17 Digital Marketing Tips To Dominate The Online Market Place


5 Mar, 2024



There are nearly 4.57 billion active internet users across the world and more than 3.4 billion active social media users. On an average the internet user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online every day. 

Do you see the massive opportunity available? Target audience you may have not yet reached? Lead funnel that may soar high if you implement the best digital marketing tips to enhance your online presence and maximize your conversion rate for higher sales.

This blogs gets you the most successful digital marketing strategies vital for reaching a larger audience, turning prospects into leads, gaining loyalties and unimately maximizing conversions.

Let’s get started!

17 Most Trending Digital Marketing Tips 2022

Here we will be discussing the best digital marketing tips in 2022 to get best results for your business.

Digital marketing is a part of marketing that leverages the use of the internet along with other digital technologies and digital media and platforms for products & services. 

Nearly 49% of companies are implementing digital marketing tips without a proper direction as per the recent survey by Smart Insights. Nearly 85.4% of internet users search for product information online at least once per month. So, if businesses can implement digital marketing tips they can tap this huge online market.

So, what are digital marketing strategies? Digital marketing is a wider subject with many sectors inside it like - PPC Marketing, SEO Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing. So, we have segregated our digital marketing tips accordingly. 

Best Digital Marketing Tips to Follow

Let’s find out now how leveraging digital marketing can yield excellent results for your business!

1. Digital Marketing Tips - Trending PPC Marketing Ideas to Follow!

What are digital marketing strategies with respect to PPC Marketing?

a) Leveraging Facebook Leads to Collect Zero-Party Data

Only 24% of the Facebook Business pages are using paid ads. Hence, there very little competition exists in Facebook’s paid advertising space. This is why we have recommended leveraging Facebook Ads as one of the most innovative digital marketing tips. But how to collect zero-party data?

People including business owners & consumers often share information about their professional & public life on their social profiles. With Facebook Lead Ads, there is a form that can auto-populate on the basis of the user’s profile. 

And users may get inclined to share the necessary information. This information is your zero-party data which is the most important purest and most pristine information available. Some direct benefits are:

  • Allows businesses to find the right customers who may be interested in their products and their information.
  • Other than this it’s an auto-filled form and users can easily fill them without having to leave the platform.
  • Also, such forms are extremely mobile-responsive.
  • Campaigns with Facebook Lead Ads boast of a healthy conversion rate of 12.54% on average.

b) Create a Custom Audience for Facebook Ads

Next on our list of digital marketing tips is creating a Custom Audience for Facebook Ads. With the decline of Facebook Pixel and website data losing accuracy, “Facebook Sources” have come with privacy-friendly Facebook Ad Targeting features. iOS users may not allow Facebook to track them from outside of the app, as a result, your data is incomplete in the Ads Manager. Incomplete data is worse than no data!

By using Facebook Sources you can create a Custom Audience and enjoy the below benefits:

  • You can retarget your visitors who have filled the lead forms
  • With the Facebook Page Activity options, you can treat your visitors as if your website visitors are. 
  • Subsequently, you can serve your audience with ads based on whether they like your page, engaged with any of your posts, clicked any CTA, inboxed you with any message, or saved your Facebook Page.

Pro Tip: We also suggest hiring a professional digital marketing agency to help you out!

c) Revisit Your Bidding Strategy

This is one of the most critical digital marketing tips as your paid ad campaigns will completely depend on your strategy and your desired outcomes. The 4 most popular PPC bidding strategies are-

  • CPM or Cost Per Mile: Cost per 1,000 impressions. This is best for increasing visibility.
  • CPC/CPV (Cost Per Click/View): This is the amount paid for each view of a video or click on a traditional ad.
  • CPA or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Amount paid only when someone clicks the ad link, visits your website, and completes the desired action for which you have published an ad.
  • Maximizing Clicks: Enables maximizing traffic over a period of time range when the budget is tight.

The benefits of keeping revisiting your bidding strategy are simple:

  • Your business grows from a startup stage to a maturity stage in due course of time. So, your PPC strategy needs to change accordingly. Revisiting your bidding strategy will help you achieve the desired goal as per business needs. 
  • At a young stage, you can go for CPM or Maximizing Clicks as your business is new and budget can be a constraint. But, as your business grows you need to be flexible and go for CPC strategy or CPA.

These are the benefits of revisiting your PPC strategy at the various stages of business!

d) Initiate Performance Max Campaigns

Next among digital marketing tips is initiating Performance Max Campaigns. 

