Mobile Marketing Guide: Learn About Its Benefits, Types And Strategies


3 May, 2024


In response to the global pandemic, consumers have altered their purchasing habits. Being where your buyers are now is more crucial than ever for capturing their attention and driving foot traffic.

Accessing information, making purchases, making payments, and gaining knowledge are all more convenient on the go with a smartphone. Marketers can hone their skills in luring customers with the help of mobile marketing in this way.

According to Semrush, The United States is the world’s leader in mobile advertising spending

This comprehensive guide will explain to you mobile marketing definition, best mobile marketing examples, different types of mobile marketing, advantages of mobile marketing, mobile marketing strategy, mobile marketing best practices, mobile marketing techniques and introduce you to some of the most useful mobile marketing tools and tactics and how digital marketing agency can help your business increase retail foot traffic.

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What is Mobile Marketing?

Let’s first understand the mobile marketing definition. 

Simply said, mobile marketing encompasses all advertising and marketing efforts made to reach consumers using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. In this advertising strategy, you can communicate with your intended consumers through channels such as direct mail, email, social media marketing, and push notifications.

What is Mobile Marketing? - "A form of marketing targeted at mobile device users by using SMS E-mail and social media."

As with traditional online marketing, mobile marketing strategy requires an end user to effectively promote and sell goods and services. In addition, mobile marketing requires an in-depth study of the mobile user base, strategy development in light of the mobile platform in question, and a willingness to adopt new approaches.

Mobile marketing should be a central part of every advertising strategy, whether long or short-term. Email marketing, PPC, SEO, and content marketing are just some of the mobile marketing channels that might help you reach your target audience and increase organic traffic.

According to the data, mobile internet usage is rapidly expanding. Mobile phone users have surpassed 6 billion, and a further increase of several hundred million new subscribers is predicted for the coming years.

How Does Mobile Marketing Work

Several moving parts in the marketing process make mobile marketing campaigns so intricate? Sending out app push notifications or SMS text messages to advertise your goods and services are examples of this. Another example is scanning a QR code for a discount or special offer, but there are more. Another type of mobile advertising is called proximity mobile marketing, and it notifies customers when a nearby business offers its services.

Recognizing that mobile marketing campaigns do not focus as much on demographics as on consumer behavior is crucial to grasping the fundamentals of mobile marketing. Although age and gender have a part, it is the actions of the users themselves that really drive mobile marketing.

Following are the stages of mobile marketing strategy-

Mobile Marketing Strategy

snacking, or the practice of using a mobile device for brief bursts to check messages or media, is another consideration in mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketers frequently provide engaging and simple-to-understand content to win over their target audience.

Mobile marketing companies suggest that everything counts in online marketing, including the size of the device's screen. Tablet user marketing, for instance, tends to be more engaging and media-rich, whereas smartphone user marketing tends to be more straightforward and factual.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

It's well-established that smartphone and tablet use has surpassed desktop computer use as the primary means of Internet access. Smartphones are the most popular electronic device in the world because of how convenient they are. Evidence suggests that individuals increasingly favour using their mobile devices to access all online content. This calls on global companies to adjust and, most crucially, to make their marketing more flexible.Why Mobile Marketing is Important

Here are some significant reasons if you are still confused about the importance of mobile marketing and what mobile marketing benefits you can reap from it. 

  • Customers keep their phones in hand even when they shop for the best deals at brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers should think about ways to improve the in-store experience for their customers and get them more involved while they're there. Advertisements on mobile devices and short message service (SMS) marketing are two ways that can help retailers get their businesses off the ground.
  • Mobile advertisements have recently adopted cutting-edge innovations like virtual reality. Mobile advertising is made more interesting and effective with the use of virtual reality adverts. As a result of the dizzying array of possibilities, mobile marketing is notoriously challenging to monetize successfully. However, every company can succeed in its chosen field provided it uses its resources wisely.
  • Mobile content consumption is rising as individuals use their phones constantly throughout the day. In addition, many companies are researching and figuring out mobile marketing strategies for reaching and engaging customers. Making anything seem beautiful on a vertical, small screen is only part of the challenge of creating content for mobile. Mobile content is all about adaptability and portability, so it needs to take the form of a portable content structure that offers experiences like games.
  • Mobile marketing campaigns also make it simple to monitor user feedback. Quickly finding out how well-received a new advertisement is or how many people have seen a product review is possible with such tools. It is also possible to view detailed information about how many people have viewed a specific page on your website and for how long.

