Comprehensive Guide To Build A Successful Website Redesign Strategy


14 Mar, 2024



Did you know that poor outdated web design can hurt conversions, sales, and above all your brand image? 

  1. Does the design look outdated or irresponsive?
  2. If your conversions/sales are decreasing over time?
  3. Getting complaints of design-related issues that hinder user experience?

In all these cases, You Need a Website Redesign. Wondering what website redesign is? How to develop a suitable website redesign strategy that outperforms?

Sitting with one of our most important prospective clients a few months back, (of course before the pandemic) I was pitching them to invest in their content management system, digital marketing channels, and most importantly in a website redesign. While I was presenting them with a few pointers about the need to take website redesigning seriously, I just lost my pace after I encountered a few setbacks in my own website. 

Somebody was screaming in my mind “Get your own website redesigned first, you need it, you know it”. While I was able to get things moving for the prospective client, I ensured to sit on my own website and plan accordingly for a perfect business website redesign strategy (follow this blog till last for a result-oriented website redesign strategy for business of any kind).

After preparing the website redesign strategy for business online, I went straight to my CEO and asked him to approve the plan for our website redesigning but he threw a few questions at me:

“Why do we need it? We are ranking well in our target market, we are minting good conversions, and most importantly the sales team is happy! Then WHY?”

I took a minute and replied, “Boss, we need to be ahead in the game, better than what our competitors are doing, mention functionalities and features that are new & in trend, provide users with an all-new experience plus be in sync with the latest algorithms and advancements”.

But that was not enough, my plan did not resonate with my passionate words, and obviously, he wanted more from this plan. Thus, I had to come up with a quick yet robust website redesign strategy for business and present a seamless website redesign process to cater to the current needs and overcome the future challenges & requirements.

Below is a stepwise guide I am sharing with you that covers A to Z of website redesign and it worked for me and a few clients as well. So consider it a blueprint with which you can approach professional website redesign services for your business website’s success.

In this website redesign guide, we cover everything from understanding what website redesign is, why it is important, how to start a website redesign, and above all when your website actually needs to be redesigned.

First let us understand, what is website redesign?

Looking for Redesign your Website?
  • Increase Traffic & Sales
  • Enhance Brand Credibility & Trust
  • Capture your Customers’ Attention
  • Superior UX

What is Website Redesign and Why is it important?

A website redesign can be considered as a major change of the code, content copy, content structure, website navigation and images/graphics of the existing website to convert visitors into leads/customers. An amazing website redesign strategy for business can boost results, decrease the bounce rates, increase average time a user spends on your website and enhance user experience (UX).

It is important to your organization’s performance, existing repeating visitors, existing and new customers - to see what good you are doing to your own organization’s website performance. Furthermore, you will be rewarded with a new, improved and a feature-rich website that too as per the latest trends and algorithms.

How Do You Know if Your Website Needs to Be Redesigned?

Here we have listed a few possible scenarios, when there is a need for a website redesign is probably high.Website Need to Be Redesigned

Most of these factors indicate degraded website performance and there is a strong need for website redesigning. But here you might be wondering how to start a website redesign? Well, first you need to build a strong website design strategy. So, now let's focus on the below-listed steps to develop a Website Redesign Strategy.

6-step Guide To Develop a Website Redesign Strategy For Businesses Online

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that your website is a place where maximum no. of interactions can happen. So, while you are preparing your strategy, the focus should be on conversion optimization. Because, whatever we are doing will finally correlate to how many leads your website is converting. Of course, generating new and maintaining existing traffic cannot be and should not be ignored.

Let’s dive into “6 steps on how to develop a Website Redesign Strategy for Businesses Online” and trust me read each and every word carefully while introspecting your website with professional website redesign services company:

1. For the first month, your existing performance metrics should be your benchmark

Carefully note each and every metric that is important to you. Sit with your analytics guy and make sure to take into account your current performance. To make it more interesting, capture both information - current as well as highest, as per this you will have two milestones to catch. Following are the few important parameters you should definitely consider noting:

  • Audience (note these data as a collective data along with page-wise data)
    • Number of users, unique users and new users 
    • Bounce Rate
    • Revenue (if enabled)
  • Acquisition
    • Organic Search, Direct, Referral Traffic and Other (this data will tell you how things have changed once your new website is launched)
  • Behavior (note these data as a collective data along with page-wise data)
    • Unique Pageviews
    • Average Time on Page
    • Exit Rate
    • Average Page Load Time
  • Conversions
    • Goal Completions
    • Goal Value (if set by you previously)
    • Goal Conversion Rate
    • Goal Completion Locations

website redesign strategy template

Along with all this information, if you use any tools like lucky orange or hotjar conversion rate optimization, do note their findings as well. If you think you need help with any other tool, let us know in the comments section and we will respond to you soon.

2. Identify all those pages that are producing results for you and plan a way to protect their rankings

There are a few but very important landing pages or website pages that might be producing consistent results for you.

