20 Best Types Of Content Marketing You Should Know About


25 Apr, 2024


What if, instead of spending a fortune on traditional marketing methods, there was a way to guarantee that your consumers are well-informed, actively engaged, and prepared to go forward in your sales funnel? Content marketing types is the solution!

Yes! There is, some Good news for your company!

According to a recent study by CMI, 

“The content marketing strategy has been effective at growing the engagement of 72% marketers and is also acclaimed for being a long lasting attempt that could yield results to your brand for generations to come.” 

But, its important to understand how does it work? What are its types? How beneficial is it to create various types of content amidst an individual strategy? Top content marketing agency will help you in making  highly useful and compelling content, which will drive more traffic to your website. 

Let’s scrutinize all that!

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What is Content Marketing?

It's crucial to define what we mean by content marketing before we get into the different types of content for marketing which you can incorporate into your strategy.

Content marketing is a type of digital marketing which involves creating and sharing high-quality, relevant, and useful information with your target audience, which is often implemented via the Internet.

Blog postings, newsletters, white papers, social media updates, and many other types of content marketing formats fall under this category. If you have a firm grasp of these content marketing content types, you'll be more equipped to make brand awareness choices in the years to come.

These different types of content in content marketing should demonstrate your brand's competence and the company's dedication to its clientele.

Consistency and alignment between your brand's message and content marketing efforts are two of its biggest assets. 

Because it aids in maintaining a relationship with potential customers and clients, the frequency with which you post is just as crucial as the quality of the information you create.

People will be more likely to choose your brand when they see different content marketing content types evident in the content that you’ve prepared to share information and that you care about your customer's success.

Is It Necessary To Use Different Types Of Content Marketing In Your Strategies?

There isn't any strict requirement that you incorporate different types of content for marketing into your plan. It may not seem like much, but it can affect your bottom line significantly.

That's because the internet is always evolving, and becoming used to the same old thing may get old fast. Your brand's content strategy will benefit from a greater commitment to variety. This way, you can compare the two and determine which works best for the content you want to convey. You can also refer to a comprehensive guide to content marketing strategies.

A further advantage of different types of content marketing is that it prevents your viewers from becoming bored.

By diversifying your content marketing strategy beyond blogs, articles and social media updates, like content marketing forms, your firm can attract a larger audience and generate more leads.

Types of Content Marketing

Ultimately, it all comes down to the details of your content marketing strategy. And when you're ready to create an impact with your efforts, you can pick from several distinct types of content for marketing. Those are:

forms of content marketing

1. Blog Posts

Customers looking for the problem you solve are more likely to visit your website if you maintain a blog that is relevant to your product and market. Writing blogs can help your SEO content writing and drive free, organic traffic to your site. It is one of the most prominent types of content in content marketing.

Keep the following in mind when penning blog posts:

  • Improve your search engine rankings by making your content more search engine friendly.
  • Make use of a pillar or cluster structure to group related blog posts together.
  • Just make sure that whatever you write is directly associated with your product.

A blog post's propensity to produce the outcomes you seek as a business rises in direct proportion to its level of depth, complexity, and freshness.

Long-form material (more than 3,000 words) can have a better probability of answering a user's search intent, yet even the typical blog post is just 1,142 words long.

2. Infographics

Some of the messages your brand might wish to convey to its clients are much too complicated to be conveyed in a blog post alone. If you want to communicate your solutions clearly, you may need accompanying images.

Infographics are especially helpful in such situations. Content creation tools for infographics can make complex information easier to digest. Instead of the extensive writing typical of blog entries, they tend to rely heavily on lists and statistics.

An infographic is a great tool for conveying a lot of information to a reader with very few words.

3. Videos

Videos are a fast and easy way to get people interested.

According to HubSpot, 

“More than half of audiences prefer video content from businesses they already support.”

Videos are challenging to create but provide the highest return on investment.

Considering the average person watches 100 minutes of video every day and the fact that 48% of consumers say they use videos to determine which products they will buy, it's clear that this medium is important.

Nowadays, a firm's chances of converting and nurturing a lead are greater if the company is capable of producing high-quality video content than if the company simply invests in written material. A top content marketing agency like JanBask Digital Design,  will help you create high-quality videos that go with your brand.

4. eBooks

Creating content for the web can also be done through the use of eBooks. These articles are much longer than typical blog posts, yet that's not the only way they excel above shorter forms of online writing.

