How to Market Your Business? Top 10 Marketing Methods that Actually Work!


29 May, 2024


Marketing a business can seem to be a complex, nerve-wracking, and expensive gig. But the truth is, if it’s handled in the right manner with an effective business marketing strategy instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, even with a shoe-string marketing budget, it can give you wonderful business growth both offline and online.

Marketing can help your businesses maintain that long-lasting and forever-kind of relationship with your prospective buyers. It can also help engage your potential customers, create impactful brand awareness, and add money to your bottom lines.

How Brands Like Mint Build Their Digital Presence with No Talk And Big Game?

Many brands are talking about big games with online marketing, look at Mint - a personal budget tracker & planner for instance. The reason why this financial tool was able to stand out in the crowd was because of a well-executed, pre-stated online marketing strategy and tactics.

How Brands Like Mint Build Their Digital Presence with No Talk And Big Game?

Mint clearly explains how a few dedicated marketing efforts are much needed for making any struggling business valuable in an online marketplace. Marketing actually does that, it can help expand your brand identity and make your business flourish, eventually. In case you are still doubting, marketing a business has more perks than peril. With an effective marketing plan and avenues, your business can subside usual business challenges like:

  • Inability to create demand for your product
  • Having no brand identity to stand out from the crowd
  • High acquisition cost per customer
  • Inability to target the right traffic with qualified buyers to your website
  • Failing to get qualified sales and profit volumes
  • Having a tiny marketing budget to invest
  • Not having professional marketing experts in the team

If you are as well willing to subside these challenges, here are quick 10 ways on how to advertise your business which are explained in detail. 

Looking for Growth-Driven Digital Marketing Services

  • Digital Growth Plan That Drives Results
  • Increase Your Brand Reach
  • Amplify Your Search Engine Ranking

How to Market Your Business? Sharing Top 10 Marketing Methods that Work!

Marketing is an inescapable part of being a business of any sort, small, big, offline, or online. It is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and win big on customer success. So here are some powerful methods on “how to advertise your business”, skyrocket your digital or offline presence, and start getting qualified leads.

Let’s get started with the 10 best ways to market a business…

1. Make Your Website Favorable to Rank with SEO

“67% of online experiences start with a search engine, if you optimize it right, you can attract qualified traffic.”

Search engine optimization is an imperative marketing strategy online that can help you get massive visibility on search engines like Google, Bing. If you have a website that is optimized, you can get:

  • Almost 90% of internet traffic, if you manage to rank well.
  • Brand reputation & equity are 10 times higher than social media & 5 times more than PPC.
  • Increased market share, and lead generation.
  • Increases revenue. A Forrester group research says that businesses that provided optimized user experience as an extension of SEO were able to draw more than 400% revenue.

SEO is an organic method, that doesn’t require many marketing dollar, and still can get you long-term visibility in SEPR if you:

  • Identify the right keyword opportunities for your site based on your competitors, and customers through keyword tools.
  • Curate quality content for the web & other third-party sites based on topics that are trending & have user pain points and search keyphrases or words inserted.
  • Make your link-building game strong. Publish content to different sites & gain backlinks. And link all website content to build internal linking.
  • Improve website performance, UX, responsiveness, load speed, and other technicalities to rank well.
  • Create local search accounts on Google listing to enhance your local search visibility.

2. Get Predictable, Measurable, and Scalable Results with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is approached by 83% of businesses and in terms of success it comes second after search engine marketing.”

Social media presence and efforts are the best way for businesses to:

  • Acquire website traffic and leads 
  • Increase brand awareness, reputation, and equity
  • Create a community of loyal and new customers
  • Engage users with your brand whole lot deeper level

You can dominate 6 popular social media marketing channels as:

  • Facebook - There are 486,183 users a minute using Facebook from mobile, if you post quality content, you might gain engagement, followers, and ultimate buyers.

Get Predictable, Measurable, and Scalable Results with Social Media Marketing

  • Twitter - Studies have shown that Twitter’s Ads ROI is 40% higher than other marketing channels.

  • Instagram- The majority of Instagram users are between 18-29 years old, the best place to promote a product, which is created for young millennials.

  • Linkedin- It is a 590 million-strong community with a dominating age group of 21 to 45 years old. Best for connecting and forming alliances with B2B clients or customers or fulfilling the recruitment needs.