According to Smart Insights, Mobile traffic is predicted to increase by 25% by 2025. 

  • When a business uses mobile marketing, it can contact more potential customers through channels like social networking, texting, and push notifications. Because of this, more people will be exposed to the information about the products you're promoting. Here are some important mobile statistics you should be aware of to understand why we emphasize the importance of mobile marketing.
  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo, three of the most widely used search engines, all increase a website's search engine rankings when it is mentioned on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. By connecting your website to your Facebook account, for instance, you can increase the visibility of both your Facebook and website in search results. As a result, people will be more likely to recall your brand whenever it is mentioned in conjunction with mobile marketing.

As a result of these factors, many companies have made it a top priority to develop mobile marketing techniques. We will cover more about it in detail in further sections.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Marketing

Many customers are concerned about their personal information being shared without their knowledge. They are wary of revealing too much information about themselves or agreeing to anything that could be misunderstood. You should give them clear instructions on how to stop receiving your marketing communications if they so want. Customers like the choice, even though it counts against you numerically if they choose not to join.

Sometimes it's tough to get about on a mobile device. Users on mobile devices are limited to a little display rather than a massive desktop monitor and mouse. This is a drawback of mobile advertising since users are less likely to see the ad if it is presented on a clunky mobile site or social media feed.

Types Of Mobile Marketing

Because mobile marketing is a distinct form of advertising that occurs exclusively when mobile phone technology is used to reach consumers. Many individuals think of mobile marketing as simply sending out text messages. SMS campaign is the earliest kind of mobile marketing type, but it is no longer the only way businesses can reach customers. Some mobile marketing example approaches are listed below.

Types Of Mobile Marketing

1. App-Based

Companies are producing applications in vast numbers after the success of app stores like Android's Play Store and Apple's App Store. Creating an app is a great approach for a business to get in touch with its customers. A user can get many apps without spending any money. 

Leverage our mobile marketing service to create mobile marketing campaigns for your business. Our mobile app development services will create an app for you or work with your existing app to grow your customer base.

2. In-game

The vast mobile gaming sector is the focus of this sort of mobile advertising. Mobile game advertisements can take the form of pop-up windows, banners, or even full-screen overlays, depending on the developer's preferences. These commercials typically play as the user waits for a new round to begin or as they progress between rounds. Various calls to action within the downloadable mobile games encourage players to check out the company's or developer's website.

3. QR Code

There are several uses of QR codes  for mobile advertising. Scanning a QR code takes the user to a predetermined website, which is why this format is so popular in the gaming industry. In order to direct customers to the most effective landing pages on your site, which contain the most compelling conversion content, you can employ QR codes.

4. Location-Based

Marketers can reach potential customers who are physically close to their business with location-based mobile advertising. Advertisements tailored to a user's location are displayed with the expectation that they may visit a certain business.

5. Mobile Search Ads

To put it simply, these are the most basic types of mobile advertising. Based on the user's mobile browsing habits and search history, these ads are displayed to them. Built-in extensions, such as "click to call/contact" or Google Maps for location, are becoming increasingly common in mobile search ads.

6. SMS

Although it's been around for a while, this particular method of mobile advertising continues to be very popular. Short message service (SMS) marketing aims to acquire customers' mobile phone numbers to promote to them via text message.

