7 Important Reasons Why You Should Invest In Video Marketing


5 Apr, 2024


Digital marketing services and video marketing experts who were among the first to successfully reach huge audiences got their start in radio, and then later in television. 

The beginning of almost 30 years of the internet. Your digital marketing agency can now choose from an almost infinite number of ways to communicate with its target customers.

To effectively reach people in today's world and maintain their interest, your video marketing agency needs to incorporate online video marketing into your marketing plans. 

A video marketing strategy is a vital marketing tool in today's world and that’s how you skip why video marketing.

It's clear to anybody who accesses the internet today, but it's good to revisit the basics by answering the question anyhow, what is video marketing? It is important to investigate concepts such as social media video marketing, business video marketing, and online video marketing.

Statistics indicate that 63 percent of companies have already begun utilizing video content marketing. 86 percent of those companies use video marketing as their marketing tool. 

The development of video is advancing swiftly, and it won't be long until it reaches new heights. The fact that 83% of firms believe that video marketing delivers them a decent return on investment is fueling this trend.

However, the thing that you are actually seeking is our 3.0 version of the Hustlers University Review. 

Unquestionably, video marketing is one of the most recent tools to be added to your arsenal of promotion strategies. You may still have your doubts. Is it worthwhile to seriously explore utilizing videos as a means of marketing your company? 

Do you have access to a sufficient amount of resources to enable the production of video content and its use in your marketing?

The response is uncomplicated: Yes, it is well worth it. Not only because everybody is doing it, but also because video is one of the most flexible and lucrative digital marketing platforms that are now available.

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What Is Video Marketing?

In a word, video marketing is the practice of incorporating video technology into marketing operations to provide a form of content that is both more entertaining and simpler to understand. 

It can be utilized in a variety of ways to assist in the building of client relations, the provision of customer support, the promotion of services and products, the promotion of your brand, the delivery of viral content, and other related endeavors.

Your company either generates its own video content or contracts out the work to a third party, which is a procedure that is analogous to the methods used to generate other types of content in terms of its design and purpose. 

36% of marketers say the primary goal of their company's video marketing efforts is to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.

The actual implementation is quite unlike how one would create a blog post or a white page; but, at its most fundamental level, it is only an additional technique of content marketing.

Over the course of the past few years, this method of advertising has grown in popularity, and technological advancements have made the viewing of videos far simpler and more expedient. 

It should come as no surprise that video content is a favored sort of content that users like to ingest given that YouTube has more than a billion viewers.

Importance Of Video Marketing For Your Business

2005 was the year that saw the beginning of video marketing's meteoric rise, thanks in large part to the launch of YouTube. After Google's acquisition of YouTube in 2006, however, things began to pick up speed, and by the end of 2009, the platform offered users a choice of seven distinct ad styles.

The proliferation of smartphone technology has added gasoline to the fire, making it more practical and less difficult to see films on mobile devices. This is one of the primary reasons why the trend has grown so rapidly in recent years. 

This behavior became much more widespread after the epidemic, which was responsible for a 215% rise in the number of people who consumed media alone in the United States.

The ease with which one can now produce high-quality videos is perhaps the single most important element that has contributed to the expansion of the use of videos in marketing. Because of this advancement, it is now much simpler for a digital marketing agency to use videos for business marketing strategy; thus, if your company does not keep up with the latest trend, it runs the risk of being left in the dust and being irrelevant.

Most popular content during 2020 pandemic

The use of video marketing is a powerful equalizer that makes it possible for smaller and medium-sized firms to effectively compete against larger corporations. 

Because an engaging, thought-provoking, and memorable video is enticing to watch regardless of the size of the company that produced it, the perfect video marketing campaign has the potential to level the playing field.

Videos increased brand recognition for companies by 70 percent, 51% in traffic, and a 34% surge in sales.

When it comes to the importance of video in marketing and its platform, it should come as no surprise that YouTube is the most popular platform. Even if you publish your movies somewhere else first, you really need to upload them to this address because of the platform's massive size and the primary emphasis it places on video.

After YouTube, Facebook is the platform where people watch the most videos. The magnitude of video in digital marketing is relevant, as is the reach of the platform, and the introduction of Facebook Live was a game-changer for live broadcasting.

Over a third of all digital marketing services have either presented or participated in a webinar at some point in their careers, making webinars a choice that can be relied upon.

Instagram and Twitter both have a respectable presence in the field of video marketing benefits; however, neither service is utilized nearly as frequently as Facebook, and the video content shared on Instagram and Twitter is marginally less effective. 

