How to promote a Law Firm -A guide for SEO endeavors


 28 Jan, 2020

How to promote a Law Firm -A guide for SEO endeavors

With the advancement in technology and reduced prices of the internet.  Almost all aspects of life have been digitized. Be it from buying stuff online to finding customers online all of it is there in the digital mode. Almost everything you can think of can be found on the internet and it is not just a rare find, you can actually find booming industries of it. Many organizations are doing what you might have never even imagined was possible to do on the internet. 

So in this age of the internet, why should your Law Firm be any different?

Why To promote Law Firm online?

To be really honest, no one has to answer that question for you. But for the sake of your satisfaction and elimination of any doubts let us humour your interest.

Apart from the obvious reason that Law firms too are a business and any business runs of customers. Customers can be easily targeted through the internet. As the internet is the most efficient means of communication these days. There are many more why. 

  • Whenever we are in trouble these days what is the first response? Do you call a lawyer? Or do you find someone who has experience of such a situation to guide you?  These are the most probable reactions to a particular problem if you have someone with you because they will insist on these options. But if you are alone the first thing you will do is a google search of how severe the situation is. You will do a threat analysis and determine if it is worth involving any professional or does the problem goes away by itself. You would be lying to yourself if you say otherwise. The reason most people do it is that they don’t want to involve anyone until they are sure they have to. Not everyone knows a lawyer friend or someone who knows how to handle the situation. Sometimes, Google is the best friend we all rely on advice. So we ask our best friend’s advice and accordingly act on it.
  • Google is a very helpful tool. It no doubt qualifies to be your best friend. If your taste in friends was people who are marketing for companies. So now your friend will redirect you to the best solution it can find according to its criteria. And just like the problem is solved. 
  • Wish it was that simple but it isn’t! Most of the time google points out businesses that advertise their organization. The search for a particular problem triggers the keywords for the organization. In other words, your search is a signal for google to show particular organizations ads to you. Something very handy if you are into the law business
  • No matter how you look at it. From the moral high ground of the financial aspect of it. A law firm is a business and it runs on clients. Finding them can be very difficult. As you may have already known. But what if you could help out people who need your council? Whenever someone gets into trouble, you can be there to help them. Sounds like a dream come true right? Something that is too good to be true? It can be true if only you befriend google.
  • We hope we don’t have to explain to you why you need to have a website for your business. If so it has to do something with effective lead generation and customer relationship management. But that is a discussion for another day right now we assume you have a website and are ready to bewitch people with it.Which brings us to why should you use SEO and how it can help you in your business?To put it simply there are certain criteria on which google ranks your businesses such as

how to promote law firm

Ease of site navigation

How easy is it to go through your website? It includes the quality of your graphics and the font that is used on the website. It also includes navigation bars and search options on the website.

Quality of content

Whatever, you put on the website it should be of high-quality form images to written content. Why is this so important, because not just from the google point of view but the people who visit the website should also like what they see.

Number of other sites that link to that page

Link building is a very important aspect of Google. It is straightforward, Google too is just a business and any business runs on clients that use its product. The web service is its product. So the more well connected it is the better the business. In other words, linking other websites from your website is very important.

Website tags

Tags are the postal equivalent of the internet. It helps people find what they are looking for and navigate the vast information on the internet. It helps people to get what they are looking for without wasting time. So it is important from the point of view of Google and the customer that you tag your information well.


It has a very techy description but let us just give you a simple definition. The basic frame of the website that can help in the navigation of the website better.

Website speed

No one likes those government websites that are hard to load and take ages to open links. We live in a world of 4g and we demand high-speed internet. But despite the high-speed internet, some websites still manage to mess things up and make it difficult even for google, with all its technological powers, the company has supercomputers, to load it quickly.

As you may have noticed. The most important criteria that google checks is how easy it is to navigate your website. So it is very important to keep a flowing layout on your website. It is also important to create quality content to keep the customers engaged.