7. Mobile Image Ads

One more form of successful mobile advertising is image ads displayed on smartphones. These are imaginative images designed to achieve a specific objective; they pique the interest of viewers and prompt them to take a little but meaningful step. Subscribing, following, getting in touch, etc., are all examples of such activities.

8. Mobile Push Notifications

Brands frequently use mobile push notifications to alert users to crucial app-related information, such as app updates, reminders, targeted offers, news, and more.

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Mobile Marketing Strategies

In the last decade, mobile search volume has increased at an annual rate of over 200%. 

Now that nearly everyone has a mobile, mobile marketing best practices must be incorporated into every company's overall online marketing plan.

Now more than ever, mobile marketing is the best approach to getting in front of your ideal customers. Here are some mobile marketing tactics or types of mobile marketing strategies that can help you get started.

1. Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

As previously mentioned, mobile commerce is rapidly expanding. If you're going to launch a marketing effort, it's imperative that you must follow mobile responsive design best practices for mobile website. It's imperative that everything from menus to internal pages to pictures and beyond is optimized for use on mobile devices.

2. Apps optimized for mobile devices

Many companies make the error of not optimizing their hybrid apps for every platform. Apps should be as mobile-friendly as feasible to provide a positive experience for users. The odds of immediately attracting a user's attention will improve if you do this.

3. Ads and landing pages optimized for mobile devices

When visitors click on ads, they are often taken to a new website. What do you hope the guests will observe? Surely it's something entertaining and straightforward to take in. You need to ensure that your landing pages and adverts are mobile-friendly and are designed by following effective landing page creation steps. Having ads that don't render correctly on mobile devices can reduce their click-through rate.

4. Recognize Your Audience

Mobile marketing strategies focus more on analyzing consumer behavior than on analyzing demographics. To succeed, you must first fully comprehend who you're writing for. What interests them, what turns them off, how do they prefer to consume material online, what will convert them, and what will keep them as customers? The success of your mobile marketing plan is dependent on all of these aspects.

5. The Need to Establish Objectives

Do not give users hopeless assurances. A clear objective can help you communicate your mobile marketing strategy more sophisticatedly and convincingly. Your marketing plan will come out more polished if you focus on reaching a certain objective.

6. Set up Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measures you can use to evaluate the success of your advertising initiatives. The effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns depends on your ability to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be most applicable. Engagement, acquisition, customer experience, and conversions are just some examples of key performance indicators.

7. Follow mobile metrics

Set-up Google Analytics for your website or similar tools that are useful for keeping tabs on how mobile users interact with your website. You can tell if you need to improve your landing pages for mobile devices by looking at key metrics like audience conversion and user experience. Google Analytics' dashboard, combined with expert mobile marketing services, can provide a wealth of information about your users, including the nature of their traffic, bounce rates, page visits, and much more.

8. Get your company set up on a location-based platform

Use a location-based platform to launch your company and connect with customers all around the world.  If you're doing mobile marketing campaigns, this can greatly expand your audience and boost conversions.

9. Deep Dive

Totally committing to your mobile marketing initiatives is required if you want to get the desired response from your target demographic. The best mobile marketing company will help you put yourself in the users' shoes as you craft your advertisements and marketing initiatives. Start looking into payment gateway integration, location-based platforms, check-in/check-out capabilities, voice search compatibility, and other plugins to enhance your users' experiences when interacting with your adverts. 

10. Make Use of QR Codes

QR codes can pack a powerful informational and navigational punch for users. Signs like this, which may be posted in a variety of places, are useful since they can send visitors to a designated landing page where they can access discounts, special offers, and more. This is now one of the best strategies to get people to utilize your service and spread the word about your company.

11. Content optimized for mobile devices

Websites that have adopted mobile-first indexing must now optimize their content for mobile users. It is also crucial that the material consumers see be optimized for mobile devices, as more and more people are turning to their phones and tablets to access the internet.

