Wix vs WordPress- How To Choose Best Among Them?

 5 Mar, 2019

Wix and WordPress are the two most popular web publishing solutions present today. There are various solutions available in the market, but these two are simply the best. When we have two equally popular options, we tend to get confused about choosing the best among them. Ever since Wix has been launched, every now and then we hear debates about the efficient choice between Wix and WordPress. This blog is intended to give a clear understanding of Wix and WordPress so that you don’t get confused anymore.

Difference Between WIX and WordPress

In our discussion, we will cover the benefits, downsides and unique features of Wix as well as WordPress to help you choose a favorable option.

WIX and WordPress – Better Usability

Both Wix and WordPress allow us to build a website without learning code. Ease of use is one of the major reasons why people (especially beginners) chose Wix or WordPress.

Ease of use while using Wix-

  • A very powerful and easy option for beginners
  • Easy to use tools for website designing.
  • Its drag and drop interface is great because you can select any element of your choice on your site and easily edit (you can edit in WYSIWYG interface). Once you finish editing, you can easily drag, drop and make effective changes in your website, rearrange page essentials, write content, add media, and can do many variations.
  • Very user-friendly because there is no need to deal with code.
  • With Wix, websites can be built flawlessly and you can publish your site without any hassle.Difference Between WIX and WordPress
  • Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) has revolutionized the way we can encompass website designing as well as content creation simultaneously, that too with help of Artificial intelligence.

With Wix, you can easily create an account, add a perfect blog, change the background of your site, connect the custom domain and do lot more within just a few clicks. All because of Wix’s visual interface.

Ease of use while using WordPress-

Difference Between WIX and WordPress

  • Though WordPress do not offer drag and drop option, still it is a huge hit in the industry.
  • The best benefit is its visual editor for writing content.
  • Theme customizer is another blessing because it gives us chance to tailor themes as per our business needs, audience’s interest and other factors.
  • Thousands of themes available.
  • Themes editing can be done in a WYSIWYG environment.
  • Complete control over brand appearance- for this we can use various effective sections like customizer, navigation menus, visual post editor and lot more.
  • May require coding for making desired changes.

WordPress is an open source CMS, but not that common among beginners because it demands a learning curve.

Comparison- So, if you are a beginner and have no idea about coding, but know to use mouse efficiently, Wix should be your choice as it demands no prior training. If you have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, WordPress can be used.

Design and layout of Wix and WordPress

We all agree to a fact that the design and layout of a website plays a crucial role in an organization’s success. Hence, every organization spends quality time and effort in building a great web design and layout.

Design and Layout with Wix-

Difference Between WIX and WordPress

  • It offers not less than 500 per made templates.
  • Wix designs are believed to be highly responsive.
  • You can change the layout easily
  • Rearranging items is very easy.
  • Sub-divided categorized template are available for different needs like a business, hobbies, eCommerce, art, and craft, etc.
  • Wix ShoutOut and Smart Actions- Empower us with the power to gather useful information from your visitors and potential customers.

Just one drawback we can think of is; you cannot change the template after selecting it. You can just enhance it by making some changes and customizing it for your brand. For this, you can use various built-in tools. It’s just that once you select any tool or template, you can’t deselect.

Design and Layout with WordPress-

Difference Between WIX and WordPress

  • Thousands of themes and design layouts are available at WordPress. If you don’t like free themes, you can choose paid themes.
  • Limited support is provided for free themes, but yes, these free themes also undergo a strict review process. So, you can choose them without any hesitation.
  • Paid themes- they are definitely good with respect to features, support options, etc. You can get premium support for paid themes.
  • Themes range from complete eCommerce sites to small scale personal sites.

Most of them come with built-in customization variations. You can use any one styling plugins to improve your brand’s WordPress Themes. These themes can be easily downloaded from the directory of WordPress.org. However, if you wish to choose paid themes, there are many theme shops like StudioPress, Themify, etc. you can use.

  • The best part is that you can switch different themes and customize existing ones or new theme as much as they wish to do.

Not only this, but you also have social plugins, SEO packs, commenting systems, safety plugins and lot more.

Difference Between WIX and WordPress

Comparison- If compare both of them, Wix is giving more flexibility and easy usability options in the current situation.

Customer Support

Wix- Huge setup for providing impeccable support to every customer. There are hundreds of video tutorials, official support forums, video walk through, email support system, education program (WixEd) and many other great customer support systems.

The best part is that almost every next editable element in their control panels turns into a help icon. You just need to click on that icon and you can access necessary help. Isn’t it great!

WordPress- There is no official staff as a support system, but one thing is sure that A huge community of webmasters is dedicated to provide instant helps.

Comparison– WordPress is used by a huge ratio of professionals and so you can access various blogs, there are many communities present over there and you have dedicated YouTube channels for this. There is no direct point of contact for WordPress support staff. Wix adds an advantage by providing direct help.


Wix SEO– SEO capability of Wix is quite good and there are many tools that help users to enhance their website’s online visibility. Its SEO features include heading tags, page meta tags, mobile optimization, etc. With Wix, you can access “SEO Wiz” that will guide through the SEO process and helps in making a decent SEO plan. So, it is great for beginners. It is also great because it offers SEO apps in its App Market.

Difference Between WIX and WordPress

WordPress SEO- It is one of the best and user-friendly publishing platforms. It is because you can easily get your website configured with WordPress. Search engines can easily index your page configurations if you do it with WordPress. Be it configuring taglines, website name, heading tags, image alt tags, URL structure, or any other essential, you can customize everything here, that too with an easy setup. If you install an SEO plugin (Yoast SEO), you can effectively tailor the SEO titles, social sharing content, meta descriptions, etc. for all posts as well as pages.

MonsterInsights is an important essential of WordPress to integrate Google Analytics.

Difference Between WIX and WordPress

There are thousands of WordPress SEO tools, plugins, etc available for serving various types of SEO purposes for your WordPress site. Hence, choosing WordPress can be really beneficial with SEO perspective.

Comparison: Both Wix and WordPress are good when we talk about SEO features. But WordPress is something that one should choose because of more user-friendliness and plugin options.


So, we tried to list the important essentials of both Wix and WordPress to help you conclude which one is better for your business needs. Though, both Wix and WordPress have their own advantages, we hope that reading all the above points would help you make an effective choice. WordPress requires some prior knowledge about HTML/CSS and is considered a better option if you are looking to create a unique yet great site. In contrast, Wix is great if you want to stay away from coding. It’s easy, effective and fun-friendly. Feel free to ask us any doubt related to Wix vs WordPress.

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