Understanding The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Higher Education


29 Mar, 2024



Universities, like many other sectors, have had a difficult year. Several recruitment and marketing activities ceased as colleges adopted virtual models for their courses and programs. Important student recruitment and retention activities including open houses, campus tours, job shadowing, and face-to-face interviews have to be rethought.

Some of these online marketing for education strategies were helpful regardless of the pandemic, but that is becoming increasingly apparent now that the much-anticipated "new normal" is finally materializing. 

Beyond the scope of virtual events, communicating with and connecting with students online offers tremendous potential for the future of marketing in education.

Prospective students today overwhelmingly belong to the digitally native Gen Z and millennial generations. They are eager to discover new businesses, or in this case, schools and educational programs, online. They are savvy digital natives who can be communicated with, reached, and interacted with through a variety of digital marketing higher education channels.

These online options have swiftly gained popularity among students. They suggest that institutions lacking a strong higher education digital marketing and online presence falling behind and losing out on talented applicants. 

The ideal answer may be to hire a higher education marketing agency if your in-house staff lacks the knowledge or tools necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive higher education digital marketing strategy.

Looking to hire a Higher Education Marketing Agency?

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  • Track Performances
  • Target The Right Students And Parents

Consider The Following Aspects In Your Digital Marketing For Higher Education

Any country's economic development is directly tied to the quality of its educational system. The promotion of institutions through digital marketing strategies for higher education is much like the promotion of other industries. 

It will attract more students to schools or colleges through an education marketing agency. When searching for new pupils, your digital marketing strategy for higher education is a necessary tool. 

Take, for instance, people who attend events like open days and other such gatherings. The most effective digital marketing services for education institutes will be able to assist in the formulation of a marketing strategy that will distinguish an educational institution from all other kinds of educational facilities. 

Your digital marketing agency will help maintain visibility with your target audience at the appropriate time. 

1. Goals And Budget

The question of whether or not one has the correct marketing concept under an education marketing agency is what matters. This sets the difference between successfully attracting young students and failing to do so. 

A poor choice can have disastrous repercussions because it can result in the loss of prospective new students. Simultaneously, higher ed marketing agencies know the loss of material and immaterial assets, such as image and reputation. 

Therefore, to create a higher education marketing strategy, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth analytical analysis of the following points:

  • Who exactly are the people that this marketing intends to reach?
  • What distinguishes the target groups from other potential customers?
  • Where and how should one go to communicate with this target group?

Appropriate requirements - a highly individualized strategy.

The students, faculty, and staff should be marketed to in schools.

In today's society, higher education marketing firms know it is common for members of the same family to collaborate in making decisions. It can be regarding the course of educational careers, regardless of whether those careers lead to academic or craft qualifications. 

Your digital marketing company has to excite prospective students with your brand. It persuades parents to send their child to that particular school as the most beneficial choice they could make for their child.

2. Responsive Website

Online marketing services offer a lot of potential for success. For instance, education website design is beneficial for the brand awareness of your school. Your digital marketing firm can pull people to your website, and it even makes you a part of the image with children. 

Although schools are not allowed to sell items online, they are required to display what is commonly referred to as "merchandise." Having a reliable website for a digital marketing company is one way to accomplish this goal. 


A significant number of educational institutions continue to make cuts to digital marketing services. It is a shame since that would have been a terrific beginning in the realm of marketing in education.

3. Stay Updated

Because of the nature of digital marketing in higher education, you will not attain your objective quickly; therefore, you must remain vigilant at all times for more astute competitors. 

Thankfully, there is no reason for it to be a problem at all with reliable digital marketing services. It is not at all difficult to stay current if one always stays current with the times under a digital marketing agency. The agency continues to enhance its expertise in the subject field. 

In addition to this, digital marketing for higher education through social media is quite significant. Because children, in particular, will look for the information that they need on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. 

It is prudent to conduct business on those platforms as well. Digital marketing services consider using this in an analysis of digital marketing.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing In Education

1. Improved ROI

The return on investment (ROI) of your digital marketing higher education efforts is a measurement of the gains or losses. Hiring a digital marketing agency will help you earn on those campaigns relative to the amount of money that you have invested. 

Your digital market company contributes to a rise in the overall return on investment of the institution. We can successfully persuade the target population as well as students to take admission thanks to digital marketing in higher education, which in turn increases our ROI.

2. Cost Effective

Marketers are under increasing amounts of pressure to justify their media costs, and while having reduced resources, they are expected to get the same ROI. Higher education marketing is not unique. When it comes to the allocation of marketing funds, the entire business needs to have peace of mind.

