RankBrain : Google’s latest Ranking Algorithm

 9 Jul, 2016

Google has launched a new ranking algorithm called as RankBrain. It is a machine learning algorithm that learns the different ways of human expressions over time. By pre-processing the Google queries and translating the complex algorithms to simpler and regular Google search algorithms, it makes things easily understandable.

RankBrain does not affect search rankings but only aids in understanding the queries in a better manner. Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Search Analyst, makes it very clear by saying, “Lemme try one last time: RankBrain lets us understand queries better. No effect on crawling nor indexing or replace anything in ranking.” It has more dynamic ability to adapt to changing circumstances of how language evolves over time. This new feature by Google was used for less than 15% of queries last year but Google is confident that it will be used quite a lot this year. RankBrain is used in some way or the other but how it improves the searches process is still ambiguous.

RankBrain largely acts as a query refinement tool and as Google has said that it is used as an actual ranking signal. Even the SEO and search marketers are worried after the success of RankBrain but they should rather just produce great content and nothing else.

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