Does Yellow Pages Advertising Still Exist In 2023?

 6 Apr, 2023



In the digital age we live in today, is advertising in yellow pages really worth it?

As you are undoubtedly aware, the Yellow Pages is a telephone directory of nearby companies that is categorized. Each year, at least a couple or three publishers of these absurd yellow page directories still deliver them to your front patio. However, they ultimately wind up being dumped in your backyard.

Since the directory was the sole resource accessible at the time, everyone frequently used it to locate contact information. It was the ideal setting for promoting the services of nearby companies. And in business listings, it was one of the most reliable sources. 

However, this was the narrative during the 80s and 90s. The Internet has similarly replaced yellow pages advertising with how Craigslist replaced newspaper classified ads. 

Though they have started online, with a new online format, it is unquestionably losing its influence. Today, one can search through directories to find digital marketing services for small businesses to help with your needs for digital advertising to a huge number of tech-savvy millennials. Even so, as they proceed down the path to purchase, consumers consult a variety of sources. It might be helpful for enticing customers of a given age in 2023. 

Do yellow pages still exist? Is listing in the yellow pages to promote your company still worth it? Let's investigate!

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Yellow Pages Online Advertising Or Offline?

Since the downfall of print directories, yellow pages advertising has updated itself into an online platform and is acting as if they are part of the digital marketing competition. It is only evident that they are failing miserably. 

So, what should you do if you want to take your company to the next level? If you wish to promote your company to reach dizzying heights? Then coming here was the best choice for you.

Here’s why you shouldn’t consider listing in yellow pages first, second, or even our wildest thoughts. 

1. Exorbitant pricing ranges

The annual cost of advertising in the yellow pages can quickly go from tens to thousands of dollars. It is essential to be concerned about this. You'll probably gain a wider audience if you spend the same amount with other online options.

It's amusing how phone books used to be sent to your door for free, but now you have to pay for the digital version of what used to be available to the public.

The older group still thinks that yellow pages are a legitimate marketing solutions platform and that they are at the top of their game with their experience. They really inhabit the Stone Age. 

You can listen to them unless you are fine lighting your dollars for nothing. Or else hire a digital marketing agency

2. Stale Advertising

In regard to advertising, various aspects need to be considered starting from what is advertising to its types

Simply put, the advertising structure of the yellow pages appeals to something other than modern consumers. Consumers now start their actions online by searching. Trust me, those advertisements in the yellow pages will be scrolled lightning fast with the marketing strategies yellow pages implement.

Every new day there is a digital marketing consulting rising out of nowhere. The services they provide par excellence. Now that is what we call worth spending. 

No doubt these yellow pages online advertising and their marketing strategies used to work well long back. But with the growing economic needs staying ahead of your game is essential. Which, unfortunately, the yellow pages have failed to maintain.

If you want to get your business doomed, you are welcome to join hands with the yellow pages.

3. Updates are Hard to Make

Imagine you lose a customer because you trusted yellow pages to market your business, and they need to update your contact details. I feel your pain, friend; really, I do.

You are one of many people to experience this. Don't Believe Me? Check out the review of a customer below.

 yellow page Customer Review

Yellow Pages hold the record for the worst customer service. There are several talks that if your business has moved and you want to change the address or the contact details provided with yellow pages marketing, you gotta go through a lot of hell.

The Pros & Cons Of Yellow Pages Advertising

Now let us carefully weigh all the pros and cons of yellow pages advertising.

 Pros & Cons of Yellow Page Advertising

There is a list of advantages like geographic segment, as it can cater to the needs of the localized markets and consumers alongside the element of long use. Because everything is already sorted by industry, Yellow Pages online advertising has some built-in targeting providing Category benefits and ease of access. 

Like other print mediums, tracking the replies from yellow pages online advertising with a well-designed CTA is very simple. If your advertisement includes a coupon, the coupon code may be unique to each regional edition of the phone book in which it appears. The URL to a landing page can also be included in the advertisement on yellow pages, or you can add a QR code that leads them to that page.

When someone picks up the Yellow Pages, they typically know what they're searching for and are almost ready to make a purchase.

The ROI is evidence that placing an ad in the print Yellow Pages positions your brand close to the decisive moment.

The medium is deteriorating, yet it's still alive. Nearly 70% of Americans do not even open their phone directories, approximately 11% utilize them for the white pages, and 97% of customers went online to search for businesses in 2018. However, this percentage is considerably lower in the metropolitan area. It is regarded as old-fashioned. The biggest threat to printed listing in the yellow pages comes from digital directories, particularly in a market where mobile devices dominate. 

Local searches have prompted 88% of mobile users to visit retail locations within a day, making Google alone a significant directory, contributing to the high competition from Digital Alternatives.

Additionally, it is difficult to keep updated, and people only pick up the yellow pages marketing when they're ready to find a business. Thus, it can't offer substantial frequency. They don't read the booklet at any other time, unlike with a newspaper or magazine. Therefore your advertisement cannot be intrusive.

Do Small Businesses Still Benefit From Yellow Pages Advertising?

Reaching mature-aged customers in 2023 may still be successful with yellow pages advertising, and they find it a credible source as it has been around for so long.

