How to use Social Bookmarks for managing Research Resources?

 11 Apr, 2016

You can get almost any kind of information through the internet. Just a word or a phrase is enough to type in the search engines for getting the desired results being displayed on the top of the search results page. Whether it is about business or a product or a service, you will get information about any topic instantly through internet. You can either save the information on your computer or could bookmark it for future reference also. However there comes a time when the number of bookmarks would be beyond your limit and it might take more time for you to find the resources that you bookmarked.

The only solution is Social Bookmarking. You will have to sign up for an account before availing the benefits you will get from online social bookmarking services.

  1. You can mark a specific web page you are interested in.
  2. Make use of tags to identify what the link signifies about.
  3. The interesting links could be shared to social media networks.
  4. You could see a list of other websites that have been marked by other users for the same tag.
  5. Date of submission, timeliness and relevancy would also be displayed.

These online social bookmarking services will help you narrow down your search and you will get update about the topics that you are interested in. Furthermore you will be able to interact efficiently with users sharing the same interests as yours. Even some social bookmarking services are available as plug-ins by means of integrating in to your browser and thereby helping you to access the same information without any difficulties.

Thus you could save the website information in to the computers as well as internet and thereby making it easier for you to retrieve the information. Unless you have the login and accessibility to internet, you will be able to retrieve the information easily. Thus it helps to free more memory space from your computer and give you the benefit of accessing your bookmarked websites from different places as well as from various computers too.

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Your article has proven useful to me. It’s very informative and you are obviously very knowledgeable in this area. This topic has interesting and solid content.

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