Advanced Web Design Practices To Build A Revenue-Generating Website


8 May, 2024


Did you like to spend time on-site that needs to be updated or more effective?  The answer is obviously ‘No’ and the same for your customer. If your business website fails to deliver a resistance-free experience, nobody would love to engage with & make a purchase.

A website is the second most helpful marketing platform for every business behind social media. Especially in such a highly competitive era, where low traffic and intense competition are challenging for most marketers, more than just building a business website is required.

Being one of the best website design experts, we will discuss advice, ideas, and inspiration on designing a website that helps you earn more traffic and drive more conversions & revenue.

Let’s start with the critical factors you must check on your business website to generate more revenue.

Looking to Create a Business Website?

  • Well-optimized landing pages
  • Strong & visible CTA
  • An intuitive website layout

Essential Factors You Need to Check On Your Business Website

According to HubSpot's annual State of Marketing Report for business websites, 

  • 30% of businesses used their site to increase sales and revenue.
  • 22% said they want their site to establish brand awareness and authority 
  • 17% stated it was to build relationships with customers.  
  • 80% of marketers use websites in their marketing strategies. (HubSpot) 

But more than 70 % of business websites fail to deliver & convert sales leads. To correct this anomaly, we must consider the following:

How is your lead funnel functioning?

“61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.” (Source: HubSpot)

A lead funnel is the process through which a potential customer becomes aware of your product, expresses interest, and enters the sales funnel to become a paying customer. Refer to the image below for greater clarity or read this comprehensive blog

lead funnel

Sales funnels are about generating income for the business owner. The sales funnel needs to meet customer expectations and get a conversion. When your website is designed according to your sales funnel, it can be an extremely effective way to convince customers, get a conversion, and get paid handsomely. Ensure your website design aligns with sales funnel fundamentals and successfully drives hard-earned leads to conversions.

Get a functional web design that fits your online presence and delivers sales copy in the most effective, compelling visual format to generate more revenue

What is Your Cart Abandonment Rate?

E-Commerce brands lose $18 billion in sales revenue yearly because of cart abandonment.”

What if your customer reaches the checkout page and then abandons the cart? What does it indicate? It is a clear sign that there must be an issue with your checkout process, causing you to fail to complete your purchases & lose conversion.

Are You Making a Buzz on Social Media?

Social Media

31% of B2B professionals say that social selling has allowed them to build deeper relationships with clients.” 

Suppose you want to make it easier for people to find your brand, endorse and sell your products, and engage people with content you maintain for your business or want to enter a new market. In that case, no other place is better than social media? Adding social media links to your website is a way to extend your brand since available social media links make the sharing and linking process more convenient.

Easily accessible links motivate people to subscribe and follow you, build more awareness about your business, and make them feel more connected.  Does your business website web design have social media links to platforms your potential target audience loves engaging with?

Do You Have a Better Engagement Rate Than Competitors?

Winning customers away from rival brands is one of the biggest challenges & most effective ways to increase your market share. To beat your rivals, you should constantly gauge their performance and customer engagement rate. You should always seek novel and innovative ways to fill gaps in the current market with new goods and services and build a business website to enhance your customer's overall brand experience with your brand.

Now let's move on to advanced web design practices to help you build a business website that generates significant revenue.

Critical & Advanced Web Design Practices To Make Your Website Revenue Generating

A well-designed business website reflects your business idea more effectively and builds a commendable brand image in front of your customers. Here are the most critical web design practices to make a great business website design that can help you attract the right audience and make them stay longer on your site.

1. Add Parallax Scrolling to Enhance User Experience

Parallax scrolling is the latest graphics-based design technique that has become popular in website design. Parallax scrolling design designers build an illusion of layers; as users scroll down a webpage, different layers of content or backgrounds move at different speeds and create a faux-3D effect. It makes managing and prioritizing your website content easy and helps keep users entertained and engaged.

The best part about this design technique is that it encourages professionalism with a high level of creativity essential for promoting user engagement & visit time on the web.

Pro tip: Use pre-loading assets to avoid heavy downloads.

