How To Use Online Reviews Effectively Through Web Design?


17 May, 2024



With all the business shifting to online mode, maintaining the digital platform of your business is essential as the internet has fundamentally altered how consumers purchase nearly anything today. It's uncommon to make a purchase without first reading a number of online reviews, from gadgets to medical services. A maximum of the customer leaves a review on the website page to showcase their satisfaction or disappointment.

But most businesses neglect the website review page while focusing more on the product pages. This minor fault is a major setback for digital business platforms. You wanna know why? Significantly, half of the online customers decide not to go into a store after reading a bad review.

This implies that regardless of your business, having a strong online presence offers you a number of significant benefits. You may improve your client experience and leave a good online impression by understanding the importance of online reviews.

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What are customer reviews?

Customer reviews are essentially any information that customers have provided about a brand or business based on their experiences, ideas, opinions, and feedback. These reviews are generally concerned about the brand, its products and services, value for money, and many other elements.

Customer reviews on a website can therefore be interpreted as content that discusses the brand's legitimacy, identity, quality, and worth, from a customer's point of view.

This encourages potential customers to learn more about a brand and consult the brand when making financial decisions. The brand's spokesman is these reviews. 

The Importance Of Customer Reviews For A Website

If an option like customer review exists, there obviously must be a useful reason behind it. Right? Here are a few reasons why customer reviews are important for your website.

Free promotion- Positive online customer reviews on the website are extremely valuable and can benefit your company in ways that a straightforward marketing effort cannot. In a word, reviews can continue to be effective even after years, giving the firm long-term advantages by maintaining a positive perception among potential customers.

Provide better customer satisfaction - A brand can only improve its product when they know it is wrong. Customer reviews on websites help business owners to understand overall customer happiness. By swiftly and effectively resolving the problems that customers encountered, you will be able to enhance customer service by giving them a great experience and maintaining your attention on their needs.

Earns trust- Anyone will judge your website if you provide honest reviews of the goods and services it offers. After reading all the reviews, visitors will have more faith in your intentions and strategy, if they see positive customer reviews and feedback rather than regurgitated manufacturers' marketing language.

Provide social proof- The main benefit of including customer reviews on your website is the social evidence it provides. Recall that social proof is the process through which people modify their behavior in response to what others say and do. Reviews are a great example of social proof, just like other forms of user-generated information, and can be referred to as social assurance.

Gain SEO Benefits- Every digital marketer knows how important it is to keep the website updated for better local search ranking variables. Reviews are something that keeps adding new material to website pages Aka keeping it updated with fresh content. This will help to improve your Local SEO ranks. Additionally, it keeps visitors to your website engaged and interested.


Different Strategies To Collect Reviews From The Customers

Why is it always that a customer can leave reviews under a specific product? As much as it is important to collect a customer review for a product, it is more important to collect reviews for the entire website - accessibility level, Smooth processing, helpful content, and many more. 

Having a section or form on your website where people can easily submit their reviews is the first thing you should do in order to be able to collect the customer reviews you desire. It's more like adding a specific review section to the website. You should make sure that customers can leave reviews about your brand and overall services in addition to showing user reviews underneath your goods and services. Additionally, collecting customer reviews that focus more on your brand and customer service will help you get a better ranking and increase the faith of the customers on your website.

So, you can play with all the web designing skills to create a specific review page for the website. There are no specific ways of collecting reviews, but there are some proven changes or additions to your website that can help increase the change of customers reviewing your website. Here are some of them;

  • Create a “Leave a review” button - Use your web designing skills to create a "Leave a review" button anywhere on your website in order to begin gathering client feedback for it. By doing this, you can ask users of your website to click a button and provide a review of your company or a particular item.
  • Make floating or Popover - Adding a floating popover appearing at the bottom or top of your page might be a great way of collecting customer reviews. This popup can display the most recent reviewer and when clicking, a popup box allows website visitors to quickly write you a review.
  • Feedback forms- A feedback form is a quick and practical way to get opinions, impressions, and feedback from current and prospective clients. Simply, design and add a feedback form on your website to start gathering valuable feedback in addition to reviews. This will help you learn more about your customers' experiences.

Apart from using these call-to-action techniques, here are some general steps to follow to attract your customer to drop reviews.