If they are clients' primary points of contact and primary points of contact that clients have with you via social media, then you should most definitely use them.

LinkedIn is another site that can host the capability of video for business marketing; however, it is not used nearly as frequently or as well as other platforms.

Snapchat is the very last and most unimportant option. It is not widely used, there is no evidence that it is effective, and it is highly recommended that it be avoided.

We Have Listed Down The Benefits Of Video Marketing For Business

The most notable advantage of employing video marketing is how simple it is to do. The process of watching a video is intuitive and familiar to everyone. 

To top it all off, they are highly effective in generating interest and boosting memory retention. In conclusion, videos are great for search engine optimization. Here’s why use video in marketing:

1. Drive Sales And Conversions

The most important thing to do: You may generate a significant amount of money off of video marketing. It is possible to see a boost in conversions of up to 80 percent simply by including a product video on your homepage. 

In addition, a digital marketing agency can ensure that your video is effective in all of the categories it is used, regardless of where you deploy it.

Videos can directly generate purchases. According to several studies, users who viewed an explainer video about a product or service prior to making a purchase were more likely to do so. It is therefore in your best interest to immediately begin creating interesting product videos.

When you really put some thought into it, the success of video marketing shouldn't come as much of a surprise. 

After all, vision is the sense that we rely upon the most. Visual information makes up the majority of what is taken in by our brains. Consequently, if still images have the ability to significantly increase engagement, just think about what moving images may do for your company.

2. Video Marketing To Build Trust

Building and maintaining trust is essential to conversions and sales. However, establishing trust ought to be a goal in and of itself. 

Building trustworthy connections with readers and keeping in touch with them over time is the backbone of content marketing. Instead of trying to convince them to buy from you, focus on educating them on a topic that interests and benefits them.

Video does it all. The use of video content is likely to pique our interest and stir up our feelings. And if we're talking about the most influential people in the audience, we can't ignore the fact that YouTube stars are now the most influential social media figures to promote a company. Consequently, if you are serious about content marketing, you really need to be serious about video as well.

Video Marketing Channel

Trust can also be built through the use of promotional video marketing for business. Because they are concerned about being cheated or defrauded, some customers are still reluctant to make purchases of goods and services through the Internet. However, effective promotional videos portray their products in a casual, conversational style.

57% of customers stated that watching videos gave them more courage to make purchases online as a result of the sense of individual approach that was created as a result of this.

3. Video Marketing Accelerates ROI

To pique your interest even further, 83 percent of companies believe that video marketing offers a satisfactory return on investment. Making movies isn't the cheapest or simplest option, but it yields huge benefits.

In addition, internet video editing tools are always evolving and becoming more accessible to users at lower costs. Additionally, even your smartphone is currently capable of producing films of respectable quality.

One further piece of encouraging information is that your videos do not have to be flawless. What's within really does make a difference! According to a digital marketing company’s research, users are most likely to be turned off by videos that do not describe the product or service in sufficient detail. 

The bad quality and design didn't matter as much as they normally would have. It would therefore be accurate to compare video to pizza in that even when it's horrible, it's still really nice!

4. Grab the Attention Of Mobile Users

The integration of video and mobile devices is natural. Ninety percent of consumers regularly view videos on their mobile devices. Since the third quarter of 2013, the number of mobile video views has increased by more than 233 percent. 

YouTube reports that annual growth in the consumption of mobile videos is 100%. 

Your video audience will continue to expand as more people view videos on their mobile devices, as people enjoy watching videos while they are traveling, and as the number of smartphone users is accelerating rapidly.

Also, according to Google's research, smartphone users are nearly twice as likely to feel a personal connection to brands that present video marketing, content, or advertisements on their devices as TV viewers. Nearly one and a half times as likely to feel such a connection as desktop viewers.Forecast number of mobile users from 2020 to 2025

Because mobile video is becoming increasingly popular, a video marketing agency needs to be aware of the personal experience that consumers have while watching videos on their cell phones. 

For instance, you could provide customers with a greater variety of options in the video content that they watch.

5. Google Appreciates Video Marketing

Through the use of videos, you are able to extend the amount of time that site visitors spend there. Therefore, longer exposure increases trust and signals to search engines that your website has high-quality material. 

The following staggering data are provided by a video marketing agency: If you have a video that is embedded on your website, you have a 53 times better chance of coming in first place on Google. 

There has been a discernible rise in the degree to which videos impact the position that you hold in search engine results ever since Google acquired YouTube.

