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10 Nov, 2023


Are you planning to reach one of the biggest pools of professionals? Is B2B advertising what you are planning for? Are you looking to position yourself as a thought leader? No wonder advertising on Linkedin by planning the ad cost-effectively for your campaign is a critical step.

LinkedIn advertising services is the gateway to access the global network of professionals. It’s a platform with a staggering count of over 930 million global professionals which varied interest and purchasing power. This comprehensive guide will help you plan your marketing budget for effectively advertising on Linkedin and how a social media marketing company, digital marketing agency can help make the most out of it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's learn how much does it cost to advertise on Linkedin.

Explore Linkedin Advertising Cost

  • Brand Visibility
  • Lead Generation Opportunities
  • Precise targetting

The Benefits Of LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool that can transform your marketing strategy and drive your business to new heights. From enhancing brand visibility to generating valuable leads and ultimately achieving business success, advertising on LinkedIn can help you in multiple ways.

1. Professional Network

LinkedIn is a platform where professionals and decision-makers gather. This means that your ads are more likely to reach individuals who have the authority and resources to make buying decisions.

Professional Network


2. Target Audience

There are various targeting options available on Linkedin that provide you with the right audience for your services. You can define your ideal client persona, including industries, job titles, and company size. This precision targeting ensures that your ads are seen by the right people. LinkedIn ad cost can be narrowed down clearly based on the target audience and sample size. 

3. B2B Emphasis

B2B Emphasis

We even initially discussed that LinkedIn’s main focus lies in B2B interactions. It’s a platform for professionals to spread their business network, share industry insights, and make informed decisions. The platform’s B2B orientation aligns seamlessly with your objective of finding potential clients. You can engage with business owners, managers, or decision-makers to find leads plus make meaningful connections. 

4. Thought Leadership

An excellent platform to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. You can regularly share insightful articles, industry news/updates, and thought-provoking content to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. It will attract the potential client’s attention plus boost your brand’s trust and credibility. 

5. Data-Driven Insights

The platform’s robust analytics empower you to measure your LinkedIn ads pricing campaign performance precisely. You can track conversion, engagement, and click-through rates. With these insights, you can get a granular view of your ad performance and make informed marketing decisions. It’ll help you allocate your budget accordingly, plus bring you the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Average LinkedIn Advertising Costs

LinkedIn differs from other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The platform’s primary audience is professionals and businesses. This distinct positioning suits B2B marketing,  talent acquisition, and professional networking. Unlike other platforms, it has vast B2B network where CXOs, corporates, and all the professionals worldwide are service seekers or providers. 

Thus, considering the LinkedIn ad cost is crucial to get the best possible results. The most recent LinkedIn ads cost is worth noting. On average, a single click ranges between $2.00 and $3.00, while 1000 impressions cost anywhere from $5.01 to $8.00. Sponsored InMail campaigns cost around $0.26 to $0.50 per send.

LinkedIn Advertising: Explore Types & LinkedIn Ad Costs

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn ads serve a different objective. While selecting the LinkedIn ad cost type, choose the one that aligns with your campaign goals, target audience, and the content you promote. Creating effective ads requires careful consideration of ad copies, visuals, targeting options, and budget allocation to maximize the ads’ impact. Find below the different LinkedIn ads pricing and the copies:

1. Sponsored Content

A versatile LinkedIn advertising format that allows you to promote your articles, company updates, and other content to a broader audience. These LinkedIn ads cost standard prices and are shown directly as LinkedIn feeds of your target audience, making them a native plus non-intrusive way of engaging with professionals.

Use Cases:

Company news, whitepapers, and thought-leadership articles. It also includes webinars or events for a specific or broad professional audience.

Benefits of Sponsored Content Ads

  • Build brand awareness
  • Drive web traffic
  • Increase engagement

Sponsored Content LinkedIn Ad Cost

LinkedIn advertising costs for Sponsored Content depend on the targeting options, bidding strategy, and industry. It is around $2 to $7 per click (CPC) or $6 to $9 per 1,000 impressions (CPM).

2. Dynamic Ads

Highly personalized ads where advertisers use your targeted LinkedIn members' profile pictures and names. These are customizable for event promotion, talent acquisition, and follower growth. 

Use Cases: Personalized job recommendations, lead generation, content promotion, event promotion, company culture showcase, and account-based marketing (ABM)

Benefits of Dynamic Ads:

  • Enhanced user interaction rate through likes, comments, and shares.
  • Real-time analytics for tracking ad performance and optimize campaigns.
  • Ease of customizing ad content, visuals, and format

Dynamic Linkedin Ads Cost

The Linkedin Ads Pricing is based on your targeting and customization choices. On average, advertisers can expect a budget of $1 to $2 per click (CPC).

