with a good web host.
  • They will focus on Domain Privacy + Protection, perform compression audits, etc, thus reducing the total turnaround time.
  • They will cover the whole process of designing, testing, debugging, and launching the site in a time-bound manner, as well as handle unexpected delays and ongoing (preventive) maintenance.

4. Its ADA Compliant

90% of websites are not accessible to persons with disabilities who need assistive technologies.

 Is your website ADA compliant

ADA compliance is a legal prerequisite, especially in the USA. With ADA compliance, a website is adapted even for people with disabilities. A Professional web design company will ensure your business website complies with the ADA. 

Here’s how a web design agency can help your brand by following ADA compliance:

  • They will use four principles: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable & Robust to make user interface components presentable to all visitors.
  • For the company in question, it improves its reputation for complying with ADA & makes a declaration of inclusiveness and diversity. Thus, increasing corporate social status.
  • The global estimate of the disability market is nearly $7 trillion, and a web design company allows you to tap the market with brand outreach. 

5. They support Progressive Web Applications

53% of mobile visits fall due to loading time above 3 seconds. 

 Progressive Web Applications

With a Progressive Web Application (PWA), you can deliver an app-like experience to your audience with faster loading times. PWA solutions are easy to use, fast, and secure & help increase the SEO efficiency of your website.

Here’s how a web design agency can skyrocket your business using PWA:

  • With PWA, there is no more app store dependency. Hence, you save by paying at least 30% commission to various app stores to get your apps listed. 
  • PWA can perform device-oriented functionalities like push notifications. Push Notifications earn almost 40% Click rate, more than promotional emails, which are about 20-25%. 
  • As per Statista 2019, 85% of eCommerce activity was done over the app rather than the website. PWA allows consumers a hassle-free & app-like experience with less loading time.
  • With PWA, you no longer need to worry about data security and connection. They are secured with HTTP. 

6. Get Access to a Wide Range of Resources

Creating a compelling online presence in the digital age requires many different resources! As a result, a professional web design agency combines the ability and vision of other creative and strategic people to deliver the desired results.

Here’s how your business is taken to the next level by web designing services:

  • According to the scope of your project, website design for services will equip you with experts ranging from UI/UX designers to web designers and developers, e-commerce experts, search engine optimization strategists, and IT support technicians all under one roof.
  • You can also get on-demand services from content strategists & social media teams to further strengthen your online presence.

7. You Get Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy

The digital market is vast and competitive. Prioritizing online advertising in your marketing strategy is essential if you want to get noticed. This is where Search Engine Marketing (SEM) works its magic.

A professional web designing agency uses SEM effectively by bidding on target keywords that visitors are more likely to search for.

Here’s how a web design agency can boost your business using SEM:

  • They will upgrade your quality score & successfully bid for keywords, increasing your website's click-through rate.
  • They will optimize ad campaigns by understanding the critical components of the campaign that you are executing.
  • They will incorporate SWOT analysis using short-form & long-form content to lower your bounce rate, enhancing your brand's longevity. 

8. Stay Ahead with the Latest Technology

Technologies used in website creation are progressing and changing rapidly. Various new tools, features, and plug-ins are built to improve websites in terms of appearance, experience, security, and performance.

A professional web design agency will know what website features usually are associated with your particular industry and incorporate the latest trends to enhance your web presence. 

Here are the latest technological features a web design agency used in 2022:

  • Web design agencies incorporate recent trends like motion web design & split-screen websites to enhance user visual quality.
  • They use a unique trend of designing websites with Glass-Morphism. It's a combination of transparency, blur, and movement that can make elements of pages behave visually like glass. Web design agencies incorporate them in logos, illustrations, or complete sections.
  • With the gender-neutral design, linework, oversized typography, and many such latest design & development technologies, web design agencies can make your website rise above the digital noise.

9. Not Heavy on Pocket


The trouble with most small business owners is that they tend to focus only on the initial investment without looking at the big picture when budgeting a site. 

Thus, you must consider the initial cost and the long-term value only a web design agency can provide.

Here’s how a web design agency is cost-effective for your business plans: 

  • Every website needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and a web design agency provides regular updates occasionally without charging extra or minimal costs.
  • Also, if you opt for an amateur designer, along with site builders, you have to buy themes and plugins to make the site more unique and usable. Which increases your cost. So, hiring a website designer from a professional agency is always better.   
  • A professional web design agency will design your website based on a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. It allows you to update and maintain your website, removing the need for a webmaster.

10. Expert Help

There are 5.6 billion Google searches per day, but how do you ensure that you are also a part of that search?

Developing a website is one thing, making it function as you like is another. A professional website designing agency will help you to create a stress-free, SEO-friendly & reliable website that has zero technical glitches.

Let’s see how your business achieves its objectives quickly with web design experts:

  • They help you with a balanced approach that includes mobile optimization, SEO optimization & local-global outreach of your website.
  • They assist you in case you are stuck. I.e They will know what to do when downloading pictures if they are in .jpeg, .docx, .doc, .img, .pdf, or alternative file formats. They understand the contrast of resolutions and pixels when they alter the size of an image, thus they stop the system from creating bugs.
  • They will make sure your website works smoothly across each platform and start collecting revenue as soon as your website is live.

