Higher Education Marketing Best Practices That Works In 2023


10 Apr, 2024


Digital marketing for educational institution is a way of marketing any type of degree far off school diploma and university marketers are under pressure to produce right marketing strategy for educational institutions, as a result of the epidemic and the decline in college student enrollment at institutions in the US and several other nations. To ensure that money is spent wisely in this environment, savvy institutions are concentrating on streamlining and strengthening their higher education marketing strategies.

Just like brands use education-based marketing to inform customers about their services. Similarly, you can implement a digital marketing strategy for educational institutes. 

Education can be used anytime, anywhere, and in a variety of ways. However, the results are astounding when it is coupled with online education marketing strategies by professional digital marketing services

While online education marketing strategies not only promote goods or services, it also gives consumers the information they need to know about a certain subject, industry, or product. Many organizations are already fully utilizing it because it has been proven effective for many years.

In this guide, you will find out the following about higher education marketing best practices:

  • Understanding What Are Best Practices Marketing Higher Education
  • What Is The Use Of Education-Based Marketing?
  • Best Practices Marketing Higher Education

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Understanding What Is Education-based Marketing?

A marketing strategy known as educational marketing informs potential customers about the benefits of the outcomes they might expect while using your goods or services. It explains the procedure of educating your leads regarding a specific subject or sector that may influence their purchasing decision.

A method of handling your compelling content called educational marketing focuses on educating potential customers about your offering rather than pressuring them to buy. This is done by creating material that will help drive prospects deeper down your sales funnel.

Concept of Online Marketing Education

Similarly, as per a digital marketing agency, marketing strategy for educational institutes can inform students about their faculty, courses, and other activities. A digital marketing company can understand the student journey and recommend the best practices in marketing higher education. 

Best Practices To Implement for Education Marketing

Each year new students are commencing graduation from high school and are searching for higher education institutions where they can continue their education. They’re attacked with brochures, counselors, various ads and suggestions from family and friends, each one trying to direct them to one best academic institution for higher education. 

These are all types of marketing strategies for educational institutions in or the other way and everyone is a piece of a puzzle that potential students utilize to finalize where they want to go. Using the right higher education digital marketing strategies schools or universities can stand out from the rest. 

Let’s have a look at top 12 higher education marketing strategies

1. Frequent Use Of Social Media

This is one of the best practices marketing higher education! According to Statista, currently, 4.59 billion people utilize social media globally, which is equivalent to nearly 42% of the population. Millennials' most popular social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Educational marketing companies know Gen X, Gen Z, and baby boomers are next in popularity.

Social media networks have evolved greatly from their early days, and they provide a wide range of applications for higher education marketing. Your education-based marketing efforts should use social media platforms to build trusting relationships with students by producing interesting content.


Developing a persona of your students through social media can be beneficial for your higher education marketing.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Ambitions
  • Difficulties
  • Core values 

These are just a few examples of the data that should be included in the digital marketing strategy for higher education. Always prioritize your social media identity when choosing what material to produce, but don't be hesitant to try new things in your online education marketing strategy.

As you grow your social media presence, you eventually reach the point where a specific content extract can instantly reach millions of people even if your real follower count is significantly lower. 

Implementing best practices for marketing higher education enables you to see precisely who is sharing your material, giving you vital data that you can use to fine-tune your education marketing trends.

2. Digital Advertising

The ability of digital advertising in your education marketing plan to effectively sell your educational services is one of the factors driving predictions that global spending on digital advertising will exceed $700 billion around 2025. 

By 2023, projections indicate that 68.8% of American advertisers' advertising budgets would be allocated to digital commercials. As per professionals for marketing for educational services, these higher education marketing trends can be lucrative.

Accurate targeting based on demographics, engagement habits, intent, and other factors is digital advertising's largest advantage over traditional advertising. 

For instance, a higher education marketing company that promotes schools can only target graduate students who reside in the vicinity and concentrate on the interest expressed earlier in a particular service.


The number of clicks of education marketing campaigns and all other crucial KPIs might benefit greatly from such tailoring in your online marketing education.

Search engine marketing, display or banner advertising, social media advertising, and video advertising are some of the most widely utilized higher education marketing trends in 2023. Because these dynamic channels have advantages and disadvantages, higher education marketing services typically advise combining all of them.