3. Sponsored InMail

A direct messaging advertising option on LinkedIn where you can send personalised messages to your chosen audience. It’s considered an effective way of delivering tailored messages, invitations, or offers directly to potential clients. 

Use Cases:

Target specific industries, job roles, and locations with personalised messages. Ideal for event invitations, lead-generation campaigns or product announcements.

Benefits of Sponsored InMail:

  • High open & response rates
  • Excellent for B2B lead generation
  • Brings higher engagement. 

Sponsored InMail Linkedin Ads Cost

The Linkedin ad's cost typically ranges from $0.35 to $0.85 per message delivered.

4. Sponsored Video

You can directly share video content in your user’s feeds. It plays automatically and grabs the user’s attention. These videos can showcase products, services., customer success stories, or industry insights. 

Use Cases: Feature product demos, behind-the-scenes footage, customer testimonials, or educational videos.

Benefits of Sponsored Video: 

  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Engage your audience with rich media.
  • Convey complex messages effectively. 

Sponsored Video LinkedIn Ad Pricing:

These video LinkedIn ad costs range from $0.10 to $0.30 per view.

5. Display Ads

A visual banner advertisement appears on the right-hand side of the LinkedIn desktop interface. It includes images and brief descriptions with headlines. Brands can make exciting creatives to reach and engage with a wider audience. Unlike other digital publishers, it gives advertisers great share-of-voice as LinkedIn only serves two visual ads on a page at any time.

Use Cases:

Launching special offers, products and promotions, LinkedIn group promotion, thought leadership content, partnership promotion, and more.


  • Ideal for brand exposure.
  • Targeting specific demographics. 
  • Direct traffic to websites and landing pages.

Display LinkedIn Ad Cost:

The Linkedin advertising cost varies, but the average CPC (cost-per-click) is around $5 to $8.

6. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are unique ad formats where advertisers display swipeable cards or slides horizontally within a single ad unit. Each card contains images, videos, headlines, or links, conveying your brand’s message visually. 

Use Cases: Highlight different ranges of products, showcase a step-by-step process of your product or services, share employee spotlights and more.

Benefits of Carousel Ads:

  • Engage users with interactive content,
  • Convey multiple messages in one ad,
  • Boost click-through rates.

Carousel LinkedIn Ads Cost: 

The LinkedIn Ad pricing ranges from $2 to $4 per click (CPC).

7. Lead Gen Forms

Lead generation forms, often called "lead gen forms" or "lead capture forms," are essential ad types in online marketing and advertising. These forms collect valuable information from potential customers or prospects interested in your services, product or offer. It includes contact details like name, phone number, email address, and important qualifying information.

Use Cases: Newsletter subscriptions, webinars or event registration, content downloads, product demos and more.

Benefits of Lead Gen Forms: 

  • Reduce user friction
  • Streamline lead generation rates.
  • Get better quality leads.

Lead Gen Forms LinkedIn Ad Costs: 

The LinkedIn ad pricing here also depends basically on your targeting and industry. On average, it lies between $8 to $15 per lead.

8. Job Ads

The paid advertisement aims to promote job openings and attract potential talent for the organization. It aims to reach a highly targeted audience of professionals and job seekers on the platform.

Use Cases: Job opening ads to a targeted audience, target demographics, and specify desired skill/qualifications.

Benefits of Job Ads:

  • Targeted reach to potential candidates.
  • Efficient recruitment system for the company.
  • Quite Easy and cost-effective hiring than other platforms.

Job Ads LinkedIn Ad Cost:

The LinkedIn ad costs are typically based on the competitiveness of the job market and targeting. Though still, you can expect around $5 to $10 per click.

9. Event Ads

Companies use these ads to promote and gain the highest attendance to their events, like webinars, seminars, conferences, workshops, trade shows, product launches, etc. The ads aim to raise brand awareness, engage the right audience, and encourage event registrations or RSVPs.

Use Cases: Promote LinkedIn events such as seminars, webinars, conferences, product launches and more. 

Benefits of Event Ads:

  • Drive more registrations to your events.
  • Nurture leads post-event for better conversions.
  • Provide valuable data insights on ad performance. 

Event LinkedIn Ads Cost: 

Again, the LinkedIn advertising costs here depend upon the targeted audience and event type, where you can expect it between $4 to $8 per click (CPC).

10. Spotlight Ads

A dynamic ad format personalized for each LinkedIn member to draw their attention and take them to your website or landing pages. We can see these ads on desktop and tailored according to individual preferences. The platform analyze these preferences based on the member’s profile, company name, job title and even profile photo.