With the help of Performance Max, you provide a single set of assets (pictures, videos, logos, titles, etc.) and Google will mix and match these assets to display ads throughout its channel. Some of the benefits of using Performance Max are:

  • This feature it is easy for businesses to optimize ad campaigns easily. You can just add your goals, expected conversions (that you will like to measure), and budget, goals. Google's ad automation technology will do the needful accordingly and help in increasing your online leads by optimizing budget and bids!
  • Businesses will be able to unlock new audience segments. You can make sure that your ads get seen by the right people who have a desire for your products and services.
  • Through Performance Max, you will get more accurate data insights. It will help you understand which image combinations and audience segments are succeeding reach most of the users.

Now, we will share the best digital marketing tips to optimize your social media engagement. Let’s check below!

2. What You Can Do with Social Media Marketing?

Here are some digital marketing tips with respect to social media. So, let’s find out some of the digital marketing strategies examples below!

What You Can Do with Social Media Marketing?

    a) Social Local SEO

    Besides using paid social media advertising, a local approach is one of the best digital marketing tips to stand out on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. 

    How to do social local SEO?

    • Treat your Facebook profiles like listings. Remember Facebook is one of the best online business directories.
    • You can add your business to Facebook Places. This way you can simply tag your business locations in posts. 
    • Location-based hashtag usage Twitter & Instagram.
    • On Facebook, you can share local news articles. 
    • You can also share various industry insights from influencers in your Linkedin geographic community.

    Some direct benefits of using such digital marketing tips are:

    • Local social SEO will help businesses to improve their online visibility. Remember, only the first 5 Google SERP results get about 67.6% of user clicks
    • With Local social SEO, you can increase your chances to get more relevant traffic. This leads to a steady follow of traffic from your local searches. And, 72% of local searches lead to an in-person visit within 5 miles of the user.
    • This tactic can reduce your advertisement costs drastically in the long run as with local SEO, your business will appear more in location-based searches which will boost your website rankings in search engines.

    b) Next in Digital Marketing Tips - Shoppable Live Streams

    This is one most trending digital marketing tips going around at this moment. According to Conviva State of Streaming 2021, live content is known to generate 27% more minutes of watch time for each viewing as compared to on-demand video.

    You can leverage Instagram to post such live videos by simply creating a Facebook account and ensuring that your products are available in your catalog 3 days before going live.

    Some direct benefits of using Shoppable Live Streams:

    • Live streaming is in trend these days. It grew by 13% in 2021. Live streaming is expected to grow more in the coming days. So, it’s time to utilize the same!
    • Physical stores usually limit a business's reach. With, Shoppable Live Streams you can engage with limitless people who are watching your streams.
    • Real-time engagement through live streams leads to building brand credibility & increased sales.

    Pro Tip: We also suggest going for professional digital marketing services from an experienced digital marketing agency to transform your digital experience. You can also read tips to choose digital marketing agency

    c) No, Not Tik Tok - Use Insta Reels & Youtube Shorts

    This is Yes, we are not telling you to use Tik Tok here. But businesses can take a queue from there to post Insta Reels & Youtube Shorts. You can follow the below tips for Reels & Shorts:

    • Crisp and short clips about any topic related to your business.
    • Clips with Humor - You can use funny clips full of humor.
    • Be entertaining without compromising on quality. 

    Some benefits of using Reels & Shorts

    • It keeps your audience engaged. 
    • Viral clips can get you a new audience and subscribers
    • Your brand gets noticed easily and effectively.
    • Helps you to get featured on the Explore Page if your content becomes viral.

    d) Using Social Listening Tools

    Social listening tools help to monitor and track user engagement of the social media posts in one place. Businesses can check how many times their brand gets mentioned, relevant keywords, and direct feedback via DMs & tags.

    • Social listening tools help you to understand what makes your customers click, what is the reason for brand loyalty, and what changes your audience will want in your products. 
    • Businesses can create targeted campaigns by understanding user trends using such tools. It helps to categorize users on the basis of age, gender, demography, taste, preferences, etc. The end result is these tools help you to keep track of your brand reputation.
    • Social listening enables you to monitor your competitors based on their social media activities. Thus you get valuable data on how your competitors are doing things better. You can curate your social media strategy based on this information. 

    Pro Tip: Some of the best social tools are Sprout Social, Falcon.io, Hootsuite, etc.

    Interested in our Content Marketing Services?
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    • Engage with your Target Audience
    • Enhance Visibility & Brand Reputation

    3. What You Can Do With Content Marketing? 

    Next in digital marketing tips, we will discuss the best content strategies 

    a) Use Accessible Content

    Your content must be accessible irrespective of gender and physical impairments. Some of the tips to ensure accessibility of content is. 

    • You can use title tags with appropriate color contrast, font type & size for readers with visual impairments.
    • Use infographics or images to address cognitive or reading impairments.
    • Also, include video transcripts or key takeaways for readers suffering from hearing impairments.

