How To Get 1 Million Organic Visits Per Month To Your Website?

 23 Jan, 2020

Well, getting 1M organic visits to your website per month is not an easy task and you don’t get that from the very next day of actually launching your website. But, you must’ve already known that as you wouldn’t have opened this article if you didn’t.

You would have been wasting your time trying out uselbess tricks, SEO hacks, and promotions to get to that goal but all in vain. Sounding oddly familiar to the things you already did before reaching here, isn’t it?

The thing is, you are not the only one who has been there. I have been there while starting out, all new bloggers and website developers have been there while starting out and people will continue to have their first encounter with misinformation or information overload while starting out. So, it is nothing to worry about.

What I am actually going to do here in this article is to share an essential roadmap that can help you to reach your goal of getting 1 million visitors to your website “organically” per month. The focus on organic methods because organic doesn’t require you to spend money on and is generally more effective.

However, it requires significant time and effort to reach your goals organically and you need to be extremely focused in order to do the same. Your website can be a blog, an information portal, an eCommerce store or anything else but the process of organic outreach is usually the same regardless of your website’s purpose.

I have been in the website business and digital marketing domain for over a decade now and have grown multiple websites to 500k+ and 1M+ views per month organically, both mine as well as clients’. Therefore, I would be the ideal person to guide you through an essential methodology that is foolproof and highly effective in getting your websites to 1M views per month.


Let us have a clear visualization of our objectives and bust a few myths before we actually begin with the process. Though I agree that the most important objective is to gain 1M website traffic per month, in order to reach there, you need to first build a series of gateways that will help you to gradually reach that goal.

These small objectives include but are not limited to organically increasing the awareness of your website; creating a great content strategy; keyword research, evaluation, and implementation; performing Search Engine Optimization techniques to get better SERPs; brand building; creating thought leadership; utilizing the wave of change; implementation and utilization of analytics tools; social promotional utilities and techniques; etc.

Let’s get some things clear at first. As I have earlier said, it is not an easy or magical task to get your website 1M hits per month. You either need to spend significantly on promotional mediums and search engine marketing or you can reach there completely organically. Well, the first one won’t be much beneficial either if you don’t have your website in place with quality and informative content that the readers/ visitors can actually share or products that they are interested in investing in.

Any website needs certain key configurations before it can actually make it big out there. Here, I will teach you the tricks and tips that can configure your website in an ideal way and create a foolproof process to reach success.


It is evident that in order to get 1M plus views to your website, you need to first actually have one. I know, it was not a trick fact or something of that sort. The thing is, your configuration to an actual website begins way before its launch and if done right, can be a winning recipe for major traffic. The ideal approach starts with getting a good domain name for your website.

Now, a lot of tricks and objectives are dependent on your domain name. Choose a name that is tacky but memorable, is not too long to type, can be easily memorized and has a relationship, indicatory or symbolic, to the matter of your website or its nature. What I mean by the last point is that it cannot be just a great word with good sound and short to remember. It has to be related to the content or the domain that you will be basing your website on so that it strikes a chord with your readers and helps them to remember it better.

Next is the hosting service where you will be hosting your website after its launch. If you plan to make it big in getting great traffic to your site, you need to get a hosting service that allows significant traffic to enter your website without letting it go caput! Therefore, it is advisable that you opt for a hosting plan that is scalable, i.e., you would be able to scale your hosting space up or down as per your needs. This will allow you to be flexible with the plan.


So, the long haul process begins here. For your ease, I have segregated the process into key parts so that you can put the necessary focus on each part to derive the best results. Therefore, the key factors that we will be focusing on in order to bring more traffic to your website are:

actual traffic on website

1. Have a Proper Plan in Place

A plan is what you need and a plan is what will get you there. Though this is not some spiritual mantra to get your spirits running, what it actually represents is the essential framework that you need to follow in order to have a foolproof plan in place. So, strive to create a good keyword database that you need to update regularly, have some great content created beforehand so that you can follow a proper schedule to post (especially important for blog sites), configure and make your site SEO friendly for current and future optimization, etc.

Having a plan configured will help you to be disciplined in approach and is more mental than with actual practical applications. Also, focus on the specific niche that you are planning to target and gain all the knowledge necessary regarding the same in order to establish thought leadership in the content that you share.

2. Building a Brand & Creating Awareness

The first and foremost secret to the success of great websites is a loyal following and a loyal following can only be created when you have a brand that is impactful and can be related to by your visitors. It is an ideal method to retain visitors and create awareness around your website for potential marketing in the future. Thus, strive to create a brand rather than just a website. Focus on getting good promotion around your website’s idea and build a great social following by utilizing the power of the social media platforms.

