How Much Does It Cost To Build A Restaurant Website? A Complete Guide.


19 Apr, 2024


A restaurant website design project can have a variable cost range depending on your business goals, desired features, and other variables. For example, a simple, static website costs $50-$1000. More complex designs with advanced features can cost $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 or even more! So, how should you decide your restaurant website’s budget? Here are some questions that can guide you;

          Do you run a more or less successful restaurant business but need a website created from scratch for it? 

          Do you have a restaurant website that needs more online traction and conversions?

          Do you want to be recognized for your cuisine and brand throughout your city, or even the whole country?

          Do you want more diners to know about your restaurant's special offers, menu, and operating hours?

If your answers to the questions above have resounded "Yes!" we have heard you! As professional restaurant website design experts, we can sniff out a challenge whenever any food business faces one. We will help you know which restaurant features cost how much to empower you to make an informed choice.  Read on to learn how much does it cost to build a restaurant website best suited for your business goals and budget

How much does it cost to build a restaurant website?

Many factors are involved in creating a restaurant website, from technical setup to visual design to functional performance. Every step requires careful planning and a certain amount of money. While some features for your restaurant website are unavoidable, such as security and integrations, some developers try cutting corners in the design and performance aspects. Want to know what are the best options available to you? Here’s the breakdown:

Get a restaurant website created for $5, but do you really want to?

These days, you can probably get a pizza for $5. But is this amount sufficient for a restaurant web design project? Let’s see. 

If you are hell-bent on cutting costs for your restaurant website, then website builders can save your day. Website builders provide a cheap, easy, and secure way to get your website up and running within hours! Besides, they have various free and paid templates, features and elements. Below is a typical website builder for your restaurant (e,g., Wix) may look like:

Best pizza in the city

The downsides? Everything. 

Your brand’s uniqueness, ownership, and ranking potential will suffer. The cost of a builder’s convenience comes from non-mobile-responsive design, wrong SEO, and lack of control over your site’s content. Still, if you are interested in using a web builder, here are our top picks:

  • Cafes and Fine Dining: Top Choice – Squarespace: Price from $16
  • Food Trucks and Fast Food Restaurants: Top Choice – Wix: Price from $16
  • Chain Restaurants: Top Choice – Shopify: Price from $29/month
  • Diners: Top Choice – Hostinger: Price from $2.49/month
  • Local Restaurants: Top Choice – GoDaddy: Price from $9.99/month

Instead, seek other options than intentionally wasting your time, effort, and money through a novice effort using a pre-made template. That’s the best thing you can do not to hurt your business in the long run.

Looking to Your Restaurant's Success

  • Increased Profit Margins
  • Customer Data Insights
  • Customizable Online Experience

Are you willing to pay a freelancer $61-$80 an hour?

Hiring a freelancer is the next best option if you are not considering a website builder for the above reasons. Outsourcing your restaurant web design woes to a professional freelancer might seem logical. After all, you can hire a professional and experienced freelancer for a reasonable price much cheaper than an agency’s contract, right? Moreover, freelancers bring different skills to your project, bringing variety to your restaurant web design project. Other benefits include:

  • Freelancers bring fresh perspectives.
  • It is easy to locate and hire the “right” freelancer from a vast talent pool.
  • No geographical barriers come in the way of searching for freelancers.

But wait before you rush to look for a freelancer right away! Here are some commonly reported downsides of restaurant web design by them:

    Are you willing to pay a freelancer $61-$80 an hour?

    We are not trying to scare you. You can try to find your “perfect match” on any freelancer portal. However, the chances that you will find someone dedicated to your restaurant’s website development project as much as you, willing to understand your business thoroughly, and available to communicate with you 24/7 are pretty slim. 

    What’s worse?

    Higher freelancer fees do not necessarily translate to higher quality. In today’s dynamically evolving digital landscape, verifying your freelancer’s skills might be challenging, with AI emerging as the next challenge. Apart from an oral confirmation and the job portal’s internal assessment abilities, you do not have many options to check your desired freelancer’s skill set. 

    However, all such issues are resolved with a credible web designing agency that follows a rigorous candidate assessment process for its employees. This brings us to our next option. 

    Should you get in touch with a professional restaurant web design agency?

    Lastly, we have saved the best option for the last.

    Nothing quite generates the same results for your restaurant website as a professional web design agency. But aren’t web design agencies “too expensive?” Can a small restaurant business with a limited budget afford an agency’s cost? What is the return on investment for such a price? 

    Your concerns are correct, but you should know precisely why agencies charge a specific price. Only after knowing the standard working procedure of a professional agency, you may be able to make up your mind about collaborating with one.

    1. Branding-which empowers businesses to attract new customers 

    Picture this: would you rather spend money on an original Apple product than a counterfeit one? Conversely, why is social media full of posts distinguishing fake Jordans from real ones? Why do people wait hours for a Black Friday sale when they can buy a cheaper product online? The answer is simple. 

