How To Run Instagram Ads Campaign For Your Business?


27 Mar, 2024



Instagram is seeing tremendous growth. On this aesthetically stimulating social media network, not only is the number of individual users expanding quickly, but brands are also taking advantage of the site's advantages for social media advertising services.

In the coming year, the number of companies utilizing Instagram is anticipated to virtually double, according to a new eMarketer report.

Instagram is a leading channel for marketers for a variety of reasons, including the nature of the site itself, the rise of mobile, and the ongoing changes we witness daily in the social media space. The Instagram ads option is now public, and so far, so good. 

Social media advertising services may target specific individuals based on their Facebook demographics and the behavioral information gleaned from Instagram, allowing them to concentrate on giving relevant users the greatest content for their requirements. 


Optimizing the reach of your campaign based on information like a user's most popular profile views or the hashtags that particular demographic use the most often can be quite helpful.

Direct response and clickable advertisements take users directly to the sale or product page. Although it's clear that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, businesses must develop strategic goals before beginning to use social media advertising. 

Your efforts won't be as effective as they could be if you don't have a well-coordinated plan that makes use of best practices and the unique characteristics the channel has to offer. 

Looking to Run Your Business Ads On Instagram?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Create goal-driven Social-Media messaging

What Are Instagram Ads?

Instagram advertisement is a way to buy the right to publish sponsored posts on the Instagram platform to reach a broader and more specific audience. 

There are many reasons for a company or person to elect to promote, buying Instagram ads is frequently used to increase brand awareness, and website traffic, produce new leads and drive existing leads through the sales funnel.

Instagram is primarily a visual medium, hence text ads are not present. To reach your audience using Instagram ads, you should instead use an image, collection of photographs, or video.

What's the fun part and how to get noticed on Instagram?

Instagram marketing campaigns are effective! 


More than 120 million Instagram users who were interested in a company after seeing Instagram ads visited a website, requested directions, emailed, or sent a direct message. Instagram claims that 60% of users say they find new products or services online, and 75% of users act after being moved by a post.

Like Facebook ads, investing some money in Instagram ads will increase brand exposure and give you greater control over who sees it.

Do You Need Instagram Ads For Your Business?

The logical next question is: Who uses Instagram? Are just teens posting selfies online? Are the twenties looking for cooking instructions? How about the senior population? Do they "gram" their kids and grandkids?

Instagram advertising services do, however, tilt towards a younger audience, with the highest number of users falling in the age group of 18-29 (55%), followed by 30-49 years of age (28%). This is bad news for those Instagram ads agency aiming at the grandmother demographic. Only 4% of persons over 65 use Instagram, while only 11% of users are aged between 50 and 64.

You shouldn't dismiss social media as a time waster just because this group doesn't meet your target demographic.

As Instagram continues to expand, more and more individuals over 34 will probably join the network, much like what happened with Facebook. Additionally, you may always directly target the 4% of persons over 65 who you are working with.

Instagram offers you the precise power to target particular genders, age groups, places, interests, behaviors, and more, just like many other social advertising platforms. You can even choose to run Instagram ads solely to people on your contact list of leads or those with comparable characteristics by choosing to target a bespoke or lookalike audience.

The fact that Instagram uses Facebook's demographic information to target the right audiences is what marketers should focus on. 

Given that Facebook already has a long history and a wide range of demographic targeting choices, this makes the tool extremely helpful for advertisers trying to target a certain population. Your digital marketing service can guide you to create audience profiles and use them effectively for your brand. 

If you're in a visually or creatively oriented industry, like restaurant or craft marketing, the Instagram advertisement might be very effective.

How Much Cost Should You Pay For Instagram Ads?

Given that expenses depend on several variables, which you may have guessed are not all disclosed to you by the platform, this is a difficult question to answer. The pricing is based on Instagram's ad auction, and Instagram ad campaign, and is based on CPC and CPM values.

The cost of Instagram marketing ads is affected by a variety of variables, including your audience and ad feedback. Learning how to promote on Instagram requires a lot of knowledge of cost, how to run Instagram ads, and other practices.


Instagram ads frequently have better engagement, which some advertisers find, but this can be costly for them. The price of Instagram ads is a little more expensive than Facebook ads. According to a leading Instagram advertising service, if the adverts are precisely targeted, then you can end up spending as much as $5 per CPM.

The good news is that social media advertising services can decide how their expenditures are distributed. For instance, you can decide between a daily budget that will let you establish a daily spending cap and a lifetime budget that would allow you to run Instagram ads until the budget is used up.

Establishing your Instagram campaign (you may, for example, choose which hours of the day your advertisements should appear), choosing your ad delivery method (you have three choices: link impressions, clicks, and daily unique reach), and setting your bid amount are other ways of managing your Instagram ad spending (manual vs. automatic).

