How much do you need to invest to redesign your eCommerce website?


16 Feb, 2024



Ecommerce websites are everywhere these days. With a boom in demand for eCommerce websites, you find them in all shapes and designs. As a business, if you don’t already have an eCommerce website it can be a bit confusing which design to choose as there are literally so many options out there. But if you already have an eCommerce website, the newer designs can be a little intimidating. Analyzing the various websites may make you feel wanted and under-equipped for managing the customers.

The digital media is like a wildfire, it can spread everything very quickly throughout the world. From the latest technological advancement or a new gadget. Information travels very fast. Considering the effect that has on the market, will surely give you a tremor and live you feeling insufficient.

Looking for Transformative Ecommerce Website Designs?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Expanding Your Business Further

Reasons Why you should consider Redesigning your eCommerce Website

reasons eCommerce website redesigning


    To breath new life into your old business, you don’t always have to start from scratch. Or if you want to change how people see your business. Sometimes your old infrastructure just needs a facelift and redesign. It can help you reinvent your image in the market and how the customer perceives your organization. But be careful, reinvention is for betterment but can also make things worse. Always consider the changes that the customers desire and the market trends to be more successful with your plans. Be specific and focused on what you mean by reinvention. Too many ideas can make you lose focus on the bigger picture and you end up creating chaos rather than something productive.

      Bug resolution

      The website design might not always go as plan. Sure it passed the mock tests and trial runs but when it comes to the actual launch, there is a lot that can go wrong. No one likes a glitch on their website. It hinders the functions and operations of the website. With so many others competing for the customers. Any delay in the resolution of the glitch can mean losing the customer. A small bug in the fundamental code can mean an overhaul of the entire website and force a redesign.

      Keeping things Fresh

      The trends in the market change every day. This means the preference of the customer can also change. The same old design can make you seem out of time and prehistoric. Implementing new features or redesigns can help you keep things fresh and attract the attention of the customer. A new, fresh outlook on the interface can go a long way with the customers. It helps you portray an image of a progressive organization that considers the tastes and preferences of the customer. It will help your organization keep up with the market and gain an edge over your competitors.


      The Ecommerce market is growing and the possibilities are endless. The scope of the market is ever-growing, forcing organizations to expand and grow their functions with it. Not all websites are built with that in mind. Initially, you may have decided to create a website for smaller operations to reduce costs and optimize the resources. But now that the business has grown. The infrastructure would have trouble handling a large number of customers and would crash under the immense traffic. A redesign of the website to inculcate the old features with an injection of greater resources to develop the infrastructure may be just the doctor or in this case, the developer ordered.

      There are tones of reasons why you should consider a redesign. The above mentioned are just the common ones. But at the core of it all, you will find that every reason for a redesign is fueled by the same idea, which is, the current design has run its course and is no longer viable for the organization. Once you realize that the current design is no longer profitable, a redesign is imminent.

      What is a redesign worth?

      what is redesign worth

      If you decide to categorize the websites on the bases of cost, then you will find some which are cheap and some which are ridiculously expensive. As a matter of fact, that is how it works with eCommerce websites. The cost mostly depends on the features and resources on the website but a cheap website design can be a disappointment when it comes to performance and a high costing website design can make you reconsider your choices, forcing you to realize that it is not worth it. While there may be other factors or methods to find the right one for you.

      Here are a few factors you should keep in mind when deciding to go for a redesign:

      factors of  affecting web design

      • Needs and wants

      Now that you are considering a redesign, it means that the current design is no working for your business anymore. If it did then there was no point in a redesign. So you have a chance to rethink everything and a good starting point is to know the difference between Needs and wants.

      There are millions of features in the market with hundreds added every day. All of them can be useful but having all of them is not viable. You need to decide what are the needs of the business and why you want to redesign the website in the first place. Additional features and functions do make the website more appealing but you must realize that each function comes with costs. Adding new functions to the preexistent infrastructure is recommended but it does not mean adding everything you find can fit. You need to carefully evaluate what is needed. Sometimes, too many features and functions can make the design chaotic and hard to work with.

