Best Mobile App Design Tips: The Complete Designer’s Guide

 22 Dec, 2016


By 2025, there will be a projected 7.49 billion mobile users worldwide, with an estimated mobile app revenue of $500 billion. However, while 76% of users download an app, only ? use them

Why? One of the primary reasons is the un-noticeable mobile app design.

 Today, mobile users expect a lot from an app: brief loading time, ease of use, and delight during the interaction. The evolution of mobile technology highly inspires even website development services. So, If you want your app to be successful, you have to consider mobile app design to be a minor aspect and an essential component of product strategy. 

What is Mobile App Design?

Mobile App Design Facts

In general terms, app designers are in charge of making an application look good, while developers make it work properly.  Designers are responsible for the overall style of the application, including color palette, font selection, and button and width types, i.e., UI for Mobile apps. So, whether you’re building an eCommerce app, travel app, fitness app, or app in any category, the design always needs to be a top priority. 

That’s why it’s so important to invest in app design from the beginning. So, where do you start? Consider boosting your business with our Mobile Apps Development Company today!

What Platform Should You Design For?

Most mobile app developers must design for multiple platforms available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. That said, there are various nuances to consider for mobile app development for several platforms and operating systems. 

It’s also worth citing that the market shares for iOS and Android differ. Apple holds the US market share, but Android dominates globally. Your target user base will determine your mobile UI design and which platform you are designing. 

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iOS App Design

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when planning an iOS application. The platform is very reliable and provides an excellent user interface.

Apple also makes it a lot easier to debug the application's design flaws. So if you have user-friendliness problems, you should be able to solve them quickly and deploy them.

If you are wondering how to design an Apple app, remember the first thing users want is a sleek design. It needs to be modern and intuitive. You also need to ensure the application is compatible across the Apple ecosystem. 

If you persist with iOS design for your mobile app, check out the Top 20 IOS Mobile App Development Company in Washington DC that can assist you with the best mobile app designs. 

Android App Design

Android is not an Apple-like closed ecosystem. Thus, you will have much more flexibility with your mobile application design and development environment than in iOS applications.

There is also a vast knowledge base of Google that you can consult if you are a novice in application design. Compared to Apple, mobile app UI designs are usually less expensive to publish in an Android app.

For more mobile app design tips, look at this comprehensive blog on Android And IOS Development to choose the right one for you. 

Mobile App Design Best Practices

Here are a few tips for designing a mobile app that is highly effective, efficient, and provides greater flexibility to its users.


Select Appropriate Graphics Size: Mobile app design is a seriously creative task; the graphics we will use should be of the proper size so that information can be displayed correctly.

Strongly Responsive Design: In mobile website and app design, developers should use a solid or appropriate amount of responsive features so that screen can be visible in the screen without any destruction.

Proper Selection of Color Theme: In the mobile app, the color theme should be the same as we are using in the desktop version of the business website. The theme's colors should be soothing and straightforward, quickly attracting a brand audience.

The word "Guerrilla" is not common in marketing and has intense meaning. Check out this comprehensive blog on Guerrilla Marketing that can inspire your brand. 

Objects Like Button Should Have Rounded CornersSome standards are fixed; one of the best tips to design a mobile app that can easily attract the targeted audience is to make the objects like buttons round.

A website can fuel your business growth whether you’re an established business, a start-up, or a small business. Know how much a website design and development costs

Design Should be Simple and Easy: The design of the mobile app should be simple and easy so that users can easily use and navigate the website.

Large But Clear Fonts: The font we will use in our mobile app should be more transparent and easily visible to users.

Back Button On Each Screen If Required: If we click on any link or navigate to the next screen, the current screen should have the Back button to switch to the previous screen easily. This simplistic feature of mobile application development not only helps to enhance the design but also provides a great user experience. 

Stick Follow UI Guidelines: To attract the targeted audience, we should strictly follow all the UI guidelines and design the user interface accordingly.

Popular Icons Work:  This is among the most trending yet simple mobile design app ideas. The icons we will use in our mobile app should be simple and easily recognized by the users.