Use Cases: Promote limited-time offers, showcase new products, or feature exclusive offers or discounts.

Benefits of Spotlight Ads:

  • Generate a higher number of impressions.
  • Capture additional traffic.
  • Target potential plus interested audience.

Spotlight LinkedIn Ads Cost: 

Like other LinkedIn ad cost, this also depends upon your targeted audience. You can expect to pay between $5.26 to $6 per click.

Explore LinkedIn Ad Pricing Models (Bidding Strategies & Options)

There are various bidding options also available that play a crucial role in deciding your LinkedIn advertising cost. You have to make the right bidding strategies and how they pay for their ads.  So, here’s a concise explanation of these bidding strategies and options.

1. CPC (Cost Per Click):

In CPC LinkedIn ads pricing bidding, you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. It's suitable for those who want to drive web traffic or expect their users to take specific actions. For example, if you promote a webinar and want registrations, you can opt for CPC. It will help you get registrations for your events.

2. CPM (Cost Per Mille):

CPM LinkedIn ad pricing bidding charges the marketers for every 1,000 ad impressions, regardless of clicks. It's best for brand awareness campaigns. If you want to increase brand visibility among your targeted audience, this bidding for LinkedIn ad costs can help you reach more LinkedIn users.

3. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition):

It allows you to decide a specific LinkedIn ad cost for each desired action, such as website conversions or lead generation. This cost optimization helps you reach your goals better and effectively. You can go CPA for your campaigns to acquire more high-quality leads.

4. Auto Bid:

Auto Bid is quite a different kind of bidding. Here, it automatically adjusts your bid to maximize your LinkedIn advertising cost visibility within your budget. Marketers looking for a balance between cost and exposure should choose Auto Bid. It can provide them with the desired results without compromising their budget.

5. Maximum Bid:

In Maximum Bid, you can set the maximum amount you will pay for a click, impression, or conversion. You get full control over your bid. If you have a limited budget constraint, you can use a Maximum Bid to cap your cost per action.

6. Enhanced CPC (eCPC):

eCPC allows LinkedIn ad cost campaign optimization for conversions. Here, the LinkedIn algorithm adjusts your CPC bids to increase the conversion rate chances based on historical data. If you use CPC and want to increase conversions, you should switch to eCPC for better results. 

Top Factors Influencing LinkedIn Ad Costs

1. Targeted Audience & Demographics

A targeted audience refers to the users you want to reach. It’s all about connecting with or capturing your potential customer’s attention. LinkedIn allows marketers to select users based on job titles, industries, company size, seniority, etc. 

In contrast, demographics encompass the characteristics of the individuals within your target audience. It can include gender, age, location, qualification and work experience. With these demographics, you can refine a better marketing strategy to appeal to specific groups within your target users.

2. LinkedIn Ad Costs & Formats

We have already studied the various ad formats of LinkedIn, including sponsored InMail, sponsored content, carousel ads and more. The factors include your chosen format according to your requirements and the competition. It will help you decide on the right format and how much do LinkedIn ads cost.

For example-

Suppose I am a digital marketer and want new clients for my digital marketing services. But it should look organic to users so that they can get more refined leads. So, I chose a Sponsored Content ad format because it will appear like regular posts in users’ feeds. 

3. Know Your Marketing Goals

Understanding your marketing goals is crucial in choosing your LinkedIn advertising company or even if you doing it for uourself. It all depends upon your requirements and what you expect from that ad. You can attract new clients or promote your newly launched startup. Though every ad will eventually lead to sales, there can be different ways, and results may vary depending on your LinkedIn ad pricing requirements.

To make you understand better, here’s a list of some common goals and strategies for LinkedIn ads. Take a look.

  • Lead Generation: For leads, you can use ads to drive traffic to a landing page where potential clients can fill out a contact form or request your service/product details.
  • Engagement & Networking: You can also run ads encouraging engagement, such as inviting potential clients to connect or join relevant LinkedIn groups where discussions about your services/products occur. 
  • Content Promotion: If your organization produces insightful and valuable content (like blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies), you can use LinkedIn Ads to promote content to your target audience. It can position your brand as an authority in the field.
  • Brand Awareness: If you want strong branding in your market, you can run ads to showcase your expertise, successful projects, and client testimonials. It will establish your brand as a trusted provider in the industry.
  • Targeted Audience: Targeting specific job titles, industries, and geographic locations is possible on LinkedIn. You can narrow your audience by selecting regions with higher demand for your services or products.
  • Retargeting: If you have a list of leads or website visitors who have shown interest in your services, consider using LinkedIn retargeting ads to keep your brand in mind and encourage them to take the next step in the conversion process.
  • A/B Testing: Experimenting with different advertising creatives, headlines, and targeting options is important to understand what works best for your goals. The platform also provides tools for A/B testing to optimize your ad campaigns.