    Some of the benefits of accessible content are:

    • Usage of H1s, H2s, and image alt text enhances the content inclusiveness by enabling readers with visual impairments to access the content. 
    • Accessible content helps impaired readers to understand what’s exactly on a web page. Thus, such content breaks the shackles of barriers like disabilities to access digital information.
    • Such content enhances the usability and experience of your web pages catering to a diverse range of audiences. In the end, it helps to build brand credibility & loyalty.

    b) Conversational Copy That Speaks About Your Brand

    What’s the best way to turn off website traffic? By writing in a non-conversational and robotic tone! 

    But writing in a conversational tone and interactive way, a business can capture the attention of the audience. Here are some tips to follow: 

    • Asking questions
    • Usage of contractions
    • Varying the length of sentences
    • Using interesting but not fancy words
    • Start sentences with “and” and “but”
    • Putting the side comments in parentheses
    • Using alliteration, puns, rhyming, and more.
    • Using various emojis

    The benefits of using a conversational tone are:

    • Writing colloquially helps in ensuring brevity which makes the content easy to digest for your audience and keeps them engaged. 
    • In the end, your visitors are humans! Using a conversational tone in your content easily builds a bond with them. Thus, the gap between the brand and the audience is narrowed. 
    • Such a copy speaks volumes about your products and services carrying an emotional quotient that connects your audience. They start relating themselves to your brand instantly. 

    c) Use Meta, Multimedia & Meaningful Images 

    What are digital marketing strategies with respect to using visually pleasing content? Using multimedia and rich images that represent the business is a good choice. Remember, the human brain can transmit any visual information 60,000 times faster than text!

    Using images, infographics, videos, gifs, and animations that are meaningful, creates a pleasant UX for the website visitors. 

    Along with that include using catchy meta tags and schema to tell Google what’s there in the content body. Don’t forget to include the keywords in the meta-tiles and tags!

    Some of the direct benefits of using Meta, Multimedia & Images are:

    • Meta tags tell the audience what to expect from a specific web page. They also help from an SEO perspective.
    • As per Social Science Research Network, 65% of people learn via visuals. Visually rich but meaningful videos, images, and infographics capture the audience's attention more.
    • Your website visitors feel connected with your brand and desire to stay longer on your website. This leads to increasing the engagement rate.

    Pro Tip: To analyze the effectiveness of your content we suggest using Google Analytics, Semrush, Ahref, and other analytics tools to check website traffic, behavior, demography, bounce rate, exit rate, and many others.

    4. Trending Digital Marketing Tips - SEO Strategy

    What are digital marketing strategies with respect to SEO? Here are the best SEO strategies to follow. 

    Trending Digital Marketing Tips

    a) MUMify Content

    In May of 2021, Google rolled out the Multitask Unified Model or MUM. This search technology aims to reduce the number of queries that a user has to perform. But there is no rocket science to modify content adhering to the parameters of MUM. Here are some tips to MUMify your content:

    • Write along content using long-tailed keywords asking a specific question. 
    • Organize your content headers like H1, H2, H3s, etc. This will help Google to crawl and show the most accurate results.
    • Use a wide range of content in the form of text, images, videos and etc. MUM helps source answers from all of these.
    • With the implementation of voice search in almost any device available these days, it's important to optimize for voice search.

    Some of the benefits of MUMifying content are:

    • MUM is quite beneficial from the users' point of view. They will now receive more accurate results for a certain query. So, MUMifying your blogs or content can help in appearing in search results more often.
    • MUM breaks language or regional barriers. Hence, your content will appear in search results far away from your business location. 
    • Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa have made voice search a global trend now. Hence, MUMifying the web content can help in appearing in voice searches. This will help a business to increase its reach further!

    b) Video Schema

    YouTube is among the best social media platforms. And, video schema is MUM-friendly. So, video schema is among the most trending digital marketing tips in 2022. We have listed a few parameters to include in a video schema below:

    • Use a catchy title with a relevant keyword.
    • Include a video description of about 160 characters.
    • Use a Thumbnail URL in the schema.
    • One can also use transcripts instead of video descriptions.

    Some of the benefits of using video schema are:

    • By using video markup schema, the video content of a business stands out in the search results.
    • The schema provides all the information about a video to search engines which makes it easy for them to crawl. Also, the users can know everything about the video before clicking on it. 

    Thus, video markup schema is beneficial for a business’s website pages full of videos from the point of view of SEO.

    c) Optimize Passage Ranking

    Google’s Passage Ranking Update will impact content marketing SEO in a positive way. Now, Google can refer to any particular section of your page to consider ranking your page!

    Remember all the other ranking factors are still very much relevant. This update actually opens up more opportunities for businesses to increase their presence in SERP.

    For optimizing Passage Ranking, follow the below steps:

    • Segregate your blog posts clearly by using H2s and H3s in the right way. 
    • Each of the H2s or H3s must cover a particular sub-topic.
    • Create high-quality content that answers a specific question.