Customers must sign up with their name and email address to access the eBook download page. That data will be invaluable as you guide your business through the nurturing phase, giving your clients more of what they want. Investment in popular-topic eBooks can bring in a lot of new customers interested in your business offerings.

5. Newsletters and Email

As soon as you have a mailing list, you can start sending out interesting newsletters to potential customers. Email newsletters, whether sent weekly, monthly or quarterly, are an excellent way to maintain communication with customers and attract new ones. Email newsletters featuring company news, industry coverage, and insightful commentary are great for nurturing leads.

The data you gather from guide downloads can also be used to send users targeted content based on their interests.

Including regular links to the most recent news stories will help you identify yourself as an industry leader. This not only provides a service your readers can rely on but also frees you up from having to produce new content on the regular.

Small business content marketing strategies like a newsletter is a fantastic method to keep your audience up to date on any changes your firm makes to the material they consume. Finding a method that allows you to maintain contact with your audience is crucial, and content marketing services can help you achieve that easily.

6. Research and Data

75% of the population believes content that includes facts and figures is more reliable.

Publishing original research and data establishes your organization as a thought leader in your field and lends credence to the points you make in your content. Research and data-heavy content is excellent for increasing site traffic and establishing your brand as a reliable source of knowledge in your industry.

7. Q&A Posts and Interviews

Creative content marketing sometimes takes the form of Q&A blogs or interviews, when the author responds to frequently asked topics while also demonstrating their knowledge. Also, blog readers love questions and answers, as well as interviews. Featured snippets or search results that directly answer questions and display organic results is something you may work towards by answering questions in the form of Q&A posts.

Inviting readers to submit questions for you to address in future blogs or interviews is a great way to increase interaction with your audience.

8. Interactive content and tools

Having visitors actively participate in your site's content and activities is a surefire way to reduce your site's bounce rate. Quizzes, polls, surveys, and even films and infographics that the viewer may participate in are all examples of interactive content. You can also make your own unique calculators and assessment tools.

Worried that you lack the resources to make interactive content? Avoid worrying. Quick and easy methods like online polls and tests can be introduced initially. These features not only benefit your site's visitors but also let you collect information that can improve future advertising efforts.

9. Live Chat

By leveraging the reach of this content marketing type in real-time, live chat allows for more direct communication with customers. 

Live chat allows you to communicate with your customers in real time, which is highly desirable because 79% of them demand immediate replies when shopping online.

Live chat is especially useful for online retailers since it allows customers to ask questions and get answers quickly, which greatly minimizes the likelihood that a customer will abandon their cart.

10. Podcasting

Over the last 2 years, from a total of 18.5 million, the number of podcast episodes have increased to 30 million.

Podcasts are a great way to increase your online visibility, as 21% of all adults in the United States regularly listen to podcasts. Podcasts, like webinars, give you a platform to demonstrate your mastery of a subject and set your business apart from the competition.

Advertise on established podcasts in your field if the thought of starting your own is too frightening.

11. Whitepapers

When it comes to different types of content for content marketing, whitepapers are a good middle ground, offering more depth than an article but less than an eBook.

If your target audience wants hard evidence to support your arguments, they'll look for a whitepaper. You can also use it to showcase your findings and build your reputation as an expert in your field. A good whitepaper identifies the challenges your target audience confronts and explains how your organization can help them.

While the typical whitepaper may not be the most enjoyable read, it may be made more interesting through the use of charts, data, and other visual aids.


12. Checklists

Once you've made a checklist, you can give your customers the free resources they crave.

Using this type of content promotion, you can guarantee that your clients are taking the appropriate measures to achieve their objectives. Because of this, they are an excellent addition to any website.

In the same way, an eBook may bring in new leads, and so can a simple checklist.

13. Webinars

Direct communication with customers is the best method to earn their confidence. While this may be difficult to achieve on a daily basis, it is possible to have a similar effect through certain forms of content marketing.

Examples of effective direct audience interaction include webinars. With regularly planned live broadcasts, your business can inform and engage with viewers in real time, all while receiving immediate feedback and queries.


Webinars can also be hosted in collaboration with prominent figures in your field. You can reach a large number of potential customers this way, and you can increase that number by encouraging webinar attendees to forward recordings to others who might be interested in your offerings. After the webinar airs, you can archive the recording for future viewers who may have the same questions.

14. Social Media Posts

Creative content, such as social media posts, can be used to supplement website content and give your content marketing a boost. You may make both paid and free company profiles on top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media posts provide followers with an exclusive glimpse into your company. Content from websites can also be shared on other platforms.