  • First of all, save all the SEO related information of all these pages
  • Identify the amount of traffic they are drawing
  • No. of inbound links
  • Lastly, the maximum no. of leads converted from these pages individually

You have to make small but incremental changes to these pages as per your new web redesign strategy for business. In no way you can just update them as per your strategy. Trust me, I have seen businesses making such mistakes and in no manner it worked out for them.

3. Now, make the rules that include branding voice, colors, font size, positioning and messaging

This is a time consuming step. You have to analyze your current branding and identify what changes, modifications and refinements your website requires. Golden Rule - Your website messaging should resonate what you do and how you do it. Now create a brand style guide or what we call it a Brand Rulebook that should include:

  • Tone of Voice - Builds a connection and trust with your audience. Decide between formal vs casual, funny vs serious, enthusiastic vs matter-of-fact.
  • Brand colors - They help in identifying your brand’s personality traits (feminine or masculine or neutral, playful or serious, modern or classic, loud or subdued)
  • Font size - Helps in deciding your bold or subtle you want to be when expressing with your content. It is crucial for brands that are in advertising, marketing or fashion as they have to be bold and expressive.
  • Brand positioning, messaging and Brand image - Developing a strong brand message is important to keep your customers intact. But for long term results first focus to build a strong brand positioning before coming onto brand messaging

4. Identify what website redesign goals are you running after while linking them to your buyer personas

There is a reason why I want you to combine your buyer persona thoughts with the website redesign goals. And, the reason is simple - because buyer personas should be sitting at the core of your website redesigning strategy. 

Personas traits like behavior, touch-points, characteristics, and many other parameters will help you make informed decisions. You will be able to decide how your website navigation should be and how should a user take their respective journeys on your website. If your earlier website missed the buyer persona mapping, make sure this one should not.

? Now, while drafting your website redesign goals, ask the following questions to yourself and note them in an excel sheet. 

  • What are your most result-driven pages and how can you save them? - Goal 1
  • Who are your existing visitors and how can you map them to your buyer personas? - Goal 2
  • Which buyer personas are not being catered currently? - Goal 3
  • Which team is also responsible for generating leads from your website and how will they be catered during and after the redesign? - Goal 4
  • How will you be able to measure the success of your website redesign? - Goal 5

Basic Format of your Website Redesign Goal Sheet: 

website redesign strategy template

5. Examine what is working for your competition and identify what new are you willing to incorporate into your website

Okay, now this is really serious because the better you analyze, the more amazing your results can be. You have to examine what are those features, landing pages and resources (blogs, ebooks, case studies and whitepapers) that are producing outstanding results for their website. 

I suggest you to use tools like Ubersuggest, Ashref or even Semrush to prepare your competitive analysis. Make sure to follow these steps (I know this is too much, but your entire results depend on these small little things):

  • Identify your competition at the very core and as per your different products/services.
  • Truly inspect their website pages, features, customer experience, CTAs, visuals and graphics, social media presence, influencers, affiliate pages, mobile optimization techniques, email automation, live chat offering, and FAQs.
  • What is their market positioning strategy like and are they offering any particular feature or benefit to the target audience that makes them stand out?
  • If online pricing is a key thing in your business, then make sure to note, compare and act on it.
  • Take a look at their online reviews online and social media reviews.
  • And sign up for their newsletter to be updated on how they are interacting with their visitors.

6. Finally each of these steps have to be linked to conversion rate optimization

This step is critical, not only because it is completely dependent on all the 5 steps above but because it will help you determine if your plan is in sync with your conversion goals. 

Following questions (basically their answers) will help you to ensure that your website redesign and conversion rate optimization strategies are in sync with one another:

  • Is your brand messaging compelling enough to convert?
  • Is your user experience seamless when a visitor is moving from one device to another?
  • Is your content tone, content visibility, and content delivery consistent and dynamic?
  • Are your Calls-to-Action properly feeding the user journey at different touch-points?
  • How aggressive is your testing and feeding those testing results back into the practice?

These were the 6 steps to creating a website redesign strategy template for your business. You can do it by self or better take help from affordable website redesign services around.

Final Thoughts On Website Redesign!

Website Redesigning over a period of time is a must for businesses online that are looking to solidify their online presence with improved readerships, purchases & brand value. A new & improved website based on the latest website design strategy can help any businesses improve their dying business. In the above, we discussed steps to develop a Website redesign strategy followed by certain website redesign tips that are easy for any business to follow & implement at a given business model.

Get started on your business website redesign strategy now, because competition is intense & your would-be buyers are impatient. Apply these steps to facilitate a successful website redesign strategy for business and meet all your business bottom lines. If finding it impossible to do all on your own, better take the help from our professional website redesign services --- where we will help you in creating a perfect business website redesign strategy template from scratch, at very economical website redesign costs/plan.

Hope this website redesign guide helped you gain a better understanding of how to develop a business website redesign strategy and why and when needs to be implemented!!

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