How To Improve Your Instagram Ad Campaign?

Create A Customized Funnel For Your Organic Posts

The primary goal of your Instagram advertising campaign is generally not to increase engagement or draw more followers to your page. Instead, it most frequently concentrates on a goal that generates revenue, like leads or sales.

But that does not imply that you should just design an Instagram ad campaign that is conversion-focused. 

It is difficult to turn a potential customer who has never heard of your company into a paying client. Low ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) can result from attempting to accomplish such an impossible task, which can also be needlessly expensive.

Making an Instagram funnel is essential for this reason. You may present your company to a growing audience and smoothly lead them from awareness to conversion by using a funnel. As a result, you can manage to achieve your Instagram campaign goals while maintaining a high return on as spent.

Although Facebook Ads Manager is where most campaign planning takes place, you can now begin creating your funnel within the Instagram app. How to post ads on Instagram and evaluate them on getting a lot of engagement? Organic posts that perform well can make excellent candidates for lucrative sponsored promotions.

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile to get started. To get suggestions, tap the Ad Tools icon or the content you want to promote. Instagram automatically suggests promoting the most successful posts.

When ready, select a goal by tapping the Boost Post button. More account visits can bring in new fans and educate potential customers about your company. People who are already familiar with your company may be persuaded to purchase by receiving more website visits and messages.

Your social media advertising company will ask you to select a group of people next. You may either manually create an audience using demographic and interest criteria or let Instagram locate users who are similar to your followers. Finally, schedule a period and a daily budget before launching your promotion.

When ready, select a goal by tapping the Boost Post button. More account visits can bring in new fans and educate potential customers about your company. People who are already familiar with your company may be persuaded to purchase your online advertising services and will share more website visits and messages.

Select a group of people next. Your social media advertising services may either manually create an audience using demographic and interest criteria or let Instagram locate users who are similar to your followers. Finally, schedule a period and a daily budget before launching your promotion as it is the best way to advertise on Instagram.

Retarget Niche Audiences

Your advertising services may create remarketing audiences after setting up your Instagram ad campaign funnel and beginning to run advertisements that target top-of-funnel prospects. 

What is the point of remarketing to audiences? 

They are crammed with the Instagram audience who have connected with your advertisements, clicked through to your website or app, or engaged with your original content.

They are more likely to become customers and less expensive to target because they are already aware of or interested in your company. Therefore, remarketing audience targeting has a lot of potential for enhancing return on ad spend and is one of the Instagram advertising best practices. 


Your social media advertising company will propose other in-app tools, such as Lead Forms or Shopping, as well as external tools, such as Website and App Activity, which can be used as your data source. They help you to contact customers that are further along in your customer journey and reduce your struggle with how to run Instagram ads.

Focus On Conversions

In-app conversions may occasionally be your end aim for Instagram advertisement. For instance, you might use Instagram Shopping for in-app checkout, offer things through direct messaging, or employ lead generation forms.

But the majority of the time, leads and sales undoubtedly happen on the website or mobile app of your business. Configuring and optimizing conversion events in that situation is crucial, especially if you want to enhance ROAS for your Instagram marketing ads.

Map out your most important events using your Instagram funnel, but in reverse, before you run Instagram ads. Your final goal, such as a free trial, purchase, or lead, maybe your highest-priority event, as an illustration. 

Events with a lower priority in your Instagram campaign can include subscriptions, add-to-cart, or content views.

Native Lead Generation Forms

Your social media advertising services now understand how to effectively retarget potential consumers after adding them to your funnel. But what Instagram campaign goal ought to you utilize while creating your Instagram funnel?

An Instagram campaign for generating leads is excellent for advancing prospects through the buying process. You can get warm leads with the help of this Instagram ad campaign objective and determine whether they are a good fit for your company. 


For prospects to easily enter their contact information so you may follow up with them beyond Instagram, these ads feature native lead generation forms that autofill with the audience’s information.

Native forms are a useful tool for lead generation, but they're not your only choice. By directing prospects to your website, you may also produce high-quality leads. There, you can urge visitors to download a lead magnet, join your email list, or look through your online store's inventory.

Instead of using an in-app lead generation form, why not optimize for an external conversion? You may be able to collect remarketing data and retarget customers on other platforms if you send visitors to your website, which will provide you with more chances to increase ROAS.

An optimized landing page is necessary for excellent ROAS if you send potential clients to an external website. Making sure your website opens rapidly, has a mobile-friendly style, and is optimized for conversions is necessary to achieve this. Additionally, you want to use Aggregated Event Measurement and add the Facebook pixel to measure conversions.

For instance, a brand's external website is linked, and it loads almost immediately. The lead magnet's advantages are briefly discussed in the ad content, and the landing page's persuasive CTA ("Download the Guide" or "Join The Webinar") is used to increase conversions.

