Article Marketing Process for Better Ranking

 2 May, 2016

The easiest way to get traffic to your website would be to create some high-quality articles and post them online. Even though writing articles could be a time-consuming process, it is the easiest way to get more traffic as it is free to publish articles online and businesses do not have to invest money when it comes to submitting the articles. But yes, they will have to pay for the content writer who is working for their company. As most of the beginners in internet marketing might not have sufficient money but have sufficient time, they increasingly prefer article marketing as an effective method to drive traffic towards their website.

Searches your website receives on Google

If you have written an article on a relevant topic, website visitors might go to Google search and enter the relevant keyword which would take them to your article and once if they really find it interesting, then they would see the link of your website at the bottom of the article and would click it. Thus you would receive a new visitor to your website or blog. The number of visitors reads your article, the number of visitors you will subsequently get for your website. However, if you want your website to show up in the first page of Google Search Results, then there are specialized techniques also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization which will help your website to rank better in Google search results.

Quality of Content

For a basic level author, the content that is published should be of the highest quality if it has to be accepted by the article submission websites. This is because Google and other search engines display these articles whenever a user enters a keyword that is related to your article in the search engines. If the article content is good and has all the comprehensive information within the article, then readers are more likely going to read till the bottom of the article until they link to your website. But if the article content quality is not good, then they might leave the article web page right away. More the website visitors leave your article content;

Google will understand it and will list your website down from the search results by lowering the rankings. Similarly, Google gives more importance to fresh content and if the content posted by another author is of highest quality than your article content, then again your article popularity and website rankings will be pushed down.


The content quality of the article has to be really good and at least two to three articles have to be published in a day so as to receive more traffic towards your website frequently.

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