12. Get Your Local SEO In Shape

One-third of all Google queries have a local focus. This should serve as a warning that your current advertising strategy is not optimal for the locations you wish to reach. Increased organic traffic with a higher likelihood of conversion can be achieved by tailoring your adverts to users' intent while conducting localized searches.

13. Site Map

Make sure the structure of your website is sound and simple to navigate. Since the primary purpose of most website visits is content consumption, it is important that users be able to navigate between pages easily. User experience, which in turn can affect the likelihood of conversion, is heavily influenced by the site's navigation.

14. Promote interaction with others

An active audience is responsive; therefore, keeping them informed and happy with your commercials is essential. Including comment areas, sharing choices, and feedback portals on your website and advertisements is a great way to drive social participation.

15. Keep changing your approach

There is no right way to go about mobile marketing; therefore, experimenting is essential. You should not be afraid to experiment with different methods of promoting your content. Try different add-ons, plugins, and ad extensions to see what works best for your ads. Try ad extensions like Google Offers or Click-to-Call. Use powerful call-to-action examples to see what works best for you.

16. Keep tabs on your progress

You can only improve by testing new methods while keeping close tabs on the outcomes. Always be aware of the status of your various advertising initiatives, and ensure you are checking in frequently to see which ones are producing the best results. As a result, you may stop wasting time and money on the strategies that aren't producing results and instead focus on improving the ones that are.


1. What is mobile marketing?

We can define mobile marketing as a term that refers to the practice of developing marketing strategies with mobile device consumers in mind. When executed properly, mobile marketing has the potential to be extremely fruitful.

2. What are the most commonly used mobile marketing applications?

Using apps designed specifically for mobile devices is a key part of mobile marketing, which may lead to increased brand recognition and, ultimately, more sales. WhatsApp Business, Facebook Pages, Twitter for Business, Instagram Business, and YouTube Studio are all excellent mobile marketing tools. These apps can potentially greatly expand your company's exposure and customer base.

3. How much does mobile marketing cost?

Regarding budget, mobile marketing can go in a few different directions depending on the chosen platform and apps. Several other variables might impact the total cost of mobile marketing for eCommerce, such as the length of time ads are displayed and the complexity of the content calendar. Running an ad for a week just costs a few dollars, which is a fraction of the expense of other forms of advertising.

4. What are mobile marketing tools?

Mobile marketing tools are typically software programs that provide a number of functions to assist you in launching a successful mobile marketing campaign. Metrics monitoring dashboards are one example of a useful addition. 

5. What does it cost to market to mobile devices? 

Putting ads on mobile phones doesn't cost a fortune. Facebook Pages, Twitter for Business, and similar programs make it simple to reach your desired demographic at little cost for a limited time.

6. Why is mobile marketing important? 

Since mobile marketing can be implemented at a low cost and with less effort, its significance cannot be overstated. Advertising on mobile devices is a simple and effective strategy for reaching your intended demographic wherever they may be. People spend an inordinate amount of time on these gadgets, and the flexibility of mobile marketing makes it an excellent choice for reaching out to new and existing customers.


It's now common knowledge that mobile marketing plays a crucial role for companies. Furthermore, it's a method of promotion that can be used in the long run. Marketers should start exploring the potential benefits of mobile marketing as soon as possible. If used effectively, mobile marketing best practices have the potential to boost revenue and fuel a company's expansion.

Data from the International Association for the Advancement of Mobile Communication shows that by 2025, over 75% of all mobile users will have adopted smartphone technology.

Mobile and digital advertising are hitting new heights as the number of people using smartphones and tablets are increasing.

Also, thanks to the various mobile marketing options, you have a lot of room for innovation and personalization. Using mobile marketing services, you may reach more customers through a variety of mediums, such as mobile games and text messages.

It's time to put together a mobile marketing strategy now that you have all the information you need. For extraordinary outcomes in mobile marketing, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of mobile marketing solutions provided by JanBask Digital Design. To find out more, please get in touch with our mobile marketing agency right away.

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