  • Pinterest - 144.5 million people can be reached with adverts on it & 71% of users of this platform are females, a good place if you sell female-oriented or gender-neutral products.

You can target each of these platforms and get amazing brand traction by:

  • Creating business accounts for them.
  • Creating a monthly content calendar for them, to know the type of post, its content, posting time, and other factors.
  • Using social commerce on Facebook and Pinterest to drive direct brand awareness and sales, without letting your customers get redirected to your website.
  • Using the PPC ad model on each platform to create fast hype and awareness of your products or services.
  • Optimizing social media posts & profile end-to-end with trending hashtags, keywords, creative visuals, so that you can multiply your brand’s reach and get good conversions.

Want to Advertise your Business Through Social Media Services?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Increasing your Brand Reach

3. Run a Blog to Drive Brand Awareness and Leads

Owning and running a dedicated blog on a website is one of the proven ways to market and generate inquisitive leads around your business offerings. Starting a blog with relevant & fresh content will make you look authentic and a thought leader in your industry.

Before running a blog out in thin air, make sure to look into the topics, keywords, and information your target audience is willing to/willingly exploring over the web.

You can use Google Analytics to know what your competitors are writing about and what specific keywords they are targeting. Also, you can use Google trends to know what users are searching over specifically to curb their pain points and wants.

Once you know what topics and keywords to write around:

  • Conduct good deep research to find accurate information and something that’s better than your competitors, and you can use it to write your article on that topic and keyword.
  • Keep the rule of 80:20 in mind. Meaning, the content you are writing should be 80% helpful, informative, and skimmable around the user's pain points and wants. And 20% promotional, where you tell how you can help solve their problem with your product/service/assistance. Don’t sound boastful, be genuine, and don’t try to impose your solutions, do it all organically.
  • Use Click to action (CTAs) throughout the blog, elements that could drive users to take the next customer action. It could be concluding phrases asking users to try your product or comment to post, could be pop-ups inviting users to subscribe to your email, blog. Feel creative and place smart CTAs that can compel visitors to start as ardent buyers with you. 
  • Have social media CTAs around so that users can share the content and expand its reach within their peers.

How many times should you post the blog?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how many times you should write an article. Every company experiments differently. Small companies post 1-4 times a week, big companies create multiple articles daily. In the end, consistency is the key, find your balance based on your needs.

Run a Blog to Drive Brand Awareness and Leads

4. Video Marketing - Versatile, Creative, and Shareable Medium to Reach Audience

“Video is a 600% more effective marketing platform than print and direct mail. Almost 51% marketers say videos have proven to be best in terms of ROI.”

So before making video content, always ensure its message is centered around the story, not the ultimate sale. It should teach, educate and curb the pain of your target. As going for too many promotional videos can annoy & repel the prospects before they put interest in your product & services.

You have ample areas to explore for your video marketing like:

  • Vlogs or video blogs - Very affordable type, easy to shoot & off the cut. Cost? One cup of coffee, amazing natural light, confidence, and any equipment to shoot.
  • BTS, Behind the scenes of the company/its culture - This type of video allows to give humane touch and allow prospects to connect with you on a personal level.
  • Q/A videos with self or guests - Can create a series, invite different types of guests, discuss with them hot topics of your industry, ask hard-hitting questions to know their opinions and thoughts. You can also integrate other brands, this can intensify your reach too.
  • Webinars - They are one of the best video genres in the modern marketing era, especially when the audience is looking for someone for experience advice and preaching on any topic. 
  • Events - Cover video of any glitzy event you have been part of or organized yourself. With exclusive event videos, you can pull the attention of the audience and direct it towards your brand, and be in the limelight.
  • Presentation - They might sound basic, but they are uberly effective to draw your customer’s engagement. Cool, informative, and well-visualized presentations still are perfect to enhance your brand presence.
  • How-to, tutorial videos - They help drive curiosity, answers, and interest within the audience about your product & services. 
  • Product Reviews - Such videos help the audience to move towards the consideration phase where they get recommendations on quality products that are compatible with their needs and add up to their customer satisfaction.
  • Testimonials - If you have a seasoned presence in the market and have served B2B or B2C customers, take time to document, record some of your customers’ experience with your products, this will help expand your brand’s awareness, conversions, and referrals.

Choose whatever video content suits your business, and start working on that kind by infusing purity, honesty, humor (if dealing with young tribe), professionalism as a brand, over popular digital platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more.