No matter the percentage of the budget in your education marketing plan, you can allocate to digital advertising, be sure to compile as much information as you can so you can assess its efficacy and make informed decisions about how to enhance education-based marketing.

3. Monitor Online Reviews

Why are online reviews important? At this time; it is common knowledge that 90% of customers check internet reviews before visiting a store or making a purchase. Online reviews ought to be a crucial component of your higher education marketing strategies because of this.

A digital marketing company proposes making the evaluation process as simple as possible is the greatest method to persuade students to submit reviews online. Better yet, have fun with it! A digital marketing agency can design a star-based rating system and make verbal input fully optional rather than requiring students to complete reams of paper.

Make sure to reply as soon as you can to the internet reviews that you get. A good digital marketing agency would advise to not dismiss negative reviews but don't ignore them either. Every unfavorable comment you get should be viewed as a chance to demonstrate to potential clients how you handle worst-case scenarios.

Offer discounts, gift cards, cash backs, bonus points, and other perks to encourage reviews if you discover that you aren't receiving as many as you'd like. Most of the time, gently asking for reviews via email or another one-on-one communication channel suffices.

4. Optimize Email Campaign

As per a digital marketing company, there's a fair likelihood that many of your institution's cold emails to prospective students end up in junk folders. According to Statista, Even though 76% of students claim they prefer email to direct mail, it might be challenging to get through to students due to email deliverability issues. Although students have chosen to receive emails from the College Board, this does not guarantee that your emails won't end up in spam folders.

One education marketing trend to increase deliverability when mailing emails in bulk is to use technology to throttle outbound emails. Additionally, maximizing email interaction will ensure that your sender reputation remains strong and that your emails remain to be delivered.

5. Develop And Design Educational Apps

Investing in an app in 2023 has different perks for modern institutes. Creating an app is an excellent approach to drawing in and retaining consumers, especially given the rise in the number of individuals looking for online educational resources or ways to learn. 

Priorities for Education Website

Similarly, enlist mobile app development in your online marketing strategy for educational institutes. The simplicity of having straightforward access at your fingertips on the home screen to enter their classes immediately, as opposed to having to visit your website, cannot be overstated.

A digital marketing company can optimize apps and can use them as a terrific method for students to access course materials, timetables, activities, and more for traditional educational institutions.

6. Showcase Your Educational App

Methods for online marketing strategies for educational institutions comprise a website and top must-have social media tools for your marketing strategy for educational app marketing. Your digital marketing company will share an all-inclusive plan of paid advertisements, reviews, SEO, content creation, a social media strategy, and other tactics required for your education marketing plan.

Instances of educational marketing that can be used to market your software include:

  • Having an appealing, mobile-friendly, SEO marketing-optimized website with plenty of engaging and pertinent information for your app
  • Advertisements for goods in app stores
  • Marketing and advertising on social media
  • Using influencers
  • Promoting and rewarding reviews
  • Advertisement with an informative video

Working with a digital marketing company, that specializes in education marketing, will guarantee that your app has an education marketing plan that makes it successful right out of the gate.

7. Track App Engagement

While having students use your app for educational purposes is fantastic, a successful digital marketing agency higher education in the United States plans constantly to explore new ways to increase sales. Additional services you can sell them will depend on how well you keep them interested and coming back for more.

 Engagement Tracking tools

This is well illustrated in the digital marketing strategy for educational institutes. These higher education marketing ideas are more than just a symbol; they also encourage users to keep their streaks going by offering them push notifications as well as emails.

In your marketing plan, engaging current users can be achieved through engagement reminders, personalized content, and offers for additional app services like new programs and course upgrades.

8. Use Interactive Video Content

It's understandable why marketers at a digital marketing agency claim that video content provides them with a strong return on their investment. 

Education marketing marketers rarely need to seek far for high-quality content because instructional material is one of the most well-liked categories of video content. They only need to convert already-existing educational services into interesting videos and post them on popular video-sharing websites like YouTube.

The Transition In Education Process

Demo videos, brand or event videos, instructive or how-to tutorials, expert interviews, animation content, explainer videos, case analysis and customer testimonial videos, live videos, VR movies, and other types of video content are just a few examples that can be included in your higher education marketing strategies.