    Your restaurant’s branding sets you apart from your competitors, who serve the same cuisine in your local area. Moreover, it makes you recognizable geographically and culturally. And ultimately, your branding helps your restaurant’s cash registers keep ringing. 

    2. Research scale and scope- To get you actual value for your money

    Can you trust a freelancer or a common-for-all website builder to conduct thorough research to understand your restaurant’s typical customer? Ask yourself some more questions:

    • Would they care to know the difference between your customer persona and target demographics?
    • Will they train themselves constantly to analyze your customers' psychological pain points that draw them toward your restaurant? 
    • Would they care to research your pre-existing customer base and digital marketing strategies
    • Would they take the pains to monitor and report their strategies’ progress from time to time?

    Even if you’re lucky enough to find a freelancer who does the above, do you think they would not increase their price for doing extra research? Can your restaurant business afford the whims of such demands?

    The bottom line is this: YOU CANNOT AFFORD A POORLY DESIGNED RESTAURANT WEBSITE. But finding anybody or anything willing to respect your wishes takes time and effort. However, a professional web design agency can save you all the trouble for a highly reasonable price!

    Here are a few potential costs involved. 

    Unavoidable costs of building an ideal restaurant website

    If customers can’t find your restaurant’s website online, they’ll find your competitors. Much like the time it took to create and refine your dishes’ unique taste, creating a website with features that pack a punch online will take some unavoidable costs. Here’s the list: 

    1. Branding, Logo, and Content

    Creating a long-lasting brand value for your restaurant is easier said than done. While cheap hacks may promise you the moon in exchange for quick money, only seasoned professionals understand the complexity of creating content that caters to a specific location and persona. But even with adequate research, the job’s far from over. Pulling and nurturing turns them from cold into warm ones, which is a different ball game altogether. 

    Next, designers and content writers are trained over the years to address your customers’ pain points psychologically and offer undeniable, tempting solutions. Unless you hire their services, you will end up with a website that looks something like this:

    Branding, Logo, and Content

    It doesn’t look too palatable, now, does it?

    On the other hand, a professional team of creatives will deliver a uniform and impactful design across all your channels, including your website, social media, email, and elsewhere. Moreover, creating an attractive and memorable logo that truly reflects your brand is a challenging exercise that only the sharpest minds can produce and fine-tune. Lucky for you, JanBask’s team boasts such professionals. With their help, you can get a similar logo design from the list for your brand:

    Logo Design Variations To choose from

    Pretty cool, isn’t it?

    2. Domain Name

    Average Cost Range: $2-$250

    Necessity: Unavoidable

    A domain name is like the digital address of your website. If you don’t have a restaurant website yet, purchasing a domain name would be the highest cost. A domain name’s extension influences its cost. Here are the top 3 extension types:

    • Generic top-level domain (gTLD) – Comprising extensions such as .com, .net, and .org, anyone can use these domain names where popularity influences cost. 
    • Country code top-level domain (ccTLD) – These extensions are restricted to a country, such as .us for the United States.
    • Sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) – These are highly restrictive extensions generally denoting a specific purpose, like .edu for educational institutions. 

      Although you may use a free domain name, we recommend that you don’t since you will meet limited functionality, bandwidth, loading space, and customization. On the other hand, buying a domain name also involves its renewal before expiry, which is costlier than first-time domain registration.

      3. Web Hosting

      Average Cost Range: $19-$1000 per month

      Necessity: Unavoidable

      Web hosting is a service that ensures that your restaurant's digital doors are open to hungry diners anytime, anywhere.  Hosting costs vary with providers and their competing plans. However, before choosing a plan, consider its long-term costs. Here are some popular types of hosting plans:

      Web Hosting 

      4. Website Security

      Average cost range: $0-$200+ per year

      Necessity: Unavoidable 

      If you are considering an online ordering, ticketing, and payment processing service for your restaurant website, you cannot skip tightening your website’s security. It’s like securing your restaurant’s front door, where you can opt for your hosting provider’s or website builder’s basic security features. However, for more advanced security, you may need an SSL certificate. This will ensure advanced encryption and improved search engine performance. 

      SSL certificate costs correlate with the domains and subdomains it covers. These are:

      • Single-domain SSL: $7– $860 per year
      • Wildcard SSL certificate: $50-$1000
      • Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates: Price starts at $150 per year
      • DV SSL certificates: Price starts at $8/year.
      • OV SSL certificates: Price starts at $102/year
      • EV SSL certificates: Price starts at $140/year

      Are you confused about which SSL certificate to purchase for your restaurant website? Consider the number of domains you want to consider and the validation type.

