Healthcare Website Design Examples And Inspiration In 2024


15 May, 2024



Not sure where to start your search for the best medical website designs? Don't worry because you have us on your side. If you're in the market for a website for your medical practice but don't know where to start, we've compiled a list of the best healthcare website designs for inspiration.

There are particular aspects of medical web designs that must be considered when creating a healthcare website. The best medical websites establish their credibility by assuring visitors of their security and professionalism towards both patients and potential patients.

Using these criteria, our healthcare web design company compiled a list of some of the most professional-looking websites to serve as healthcare website design inspiration.

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Medical Website Design Examples

If you're in the market for a website for your medical practice but aren't sure where to start, we've compiled a list of the best medical website designs to help you schedule appointments online, provide information on various health topics, and even sell products and services to patients and other businesses.

1. Lifebulb

Lifebulb exemplifies ease of use and intuitive clarity through its crystal-clear website design. The website is like a clearly laid-out map that visitors can easily use to find what they want. Whether they want informational content such as blogs, or directly reach the therapist profiles, every intent can be matched with a structured pathway leading to the desired section.


2. IU Health

IU Health

Users can find exactly what they need quickly and easily with the powerful keyword search function offered by Indiana University Health. On-site searches can be filtered based on various criteria, including medical services, news, events, providers, and locations. Users will find a list of their most recent searches in the site's left sidebar. There are also three distinct search bars in the top menu, one for Providers, Medical Services, and Locations.

3. Mercy Health

Mercy Health

The website for Mercy Health uses vibrant colors and moving images to keep the reader interested. Consistent use of high-quality, colorful photography throughout the site, from the carousel directly under the header to other images, aids in conveying an upbeat and optimistic mood. The search box's choice of deep, vibrant green to convey a sense of health and vitality is noteworthy.

4. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

When it comes to efficiently disseminate health information to online users, Mayo Clinic is unrivaled. The Mayo Clinic prominently features a comprehensive navigation menu for investigating health information about diseases and medical conditions on its homepage. You can learn more about your health by searching through an alphabetical list of conditions or using the Mayo Clinic's symptom checker.

5. San Francisco Health Service System

San Francisco Health Service System

The San Francisco Health Service System, also known as SFHSS, is responsible for administering medical benefits and providing medical care to city government employees. Their online portal features a wealth of resources for city employees and background data on the organization. The homepage makes finding information about the offerings and frequently asked questions easy.

6. Global Brain Health Institute

Global Brain Health Institute

The Global Brain Health Institute works to safeguard elderly populations from the onset of dementia. The homepage of the GBHI website features prominent statistics, background information on the organization's history and mission, and the most recent news in the field. The site's most useful features are a clear mission statement, a search button, and a user-friendly directory.

7. Nudge Psychology

Nudge Psychology

The website for Nudge Psychology is full of excellent writing and well-considered healthcare website design. A moving backdrop of high-quality images, including boulders, lakes, and other picturesque scenes, greets visitors with open arms. The different "nudges" that the service offers are all listed in an easy-to-use menu at the top of the page. 

8. Disc Sports & Pain Center

Disc Sports & Pain Center

This healthcare website's layout is straightforward. Its intended viewers are active people, so it reaches out to them through interactive videos. By organizing its website in such a way, Disc Sports & Pain Center facilitates the needs of its patients. An abundance of white space and cool blue hues help convey friendliness and tranquility.

9. Integrated Podiatry Clinic

Integrated Podiatry Clinic

The Integrated Podiatry Clinic website is a great medical website design inspiration. The site's large, bold fonts and simple, contemporary design makes it stand out from other health-related websites. Sites with a minimal design like these can help patients unwind.

Another way the website meets the requirements of its intended audience is by providing a layout that is conducive to the comfort of its users, who are the patients. In addition to being straightforward to use, the interface's design makes it easy to navigate.

10. Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

The Weber Facial Plastic Surgery website is an excellent example of a well-crafted healthcare website design. In addition to general information about the practice and its services, the website also features a blog where site visitors can engage in conversation and a patient portal where patients can access information about upcoming appointments and their current state of health. An innovative feature of this website is how customer reviews and anecdotes about Dr. Weber are interwoven. 

11. Bates Dental

Bates Dental

The website for Bates Dental is shiny, cutting-edge, and suitable for patients of all ages. Bates Dental features a large photo of the practice's chic decor on the site's landing page. It has a clean and calming aesthetic, and the information it presents is comprehensive.

There are customer reviews below, and the doctor's introduction is featured prominently. After that, one of the website's best features is how simple it is to use for both making a payment and setting up a consultation.

12. Carson Tahoe Health

Carson Tahoe Health

Carson Tahoe Health's website design for healthcare has warm colors, a straightforward website design for healthcare, and entertaining videos, making it a pleasure to explore. A good user experience is greatly improved by combining subdued basic colors, images with color layers, simple forms, and multicolored icons. Customers can easily find the nearest medical facility and get driving directions on the Carson Tahoe website.

13. Rush University Medical Center

Rush University Medical Center

You are encouraged to take the first step toward better health as soon as you land on the Rush homepage by scheduling an appointment or searching for a doctor who can meet your needs. One of the best healthcare website designs is that of Rush University Medical Center because of its simplicity, clarity, and accessibility.

14. Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Johns Hopkins Medical Center

If you want to see another health website design inspiration, look at Johns Hopkins. The center's homepage makes it simple to learn about all the services it offers. Like most hospital websites, it features a patient portal and health care information. The visual appeal and user-friendliness of this site are its crowning achievements.

15. St. Clair Dental

St. Clair Dental

The website for St. Clair Dental is one of a kind in its boldness, modernity, and creativity, making it stand out from other medical website designs online. Some of our favorite aspects of the St. Clair Dental website include the colorful sliders on the home page and the graphic icons that direct users to more information about the various dental services they need.

16. Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine serves a diverse patient population, meaning many options exist for publicizing the organization's services. However, the healthcare web design of this website is one of the best medical website designs. Using the site's straightforward navigation and easy call-to-action buttons, anyone can locate a doctor, schedule an appointment, or obtain any other information they require.

17. Grunenthal Health

Grunenthal Health

This healthcare website design is simple and minimalistic, with just the right amount of white space and text to keep readers interested. The solid background color of the website is a soothing light gray, which is also used in the header and footer. The Grunenthal Health website proves that less is more when it comes to medical website development.

18. Altru Health System

Altru Health System

The slideshow, hero image, and menus on Altru health system's fast and responsive, award-winning website all serve to improve your brand awareness. They also add a blog feed to their homepage to inform potential patients. They have options like walk-in pediatric care, virtual visits, and express clinics. Their variety of actionable CTAs is striking in comparison to the rest of the content on their page.

19. Regional One Health

Regional One Health

Prospective patients place a high value on facility tours, provider interviews, and treatment videos. This website does a fantastic job of communicating its story visually. A dramatic video serves as the homepage's hero statement, capturing the attention of visitors and encouraging them to believe that Regional One Health is the answer to all of their medical woes.


These examples demonstrate that the most effective healthcare websites implement an all-encompassing digital strategy that includes the following elements:

  • Invaluable Website Functions
  • Easy website search 
  • Navigation 
  • Digitally accessible 
  • ADA-compliant
  • Clean design
  • Coding hygiene
  • Solid hosting
  • Top-notch safety measures
  • Formatted for Mobile Devices
  • Better visibility in search engines 
  • Optimized social media integration

By adhering to these guidelines, web designers can improve the user experience of healthcare websites, increasing brand loyalty among 80% of internet users looking for health and medical information online.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts at JanBask Digital Design if you work in the healthcare industry and are in need of a killer website. If you need assistance updating an existing website, we can do that as well.

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