But, here’s a question: How to choose a web design agency that's right for you?

Check out the next section, which discusses the tips for choosing the right web design agency for your brand. 

Tips To Choose The Right Web Design Agency

If you’re in the market to create a new website or you’re looking to redesign your current website, you’re probably thinking about how to choose a web design agency that's right for your business. 

Choosing a website design agency can be a complicated process. But you can make it easier by following these simple steps:

1. Search Web Design Agencies Online.

Check out the websites that classify various organizations and have a look at what they list.

web design agency portfolio

There are three essential things to look for in a good web design partner: 

  • The amount of experience they have in developing websites for your industry & websites that get results.
  • Portfolios of a web design agency. If they develop mobile-friendly websites, follow the latest web design trends & have a proper website hierarchy.
  • Check their Agency culture. Whether they have an active social media presence, review their team pages & check their community involvement.   

2. Read Testimonials & Online Reviews

It is essential to consider what a web design agency can offer in terms of its website and the history of its clients. But an even more critical step to picking a web design agency is to examine what the review websites say about an agency.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Search for reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. And also see if they highlight testimonials on their site.
  • Reviews can be found on Facebook & Instagram by searching for the company and its business page.

Further, read the testimonials on the website and verify their authenticity.

3. Contact Web Design Agency Directly

Now that you have some agencies on your list, you should contact them directly with questions about how your companies would work together.

Here’s what you can figure out from their conversations:

  • Top organizations will discuss creating your website from the bottom up.
  • A good web design agency will also answer your inquiries politely, professionally, and intelligently.

You have learned about how website design agencies can scale your business, but there is one more critical aspect you should be careful about. That is choosing the right web design services. And this is where selecting JanBask can make an impact!

How can JanBask Digital Design Help?

We create a website that matters!!! Your customer’s first impression is the last & at JanBask, our goal is to make it everlasting. So, they keep visiting you again & again. Whether a startup or an enterprise, our professional web design services are incredibly successful incredible industries as we aim to:

  • Strengthen your brand value and identity.
  • Create a visually stunning digital transformation of your business. 
  • Enable you to exercise authority in your line of work.
  • Enable you to build qualified leads.

Let's Design Together to Make a Difference.


Q: Why should I work with a web design firm?

A: There are a number of reasons why you should engage a web design firm. A web design company, first and foremost, has the knowledge and experience to develop a website that not only looks amazing but also operates properly. They will take the time to understand your company's demands and develop a website that meets those goals. A web design studio may also assist with your company's entire branding and digital marketing strategy, ensuring that your website is consistent with your overall business goals. Finally, by managing all parts of website design and development, a web design firm may save you time and money while enabling you to focus on your primary business operations. 

Q: Isn't it possible for me to create my website on my own?

A: While you may construct your own website with a number of internet tools, keep in mind that website design is a difficult process that takes a great lot of talent and experience. A professional web design firm will have a team of competent designers and developers that can produce a website that is not only visually appealing but also functional. Furthermore, a web design firm may give continuing assistance and maintenance to ensure that your website is safe and up to date.

Q: What does it cost to employ a web design firm?

A: Hiring a web design business will cost you depending on a number of criteria, including the size and complexity of your website, the amount of customization necessary, and the specific services you desire. However, while hiring a web design agency may appear to be an expensive investment at first, it may ultimately save you time and money in the long term by building a website that is aligned with your business goals and operates efficiently. A good website may also help you attract and keep consumers, resulting in improved income and growth for your company. 

Q: What should I look for in a web design firm?

A: When looking for a web design agency, seek for a team with experience and competence in website design and development. You should also seek an agency with a solid portfolio of prior work and referrals from pleased clients. Furthermore, be certain that the agency is open and honest about their pricing and services, and that they can provide continuing support and maintenance for your website. Finally, choose a responsive and communicative agency to guarantee that your website project works smoothly and quickly.

Q: Why should I invest in my website redesign?

A: A website redesign may breathe fresh life into your brand while also improving its functionality and user experience. A web design firm may assess your present website and recommend improvements on outdated design, sluggish loading times, or poor navigation. A redesign can also help you keep current on web design trends and technology. 

What Should You Do Next?

Regarding business, you must realize that time is money. So why do you waste your valuable time on a task where you are not an expert? A professional web design agency has the right tools, knowledge, and experience to complete the job on time.

They optimize web designs for mobile devices, update and maintain content, and adapt to trending SEO tactics to boost your Google rankings. Finally, they provide a stunning web design that makes your business stand out. 

You have the facts. Now you need to decide. We have expressed why you need to hire a web design agency for your business website from a purely economic & professional standpoint. But, Choosing good website design services is equally critical to bring your vision alive.

At JanBask Digital Design, we offer the best custom website design for services that make every second worthy for your customers!

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