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27 Mar, 2024



Reviews are essential in today's economy since they guide local customers in choosing which businesses to patronize. Numerous times, the number and caliber of reporting Google reviews can determine the fate of your company. Google reviews in general help to build trust, so when a prospective customer is picking between your company and another one, your review profile may play a significant role in the outcome.

Online reputation services point out that the issue is that some businesses use fake reviews to gain an undue advantage over their competitors.

Our most recent study as per reputation management services revealed that 62% of consumers had come across a bogus review in the previous 12 months. The prevalence of phony reviews can be concerning given that 77% of consumers frequently check online customer reviews for local businesses and that about 50% of consumers trust reviews more than personal recommendations.

Online reputation management services know that as a customer, it might be challenging to recognize and report fake Google reviews, but if you run a small business, it's simple to solve the question of how to report fake Google reviews from limited reviews. The individual was someone you had never met before, and there was just one review of them. That evaluation pertains to your company and your branding service along with online reputation management services can guide you in retaining your presence.

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Why Is Reporting Fake Google Reviews A Concern?

Because of a worrying fact, it's crucial to understand how to report Google reviews that are untrue. Online reputation management agency understands that anyone can submit malicious feedback, and it will be immediately visible to all Google users on your profile.

The next question is how to report false reviews on Google. The issue is that erasing the review isn't immediate and your reputation management services understand this fact; therefore, you must submit a removal request through Google. The phony feedback may harm your reputation while your request is being processed by the system.

The Significance Of Reporting Fake Google Reviews

Customer testimonials are an effective strategy for acquiring leads based on an online reputation management company. They are made by your consumers and show prospective customers how reliable your product or service works in comparison to your online marketing strategy. A reputation management agency can use this feedback to generate leads who are considering working with you to brand your business and are curious about your brand.

The issue is this.

Not every customer review is created by a consumer. Reputation management services know some people fabricate evaluations in an effort to uphold or disparage a company. To gain an advantage over their rivals and gain a competitive edge, some businesses will even post fabricated evaluations about them.

It is as frequent as you may imagine.

top 3 websites that consumers use

According to a study,  62% of consumers believe they have read a false customer review in the past year. Brands that rely on online reviews to draw in new clients may find this to be a serious issue. Anyone may create a phony review on Google, and it quickly becomes public after submission.

Additionally, as Google is a third-party website, companies are clueless about how to report fake reviews on Google quickly. To challenge the fraudulent review, they must report the Google review with the right process.

However, before you jump on to how to report a Google review, it is important to flag a fake review.

How To Differentiate Before You Report Google Reviews?

1. Details Matter

You'll have the truth on your side as per online reputation services. If a review is false, the reviewer must craft a compelling argument to persuade readers that they really did do business with your company. This implies that they must give precise justification for why their encounter was unpleasant.

fake reviews for local business

Frequently, online reputation services have observed false reviews will make references to information unrelated to the issue. One researcher, for instance, discovered that fake hotel reviews frequently contained more details about the reviewer's relatives than they did about their actual hotel experience.

2. Understand The Complexity

Reputation management services have noticed reviewers must exert more cognitive effort than they would if they were speaking the truth to write a false message. Their brains have to work harder than they would if they were remembering a recent memory because they are conjuring up imaginary details in their minds.

This extra effort generally leads to a message with clearer language. In fact, studies show that reviewers are more prone to utilize short, simple terms when they're attempting to be dishonest. That's because they're more concerned with telling a convincing story than they are with showing off their language.

3. Determine The Reviewer

The name and image linked to the review can be a blatant giveaway to report Google reviews. People who write fraudulent reviews frequently set up bogus profiles because Google Reviews need an email address.

Your reputation management services will recommend you look at the avatar and name of the reviewer. Even while it's not certain to show whether a review is genuine, you might spot a rival attempting to obtain a quick one or someone who never actually used your services but felt forced to leave a review.

Now that you have figured out the key to identifying fake reviews on Google, here’s how to report a Google review!

How To Report Fake Google Reviews?

1. Respond Your Reviewers

It's worth reacting to the review before you start the procedure of reporting Google reviews. This is crucial because it may take some time for Google to detect and delete bogus reviews. The possibly negative feedback will be visible to the public in the interim, so your reputation management agency proposes a reaction as it can assist to lessen its impact.

Your reaction shows your current and potential customers that you care, that you're committed to resolving issues, and that you take input seriously even if you can't delete or report Google reviews. Use reputation management agency advice on how to reply to bad reviews to ensure that your comments are always cool, collected, and appropriate.

2. Flag A Fake Review

You still have the opportunity to report fake Google reviews. On a PC, open the review and select the flag to the side to complete the action.

How To Report Fake Reviews

3. Log In to Your Google Business Profile

A review can also be flagged from your Google Business Profile (GBP). After signing in, select the reviews option from the left menu. To view your reviews, click. Navigate to the improper review after that and choose to flag it.

4. Gear Up For A Follow-Up

Google may be in touch with you to learn more about your complaint. While you wait for Google to eliminate the phony review, you can get ready for this follow-up in the event they do get in touch.

Initially, note the review's URL. To achieve this, click on the user name who posted the comment, then click on the review itself. When the URL for your review appears beneath the user's name alone, you can copy it. Later on, you'll need to contact Google for support.

Get ready for the following data:

  • Your company name, location, contact information, website address, and Google Maps link.
  • Explain why the review ought to be deleted.
  • Indicate the policies you believe are being broken and why in your opinion.
  • Prepare any supporting documentation for your claim.

5. Stay Connected To Google

You can contact Google if, after several days, you haven't heard anything. Try tweeting or sending a message to the Google Business team. 

Alternatively, you may ask Google for assistance by clicking on the support symbol in your GBP dashboard. After that, the right contact details for your inquiry will be displayed to you.

Google Help Center


What to do if you see fake Google reviews on your profile?

Firstly, differentiate between an honest and fake Google review, log into your GMB profile and click on the flag in the reviews tab. Take a follow-up and approach reputation management services to guide you in this process. 

How to separate genuine and fake Google reviews?

Check the language, details, repeated exclamation points, frequency of reviews, and reviewer details are a few elements to analyze to separate fake reviews from genuine ones. You can approach a reputation management agency to assist you in this process.  

Why doesn’t reporting Google reviews work?

Reporting Google reviews can be flagged and you can connect with Google to analyze the review. Online reputation services can propose the right process to eliminate fake reviews from your profile. 

They have the understanding to manage reviews, report them, and timely take follow-ups to ensure that any fake reviews won’t have a negative impact on your brand. 


Expecting five-star ratings from every single customer is unreasonable, especially if you serve a sizable number of clients. Reviews are more than just a marketing tool for your company; they provide priceless information about your branding strategies to understand how it is regarded.

Although it may be tempting to think that evaluations that are extremely critical are untrue, you should always assume the contrary and respond politely and appropriately until you can provide evidence to the contrary. To maintain consistent online reputation management, get in touch with the professionals at JanBask Digital Design.

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