Importance of Google My Business APP

 13 Oct, 2015

Google My Business App is ideal for businesses who want to localize their searches for customers within Google Searches and Maps.

The app arrives with a lot of user-friendly features including the ability to verify business information, managing the reviews of customers, getting a detailed insight regarding how your customers are interacting with your online business. All these features help you build your brand in an effective manner than ever before.

Google My Business App offers

—->> A single dashboard for managing multiple locations for the business owner.

—->> Business owners can anytime update relevant information such as business name, address as well as hours whenever required using this app.

—->> It also helps give an accurate response to the customer reviews and thereby manage the customer reviews efficiently.

—->>Another key feature of this app is the ability it provides for businesses to post updates and photos in to Google+ directly from app.

Businesses can also identify the way in which customers are searching for the information within their online ecommerce store using this app. This can be done by monitoring the high-level analytics on visibility, engagement and audiences. Instant notifications will be received by business owners whenever customers begin talking about their business.

The latest version of Google My Business app is comprised of a lot more new features such as the ability to manage locations throughout the day for 24 hours.

If the business is focused on a limited area, then the app administrator can enable city, postal codes or radius zones for the specific area. Better insight regarding how the business is represented in Google Search, Maps and Google+ can also be viewed using this app. The analytics about the post being published in Google+ regarding business products or services can be monitored using this app. This app further enables business owners to get a more detailed feedback about the location information.

Google My Business app is available for free download in both Android and iOS devices. The redesigned version of Google My Business app integrates well with Google Analytics app and YouTube app which helps in interlinking the data required for performance monitoring, managing of the location information updates, posting new updates and responding to updates etc.

The location preferences can be individually entered one by one or can be uploaded together using a spreadsheet for businesses in which more than ten locations can be included. A business account will have to be created especially if more than one person is responsible for managing the locations. The business account thus can be shared with other responsible individuals and thereby avoiding the need to share your personal Google Password.

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