There are numerous elements and factors you have to remember while dealing with designing and creating your site. Check out this Website Navigation Design Example to better understand the concept. 

Use High-Resolution Image to Impress Users: Visitors first interact with the mobile app and website, which is best known as the front face of our business. Thus, in our mobile app, we should use quality and high-resolution images that provide information more effectively.

High Quality with Less Content: On a mobile website, we can’t display all the desktop website content. We can show only the mandatory information which users need to know.


Effective Security Management: If there is no or less security, then the app automatically loses its importance. Thus, we should provide strong protection in mobile apps.


A splendid design is the perfect combination of magnificence and functionality, and that's what you should aim for when building a mobile application. A mobile application helps businesses reach more customers, enhance marketing strategies, deliver value to customers, and increase brand awareness while improving their bottom line.

Further, if you find it challenging to tackle this on your own, contact our team here at JanBask Digital Design. We have proven experts who can design and implement the latest mobile app design trends to create beautiful and functional mobile app designs.


Q1. I’ve got an idea; where do I start?

Please speak to us. If you share your idea through this form, one of our team members will reply within one working day by email or telephone.

If you’d prefer to speak to us now, connect with our team, and one of the mobile app design experts will discuss your ideas and project.

We never hard sell, all calls are without obligations, and we’re always happy to help.

Q2. Can you build apps for both iOS and Android?

Yes, most applications we produce support iOS and Android mobile platforms. It is commonplace for people to want their applications to work on the web and mobile devices, so we use mobile application development frameworks such as React and React native that enable us to sustain on both platforms quickly.

Q3. Do you build web applications too?

Yes, almost every mobile app we design also needs a behind-the-scenes web application to drive it. Have you ever signed in to an application? There is a web server in the background, serving the application with data that checks if you have permission to log in, or not. 

Q4. How do you ensure you build what I want and don’t get it wrong?

We don't start blindly developing your requirements; we start by holding a meeting to understand the market factors that determine the needs for your project. We want to get to a position very quickly where we know enough to question your assumptions about what functionality you need.

Once we understand your business, we start the process to design your mobile app and scope out your requirements in detail.

Q5. What kind of support will I receive throughout the Mobile development & Design process?

A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned as your main point of contact throughout the development process.

All your requests and queries are managed through our support portal to give you a quick answer. We also offer a range of support and maintenance options to ensure we are responsive to your requests after the mobile design launch date. 

Q6. Will I own the source code?

Yes, you will receive the relevant copyright or license rights for the custom code we write for your project. We are transparent about intellectual property rights, and you will have the opportunity to review our code ownership conditions before the project starts.

Q7. What are the prerequisites for a mobile app development project?

You don't need to come from technical training to understand the requirements for a mobile app development project. We’ll list the main ones here:

  • An app idea that is practically and economically feasible.
  • Enough allocation to kick your mobile development project into high gear.
  • The passion and determination to execute your idea well.
  • Great communication and a workplace conducive to achievements.

And, of course, a creative tech partner like JanBask Digital Design.

Q8. How much time would it take for the App to develop

Another practical mobile app development question is the time it would take to develop an app. Depending on the sophistication of the application, you should at least have a rough idea of how much time you should expect the app to be generated.

While it usually takes around 6 to 7 months to finish the mobile app development process straight from innovation to launch, some technological apps can take up to a year or even more. You don’t always have to wait long for your development process to end.

Q9. What would be the Cost of Developing the App?

Like time, the cost is another factor that entirely depends on how many features you plan to have in your mobile application. Getting an estimate on the price range of different application development agencies will help you form and set a budget. 

Meanwhile, here are the factors that compose the total cost of the project –

  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Coding
  • App Integration with existing systems

Q10. Can You Work With Us if We Don’t Have a Fully Formed Idea for Our App?

The developers at JanBask Digital Design are used to working with businesses whose app ideas are at different stages of development. We work with you to transform your ideas into fully functional mobile apps that drive lead conversion and are superior in design. 

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