      Evaluate the absolute requirement of the business such as

      1. Responsive design
        Ecommerce websites are most visited by users on their smartphones. However, it cannot be restricted to a single platform. It should be accessible to the user over any platform laptops, tabs or phones.
      2. Bigger server
        A bigger server means more storage space and more room to work. Initially, it does not make sense but as your business grows, a bigger server becomes more of a necessity.
      3. Better SEO
        How the search engines rate the website plays a very important part in how it will be ranked during the user searches.
      4. Improved content and graphics
        Graphics are an integral part of the design. How a website looks depends largely on the element present. Similarly, a good looking website is only complemented by powerful words and hence content also plays an important part.
      5. User-friendly interface
        The customer should find the website easy to operate. It is as simple as that.

      And so on. There are some features that can be considered when redesigning a website for better performance and cost optimization.

      Looking for Transformative Ecommerce Website Designs?

      • Achieve Your Brand Vision
      • Drive Customer Engagement
      • Expanding Your Business Further
      • Research and alternatives

      Now that you know what the needs of the business are and which areas you want to improve it is time to consider your options. There are many service providers that can help you with your needs. What you need to decide is who can deliver you the best results and what fits in your budget.

      The best way to do it is by evaluating all the options and comparing them with one another. It is also a good idea to research the background and read the review for the service to get an insight into how the business works. Using the free trial period to good effect can also help in better understanding how the service can help you with your business needs. The best options are often those which are cost-efficient and can get the job done.

      • Find what works

      Designing a website is a very tricky business. The basics remain the same but the entire interface can differ significantly. So while you would need some features to improve your website. Not all functions work well when put together. You need to put the right elements together in order for them to work. So that one function is not hindering the other and causing problems. Finding the right bend of functions is often the difficult part as you don’t want to create something too simple, that customers feel you don’t even care and have not put any efforts in or something too complicated that is beyond the understanding of anyone who uses it.

      • Customer experience

      Adopting the new interface might be a little tricky for the customer he/she may not be able to adjust to the new changes done by the designer as their brain is programmed to the previous interface. They make take a while for the adjustment but eventually, the up-gradation is happily accepted by the client as it enhances his experiences and provides a variety of features. Providing an updated and upgraded feature helps enhance customer experience and delight. Customer experience has a great impact on brands and e-commerce websites. The interface will either enhances customer experience and result in a sense of trust or it may result in a frustrating experience. To upgrade the customer experience various points to be kept in mind.

      The navigation interface needs to be easy so that the customer is able to access the products of his choice. Everything needs to be properly tagged and there should be proper categorization should be in the backend. To improve the customer experience their categories should be done so as to understand their requirements. Customers can be categorized into three groups: One that knows what they want, the second category are those who just browse the websites and the last category is those who need help for filtering the products. Before redesigning the websites these customers need to keep in mind.

      • Vision for the future

      The vision of the company explains what is the company’s focus and the areas where they should focus on. This reflects the way digital marketing or business affects the business. Upgrading the eCommerce websites is also a part of the vision, as the companies want to enhance customer experience they upgrade. Companies aim to make a strong base to reach more customers. Websites designed with the focus of customers’ requirements and preferences result in a strong consumer base platform. More people prefer it.

      The vision is how the company wants to progress and where it wants to be in the future. If you plan to redesign your eCommerce website on the bases of the vision of the company, it has to reflect the aspects that are part of the vision with the organization moving forward. For Instance, a complete change in the accounting systems of an organization to be more transparent should be reflected on the redesign as well. It can be achieved by changing the payment methods or providing a detailed receipt for each transaction. This will convey a message to the customers and the shareholders that the vision is not just a plan in the heads of the management but a course of action the organization has chosen.

      In the End

      There are many organizations that have a different perspective on the eCommerce platform. So it’s essential to know the factors that affect web development. Today it has become a race for companies to enhance their eCommerce platform. Now the ones who have more traffic are considered to be the winners in this race. The cost of developing and redesigning can vary as per the requirements of the clients. There is no fixed costing it depends upon how easy or how difficult an e-commerce interface is and what features are added to be added to the website.

      The factors that determine the cost of an eCommerce website is the design in case of redesigning a template that is already available. Functionality also plays a major role as for each feature a new program is to be developed. This goes for both new and redesigned websites. Data importation is a one time job which need not have to be re-implemented for the redesigned website. As the website is integrated once it need not have to be reintegrated.

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