Test Innovative Campaign Bid Strategy

When you build up an Instagram campaign with conversions in mind, you could naturally go toward bid techniques like the lowest possible cost or cost cap, that are intended to yield the best possible results. 

However, if ROAS is your top priority, your advertising services might think about using the minimal return on ad spend bid method. By using this method, you may increase your ROAS while ensuring the highest purchase value and worry less about how to run ads on Instagram.

Select minimum return on ad spend at the campaign level, then pick a conversion-focused target like catalog sales to apply this bid strategy. 

Set your minimum ROAS Control, or the average return on ad spend you wish to attain or as per your social media advertising services, at the ad set level after that and run Instagram ads successfully. 

Are you having problems deciding on the minimum ROAS control number in your Instagram campaign? 

You can find the proper number with the help of previous campaign results. To get a sense of what your Instagram campaigns have previously accomplished, check the Website Purchase ROAS box in your Ads Manager reports.

You may be inclined to choose a minimum ROAS control that is higher than usual if you desire your new campaign to attain the highest ROAS possible. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that if you set this measure too high, Instagram may find it difficult to deliver your advertisement at all and you will reach back to square one with how to run Instagram ads. 

Avoid such an instance for your Instagram ads and use your ad budget wisely and optimize the performance of your campaign.

User-Generated Content For Instagram

Since audiences respond most favorably to authentic material, it can lower your costs and boost your return on ad spend. However, it is not always simple for brands to produce this kind of content internally. 

It's not a given that the lifestyle content your team creates will have the same impact as an influencer or user-generated content (UGC).

User-Generated Content For Instagram

How can you find quality content for your Instagram ads? 

Finding UGC and obtaining consent to use it in your ads are now more straightforward than ever thanks to Instagram. You must first turn on Branded Content in the Instagram app to get going and get rid of the pressure as to how to run Instagram ads. 

Visit the menu section in the upper right corner of your Instagram business account by going there. After that, tap Branded Content under Business in the Settings menu. After choosing Set Up Branded Content Tools, click Enable. 

Your advertising services will visit the Approve Content Creators if you're already been approached by influencers or if you have selected creators you'd like to collaborate with.

Advertising services propose your collaborators tag your account in the content they produce for your brand after you've put up these controls. You may use their UGC in your Instagram ads if they click the option labeled "Allow Business Partner to Promote".

Run A/B Tests

It's crucial to understand what produces the best outcomes for your audience on Instagram ads when increasing ROAS is your primary objective. Your advertising services will set up A/B tests to examine more options against one another if you are unsure. 

To determine what appeals to prospects the most, your social media advertising company might compare creative elements, target markets, or even placements.

Choose the Instagram campaign you would like to test out in Ads Manager, then click the A/B Test option. Decide on a parameter and the ad sets you to wish to compare. 

Select the measure that will ultimately determine the winning Instagram advertisement. For instance, if you want to optimize ROAS, you may select Cost Per Purchase.

Ads Manager automatically selects the winning ad set during the A/B test within the time limit you choose. Watch the outcomes and apply what you discover to your subsequent Instagram campaigns to increase their effectiveness.

Prefer Creative Instagram Ad Placements

If you've used Instagram advertisements frequently, you might be used to using traditional locations like the Instagram feed. However, it's essential to offer the platform as many placing alternatives as you can if you want to increase ROAS.

By utilizing a less-common placement, innovative choices like Reels can help optimize distribution in your Instagram campaign.

In fact, given that this positioning isn't yet overrun with advertisements, Instagram users might be even more likely to engage with your sponsored clip. 

Ensure your sponsored reel integrates flawlessly with organic content to obtain the highest ROAS possible. That entails producing Instagram ads content with an obvious CTA and an authentic appeal.

For instance, the lifestyle photographs in the Instagram advertisement for the home decor brand fit in perfectly with the general Reels style. But unlike organic reels, this Instagram advertisement has a CTA button that invites people to create an account with the home products company. 

Prospects receive instant access to the brand's next sale in return.

Instagram Stories

Even though Stories aren't as novel as Reels, it still has a lot of promise to increase your ROAS, particularly if you create content specifically for Stories. Choose this position manually at the Instagram campaign level to produce sponsored stories. Edit the design for your narrative at the ad level after that.


To maximize the Stories arrangement, choose a vertical image or video. You can also include interactive components like lead generation forms and swipe-up links in your Instagram ads.

Wrapping Up

Businesses with visually appealing content have a lot of potential with Instagram advertising. While B2C brands are the ones you'll typically find on the platform, if your business has a large following on Instagram, it's a terrific place to convey your brand's narrative, pique user interest, and generate some buzz among your fans!

You can speak with experts at JanBask Digital Design to create an Instagram campaign and efficiently manage Instagram ads.

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