Know the 9 Best Online Marketing Strategies That’ll Level Up Your Business!

 22 Jun, 2022


Did you know there were 4.7+ billion) internet users as of January 2021?

  • The average internet user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online every day.
  • There were over 1.83 billion websites on the Internet.
  • In 2020, mobile internet usage was 53.3%!

You must be wondering why we are stating so many internet facts, well just to show you how important it has become for businesses to not only have an online presence but also stay relevant via effective internet marketing strategies. But how does internet marketing help?

We all know with the onset of technological advancements, everything has turned digital and with 1.83 billion websites on the Internet, customers are spoiled for choices. To keep up with the ever-growing and changing tastes and preferences of the customers and to have a strong presence in the digital world, you have to have the best internet marketing strategy.

After all, online marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to not only reach your target audience but also promote your products and services, regardless of the size of your business.

Intrigued to know more about Internet marketing? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will help you get answers to:

  • What is Online marketing? What are Online marketing strategies?
  • Why is Internet marketing important?
  • What are the top Internet marketing strategies? 
  • How can you start building the best Internet marketing strategy?

Let’s dive in!

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What’s the Whole Fuss About Online Marketing?

Online marketing or internet marketing is the process of leveraging the power of online or web-based channels to deliver a company’s brand identity, products or services. The objective is not only to reach prospective customers through channels like websites, emails, social media or online advertising but also propel them to take actionable steps like spending their time reading, exploring your website, searching, shopping or interacting with you online.

In simpler terms, “internet marketing is an all-inclusive term for marketing products and services online,” and by using a variety of methods and platforms you intend to build a relationship with your customers and retain the loyal ones.

Benefits of Internet Marketing:

Internet marketing offers a bundle of benefits to your business, irrespective of its size or business type. We are listing some of them here:

  • It is an Inexpensive Marketing Method

This is the biggest benefit of internet marketing that is being cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing methods. Moreover, big businesses can use traditional marketing tactics like TV ads, radio spots or more but small or startups may find it hard to compete with the quality of the traditional marketing advertising of big businesses. So online marketing provides an affordable way to market business to interested customers and puts businesses, big or small, on the same playing field.

  • It Allows You to Reach More People Instantly

As of January 2021, there are 4.66 billion internet users across the globe!

Internet marketing lets you overcome all barriers of distance and helps you connect with these customers, sell products or services in any part of the world to the right audience at any time. With online marketing techniques like emails, blog/content advertising or social media, you are able to widen your market and be present even internationally!

  • It Allows You to Make Changes As You Go

Another plus point of internet marketing is that you can make changes as you go in posting campaigns but this is something you cannot do in traditional marketing. Once your billboard is up, you cannot alter or modify it to suit the current marketing trends. However, with online marketing, you can update your social media posts, tweak PPC campaigns and even optimize your SEO campaigns as you need to drive best results.

  • It Lets You Track Your Progress

If you don’t know what’s working for you and what’s not, then it doesn’t matter how effectively you deploy your internet marketing strategy. In such a competitive online world, it is very essential for you to know if your marketing campaigns are bringing you desired results or not and what you can do better to stay ahead of your competitors. Online marketing strategy allows you to keep a track of your progress and let you implement changes whenever required.

9 Top Online Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your brand online, you cannot just do that by implementing one or two online marketing strategies. Sometimes you need to use a mix of different internet marketing strategies to get the desired result. So here we are presenting the top 9 online marketing strategies that will help you out:

1. Highly Functional Website

People usually stay on a website for 10 seconds and if the website doesn’t aesthetically appeal to them, they, at times, leave the site before 10 seconds also. 

Usually, website designs are not considered a marketing tactic which is where many marketers failed to maximize their online marketing efforts. Since your website is the window to your products and services and the first point of interaction with your potential customers, you need to work towards making a great first impression. It does not matter how amazingly you implement your online marketing strategies if your website is not designed to complement it. So keep these website elements to amplify your internet marketing campaigns:

If website development process seems too overwhelming for you, you can always seek a website development agency for professional website design services.

2. Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is “paid advertising that actively promotes a website on a search engine result page, generally known as ‘pay per click’ advertising. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of “improving a website’s ranking on search engine results pages such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.”