Video Marketing - Versatile, Creative, and Shareable Medium to Reach Audience

            5. Email Marketing - to Send Ads, Business Requests, Solicit Sales & More

            “By 2023, the no. of active email users is going to reach 4.3 billion.”

            Email marketing allows you to cast a wide net to find prospects. Also, to create targeted and personalized messages based on your audience’s taste & preferences, which in turn helps you to retain the old ones, and capture the new ones.

            Email marketing is a very quick, cost-effective, and personalized marketing weapon that can help create curiosity around your brand and as well drive realistic conversions & sales in the long term.

            You can send the following types of emails to ignite a spark about your brand:

            • Welcome emails - To invite new customers to your world.
            • Newsletters - To create brand awareness.
            • Lead Nurturing Emails - These are infused with amazing offers & pitches.
            • Sponsorship emails- To ask other leading brands to sponsor you and promote your brand.
            • Brand Story Emails - That tells explicitly about what you are as a brand, and why your customers should trust & believe you.
            • Re-engagement emails - That lets the would-be or old customers who once transacted reconnect and reconsider your brand.

              You can start sending mission-critical messages through emails with marketing tools like constant contact, Drip, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc. You can find any free or subscription-based email marketing tools online and start creating a strategic and converting communication thread with your prospects.

               Email Marketing - to Send Ads, Business Requests, Solicit Sales & More

              Emails have the best response and return rate. Like for every $1 invested, brands can expect to get up to $42.

              Today’s brands are already using email marketing and automation to invite subscribers, increase user engagement, and educate them with informational and personalized copies. See how Uber aced its email marketing campaigns. The brand sends quick, skimmable emails after every ride that has a big call to action button, which can be easily accessed even by the busy and on-the-go recipients.

              6. Influencer Marketing - “One of the Best Way to Improve Brand Recognition”

              “Businesses that leverage Influencer marketing on wide platforms gain huge brand recognition and earn up to $18 as a return for every dollar spent.”

              Influencer marketing is another leading marketing arsenal that allows your collaboration with niche-based content creators to publicize your product or service, to help your brand get prolific brand awareness, increased traffic to the website, and loyalty of your prospects' towards your brand.

              You can increase your reach across different buyers' persona with popular digital influencers or content creators over different digital platforms. You can ask guest bloggers with amazing readership to accommodate your products or write a review about them. Or you can reach out to social media influencers to promote and prescribe your product to their loyal fanbase.

              You can collaborate with such influencers over different Influencer marketing campaigns like:

              • Gifts & giveaways - Send free gifts, samples in collaboration with these creators.
              • Host events, contests - Run contests with these creators to get some traction and responses.
              • Sponsor - Sponsor the digital content of the influencers to help them review the product.
              • PR/Reviews - Send your products/services to creators for free to further explore and review your products.
              • Brand Ambassador - If you are big on a budget, you can hire eminent personalities to represent and endorse your brand and get an amazing response and customer footfall based on his/her fandom.

              You can think through any of the digital influencer marketing ways and hire anyone who has amazing, reliable followership to turn to and promote your brand.

               Influencer Marketing - “One of the Best Way to Improve Brand Recognition

              7. Invest in Paid Advertising Through PPC...Along With Organic

              We talked about SEO, which is a purely organic yet long-haul process to get ultimate dividends. But if you are looking for faster reach, alongside organic one, you should invest in paid ads through PPC. PPC expands as “Pay per click”, a kind of advertisement model where you only pay when the ads have the impression and are clicked. 

              “52% of people who click on the PPC ads tend to call the advertiser on the spot. It can help increase brand awareness & exposure by 80%. And for every $1 spent, the return on PPC is likely to be $2.”

              You can explore quite a variety of PPC campaigns based on your business need and budget:

              • Search Advertisement - These ads appear on the top of Google and Bing organic search results and can be created and composed through Google AdWords, with personalized & targeted ad copies & keywords. These ads are effective as they get noticed quicker and have higher chances of getting clicked compared to organic results.

               Invest in Paid Advertising Through PPC...Along With Organic

              • Display Advertisements - This ad is usually in text & imagery form which is visually engaging and helps promote your brand’s awareness overnight, over Google and its network partners. With targeted copies and keywords, you can maximize your reach and impressions on this ad. 

              Display Advertisements

              • Social Advertising, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram - Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram have their ads models that help you reach a wide audience through targeted and segmented ad copies, and help attract their attention towards any landing page, lead form, or piece of digital content you are vouching for. 