When you collaborate with a digital marketing agency, you are provided with a comprehensive picture of your marketing plan, including how the budget is distributed to produce the greatest possible results and ROI.

cost per inquiry

You will be able to view this data in real time if you work with a higher education marketing agency that has experience. They will supply you with detailed reports and dashboards. You will be able to understand data-driven decisions.

 Previously, you would have had to piece together reports from various freelancers, vendors, and your internal documents. This way your digital marketing services can effectively reach your audience but also optimize your budget.

3. Target The Right Students And Parents

For a 'targeted audience,' your higher education digital marketing agency will need to develop a visual design that is appropriate for a particular type of population. 

Otherwise, you won't be able to pique their interest in what you have to say. Targeting a specific audience is made possible through the use of education digital marketing. 

In addition to this, we can monitor the students' and parents' online activities and compile demographic data. 

When a user clicks on your display advertisement, whether it is on a social networking platform or a search engine, we can target that user with subsequent and associated advertisements. Cookies are small text files that are stored on users' computers and allow websites to track how visitors interact with the sites they visit. 

Your digital marketing agency will study data and come up with appropriate plans for the various types of audiences they are targeting.

Positive reinforcement and, as a result, shopping that is easier and more rewarding can be achieved when the content that a visitor receives is based on the visitor's interests. 

When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing for higher education is superior since it enables us to more precisely target our customers through the use of more advanced technologies and marketing strategies.

4. Less Expensive Than Traditional Marketing

Higher education marketing’s price tag is much lower than that of conventional advertising. A spending cap can be placed on each admission and promotion drive as well. 

Traditional vs digital marketing

Using PPC advertising, we can also avoid losing money. As a result, it's useful for boosting sales while cutting expenses. When done well, digital marketing strategies for higher education may reach the right parents and kids at the right time for significantly less money.

5. Create Brand Awareness

One of the most effective methods of boosting brand recognition rapidly is through the use of higher education digital marketing. Schools that invested in social media marketing services and tactics saw an increase in leads, a rise in audience size, and a rise in people's familiarity with their brand. 

Creating a memorable brand has become crucial in today's competitive education market. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social media sites are used to answer questions from parents and kids. 

They aid in growing one's fan base and boosting one's admission or conversion rates. Increasing traffic to your website or following on social media through digital marketing for educational institutes helps you attract new students and parents. 

When compared to more conventional forms of advertising, marketing in education can help disseminate your brand name further and raise your company's profile.

6. Personalize Your Marketing In Education

Connecting your website and customer database allows for the automatic delivery of personalized promotions and advertisements to site visitors. 

content increases purchase intent

Improved marketing efficiency can be achieved by the use of digital marketing strategies for higher education like remarketing, email marketing, etc. A customer's profile and shopping history can be improved, allowing for better-targeted advertising, the more they shop with you. Here, unlike in conventional marketing, we can tailor our strategy to each customer.

7. Better Brand Credibility

The internet offers the quickest and most sustainable route to credibility. According to the research, people tend to put more faith in universities that actively engage in digital activities. Gaining the confidence of consumers and authorities in one's field is possible with the use of informative and entertaining material. 

In addition, a business can answer questions from customers and elaborate on key points. Reports suggest that a company blog may increase lead generation by 67% and that it takes between five and seven brand impressions before consumers begin to recognize it. Is there a way to gauge whether or not your company's image has improved? 

Examining its position in unpaid search results is the quickest method available (SERPs). If you want your brand to be taken seriously by consumers, digital marketing is the way to go.

8. Data-Driven Decisions

Many businesses base their choices on how to allocate their resources in marketing for education on the latest industry trends or on assumptions about where their target audience spends the most time online. 

Working with a digital marketing firm that specializes in the higher education sector will encourage you to adopt a data-driven marketing strategy. In the end, these choices will yield a more all-encompassing and fruitful approach, paving the way for your company's continued success in the future.

Experts claimed that assumptions about what would increase conversions and keep their target audience interested didn't match up with the statistics. Since starting to collaborate with a digital marketing agency, experts have begun to rely more on hard data to guide their decisions. 

Now that they have the confidence that comes from knowing that data and analytics are supporting their always-on strategy, they can confidently take strategic risks when the time is right, whether that be in trying a new creative direction or a new channel.

9. Consistent Leads

The goal of higher education marketing is to create a "student funnel" for your institutions or children. To convert potential students into actual students regularly, you need a sales funnel. Simply converting site visitors into loyal customers. 

sales funnel

Customer service is another area where this might be helpful. A digital sales funnel is a series of steps created to continuously bring new customers into your business. 