The definition itself reveals why SEO and SEM should be integrated in your online marketing campaigns. As they both not only improve your search engine rankings but also bring quality traffic to your website despite them working towards achieving different goals. When you want to achieve organic, unpaid search engine rankings or are looking to enhance your online visibility then follow these principles:

3. Email Marketing

It is a very quick, cost-effective, and personalized marketing tactic that can help create curiosity around your brand and as well drive realistic conversions & sales in the long term. Also, it helps you create targeted and personalized messages based on your audience’s taste & preferences, which in turn allows you to retain the loyal ones and attract new ones. If we talk about B2C email marketing, you are required to tap into the emotions of a consumer and compelling them to buy your product or service, while in B2B email marketing you should be logical and reasonable in your efforts to convince a business why it’s time, money and resources will be well spent when they make a purchasing decision with you. So, to ensure you have effective email marketing, consider these elements:

4. Social Media Marketing

“Currently, there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021”

Social media marketing gives your internet marketing campaigns extra push. It not only helps you increase website traffic or sales, it does more than that, it lets you reach a large audience instantly and cost-effectively. It also gives your online identity a credible and reliable online image that attracts your potential leads and converts it into sales in real-time. So follow these tips to create a social media marketing strategy that works wonder for you:

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the integral parts of your internet marketing strategies as it propels your marketing efforts to receive high volume of quality traffic to your website, which eventually converts visitors into leads and then sales. You should strategize and properly integrate your content in your marketing campaigns as internet marketing mainly focuses on getting customers beyond the search results page to your websites, so once your ads get them to your site, it is high-quality content like blogs, web copies or product descriptions that increase your brand’s awareness, credibility and eventually revenue. So an effective way to have a great content marketing strategy is to follow these key elements:

6. Video Creation (And Marketing)

Before we talk about why utilize video in digital marketing campaigns, read following facts of video marketing: “Embedding relevant video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 86%, and the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.”

Therefore, Video is another crucial part of an online marketing strategy because if videos are curated with fun graphics, engaging story or stylistic pictures, they prove to be addictive, letting you create personal connections with your customers, while you display important features of your brand, product or services. So you need to incorporate video marketing or videos into your internet marketing mix if you want to create content that delivers more impact but takes less time to consume. How do you do that? Remember these key elements:

7. Conversion Rate Optimization

According to MOZ, “Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise.”

CRO helps you understand how users explore your site, what actions they take, and what's stopping them from completing the desired action. It ensures you get more value out of each and every visitor by maximizing your conversion via using web analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, or through on-site surveys or satisfaction surveys. Key elements of CRO:

8. Online Reputation Management

It’s not just about having an online presence but it is equally important that you have a stellar reputation there. So if you want to have a good reputation so that you can build your brand credibility, make it trustworthy then here comes Online Reputation Management or ORM. ORM helps influence the way people view your business, your products, or services when they search for you online and it also shapes the way you interact or react online. When 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, it seems imperative that you have a positive presence online or work towards improving it if you have formed some negative perception in the minds of your customers or potential partners. So here is how you improve or evaluate your online reputation:

9. Hire a Online Marketing Professional

Online marketing strategies play a crucial role in building a strong online presence, boosting your conversions and sales thus letting your business succeed online. Most businesses are aware of this fact but in order to make this an economical affair, they often try to either cut down their marketing budget or hire freelancers to do the deed. Here’s where they do injustice to their brand value. It is really not necessary that only costlier marketing professionals will bring you desired results because there are several internet marketing agencies and professionals that utilize the best digital marketing practices and bring you the desired results at an affordable rate. Remember, quality over quantity. But it is really not easy to hire the best & professional internet marketing agency so answer them these questions before you select them:

6 Low Budget Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Here’s a quick 6 affordable online marketing strategies that are quick to implement, easy on your pocket, and quite effective for your business growth:

  1. Focus on SEO
  2. Create High-Quality Content 
  3. Stay Active On Social Media
  4. Respond to Online Reviews/Comments
  5. Build an Email List
  6. Participate in Forums

7 Steps on How to Create Top Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing strategies are an efficient way to reach millions of potential customers and bring them to your website to boost your revenue and grow your business. But it is really not that simple to create one since what works for others might not work for take a custom approach to create internet marketing strategies. The following 7 steps guide on how to create online marketing strategies will surely be helpful: 

1. Identify Your Goals & Competitors

You need to figure out what your marketing goals are? Do you expect your internet marketing strategy to build brand awareness? Is it about selling a new product? Or do you just want to drive more website traffic? Whatever is your goal, identify it and then select the required marketing strategy as the desired result will depend on it. You can also do a competitor analysis to gauge what your competitors are doing and after considering market trends, you can identify how you can create a better online marketing strategy than your competitors and achieve more.