    Passage Ranking will be a great opportunity for both small and large businesses: 

    • That are covering various topics.
    • Having diluted content which is not focused on one main topic.
    • Covering a very general topic.
    • Having poor information structure (do not use headings, subheadings, or paragraphs).
    • Not having optimized for SEO. 

    Passage Ranking helps Google understand the relevancy of various sub-sections in a page and ultimately provides a better UX by providing the most relevant and accurate results in SERP.  It is one best digital marketing tips.

    5. Digital Marketing Tips: Trending Email Marketing Strategies

    As per Statista, email users in 2021 are 4.3 billion. This number is set to increase in the coming years. Hence, email marketing has become an important tool in digital marketing. But what are digital marketing strategies with respect to email marketing? Here are some of the best email marketing practices to follow:

    a) Close the Door on Open Rates

    But why not trust blindly on open rates? 

    • As Apple’s iOS 15 rolls out the Mail Privacy Protection update, iOS users can now block you from collecting accurate open rate data (how many times and when users have opened the marketing emails). 
    • In short, Apple will open a user's e-mail independently in a proxy server so that all the tracking pixels in the e-mail are downloaded there, and not on the user's device.
    • Email tracking software will not be able to differentiate between proxied or non-proxied opens. The end result is in-accurate open rates! 
    • Later, in case a user desires to open an email, they will open a cached version.

    Here are some tips to follow in this case:

    • Do A/B testing on both subject lines and email body. Consider CTRs or Purchases as your parameters for email marketing effectiveness and not open rates!
    • Nix any dynamic content campaigns or email flows based on the open data. Rebuild them based on other triggers.

    b) Setup Email Preference Center

    According to MarketingSherpa, 61% of users prefer to receive marketing promotional emails once a month. Email preference centers can help businesses to retain this 61% of users. 

    Some of the benefits of using such digital marketing tips are:

    • An email preference center is a page that enables your followers to control their email experience.
    • These pages provide subscribers with the ability to subscribe to some newsletters, decline others, or unsubscribe from all email communications. Thus, from a usability perspective, the preference center is a great tool.
    • By providing options like "unsubscribe," you may actually convince the potential unsubscribers to choose any other mode of communication rather than unsubscribing everything.

    c) Use Plain Text Emails

    This does not mean you can’t, PPCuse HTML emails! But, using plain text emails has few advantages because of the following:

    • Smartwatches, voice assistants, and screen readers are all plain text-dependent devices. These devices are on a rise.
    • The spam filter wants to see plain text.
    • Some users prefer plain texts.
    • Plain texts are simpler and load faster. Users can find all of the links in an email right in front of them.

    Some of the tips to write plain text emails are:

    • Use all symbols or caps to differentiate sections.
    • Keep the text narrow by not adding linebreaks. The text must fit itself as per the device’s screen size. 
    • To create bullets, use hyphens.
    • Don’t overuse your links in the mail body. 

    That’s it! We have shared some of the most trending digital Marketing tips with respect to content marketing, email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and PPC Marketing.

    When You Don’t Execute Digital Marketing Tips

    Here are some of the results that businesses can face from not executing proper digital marketing tips.

    • Less online reach: Not implementing digital marketing tips like SEO & content strategies in the right way will lead to poor rankings in Google SERP. This will negate your website’s online reach to a great extent. Besides SEO, people often skip working on their social media presence. All these collectively hamper a business’s growth. 
    • Brand fails to build trust & credibility: 55% of buyers do research about products via social media. Thus, the online presence of a brand on SERP or Social Platforms gives it the required nudge in building that connection with the audience. Eventually, trust and loyalty are built when a brand engages with the audience more. However, lacking a digital presence will kill this trust-building process. 
    • Less traffic & sales: Less online presence build lesser trust. This in return leads to lower traffic footfall. As a result, 90% of websites get zero or almost negligible organic traffic from Google. Even if your company features in SERP, most users will bypass you to reach your competitors!
    • You lose the race: The end result is that you will stop earning the revenues as desired!

    We hope these digital marketing strategies examples will help you chalk out your own strategies.

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    Thus, digital marketing is an essential part of marketing activities that enhances a brand’s reach and position in the market. But digital marketing in itself is a vast area and entrepreneurs often get confused about where to start. But if you utilize the best digital marketing tips or practices strategically, you may end up earning 10X revenues. 

    In case you have just started your business journey and looking to establish your brand authority or you are an established business looking to make inroads in newer markets, get in touch with a professional digital marketing agency. Our digital marketing consultants at JanBask Digital Design can help you strategize your online business for better reach & 10X profits!

    Do connect with us to learn more about such digital marketing tips that no expert will tell you and help you revolutionize your digital experience for your audience!

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