How To Increase Website Traffic Per Month To Your Website?

 2 Sep, 2021

Do you Know What are Interesting Things about Website Traffic?

  • All things including the website content, website design are uniform, more qualified website traffic equals more leads, customers, and revenue simultaneously.
  • There are multiple ways to enhance website traffic, from tapping into audience insights to using digital marketing strategies to exploring a range of offline tactics.

Building your website traffic in 2021 is not an easy task. In this developing era, businesses are facing an ever-enhancing amount of unique and indulging online content along with the ongoing changes from search engines like Google, and constant algorithm updates from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

But, being in a competitive industry, it is very necessary for you to be dominant on other established websites. However, you can still get tons of website traffic with a resourceful content marketing strategy that revolves around curating quality, evergreen, customer-facing pieces of content. Our team has recently made a list of the most successful ways to get 1 million organic visits per month to your website.

The article will help you know about:

  • Why is website traffic important?
  • What are the tips to reach 1 million visitors per month?

Why is website traffic important for your business?

There are multiple things that states the importance of website traffic for your business such as:

  • Informational and indulging content
  • Brand Building
  • Creating a traffic funnel to our core website
  • Domain strengthening

To be on the top of the competition, it is necessary for your business to rank well for hundreds of thousands of keywords. You should focus more on your relevant keywords so that more and more people can find your website easily.

Now you must be wondering Why organic traffic is so important for better outcomes? There are multiple sources like maintaining social media campaigns, creating email campaigns, and various other sources that will help you get organic traffic at your website. There are no other sources that are more powerful or repeatable than Google. Nowadays, people are seeking to Google first more often than not for their information, so being a business person you have to ensure that you meet them where they are.

However, organic traffic more than any other source is a “barrier” for every company. Also, you can also experience a change in your website's ranking as Google keeps on updating its algorithm.

What are the successful ways to get 1 million organic visits per month on your website?

The successful ways to get 1 million organic visits per month on your website are:

  • Expand your social media following effectively - Expanding social media is just a requirement for everything in this day and age. It is because Social media is slowly becoming the new go-to for marketing. However, building a good social media following can be tricky but can serve you with extraordinary outcomes for your business. At this point, approximately 10-20% of a website’s traffic comes from the social media networks alone, translating it to around 300 to 500k page views per month.

In order to expand and leverage your social media networks, you should focus on its consistency as it is the basic key. Also, make sure your networks comprise the same pictures, headlines, links and the posts. Maintaining this uniformity means that all of your visitors or potential customers can see your content on any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
However, while doing this you should ensure that all your posts include hashtags on them or else you may miss out on a large number of organic traffic via social media sites.

  • Enhance your social media engagement strategies - Remember, just maintaining quality social media profiles, you require to get out and engage with the people on these platforms/networks. Facebook groups have largely replaced the requirement for forums and also increased the ease of reaching particular demographics.

Meanwhile, Twitter has made it tremendously easy to track trends and keywords of your target audience. Between these two routes along with search engine optimization and targeted hashtags, you’ll be able to talk directly with people who might be interested in your website.

Keep in mind that sort of engagement and outreach is free and pays off in dividends by recruiting more members to your following.

  • Try to follow strong SEO strategies - SEO attracts a huge amount of traffic to your website. However, having a great SEO strategy helps you to rank in all search engines in a more core and personalized manner. Your SEO strategy should depend on the verticals that are the most close to your requirements and the niche of your website.
    The key factors that you require to focus in order to make certain optimum search engine optimization depends on two specific parts:
  • On-Page SEO: Your SEO efforts On-Page involves all the initiatives that you take to optimize your website internally till you achieve the desired results. The processes include mobile-friendliness optimization, navigational and performance changes and more core functionalities like attribute channeling.
  • Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO includes Link Building and Guest Posting and everything else that you perform externally or outside your website in order to better optimize the site as per the Search Engine’s preferences.
  • Always focus on creating engaging content - Content is the key for every website to rank. If you are not posting content, updating features, and overall continuing to exceed people’s expectations then last month’s first time viewers will not be this month’s returning viewers. You can experience this in multiple applications that most of the important statistics are monthly active users and daily active users. Building these users and content readers can help you recurring monthly pageviews every from the same demographic but it demands you to keep impressing them.

Final Thought

Now that you are equipped with this framework for success, you can go and start implementing the same immediately. Remember, the real secret to success lies in tenacity and continuous hard work and that is what is going to actually help you go and succeed out there. We have only provided you with certain techniques that can help you to reach your goal of getting more visitors to your website.

The real success lies in your efforts to implement these strategies in the right way and at the right time. That is what matters the most! So, just running behind getting links or focusing solely on creating great content won’t just do to reach that 1M+ visitors. You should have a mix of both to create an authentic way to get the best possible reward in your endeavor.

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