Want to explore more about parallax scrolling? Feel free to reach us. JanBask’s talented team can create and leverage parallax scrolling techniques. Thus, you’ll get compelling storytelling while creating an engaging feel that surprises the user, offering a pleasant user experience that boosts revenue generation.

2. Use Video on the Landing Page For More Engagement

With an attractive landing page design, you can convince visitors to stay and explore more on your business website.  This is where the importance of creating video content for your landing page steps in. The major reason is that video content is more consumable than reading content. So, by embedding a video on your landing page, you can attract more customers and influence their buying decisions. Auto-play videos can also help to improve your business website efficiency.

Pro Tip: Your auto-play video should not be too lengthy or short and must effectively communicate your core message.

Adding video to your business website can go a long way, but you’ll never know how far until you test it.  Take help from our professional website designing experts to get you the best business solution that a business website builder can never match.

3. Leverage powerful images.

It doesn’t matter that you have fantastic content and did a great job of optimization if your website lacks emotion-triggering powerful & connecting images that can help you draw visitors' attention and engage them in your content.

Images are one of the most important parts while building a business website. Ninety percent of all information we perceive and transmit through our brains is visual only. when it comes to website designing, Images can help you attract attention and guide your visitor's line of sight.

Pro Tip: Use powerful background images that give your visitor an immediate impression of your brand. For humanizing your website, use real and emotion-triggering pictures.

Our professional web design firm experts can help you with a lively business website with high-quality images, photos, and illustrations that do justice to what you sell so people get excited and want to learn more or purchase.

4. Provoking Call-to-Action to Grow Business

To make your website profitable, you must add a call-to-action button. Well customized & optimized CTA speaks to the customer’s pain points, removes friction & encourages them to take deliberate action, and helps them through the buyer’s journey.

By following the best CTA design practices & incorporating some animation in your call-to-action, you can increase the conversion rate of your business website. Effective CTAs motivate people to share content on social media and encourage customer engagement by offering a discount or asking for “Free Sign-ups” or  “Get Started Free.”

Pro tip: Create a compelling CTA copy and generate a feeling of urgency. Avoid having multiple CTAs on the same page.

Want a business website with compelling CTAs, to improve customer engagement and drive more conversions, boosting their overall marketing ROI in the process? Get professional web design services to get the best revenue-generating business website.

5. Use Aesthetic Typography For Great Readability

Typography is often ignored, but an essential part of website design that shouldn’t be overlooked. Did you know how typography impacts user experience on your business website?

Using standard typography fonts in website designing helps maintain consistency and make the website look professional & aesthetically pleasing, which is most required for a resistance-free positive user experience. 

Typography helps make the content attractive and more consumable; it also impacts the website's readability and makes your web design attractive and engaging in growing your business  & generating more revenue. 

Pro Tip: Use Google Fonts to make font pairing easy, leverage contrast fonts, and Avoid trying something out of the box.

While building a business website, feel struggling, and need help to take your project to the next level, please don’t hesitate to reach us. Our web design company experts are here to help with all of your branding, marketing, and advertising needs, and we look forward to working with you to turn your ideas to life!

6. Leverage ChatBots For Effective Communication

Chatbots have been proven to be more effective in capturing and qualifying leads. That can get you extra revenue from what you’re already spent on your marketing strategies. Chatbots can help initially capture the user’s attention, give a personalized feel, peak their interest, and be used to guide them along the conversion process. The smartest chatbots can gather valuable information from your prospects to help you build a database and understand your prospect behavior.  They provide a great way to establish effective brand communication and help prospects enter your funnel.

Pro tip: Including voice-activated bots like Siri to get better user engagement and conversion rate. 

If you’re interested in finding out what a chatbot can do for your business website or looking for advanced website design services to get a revenue-generating website, feel free to connect with our web design firm.

7. Use Grid Layout For Great Visual Hierarchy

This refers to visual elements' arrangement, size, color, and contrast. It determines their relative prominence and the order in which the human eye sees them.

Using CSS Grids layout makes it easier for designers to collaborate on designs by establishing guidelines for how elements should be positioned within a layout. Grid systems help decouple interface design work because multiple designers can work simultaneously on different parts of the layout, knowing that their work will be seamlessly integrated and consistent. Grids bring a synchronized order to a layout making it easier for visitors to find and navigate through information to create a good user experience.