  • Ask the customers- You want something for the customers? Simply ask. As long as you offer a top-notch product or service, your consumers won't be offended if you ask for a review because they are aware of how crucial reviews are to your company's success. Customers are more inclined to provide comments right away, so don't wait too long.
  • Pamper your customer- One of the most potent and successful strategies you can employ is providing incentives for customers to submit reviews. Giving your clients a coupon code, gift certificate, or reimbursement for shipping charges will not only persuade them to write a review but will also demonstrate to them how much you value their time and work. Remember one thing, your incentives shouldn’t depend on the kind of review, negative or positive.
  • Use the power of social media- The best way to receive open feedback is to be approachable on social media. Make it simple for customers to access your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, so they can leave comments and ask questions. You can also host frequent social media polls to ask any questions and record feedback.
  • Host E-mail campaign- E-mail campaign is all about an email link, it is the simplest way for your customers to submit a review. You can automate the review request that will be sent following a purchase or delivery notification, making it equally simple for you. This is also a great opportunity for you to connect with your customers and respond directly to any concerns or praises they may have for you. 
  • Maintain updated reviews- Keep reviews up to date. It's not enough to have many positive reviews; they also need to be recent. Most consumers say they don’t consider website reviews for more than 2 months old when deciding to patronize a business. So, try holding up frequent campaigns for keeping your website review page updated.
  • Be polite with the negative reviews: Customers say a bad online review has convinced them to avoid a business. Poor reviews can have a direct impact on your bottom line. The best thing you can do in response to a sincere negative review is to reply politely and work to resolve the situation. However, you can request the host site to remove a negative review if it is unrelated, inappropriate, or written by someone with a conflict of interest, such as a rival or a current or former employee. 

As we mentioned there are vast options for you to dig deeper to collect customer reviews, but what matters the most is its ‘simplicity.’ Earning a review is a difficult task. So, do not make it more difficult by adding 5 pages of question/answer rounds for customers to get irritated and leave. Just be simple, sorted, and Catchy!

Methods to Creatively Display Online Reviews

It's encouraging to know that more than 70% of consumers believe internet reviews just as much as personal suggestions. Therefore, all you need to do to maximize the impact of your reviews is to publish them. It's that easy. Here are some ways to showcase your reviews to them.


The testimonial is the standard form of review for companies. Traditionally, it has been a client-attributed review of the business enclosed in quotation marks. It may include a link to the reviewer's website or a case study in an effort to prove that they are in fact a credible source. Customer testimonials are genuine comments from prior consumers discussing their interactions with a brand or business. Do not post any fake testimonies, instead add reviews to the website with the name, image, and the proper review of a real person.



Custom Review Graphics on Social Media

Social media is the best platform to display your website customers' reviews as it reaches various people at one time. The two popular practices that you can use to showcase them can be Image-based and Animated Gif based reviews.

  • Image-based- A link, however, is insufficient if you want to optimize the visual appeal of your social media post. Instead, think about designing a unique graphic that emphasizes both the review and the reviewer. Your audience is more likely to pay attention to and retain the content, if you accompany the review with an image, even three days later. Consider designing a graphic that includes a passage from the review and inspiring pictures.
  • Animated GIFs- GIFs with animation are extremely well-liked. They are appealing, entertaining, and best of all, simple to make. In fact, a tool like GIF Maker from GIPHY allows you to upload your own image or video, select a canvas as a base, and then add text in any style or appearance you desire. You will stand out from the competition and make your reviews more appealing by using a GIF to share them.

Review badges

Review badges encourage website users to rate your business on a review site like Yelp or Google. Some review websites include badges that direct readers to your website by asking them to read customer reviews of your business. You can have several review badges that connect to various sources. But if you must choose just one, Google is your best bet because of its reputation and well-known brand. One benefit of using badges to link to review websites is that you can alter the badge's appearance to match the style of your website.


Featured Reviews

Sometimes the typically quoted testimonial is prone to become useless when only presented on the homepage without links. So, what's the solution? A tool. By using a schema markup tool, it is possible to significantly increase the value of the review by including a link to the client's website or a URL to an actual online review site. This enables Google to show your positive reviews when your business appears in search results. 


So, now we know how crucial it is to display website customer reviews. New clients will always be curious about what existing ones think of your goods. It's simple to accomplish this and demonstrate to those potential clients that you care about their opinions by displaying reviews.

In any case, business owners should constantly be aware of their target market. Knowing what your customers think will help you improve your product by highlighting its positive features and improving its flaws.

To all the online business owners out there, do not forget to ask for valuable feedback from your precious customers.

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Ricardo Long

Most people like to share their experience with others, online reviews are the platform for that.


Tanner Patterson

I can now see how important it is to post customer reviews on websites.


Malcolm Hughes

Negative reviews can lower your ranking just as positively written reviews might increase your internet visibility. Negative terms and phrases in your reviews are recorded by Google. A high number of bad reviews may cause Google to give other businesses priority over your own, which would decrease traffic to your profile.


Raymond Flores

Customer feedback may make or break your product sales, making customer reviews one of the most crucial indicators for e-commerce businesses.


Odin Washington

The majority of clients are aware that issues cannot always be resolved right away, but they still require reassurance that you have heard them and are making an effort to find a solution.


Cesar Butler

I personally feel so irritated when businesses ignore my concern that I submit more reviews on other platforms in an effort to gain their attention.


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The importance of responding to reviews is equal. Customers are encouraged to continue interacting with your brand and may even end up supporting it.


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Online reviews can aid your marketing, sales, product development, and customer experience in a plethora of ways, as I can see.

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