Let your audience decide which video content to create; this is only feasible if you monitor key performance indicators like peak live viewers, subscriber growth, average view duration, average completion rate, customer retention, re-watches, engagement, and others.

9. Ensure Safety

The pandemic still has an impact on classroom instruction and probably always will. Parents are thinking about replacements for in-person learning or education strategies to restrict time on campus due to these and other safety issues. 

This creates new opportunities and problems for those creating higher education marketing strategies for this period. The difficulties will arise from more educational marketing companies entering the online learning market, but they will be offset by more students and parents looking for options for home learning.

A successful educational marketing approach will lean toward highlighting the convenience and safety of learning from home. Inform your audience of the advantages of incorporating your service into their educational marketing efforts and how it enhances student or family safety. 

Even mainstream educational institutions can connect with a digital marketing company when considering online marketing services. Distance learning websites and apps are well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunity and seize the moment.

The likelihood of using online educational platforms increases as you concentrate more on creating excellent remote learning products for students. Create educational apps if you don't currently have any to benefit from the convenient access of courses from any location with a mobile device.

10. Tailored Communication

Institutions were able to reduce the amount of time it took for conversions by 58% by personalizing and improving their communication strategy based on a digital marketing company.

For instance, US and Canadian prospects appreciate a text message or an email before receiving the call. On the contrary, customers from the Middle East and Africa would directly connect with someone over the phone. 


Similarly, students need personalized communication that suits their workflows. 

Another approach to using marketing automation is to build elaborate email sequences depending on the various student personas you have. Higher education marketing strategies are sought for a variety of reasons. While some have just graduated from high school, others are switching careers.

To better meet their unique demands, think about segmenting your audience. Parthenon Group divides college students into six categories:

  • Aspiring academics, or "traditional students," tend to be young adults (18 to 24) with strong academic backgrounds.
  • Age transition, these people are primarily in the same age range but haven't decided what to prioritize.
  • In the same age group, but more career-focused, these people are using education as a launching pad for their upcoming jobs.
  • Career boosters are mature, employed candidates who want to advance in their profession. Of all the categories, they are the ones that use online courses the most.
  • Industry switchers are likely in the same age bracket as career boosters but are considering changing careers, potentially because there aren't enough prospects for advancement in their current area.

Academic wanderers are students that enroll in college late in life and don't really have a plan for their future but yet hope that a degree will assist them to get ahead. most likely to be out of work and make less money.

You can more effectively focus your marketing to answer the concerns of the different types of students that your university is drawing. 

11. Mobile-Friendly Website

Since a few years ago, more individuals have been using mobile devices to access the internet than desktop and laptop computers. Since there are expected to be 7.7 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2027, no business that wants to thrive in education marketing can manage to eliminate a mobile-friendly website and optimized landing page.

A digital marketing agency can guide you to design a responsive website, all links and navigational elements must be simple to click, and page speed times. Usually, a mobile-friendly website shouldn't take more than two or three seconds to load.

In 2023, using Google-built AMP is significant, this website publishing and web component architecture technology offers a simple gateway to create web pages that are quick, and seamless, and put the user experience first for effective education-based marketing.

Ensure that your website passes Google's Mobile-Friendly Test, which measures how simple it is for users to navigate your webpage on a mobile device, if for no other reason than a successful education marketing plan.

Use the website's URL to test your performance on the tool. You can use the Mobile-Friendly Test to determine whether or not your website is mobile-friendly and to get a thorough breakdown of all the page speed issues it has experienced for an actionable marketing education marketing.

The second issue in this topic is how to design institutional websites that put user experience first. Your students need the educational services you provide to determine this. However, some elements—like being simple to use and having interesting content—are universal. If you eliminate these two primary reasons, then as per a digital marketing company, visitors leave your website and never come back.

This is certainly relevant if you develop a website for a school. Make everything accessible without requiring a user to navigate through multiple levels of menus to locate what they are seeking. Additionally, you want to maintain a regular stream of information that will assist your users and entice them to return often to check what's new.