              Social Advertising, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

              • Remarketing Ads - In this type of PPC ad model, you re-target the prospect that has been to your landing page or website before but backed out without ending the sales funnel. Such ads help pursue the interest of prospects who might be so close to becoming your ultimate customer.
              • Sequential Remarketing - This one’s slightly different from remarketing. Here you don’t just send one straightforward ad, you place multiple long-term campaigns over a passage of time, with different copies, offers, and on different occasions to people who are “so close” to move forward from their “consideration and comparison phase”.

              You can try out any or combination of all PPC ads to increase brand awareness and brand engagement with your prospects in a shorter cycle and any budget you are set up with.

              8. Explore Offline Marketing - Yes, People Still Crave Them!

              If you have money and are an ardent fan of offline marketing methods, go for it. We know how internet-connected this world is, everything is run digitally, but we shouldn’t forget the offline marketing methods that are still valuable, unique, and put less burden on pockets.

              Here are some of the offline marketing that may be forgotten but are still impactful in terms of brand reach and exposure, if given fair share along with online marketing.

              1.Guerilla Marketing - It is a very creative and vast marketing method that gives you ample room to think, explore and apply unique tactics. Guerilla marketing involves methods where you promote your product in public, and people can’t ignore it but just look at what you have to offer. As a small business, you can leverage this kind of marketing by:

              • Leaving sticky notes with brand messages in random public places like bars, shops, or any outlet.
              • Creating something visually appealing with your brand message over sidewalks or any real estate with chalk or some spray can (only if permitted).
              • Leave your branded pen, notepad, or any item in public areas to get it noticed and approached.

              Explore Offline Marketing - Yes, People Still Crave Them!

              2. Dropping Business Cards, flyers, Pamphlets - Drop your business card, flyers with compelling brand offers to get tremendous brand exposure and recognition.

                3. Take Pictures, Behind the Scenes of Places you Go to - As a business if you tend to attend a lot of events, seminars, or offline workshops of any other brands, do take photos of them, behind the scenes of them and post them over social profiles, tag the brands to get brand exposure and engagement from diverse audiences.

                4. Donate Your Products as Prize - You can run contests & quizzes and give your products as a prize to the winner and runner-ups. Or you could tie up with an organization that constantly holds such competition and could use your products to award & gift.

                5. Attend Events, Trade Shows, Seminars - Enlist your business in your niche-based event or trade show, this will help you shake hands with potential customers and networking partners.


                9. Use Salesforce Marketing and Automation Tool to get Interconnected Solutions

                “Businesses say they have experienced a 25% increase in revenue with Salesforce Marketing CRM.”

                Salesforce has created hype in cloud CRM marketing, mainly for supporting the sales-y and customer success centric efforts of businesses. Which also includes exceptional marketing and automation features, tools, or capabilities.

                Use Salesforce Marketing and Automation Tool to get Interconnected Solutions

                Salesforce marketing cloud is a platform that helps businesses like you get a complete suite of interconnected marketing support & features as:

                • Multi-channel campaign execution
                • Pre & post-campaign management & analytics
                • Audience building & segmentation
                • Personalized messaging and campaigns created for the dynamic customer journey
                • Social media segmentation and campaigning
                • Email marketing campaigning and automation

                Automation marketing tools like Salesforce are the best investment in terms of time and efforts that are proven solutions for B2B aka business to business marketing.

                This interconnected CRM of marketing tools gives best results pertaining to:

                • Reaching the right customers through any customer lifecycle
                • Enhancing brand awareness
                • Spreading positive brand advocacy
                • Retaining the existing customers

                The CRM is effective at multiplying results around any marketing touchpoint, be it mobile apps, emails, websites, social media, communities, and more.

                With effective integration and customization of this tool with the help of professional digital marketers, you can expand your marketing avenues, cut down heavy marketing dollars, and get back incredible brand reach and ROI.

                10. Analyze, Experiment, Improve & Implement Again

                Marketing is never going to be “one-size-fits-all”. And there is not a single “best way to market your business”. You need to get hands-on multiple marketing touchpoints and tactics to get things right. The key to getting the result from marketing effort is to constantly monitor, gauge your performance, and implement different solutions that are economical, creative, and friendly to your prospects. To see how people are reacting and responding to your marketing efforts, constantly track your progress with real-time metric tools like Google Analytics and others.