      5. Restaurant App Integrations

      Average cost range: $0-$100+ per month

      Necessity: Optional

      If you plan to add eCommerce, ordering, and ticketing systems to your restaurant website, you must integrate apps that perform these tasks. This will be convenient for all website visitors after they are convinced to try out the prominently displayed special offers and signature dishes. Consider a point-of-sale or single-order kiosk at your disposal. Consider something like this:

      Restaurant app integrations

      You can expect guest loyalty, menu, table management, scheduling, and other integrations depending on your business requirements.

      Now, let’s see what happens when restaurant owners ignore their website’s quality. 

      Numbers don’t lie: Statistics prove how a bad restaurant website hurts businesses

      The quantifiable data below proves that your restaurant business can greatly benefit from a professional website if it still needs one. 

      Infographic heading-Are you sure your restaurant business can ignore these digital statistics?


      Statistics prove how a bad restaurant website hurts businesses

      • 17% average increase in sales after adding an online ordering system (2024 State of Restaurants Report) 
      • 84% of people search a restaurant’s menu online before deciding to visit it (2023 Diner Trends Report)
      • 39% of people have checked a restaurant’s Google reviews in the last three months (2023 Diner Trends Report)

      Making money through direct online ordering

      average spending per online food order

      It’s better to have no website than a poorly designed one

      More than the absence of a website, your restaurant business is hurt more by a poorly designed website. If you represent your restaurant through a poorly designed website, your customers will doubt your brand and not order from it to be safe. After all, people can experiment with their clothes and hairstyles, not food. Still not convinced? Check out the data:

      Effects of a bad restaurant website

      Still don’t have a restaurant website up and running? Your competitors might already be ahead:

      • 72% of restaurant owners have an active website (2024 State of Restaurants Report)
      • 81% of restaurant owners use Facebook to promote their restaurant in the USA. (2024 State of Restaurants Report)
      • 51% find restaurant deals through its app (Bluedot’s The State of What Feeds Us, Vol VII)
      • 95% of restaurants use at least one online ordering platform (2024 State of Restaurants Report)

      Have your taste buds tingling with anticipation about launching your restaurant website? We're drooling to tell you the secrets, too! Book a free consultation with us to get started. 


      1. How much will a WordPress restaurant website cost?

      The cost of creating a WordPress website can differ significantly. If you build it yourself, it could be free or $300. Hiring a freelance developer may range from $500 to $5,000. However, opting for a professional web design agency to handle the project could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $100,000.

      2. Is WordPress or Shopify cheaper for a restaurant website? 

      The best option for your website depends on its purpose. Shopify is more convenient for setting up an online store, as it has excellent built-in sales features. On the other hand, with WordPress, you may need to use a plugin like WooCommerce to create your online store. Therefore, Shopify could be the more cost-effective option.

      3. What's the cheapest website builder for a restaurant website? 

      If you're looking to create a website or an online store, you have several affordable options to consider. Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify are some of the best choices. Look closely at the features, customization options, and pricing plans to find the best fit for your needs and budget. Whether you're a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an individual wanting to showcase your work, these website builders can help you create a professional-looking website easily.

      4. How much does it cost to run a small restaurant website?

      If you create your website, an essential restaurant website can cost as little as $16 per month. However, more intricate websites or those needing professional help, such as photographers, writers, or designers, can cost over $10,000. The expense depends on the website's complexity and whether you require specialized assistance.

      5.What is the cost of website maintenance?

      The cost of maintaining a website can vary significantly, typically ranging from $400 to $60,000 per year. The most common expenses associated with website maintenance include renewing domain names, SSL certificates, and web hosting services or software. Additionally, businesses may incur costs purchasing extensions or undergoing a major website redesign.

      Wrapping Up: Can JanBask’s professional restaurant web design services help?

      JanBask is a renowned name in the restaurant web design and development industry, but we need not tell you that. Our past clients have provided rave reviews about our services. But what can you exactly expect from our services?

      First of all, your branding goals. Pioneering digital design has taught us the long-lasting impact of creating and sustaining brand value. If we rely on our organization’s brand value to grow year after year, how can we ignore its worth for your restaurant’s website? We undertake measures to build trust in your brand slowly and steadily so that you reap benefits for decades after our contract terminates. 

      But does that make us an expensive choice?

      We have worked with clients for as low as $500 and even some reputed brands for as high as $10,000, delivering stellar results that continue to impress them. Regardless of the project’s complexity and time duration, our team works night and day to deliver fantastic solutions that wow everybody! So maybe it's time that you viewed our collaboration as a much-needed investment that could jumpstart your business beyond your wildest imagination!

      We understand that you care for your business like a baby, and we want to help. Book a free consultation today to learn how. 

      Interested in our Restaurant Web Design Services?

      • Achieve Your Brand Vision
      • Drive Customer Engagement
      • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

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