Creating awareness around your product or information is also highly necessary

3. The Importance of Keyword & Their Effective Usage

It is no secret that Keywords make or break a website in today’s age of search engine exposure. Get creative with the query combinations and create potential reader personas that can help you to better identify the problems you plan to solve or answer to. Having a great keyword database will also help you to focus on your content in a more informed and disciplined manner.

The core success of this method lies in your continuous and all-encompassing efforts if you really want to make it to 1 million visitors. Set up performance metrics based on real-world results in order to ensure allocating optimum resources to the keyword analysis and testing let your process take shape from there. Make use of great keyword research tools to ensure optimum search benefits and better shortlisting.

I always go through my target search verticals as per the direction of our shortlisted go-to-market categories. You can then proceed to identify/ chalk out the top 100 highest search volume terms within the shortlisted verticals and also extract the top 100 URLs that are ranking currently. I have always followed a competitive analysis where I would start an exhaustive process of evaluating the opportunities offered by each keyword and then comparing them with the categories that we need to put our most focus on.

The essential marriage of the two results in ideal targeting of real queries that allowed me to create dedicated niche-specific content that can target real visitors. It is also advisable that when you plan to revolve your content around a great shortlisted keyword phrase, try to complement it with concepts and phrases that are contextually relevant for even better performance.

4. A Winning Content Strategy to Establish Thought Leadership

The content strategy is highly important for any successful website or blog site. With a proper content strategy in place, your website can reach millions by sharing relevancy and value. Thus, strive to create a great content strategy if you want to reach users by millions. Have a content diagram created to fully visualize the type of information to share with the masses

5. Focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, the mecca of website traffic thanks to Alphabet Inc.’s Google being the dominant player in the Search Engine Industry. However, considering Google’s dominance or not, a great SEO strategy helps you to rank in all Search Engines in a more core and personalized manner. Your SEO strategy should depend on the verticals that are most close to your needs and the niche of your website. The key factors that you need to focus in order to ensure optimum Search Engine Optimization relies on two specific parts:

  • On-Page SEO: Your SEO efforts On-Page involves all the initiatives that you take to optimize your website internally till you achieve the desired results. The processes include mobile-friendliness optimization, navigational and performance changes and more core functionalities like attribute channeling.
  • Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO includes Link Building and Guest Posting and everything else that you perform externally or outside your website in order to better optimize the site as per the Search Engine’s preferences.

6. External Promotional Techniques & Social Promotions

You have to play fair and square when you’re aiming for the figure of 1M+ visitors to your website. In order to go all out in your efforts to attract more visitors, it is advisable to make use of all the social media and promotional channels that you can use to get the word out there. Share routine updates, content shares, and other activities in order to keep building awareness about the website.

With routine updates, you can strive to create a good potential visitor base who will be loyal and related to your cause. Great brands and websites have flourished using the same methodology and if implemented in a strategic manner, can derive great results. The power of social promotion is on the rise with more and more people getting on board social media platforms is on the rise.

7. Optimization & Mobile-friendliness

Last but not the least, optimization and the general navigation and design of your website goes a long way in ensuring user experience and can help you to retain many visitors to your online front in the process. As a mobile-friendly website, your portal would have the capability to reach every hand-held device across the globe making its reachability even higher.

As the globe is shifting more and more towards using mobile devices as their primary browsing sources, you need to ensure that your website is optimized properly in order to deliver a desktop-like smooth and similar user experience. Keep optimizing your website as per the recent changes in the Search Engine


Remember that growing your website is not a one-time process but a consistent effort over periods of time to continuously improve the user experience and the value of the content attracting users in a variety of methods. A good and successful website will be one where a user finds value upon visiting creating that instant link between the portal and its visitor. Your website has better chances of succeeding in 1M visitors if you focus more on delivering real value to the visitor’s life through it.

You can also take an informative approach on growing your website by keeping a tab on all the latest changes in the search engine algorithms, being informative about Search Engine crawlers, routing algorithmic changes in social media platforms, etc. Remember, the more informed you are in your endeavor, the better chances you have at surviving in this game.


Now that you are equipped with this framework for success, you can go and start implementing the same immediately. Remember, the real secret to success lies in tenacity and continuous hard work and that is what is going to actually help you go and succeed out there. I have only provided you with certain techniques that can help you to reach your goal of getting more visitors to your website.

The real success lies in your efforts to implement these strategies in the right way and at the right time. That is what matters the most! So, just running behind getting links or focusing solely on creating great content won’t just do to reach that 1M+ visitors. You should have a mix of both to create an authentic way to get the best possible reward in your endeavor.

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