Fantastic SEO and how to find it?

If you don’t already know. SEO is search engine optimization. But the reason why we are telling you this is not that you don’t know the full form but because you need to understand what it stands for. 

You need to make your website compatible with the search engine to make the most out of it. Search engines are a very powerful tool for leads generation. In can help redirect a lot of traffic to your website and help convert that traffic into paying clients. So it is worth the trouble to actually put in efforts to improve your compatibility. Here are some key points you absolutely have to keep in mind while working with SEO.

The key lies in the  words 

Remember those magic words that trigger Google to show your website we mentioned earlier? Turns out those magic spell words are actually called Keywords.

These are words that link the search to your website. So suppose, you are a criminal defence attorney and have a website for your firm. With good SEO. Now obviously “Murder”, should be a keyword because it is part of your profession to convict or defend the charges. Now  I search” How to get away with murder” The word murder was a keyword and now it is also on the search. Meaning it is a trigger for google to show me your firms recommendation.

You can never underestimate the power of keywords. So when it comes down to it you need to be very careful which words to choose. 

  • The words should be unique and directly representative of your business. It is obvious almost all lawyers will use Murder or crime. So you need to be more creative and think from the perspective of the client. What would you search if you had to find a law firm?
  • Local language words can be helpful if you are targeting a small area.
  • The keywords should be clear and commonly used. So you might have to research a little about them.

It may take quite a considerable effort to find the right keywords but believe us it is totally worth it once the clients start to come in due to the right words.

Website is the base 

No matter what superpowers Google uses. You cannot convert your clients with a bad website. It is like fishing in a pond of fish with a torn net. The fish will come in and go right through. So it is very important to optimize your website. Some of the basic tips to improve your website are-

seo guide to promote law fiirm

  • Valuable content 

Put content that is useful to people. It means information that can be of some use to your targeted audience. Like you can post cases or simple advice for legal problems. A form of Frequently asked questions. You should do it so that people feel you know what you are doing and even if they don’t use your services then they may come back later. As a law firm, you need to have content that interests people who are looking for legal advice.

  • Easy to navigate 

You want to have simple and easy options on the website. A simple call to action or the methods of contacting you will suffice. But if you want to do more you can always have more pages on the website. But the basic information should be right in the front.

  • Simple and straightforward 

You are not a social media network, neither are you a salesman that you need to engage the customer. You are a Law Firm, most of your clients would be in trouble and as a simple, direct answer to everything. You need to be straight forward and give the contact details upfront. Yes, visual appeal is a factor but at the end of the day your lawyer services are what you want to promote not the website.

Your dominion 

It is good to have ambition and a desire to grow. But a tall tree needs a stronger root. You will need to grow your business from the local area first. Why we say that is because law practice is a physical business. You have to meet the client physically and help them. Doing everything online is not possible. 

Since it is not a digital business you will need local connections. But it does not mean you cannot use the internet to find local clients. Assuming you have internet access in your area.

  • Targeting the local audience with local subjects. You can post your views on any major local cases on your website
  •  Find keywords that target the local audience.

You need to understand it is very important to have a strong base before you build a large structure. Hence, your local area should be your dominion.

Everything is connected 

Strong links are not just a requirement for Google. Every business runs on strong connections. Having external links to other websites is very important in terms of getting better SEO rankings. But it does not mean that you can put random links on your website. You need to have a systematic link tree on your website.

What it means is simply you need to have links that are relevant to your business. These links should not just be digital but physical as well. 

Note: Talking to others in the same industry and partnering with them can be a good option.

In the end

To be honest, be it a law firm or any other business. The principles of digital marketing apply the same to each business. You need to get quality content out there and find the right keywords. If you can cover these to basics the others are very easy. So all you need to do is work on these elements. Make sure the ideas are unique and creative because everyone in the industry is relying on digital media these days. The only way to beat the competition is by adding a pinch of innovation to the mix.

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