Focus On Positive Career Outcomes

It has been in discussion lately regarding the cost of academic education and the capability of students to earn adequately paying jobs following the graduation. Right now, the way to deal with these allegations in the media and the conversations during the family meal is by indicating the actual benefits to a higher education. This symbolizes that marketing strategy for educational services is no longer around promoting your educational institution, but the actual idea of higher education by itself. 

The best higher education digital marketing strategies need to take these issues into account. Providing content that speaks about successful alimony, and gathering data from graduate students through surveys are equally efficient higher education marketing trends 2023, so as to boost enrolment of students. 

For example, the website of Delaware University, in particular, has now featured a webpage completely filled with information, data and infographics that showcase the career success of their graduate students.

What Is The Use Of Higher Education Marketing Strategies?

Digital Marketing For Higher education holds more significance as students get a glimpse of their academic excellence through their online marketing education. Reliable education marketing companies can share your expertise as an institution to bridge the gap between you and your students. 

As one of the experienced higher education marketing firms, we have shared a few uses of higher education marketing:

  • Build Trust: With an education marketing plan, you may impart knowledge that can strengthen your bonds with your target market and build rapport rather than immediately pitching them.
  • Get Familiar With Your Institution: The consistent release of informative higher education marketing trends exposes students to many facets of your institution and can easily pique their interest in what you do and how it impacts their lives.
  • Students feel compelled to visit your premises due to your effective digital marketing strategy for educational institutions. This is effective because educating people can significantly raise their likelihood of benefitting from your marketing strategies for educational institutions. 
  • Become A Thought Leader: Sharing helpful material enables you to establish your institution like a thought leader with your education marketing strategies, offering genuine assistance to those in need and building a devoted academic career.
  • Generate Traffic: A digital marketing company can provide educational content that can assist students and improve organic traffic to your website. This higher education marketing tactic in turn can increase the number of leads and subscribers to your email list and, eventually, your student enrollment.

According to a study, 70% of individuals prefer to learn about a brand organically.

  • Cost-Effective: It is inexpensive to make and can cut back on education marketing expenditures. Simply choosing a digital marketing agency is a good place to start. According to the Content Marketing Institute, education-based marketing has a stronger impact on students and is 62 percent less expensive than conventional marketing.

According to a study, 78% of individuals believe using Bespoke content creates a link between the audience and a business.

Digital Marketing Company Experts

It is advisable to leave your education marketing plan in the hands of professionals in their industry, whether you are promoting a business or online marketing education software. Your efforts will be successful if you work with a firm like JanBask Digital Design, which specializes in promoting educational-based marketing services.

A full-service digital marketing company will provide educational marketing services that range from website and app design to aid in the creation of a content marketing strategy for educational apps. Your business will save time and resources by using education marketing services, which can then be used to train teachers and create instructional material.


1. What are the higher education marketing trends?

Presently, the latest higher education marketing trends include focusing on identifying prospective students, resolving their queries, admission inquiries, closing skill gaps, etc.

2. What are the marketing strategies for educational services?

It's important for educational institutions to invest time, money, or resources in the following marketing strategies for educational services -

  1. Improving SEO
  2. Online reviews
  3. Building email workflows
  4. Investing in social media ads
  5. Developing and designing educational apps
  6. Tracking app engagement
  7. Using interactive video content
  8. Ensuring safety
  9. Tailor-made communication
  10. Mobile-friendly website

3. What are the best practices in marketing higher education?

Educational websites follow many of the similar best practices to other websites, but they’ve certain requirements beyond what a standard website offers users. So, if you’re designing an education website for the first time or doing a redesign, here are a few best practices in marketing higher education that are important to keep in mind

  1. Prioritize video
  2. Rank high on search results
  3. Opt for digital advertising
  4. Create landing pages
  5. Prioritize a responsive web design
  6. Craft quality content
  7. Focus on improving accessibility

Take Away

It is likely that your educational-based marketing is already visible to potential students, but it will require some careful preparation to convince them to pause and take a closer look. Although these actions don't require much work, they do require time and planning. By using these education marketing best practices, you'll learn which marketing initiatives are successful and which ones are unsuccessful, and your devotion will be rewarded as you keep enhancing your brand.

You may make a long-lasting impression on your prospective prospects by using our marketing strategy for online education. At JanBask Digital Design, an online education marketing agency we're confident that using the methods we've provided here will be helpful for you.

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