Make sure that the search engine optimization on your YouTube videos is up to par. Create titles and summaries that are entertaining to read. Include a link that leads back to your website, where people may purchase your goods and services. 

Provide prospective clients with the means to move forward with their purchase. Additionally, investigate the realm of interactive films as a means of encouraging activities even further.

Not only that, but because Google is the owner of YouTube, they take great pride in placing their own website at the top of the rankings for a wide variety of keywords. 

There is a considerable likelihood that video marketing services will rank higher than the majority of the websites in the search results; nevertheless, the top three spots are currently occupied by a carousel of YouTube videos. 

To put it another way, if we are not willing to produce a film, we are not going to be able to appear above the fold.

6. Video Marketing Content Is Explanatory

Are you introducing a brand-new product or service to the market? Make a video that demonstrates how it operates, then share it. Users have reported watching an explanation film a total of 98% of the time in order to better understand a product or service. 

Because of this, 45% of companies that engage in video marketing have reported that an explainer video can be seen on their homepage. The majority of these companies (83%) felt that the explainer film on their homepage was successful.

Trying to communicate a complicated idea to someone? Make an animated video for business marketing. Concepts can be brought to life in a way that cannot be accomplished with text or live video. In addition, the use of monotonous talking heads is no longer sufficient to cut through the cacophony.

Improve Conversions by 80% With A Video On Your Landing Page

Animated video marketing offers the best of three worlds: they are both entertaining and nostalgic, while also being deceptively straightforward. And this video marketing for business is effective along with the right digital marketing tips.

7. Video Marketing Content Triggers Social Engagement

Sixty percent of social marketers used video content in 2015, and seventy-three percent of the total respondents expected to use it in 2016. Additionally, the new capabilities offered by social media outlets prioritize the uploading of video material.

 3600 Video, live Video, digital marketing trends, and life stage are some of Facebook's newest video offerings. Instagram has introduced 60-second videos and Instagram stories, and Twitter offers a periscope for live-streaming videos. Furthermore, YouTube presently boasts the second-largest user base of any social network.

Video marketing services, on the other hand, need to keep in mind that people share their feelings and opinions on social media, not the facts. If they found the branded video to be engaging, 76% of respondents said they would share it with their friends. 

To develop exciting entertaining videos that boost social shares. Emotions are not the same thing as return on investment (ROI), but social sharing can bring more people to your website, and from there you can take it from there.

Using Video Marketing in next 12 months

It's easy to understand and absorb the information presented in marketing videos, which makes them a great learning tool. It is impossible to find the time in today's hectic lives to read lengthy product descriptions or do in-depth research on services. 

The expectation of today's consumer is to be able to view the product in use. The preference for video is one of the most critical driving elements that should be considered when including video in your content marketing strategy.

Video marketing has the ability to appeal to a big number of individuals across a variety of demographics. Even the most slothful of them. Make sure that you target the potential client's ears in addition to their eyes when communicating with them.  

That edge you have over the competition is now doubled.

Take Away

The use of video marketing is growing not only in popularity but also in accessibility. The use of video marketing for business is growing, in part because of developments in technology but also because it is simple to disseminate in different parts of the world. 

Producing videos for business marketing involves imaginative thinking as well as an understanding of human psychology. The combination of all of these elements makes it possible to produce actual advertising miracles at a low cost.

A video in digital marketing that is intellectually stimulating, packed with emotion, and imaginative can become viral on the internet in a couple of days, garnering millions of views. And this is the crux of the matter when it comes to video marketing: only the one with the best digital marketing company will thrive!

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1. Why Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an effective medium to reach your audience across different platforms effectively. It allows you to inform, entertain, and interact with your audience. This way, your audience can stay connected with your brand and drive sales for your brand. 

2. What Are Different Types Of Video Marketing?

How-to, explainer-informative, event, and live videos are popular videos in digital marketing techniques for brands. The type of video marketing depends on the purpose of the marketing. Digital marketing services can inform you about the video marketing type, the content, edits, and the right time to upload it. 

3. What Is Good Video Marketing For Business?

Make an effort to stimulate the interest of your audience by posing questions to them and making use of teasers to get their attention right away. 

4. How Much Does It Cost For Video Marketing?

The price of producing a promotional video that is 30 seconds long normally ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 on average. If you are interested in experimenting with video marketing strategy or developing an explanation video for your business, digital marketing agencies can assist you in calculating the cost of these endeavors.

However, the price can change depending on the types of video elements and any other relevant factors.

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