Also, I do not deny that marketing your business on a yellow page can benefit a few small-scale companies. Lawn care, gardening, and electrical work are just examples of the services that can still be beneficial with advertising in the yellow pages. This is particularly advantageous for small firms whose target markets are constrained to a particular place or location. Another benefit of using the yellow pages marketing for geographic targeting is the information's propensity to be highly localized. However, they are noticing an increase in phone calls and online orders.

However, consumer behavior has altered as a result of the growth of digital search. Online marketing services may be less expensive for businesses with a better return on investment. Because internet directories provide more room for information, such as the capability to read reviews from other customers, there may be efficiency improvements for consumers. Consumers used the original paper version's alphabetical arrangement to make their selections.

With online advertising, there are fewer chances of blindly selecting through numbers and more chances of clicking on your business based on good online reviews. The marketing solutions are using it all might be to advertise their product and services digitally, and in a way, the yellow pages are like dinosaurs read academically but extinct.

To put it all together, it is not necessary for a small business to market through a yellow pages marketing agency to flourish its sales. 

It's challenging to monitor ROI, and depending on the ROI calculation, advertising in yellow pages might not be lucrative for your company.

Yellow Pages Ad V/S Digital Marketing

We are aware that phone book advertising has drawbacks. For example, you must commit to a year of advertising, and there is no way to track leads coming from the phone book unless you ask every caller how they discovered you.

However, you can monitor how many individuals have seen your listings and clicked to call or seek directions using digital marketing. You may also track website traffic using website visitor tracking software.

They continue printing the phone book even though all these statistics show that it is (at least thus far) less effective than local search marketing. That implies that they must be put to use, right?

But if we talk numbers then, compared to internet display advertising, which typically has a conversion rate of less than 1%, yellow pages online advertising is less effective.

The phone book is never even opened by 70% of Americans.

97% of people look for digital marketing companies online. At the same time, listing in the yellow pages is significantly cheaper than other broadcast mediums like newspapers, radio, and television.  


Yellow-page advertising is long gone. It is more dead than you can imagine. 

For a successful business to run, the ultimate key is happy customers. And you will not get that sticking on with the yellow pages. So why waste your money, energy, and time investing in something worthless? 

In this new digital era, there are plenty of options for marketing your business, whether small-scale or large-scale. All you need is a robust website and a bang-on marketing strategy.

Digital marketing for small businesses by Janbask Digital Design can help you guide through the same. Companies no longer need to pay to be in the Yellow Pages because there is less demand for paper copies and instead only have a digital presence. 

So do you still want to place an ad in the yellow pages? Let us know your thoughts regarding the same.

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1. What exactly is yellow page advertising?

The first thing that springs to mind when people think about directory advertising is Yellow Page advertising. The only information included in a straightforward Yellow Pages prints listing is the company name and phone number, which are arranged alphabetically with other businesses in the same category.

2. What are the types of yellow pages available out there?

Publishers' choices for available advertising space range from strong names to four-color dual-page adverts ("double trucks"). The most popular yellow pages in the US are Yellowbook, Superpages, AT&T Real Yellow Pages, DEX One's DEX, and Yellowbook.

3. What kinds of advertisements are found on the yellow pages?

When it comes to the Yellow Pages, size does matter! Accurate or not, the size of your Yellow Pages display ad may directly impact the perception of your business--and its size--in the mind of your customers. A competitor's half- or full-page ad that runs next to your business-card-size ad gives a subconscious impression that the business with the larger ad is the better--and more established--of the two.

4. How much does it cost to put an ad on the yellow pages?

The price of your advertisement will vary depending on where you place it, how big it is, and how many headings you want it to appear under, much like with many other forms of advertising. According to search engine land, there are more than 8,000 Yellow Pages directories available in the US, all of which have varying prices and are issued by organizations like Verizon, SBC, Bell South, Yellow Book, RH Donnelley, and Sprint.

5. Do yellow pages advertisements really benefit businesses?

Because everything is already sorted by industry, Yellow Page advertising has some built-in targeting. The customer only needs to switch to the appropriate area to see the local possibilities once they are aware of the type of business they require to offer the goods and services they desire. Now, that comes in handy for many small-scale local businesses. However, for bigger aspirations, directory advertising doesn’t do much.

6. How can you check for existing listings in the yellow pages?

Online or by calling the national Yellow Pages directory number. (888) 573-4011 is the freephone number. You can verify if you already have a listing by going online to Based on public records, YP listings frequently arise. If there isn't a listing, follow the instructions to get one. If there is a listing for you, make sure the details—including your website, address, and contact information—are accurate.

7. What are the top two benefits of using digital advertising?

Mobile marketing and digital marketing strategy go hand in hand. You may reach your audience through digital advertising wherever and whenever they are online. Gen Z and Millennial customers can be particularly attracted here. 

"Multi-channel" is the key to digital advertising success. You are no longer limited to one page, 30 seconds, or whatever format your traditional ad was built for because a piece of content can be spread across a number of platforms with digital advertising.

8. What is the limitation of Internet advertising?

Digital marketing initiatives' time-consuming nature is one of their main drawbacks. It can be challenging to spend the necessary amount of time on the campaign due to disorganized methods and strategies. This will ultimately produce unfavorable outcomes.

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