2. Define Buyer's Persona

Buyer persona is a “semi-fictional customer description based on your actual customers’ demographics, behavior, lifestyle, motivations, and challenges.” They are the real drivers of your every internet marketing efforts and campaigns. So, in order to maximize your online marketing campaigns and to ensure you are being seen by the right audience, you need to know your customers.

Also, look into questions like what are their pain points? What goes into their buying decisions or who do they go for trusted sources of information and more? Finding answers to these customer-centric questions not only help you create buyer’s persona but also ensure your marketing efforts are reaching the right audience at the right time.

3. Invest in an Exemplary Web Design??

A great website is not just about having an attractive appearance, it is more than that. If you design your website to meet all the demands of internet marketing methods then it will be part of a great online marketing strategy to promote your product, service or business brand. So design your web pages within your website, while focusing on how it will impact your SEO as internet marketing’s main goal is to promote your brand and what you offer. Therefore, having an exemplary website design and compelling web pages that fulfills all the aspects of online marketing requirements will help achieve the maximum out of your online marketing strategy.

4. Optimize Content Marketing

Content marketing and online marketing may not be interchangeable but both are interconnected. Meaning, when you create content copies, you also use social media marketing to promote and distribute that content and this converts visitors to customers. So optimize content marketing and mix it well with your internet marketing campaigns as doing so, will not only drive the right audience traffic, build loyalty, and sell products or services but also help your website appear prominently in search results and reach more potential customers.

5. Use Search Engine Optimization

Online world is a never-ending battle to rank as high as possible on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Additionally, users rarely go past the first page of search results so it is crucial for you to implement SEO strategies in a way that whenever your users search for keywords related to your products or services over the internet, they should get your website as a result. Adopt search engine optimization tools & techniques such as writing original & unique content, using internal linking between the web pages or using keywords related to your business type or your audience is searching over search engines as this will help you in ranking well.

6. Go For Social Media Marketing

Over 3.6 billion people are using social media, don’t you think good word of mouth can give you high traffic, conversion and maximize your internet marketing efforts? No matter what best internet marketing strategy you apply, it is incompetent if your social media profiles are not integrated well with your website or you do not publish your content there.

Doing this will not only optimize your social networking platforms to gain traffic and attract the targeted audience but also help you engage directly with them, ask them questions, resolve their concerns, and get real-time feedback to build brand visibility, credibility and a loyal customer base.

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7. Track Your Process & Progress

A data-driven, tracking approach to your internet marketing efforts is the way ahead to get the maximum result out of your marketing efforts. This not only ensures you know what initiatives are bringing results and what not but also help you avoid wasting your marketing budget and efforts. This process is also known as Marketing analytics and is a great way to track, evaluate the success and value of your internet marketing efforts. There are various marketing analytics tools and techniques that enable you to track your marketing process & progress, it can be on your website, via social media platforms or any other place you are digitally present. So use marketing analytics tools like Website visitor data, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or even Social Media Insights to know what you need to do to stay relevant and ahead of everyone else.


Curating an effective online marketing strategy may seem a daunting process since your marketing efforts can impact your business in this digitally-driven world and that online world is quite unforgiving and quite forgetting. One wrong step, one wrong post, and all your marketing efforts would go downhill along with your brand image. But relax, it is a difficult path to tread on but with some effective, workable and appropriate steps, you can come up with the right online marketing strategy for your business and see it fly!

In this blog, we shared some of the top internet marketing strategies and also armed you up with a 7 steps guide on how to develop an online marketing strategy that actually works, irrespective of your business type and size. 

So if having internet marketing strategies is also your priority and you are looking for experts in strategy and execution to help you with developing an online marketing strategy and jumpstarting your digital transformation journey, then Ring Us Now!

Alternatively, you can drop us your queries and questions in the comment section below, we will help you with the best of our knowledge!

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