4. Content

Content is the foremost factor in LinkedIn ads. The content you are posting should resonate with your targeted audience. For example, if you are an IT firm and provide full-time dedicated developers to overseas clients, compelling content becomes with the following:

  • Content should show relevance and address the specific needs of the clients seeking development services.
  • Captivating content always grabs the viewer’s attention and encourages them to take action. Ensure your promoted services engage the targeted audience, plus encourage them to choose you over your competitors. 
  • Value is also pivotal while posting every content, so try to showcase the benefits of the technologies they are targeting, plus how your developers are best for them. Tell them how your services can solve their challenges and help them achieve their goals.
  • Marketing content is especially incomplete without testimonials. Even well-crafted content is always backed by case studies or client reviews. It establishes your brand in the competitive market.
  • Including CTA in your content guides is a must to provide them with an easy path to getting your contact details.
  • Stay consistent with your content across all the platforms, from LinkedIn ads to landing pages. It will ensure a seamless user experience and reinforce your brand’s value proposition.

The Secret Tips For Running Successful LinkedIn Ads

Switching to LinkedIn ads is the right move. Still, it would be smarter to consider the top tips gathered below from this popular B2B marketing platform. So, Let’s peek into these tips and implement them in your LinkedIn ad cost campaign strategies.

Tip 1-Test & Experiment Everything

Thorough testing is always crucial for running a successful campaign. It’s essential to try various creative variations of headlines, visuals and CTAs, regardless of your digital marketing company size and LinkedIn advertising costs. Keeping a close on your ad performance and making necessary adjustments becomes the next priority while running the ad. 

Tip 2-Visual Is the New Headline

Visuals have the utmost importance these days in ads. LinkedIn has tested this and claims that a right or suitable image gets more impressions and increases the click-through rate (CTR). So, including aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching images is an effective way to get better engagements, quality leads, and overall value for your LinkedIn advertising cost investment.

Tip 3- Organic is Good, but Paid are Better & Effective

Users finding your content on their own sounds good, but results haven’t proved effective yet. Whereas sponsored content has shown better results, it shows you the list of interested audiences likely to engage with your content.

Tip 4-Bid above the suggested range for higher CTR & Conversions

LinkedIn findings suggest that bidding above the suggested LinkedIn ads pricing range can improve CTRs and conversions.  As per the study, marketers have seen a 15% increase in CTR and a 27% boost in conversions when they exceeded the bid range by 10%. Thus, if you want an optimized ad performance, this suggestion is worth considering.

Tip 5- Use Sponsored Content & Sponsored e-mails together.

There is an improvement in the engagement metrics after testing different communication channels. The platform’s open and click-through rates have seen an astounding increase of 25% and 95%, respectively. This shows that different channels can enhance audience familiarity and interest in the content.

Tip 6-Use Sponsored InMail for High-Value Audiences.

LinkedIn conducted tests for Sponsored InMail aimed at executives, and the results were outstanding. The email open rate was 58%, which is worthwhile.


1. What is the average LinkedIn advertising costs? How can I compare with other platforms?

The average LinkedIn advertising costs depends on the ad type and targeting options. It ranges from $2 to $8 per click (CPC) and $5 to $8 per 1,000 impressions (CPM). LinkedIn differs from other platforms like Facebook or Instagram because it primarily focuses on B2B professionals. 

2. How can I target my potential audience on LinkedIn to increase my ad campaign's ROI?

 LinkedIn has extensive targeting options, including company size, industries, job titles, demographics, etc. You can target your ideal audience by defining your client's personal and understanding audience characteristics for making perfect ad copies.

3. What LinkedIn ads are suitable for different marketing goals? 

 Various LinkedIn ad formats are available, and you can choose according to your goals and requirements. For example, if your goal is increasing brand awareness and web traffic, you should choose Lead Gen Forms.

Concluding Thoughts

LinkedIn is indeed the most valuable advertising platform for B2B professionals. You can connect with a vast network of professionals worldwide. To make the best use of it, hiring a LinkedIn advertising agency for the right guidance and implementation is better. They are experts and possess the required expertise to get the most out of your LinkedIn ad cost investment. 

You can also consider hiring a social media marketing company to thrive in this competitive tech market for better guidance and enhanced reach in the digital world. Their strategies of PPC services will fine-tune your campaigns and deliver high ROIs.  

Start Advertising On LinkedIn Today And Expand Your B2b Network!

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