                The few standard marketing metrics you should calculate are:

                At different intervals, see the progress, feel free to experiment, and implement anything unique and creative. Keep experimenting with your marketing mix until you see some progressive numbers around brand reach, traffic, conversions to your landing page.

                Marketing is a risky gig, especially if you are new and unaware, but it can become easy and economical if you have a specialized digital marketing team by your side to help harbor your brand’s and its customers’ every need.

                Other Quick Tips to Empower Your Brand Outreach and Engagement

                As a business owner, to thrive in the digital ecosystem, here are some other things you can consider doing as an add-on to the above-mentioned “best ways to market your business” for driving ultimate brand awareness and conversions:

                • Find the right market for business - Having the right market for business is the first step to making your business to customers or business-to-business marketing efforts, strategy, tactics successful. If you don’t know who your target buyers are, what your target market looks like, you can’t expect to get desired brand traction. With automation tools like Salesforce, it’s easy to know who would be your interested audience, buyers, or long-term customers. So before everything else, make sure to have the right market for business known first.

                Find the right market for business


                • Be interactive, go beyond and talk to customers - Businesses that are vocal, communicative, easy to reach out are more likely to hear from their customers. If you are closed off and don’t act quickly on the needs of your customers, you can be misjudged and sound like an uncaring brand. Use social media as a medium to interact, be chatty with your prospects and be attentive to their wants and needs.

                Be interactive, go beyond and talk to customers


                • Know your USP - Highlight why you are you. How you are different from the rest. Put your USP in every marketing campaign and collateral you produce. Supposedly, if being an animal cruelty-free or environment-friendly product company is your USP, make sure to have it visible in any brand tactic you pursue from above.

                Know your USP

                • Improve your products - Marketing may get your nurturing leads, but what’s the use if your products are not worth shelling money? Always monitor the quality of your products & services and find are they able to solve the problem areas of your buyers? You can’t sell a product that doesn’t look or appear sellable so be mindful of that!
                • Set Discounts & Coupons - Brands in the initial stages shouldn’t put up hiked-up prices than their competitors. Make sure to give some rebates and discounts to appear pocket-friendly to your prospect. You can run some loyalty programs for your existing customers like if they bring any referral, they can get cool discounts in return. Or you can enlist yourself on various coupon listing sites to attract diverse traffic.

                Branding also plays an important part in solving the answer to “how to market your business”. Read complete steps on how to create an impactful and powerful brand identity from scratch!

                There are a lot of other things you can do to expand the effectiveness of your main marketing campaigns. In Marketing, the sky's the limit. Feel free to inject any action that’s bearable on your bank and runs parallel to the marketing goals you set up.

                Why Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Agency?

                Handling all these best ways to market your business, all by yourself, can seem to be a hefty deal. Especially, when you have other core tasks to oversee. Hiring a professional digital marketing firm in such an event can be an opportunity to rank higher in SERP, get qualified traffic and conversions, and expand your brand, as their expertise will help you deploy marketing mix solutions:

                • That are economical and friendly to your pocket
                • That are easy to monitor, measure for progress at regular interval
                • That are proven to work and drive results
                • That cuts down business’s estimates and increases efficiency
                • That creates an army of long-term buyers and clients

                Apart from following the above best ways to market a business, do everything else you could think of to define your brand’s journey and its long-haul success!

                Final Thoughts on How to Market Your Business?

                Online Marketing is a very phenomenal aspect. Just by applying even a few basic marketing steps, it can make you “from a relatively unknown brand” to a most “recognized brand name”. Marketing for a business is important to meet its bottom line and lauding its customer success.

                Many businesses have transformed from being “just domain names” to “impactful brand names” that thrive and rule the digital marketplace. The bigger brands that you see now, were once smaller and struggling and were often looking out for the “best way to market your business”, and eventually found ways that worked and helped them shape their digital presence for good.

                We shared the 10 ways on how to market your business online that work and have proven to give you ultimate brand outreach in the optimum length of time and any shoestring size budget. And also shared some quick tips that you need to do additionally to enhance the effectiveness of these marketing tactics. 

                If you are looking for the best ways to market your business with professionals, we can be those professionals, you ultimate digital marketers who can double down your customers’ online experiences across multifarious digital channels and platforms.

                Looking for Best Digital Marketing Services?

                • Meet your Ideal Customers
                • Increase in Engagement Rate
                • Improve your Conversion Rate

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