Pro Tip: Understand the grid autonomy, choose the right layout, make room for white space, obey the rule of thirds, and don’t forget to follow the golden ratio.

Want to learn more about how to make a business website using a CSS grid layout? Our web design services experts give you a roadmap to create a grid-based better layout that consistently attracts high-value clients and generates more revenue.

8. Create Site Maps to Get Your Website Index Fast

When it comes to ranking your website well, creating a sitemap is one of the best techniques to help index your business website fast. A sitemap, or XML sitemap, is a list of different pages on a website that makes it easier for search engine bots to crawl your website content and index the pages accordingly. As a result, it boosts the SEO ranking of your website. A higher ranking on search results would automatically drive more traffic and generate more revenue for your business.

Pro Tip: Keep the sitemap in a format that is understandable & accessible to everyone working on the project & update the sitemap information architecture regularly.

Creating a website sitemap is a simple yet critical step for building well-organized and intuitive business websites. Whether you can stick with rudimentary tools or go with professional website design services like JanBask digital design to help you build a business website that can grow your online business and generate great ROI.

9. Create An Impact With Social Proofs

Did you know that 91% of millennials trust website reviews, social proof is necessary to gain your online visitor's trust.

In a highly competitive online world, where every brand claims to deliver the best services, social proof can make your business more trustworthy. Social proof comes from customers — and, with declining trust in traditional advertising & marketing, those voices tend to carry more credibility than branded messages from companies themselves. It generates the sentiment that this brand, service, or product is great and has satisfied previous shoppers, so they would be too. So, adding social proof to your business website will add more credibility to your brand and result in more leads and conversions.

Pro tip: Build original social proofs. Don’t forget or avoid asking people to give reviews about your brand, products, or services because you won’t get them what they expect if you don't ask. You can use their feedback to fill the gaps & generate better business later.

Want to leverage social proof to grow your brand? You can reach our web design firm experts to help you build a business website that can bring legitimacy to your business.

10. Configure a conversion tracking system.

Incorporating a conversion tracking system is vital for every business website. It can help you track whether your ads' traffic actively engages with your website. This engagement could be anything from signing up for newsletters, Installing your app to buying your products.

Website conversion tracking also gives you a better picture of how your ads, marketing strategy, and website is performing and accordingly optimize further to fill the gaps.

Pro Tip: Choose the right attribution carefully; placement-based attribution offers a great way to split the value of touchpoints along the customer journey.

Want to expand your online presence and keep track of the impact of your Google Ads? Get help from our web design agency to set up a conversion tracking system and optimize your business website performance.

How JanBask Can Help!

We are the leading web design company providing world-class web design services for over a decade, serving thousands of clients across different industries. Our team of extremely talented and experienced designers, developers, and SEOs can deliver functional and visually appealing revenue-generating business websites.

Our web design firm experts build a business website customized following the tested and proven web design practices with all advanced features & functionality to ensure a flawless user experience. We help you with a responsive, fast-loading, content-rich, and SEO-optimized website that -

  • Rank higher on Google.
  • Amplifies your brand's online presence.
  • Help you grab the potential markets.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Maximize your profits up to 10X folds.

If you want to learn more about our website design services, please reach us!

Final Word On Business Website Designing

A strong online presence is vital for every business to grow & generate revenue. Your digital presence depends more on your website’s look and feels, mostly on its design. If you want your website to help you grow your business, you need the right efforts and time-tested web design practices to set it up for success.

Prospective buyers may need a compelling reason to consider your business over competitors and will only switch to the website where found greater value. So make sure to avoid making unnecessary design mistakes, create a friction-free customer experience, increase conversions & make your website more revenue-generating.  

Though you can build a business website using a business website builder. Still, you will not get a quality or standard business website that a professional web design company can help you with.

Stay up-to-date on the digital marketing strategies, website design trends & techniques that impact your website and overall business performance. From website designing to SEO, social, local, and paid digital strategies, JanBask Digital Design helps you manage digital transformation through our world-class website design services to create smashing business results.

Interested in our Web Design & Development Services?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

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