In comparison to more conventional advertising methods, digital marketing makes it easier for your institution or college to keep generating leads.

10. Track Performances

Performance tracking is an essential component of digital marketing in higher education and is one of its most prominent aspects. You can see how far along the marketing and admissions campaign is currently. 

It is quite straightforward to comprehend and accurate to a high degree. In contrast to traditional marketing, digital marketing makes it possible to track information such as the number of people who have seen an advertisement and the number of times that it has been clicked on. 

Because every encounter can be documented, digital marketing services make this process simple. Know how many individuals are viewing the advertisement as well as what steps they do after doing so. 

The majority of internet online services provide users with the flexibility to make adjustments to the targeting, copy, and appearance of their advertisements based on how well those advertisements work.

11. Modifiable

You can see exactly who saw your advertisements. Every promotional effort can be monitored and adjusted as needed as per digital marketing services. Analytics tools are only one example of the technology that helps keep tabs on your admissions and advertising efforts. 

If digital marketing strategies for higher education aren't producing the desired results, experts can adjust our strategies accordingly. This stops the bleeding and frees up resources for other successful advertising initiatives. 

Marketing Areas Using Retargeting

This is a huge help during the slow months of the academic year. The "retargeting" capability in digital marketing allows us to increase promotion throughout the enrollment season in comparison to traditional marketing. And have the services delivered to the people who have expressed an interest in receiving them through engagement activities.

12. Better Conversion Rates

Another significant area in which digital marketing excels well above its offline counterpart is in the area of conversion. 

The primary reason for this is that it is simple to research the company's offerings on its website as well as on its various social media platforms. Because educational institutions may more effectively communicate with their intended recipients via SMS and email, they have an extremely high response rate. 

Digital marketing in higher education, as opposed to traditional marketing, makes it possible for educational institutions to communicate with prospective students and parents, which contributes to improved conversion rates.

13. Know Your Institution’s Competition

Your existing and potential competitors' strengths and shortcomings can be more easily evaluated with the assistance of digital marketing higher education. 

This helps to create offensive and defensive techniques to recognize chances and dangers, which may be a big benefit. Investigating the broad overview of your competitors' digital strategies, including the traffic they receive and the areas that are the most popular places to visit, is a smart approach to get started. 

In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing for higher education provides you with the additional option to learn about the techniques employed by your competitors, evaluate those strategies, and adapt your own approach accordingly.

14. Use Advanced Tools

This has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of marketing and admissions campaigns. And to initiate a conversation in the present with the community of students and their families. 

It is also able to generate a large amount of data, such as the needs, behaviors, and aspirations of customers, which can be used to develop advertisements that are even more contextually relevant and individually target students and parents. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

It also enables your digital marketing company to precisely determine the demands of its customers and tailor their offerings accordingly.  

With this strategy, instead of bombarding clients with generic ads, you can target them with promotions that are more relevant to their interests.

15. Better Surviving Capabilities With Higher Education Marketing

Both the continued existence of the institute online and its overall success are directly correlated to digital marketing for education. 

Your company must have a significant presence in the web world if it is to have any chance of staying in the institute online. Even if your school or university has its own website, it won't be able to make it without some form of digital marketing for education. 

Digital ads spending

When compared to traditional marketing, the utilization of digital marketing methods allows us to bring in more visitors. It also produces results by targeting the kinds of people who are most likely to be interested in applying for admission. As a consequence of this, your internet business will be able to continue to thrive.


The development of online marketing services for universities is in its infancy. However, many institutions would benefit from taking part in this. While forecasts suggest that fewer kids will graduate from elementary school in the coming years, no institutions are preparing for this anticipated decline. Using the internet to promote your business can be a last effort.

Select a top digital marketing agency, such as JanBask Digital Design, to help with brand development and student recruitment.

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1. How Essential Is Digital Marketing For Educational Institutions?

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social media sites are used to answer questions from parents and kids. They aid in growing one's fan base and boosting one's admission or conversion rates. Increasing traffic to your website or following on social media through digital marketing higher education helps you attract new customers and grow your business.

2. How Can We Achieve Digitalization In Education?

Students who may never have considered communicating with each other or had the opportunity to do so offline are brought together via the use of discussion and collaboration tools, which is one of the most significant positive effects that technology has had on the educational system.

3. How Do Higher Education Institutions Create Effective Digital Marketing Strategies?

An experienced digital marketing expert can guide you with a personalized strategy suitable for your institution. They can understand your business goals and align them with students’ growth through the best practices for higher education. A good digital marketing agency can shape campaigns in the right direction.

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