Posting visual content in addition to text will increase interaction with your brand and enhance the likelihood of people sharing your content. Consider hiring a top content marketing agency to help you generate a social media marketing strategy.

15. User-Generated Content

Maintaining a consistent schedule of sharing high-quality material is a significant time commitment. With user-generated content, you can tap into the enthusiasm of your audience to boost the quality and quantity of your content marketing. Sharing user-created material is a great way to keep your website relevant and interesting.

Additionally, people enjoy seeing their own faces on your website or social networking pages.

16. Case Studies

How about putting the information at your disposal to work to attract new clients? This is exactly what you'll find in case studies.

Case studies are a terrific way to demonstrate your company's value to potential clients by showcasing the ways in which you've helped other firms.

Case studies are the way to go if you want to present yourself as an authority in your field.

17. Testimonials and Reviews

Offering customers a platform to share their opinions is another fantastic method for developing content for your company.

For this reason, reviews and testimonials are an economical approach to bolster your site's content. All it takes to have this kind of material ready is a consultation with your clients.

18. Influencer Marketing

Brands may gain a lot from influencer marketing as well.

That's why influencer marketing should be your first priority if you care about getting a return on your investment.

Studies show that influencer marketing can increase revenue by up to $6.50 for every dollar spent.

You may increase the quality of your leads by working with influencers to provide content that is directly related to your business. Why? Because influencer marketing uses the credibility established by individuals to boost the reputation of your company.

19. Guides and How-Tos

You may expand your online visibility and consumer involvement with the help of guides and how-tos. Brief online pieces in which your company imparts specialized knowledge to its clientele.

Suppose you have spent a great deal of time mastering the art of conversion. Would you be interested in writing a brief guide where you share some of what you've learned? The way your company interacts with its audience could be revolutionized using this type of content marketing.

20. Memes

Memes are a novel form of content marketing, but they have been shown to be quite effective. Memes are images that quickly go viral online because they feature accompanying text that is both humorous and/or culturally significant. You can enhance your site's traffic by strategically using memes if you release them at the right moment and make them fit in with your social aesthetic.

A further advantage of this type of easily distributable presentation is that it may go viral. Your business should use memes in its marketing efforts if it is able to do so.


1. What is content marketing exactly?

Content marketing is a type of digital marketing which turns conventional marketing upside down. In place of concentrating on the your business and its products or services, this digital marketing technique concentrates first on the customer’s needs. The aim of it is to offer useful, absolutely helpful information to the customer free of cost, so as to develop a strong relationship with them depending on trust, which ultimately results leads them to buy a product or service. 

2. What is entitled as content?

What comes in the mind when people think of content marketing? “Blog!” no doubt they’re one of the most effective ways of content marketing accessible today, but they aren’t the only effective type of content marketing that could be implemented in a marketing strategy. Any useful information, communicated using any type of medium, could be thought of as a “Content.” For example - Videos, PDFs, infographics, blogs, articles, and so on. 

3. How should I get started with content marketing?

Even though it could be alluring to take the first step and begin writing a blog without any planning, the only solution is to make sure that your content would be effective is by first creating a strategy. Without a clear strategy, you might be wasting a lot of time on creating content, that’s even not working. 

4. Explain the steps for developing a content marketing strategy?

First of all decide your target audience, then create a customer persona to whom the content you’ve created should speak. Then based on that customer persona and your brand image, choose your brand voice and the type of content for marketing. Remember that, your content should be informative, useful, interesting as well as engaging to your target audience. 

5. How often should I post fresh content on my website?

There’s no fixed answer to this question - each business and target demographic looks for different content utilization patterns. But, normally, fresh content must be posted not less often than twice a week. 

As for the maximum limit, there’s none, and research has shown that posting fresh content once a day or even more times a day, is very useful in driving traffic to your website. You would like to spend on creating content. 


Now, that you know content marketing is a type of digital marketing, it can be tempting to choose the easiest content marketing type when planning your digital marketing strategy. While it's important to be realistic about what you can accomplish, it's best to think in the long run.

The first step in creating a successful plan is identifying the desired outcome and determining how you will know when you have achieved it.

You've come to the correct place if reading this blog has motivated you to give your content marketing a little extra love. JanBask Digital Design, a professional content marketing company, provides individualized content strategies that boost your website's visibility in SERPs, pique the interest of potential customers, and equip them with the knowledge they need to become paying customers.

Find out more about what our top content marketing agency can do for you. 

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